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 July 7, 2017
Andy in Budget

How to Go to a Festival on a Budget: Everything You Need to Know

Is dancing the night away with thousands of people at a festival on your bucket list? No problem. We know how to get you to that festival without breaking the bank.
 July 5, 2017
Elizabeth in Lifestyle

How to Go on a Cheap Date (Without Looking Like a Cheap Date)

Regardless of your gender or sexual preferences, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that dating is a costly game. Firstly, you’ve got to dress to impress, then you need to pick a location which wows the other person, and lastly, there’s the whole business of who picks up the check. Oh wait, and the potential taxi home…ouch.
 July 4, 2017
Elizabeth in In Trend

Is Kissing Good for You?

International Kissing Day is on Thursday July 6th this year, but before you go lay one on the first person you see, do you know the pros and cons of kissing? And is kissing good for you?
 June 30, 2017
Andy in Lifestyle

The 11 Best Ways to Learn Any Language Fast

When you think of learning a new language, images of high school might come to mind. Sitting in front of books being forced to repeat phrases. But language learning can be a really fun process and it doesn't have to take years of sitting in a classroom. Check out these tips on how to learn any language fast.
 June 30, 2017
Andy in Food

Try These Unusual Cocktail Recipes at Your Next Party

Your cocktail skills can make or break a cocktail party. Because honestly, what is a cocktail party without a good cocktail? If you're looking for some unusual cocktail recipes to make your party the best around, you've come to the right place.
 June 30, 2017
Andy in In Trend

The Epic Fails and Successes of Boy Band Members and Their Solo Careers

So maybe we know all the members of One Direction, N'SYNC, and the Backstreet Boys. So what? That's cool, right? And maybe we followed all the drama of their break ups and have listened as each member tried a solo career. As you can see, some of them have been wildly successful and some have been epic fails.

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