Promo Codes and Coupons for Amazon

Amazon is your one-stop-shop for everything from electronics to shoes. They have great offers all the time but adding a free coupon will save you even more money! Check out our latest discount codes for Amazon here. 

Promo Codes and Coupons for Amazon

Save 50% Off Mrice Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker & Free Shipping

Save up to 50% Off Mrice Portable Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker,... More

Get 50% Off Hottest Electronics Coupons

Make savings of us to 50% with these hot coupons for electronics. No need... More

Amazon Baby Registry - save up to 15%

Sign up to the Amazon Baby Register to get a 10% coupon. Savings of up to... More

FREE Audible trial & 2 free audiobooks

Get a free 30-day trial to Audible here. Gain access to over 150,000... More

KMASHI Baby Car Mirror Back Seat Mirror Shatterproof Glass for $10

Get KMASHI Baby Car Mirror Back Seat Mirror Wide Convex Shatterproof Glass... More

Just $26.99! Mpow Portable Bluetooth Speakers Wireless

Only $26.99 now at Amazon! Mpow Portable Bluetooth Speakers Wireless with... More

Get $50 Off Certified Refurbished Amazon Devices

Save up to $50 on certified refurbished and pre-owned Amazon devices!

20% Off Baby

Save 20% On baby gear, clothing, and more!

1MORE MK801 headphones 50% off in red

Get 50% off 1MORE MK801 Headphones in Red

Anewkodi dual-band 802.11AC up to 600Mbps WiFi USB Adapter 73% off

Get 73% Off Anewkodi Dual-band 802.11AC up to 600Mbps WiFi USB Adapter with... More

Anewkodi dual-band 802.11AC up to 600Mbps WiFi USB Adapter 73% off

Get 73% Off Anewkodi Dual-band 802.11AC up to 600Mbps WiFi USB Adapter with... More

Amazon Music Unlimited - free 30 day trial

No code is needed to take advantage of a free 30-day trial of Amazon Music... More

Fidget spinner now 30% off

Shop now and get the Fidget spinner by EC Gears for only for $5.59

Tiergrade Bluetooth Headphones for $11.99

Use this code and get the Tiergrade bluetooth headphones or only $11.99.... More
 Expires on Dec 13, 2017

50% off Earamble pop filter

Use the code for a 50% discount on the Earamble Studio Microphone Pop... More
 Expires on Aug 31, 2017

Save 50% on Smartomi earbuds + Free Shipping

Get 50% off noise cancelling stereo wweatproof earbuds with premium bass... More
 Expires on Dec 13, 2017

50% off LED Speaker

Use the code to save 50% off the AEC Bluetooth Hi-Fi Ultra Portable LED... More
 Expires on Aug 24, 2017

Hand crank radio

Save 20% off this hand crank radio, perfect for camping or emergencies.... More
 Expires on Sep 2, 2017

30% off Apple watch band

Save 30% on a lambskin replacaement Apple watch band when you enter the... More

Save $40 on Amazon Echo

Prime members can save $40 off the Amazon Echo by using this code.

Fisher-Price floral confetti SpaceSaver Jumperoo is 55% off

Save with your purchase of the Fisher-Price floral confetti SpaceSaver... More

Save when you buy the MENXEN DIY 6 sided fidget spinner!

Use this code to save 34% on the MENXEN DIY 6 sided fidget spinner with... More

Jar Melo silky crayons are 24% off

Use this code to save on Jar Melo silky crayons - 12 colors rotating... More

$35 off Ukulele Beginner Kit

No code is needed for an instant $35 discount on the Soprano Ukulele... More
 Expires on Jan 1, 2018

Try Amazon Channels for free

Watch HBO, Showtime, STARZ, Showtime, or SEESO through a free 30-day trial... More
 Expires on Sep 1, 2017

Half off trunk organizer

Save 50% on SUV Trunk Organizers from HomePro Goods. You'll save even... More

Save on the gift of Prime

Any Amazon customer, both Prime and non-Prime members, can give the gift of... More

Up to 70% off home & garden

Get everyday savings up to 70% off on furniture, decor, organization,... More

Try freebies with Amazon Home Services

Explore Amazon Home Services to see the freebies available including house... More

The Yokaro solar powered tire pressure monitoring system is 30% off

Use this code to save on the Yokaro solar powered tire pressure monitoring... More
 Expires on Sep 1, 2017

The LIAMTU Anti-slip Fishing Gloves is available for only $5.99!

Use this code to save on the LIAMTU anti-slip fishing gloves with 3... More
 Expires on Aug 19, 2017

The Hawkeye high definition mini monocular is 40% off!

Use this code to save on the Hawkeye high definition mini monocular.

The Winningo exercise bike seat cover is 25% off!

Use this code to save on the Winningo exercise bike seat cover large gel... More
 Expires on Oct 1, 2017

The ONVO smart band is 40% off!

Use this code to save on the ONVO smart band.
 Expires on Jan 2, 2019

Petspy products are 10% off!

Use this code to save on any Petspy products.
 Expires on Jan 1, 2018

Buy 2+ Clean Healthy Pet Bowls and save!

Use this code to get 30% off on Clean Healthy Pet Bowls when you purchase 2... More
 Expires on Sep 1, 2017

Save on wireless sports bluetooth headphones!

The V4.1 wireless sports bluetooth headphones by Shenzhen YI Huan... More

57% off DBPOWER slide projector

Use this code for a 57% discount off the DBPOWER RD-810 1200 Lumens LED... More

Save 20% on Jar Melo Finger Paint

Use this code to save 20% off Jar Melo Finger Paint in super cute fruit... More
 Expires on Sep 1, 2017

Half off wireless security camera

Get a big 50% discount off the Wingmarg Wireless Security Camera with Wifi,... More
 Expires on Aug 31, 2017

$17 off projection clock

No code is needed to save $17 on the fun and functional digital projection... More

70% off handmade sterling silver necklace

Use this code for a huge 70% discount off the Handmade Jewelry 925 sterling... More

30% off versatile Cartman charger

Use the code for a 30% off the Cartman 110V AC outlets and USB 2.1A 420w... More

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Expired Amazon Promo Codes and Coupons

 Expires on Aug 17, 2017

The VicTsing MM057 2.4G wireless mouse is 40% off!

Use this code to save on the VicTsing MM057 2.4G wireless portable mobile... More
 Expires on Aug 16, 2017

Buy waterproof baby bibs and save on shipping!

Use this code to get free shipping on waterproof baby bibs by Little Likes,... More
 Expires on Aug 16, 2017

Get Deik food storage containers for only $9.89

Use this code to save on Deik food storage containers. Now available for... More

About Amazon

The Amazon online platform was launched in 1995. Since then, it has been constantly expanding its already seemingly endless product range. It all started with books, which could be ordered from the comfort of your own home. Now there are products from all areas of life, that can be ordered from almost every corner of the world. Amazon has an online presence in the USA, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, the UK, Canada, China and Japan. In addition to this, there are now many brands who operate their own e-commerce business solely and exclusively via Amazon. This means that consumers can now order the best products directly from the manufacturer. Further savings potential is also to be found on the Marketplace, which allows the public to acquire goods and products at favorable prices.


 Amazon Logo

Key facts about Amazon

  • American e-commerce mail-order company
  • Founded in 1994
  • Offers the option of selling products via its "Marketplace"


Order electronics and fashion at favorable prices with an Amazon discount code

In the Amazon online store, you will find all sorts of fantastic prices. Its wide selection of reduced prices and top brands that really won't break the bank mean it's definitely worth a look. The only way it can be any cheaper is with an Amazon Code that you can redeem at the end of your order. Enter the Amazon voucher code into the corresponding field to receive an exclusive Amazon discount.


Your opportunities to save at Amazon

Discount 1: Make the most of this benefit and save with an Amazon discount

Discount 2: Shop at the same low prices as in the Amazon outlet

Discount 3: Benefit from the Amazon sale and top offers

Discount 4: Save on shipping costs with the Amazon offer

Discount 5: Redeem an Amazon discount code

Discount 6: Never miss out on a bargain with this voucher

Amazon always has a range of great offers at bargain prices. But Amazon is not the only store for mail-order companies it's worth taking the time to browse in. With the right voucher code, you can also shop at great prices at Walmart, ASOS and IKEA. Or if it's PC equipment and consoles you're after, then look no further than HP or Dell. And if you just can't get enough when it comes to offers, look out for new deals on our homepage.


Amazon video


Amazon vouchers for computers, games and software

You'll find almost everything your heart desires in the Amazon online store. Alongside an extensive range of books and audiobooks, you'll also find the matching e-book readers, for example. And with Amazon's own e-reader, the Kindle, which you can order online for a great price, you can download new e-books in under a minute and begin reading straightaway. You'll also find everything you could need in terms of notebooks, tablets, netbooks and PCs for gaming, office and multimedia. If you're not a professional or don't feel particularly familiar with this area, Amazon's PC and tablet advisors will make your purchase easy. And the purchase advice service for televisions keeps you up to date with information about the latest trends and technologies. Independently compiled, it provides information on LCD backlighting, the new standard size in inches, and whether you would prefer active or passive 3D on your new device. All items are divided into different categories to ensure that every customer can find the product they want as quickly as possible. You can also specifically select the item you want using the sub-categories, the search function and the various filters. Once you have found your favorite product, it's off to the checkout. It's worth just having a second look on the site, as there are always great bargains in books, clothing or jewelry to be found in the Amazon outlet.

 Family amazon coupons

Download the Amazon App free of charge

The App is available for smartphones and iPads using the iOS operating system, as well as Android and Windows phones. As you will see on the Amazon Landing Page, the Amazon App is unfortunately not yet available for BB10. If you're a regular Amazon shopper, you can't go wrong with the App. Smartphone users will find the icons for the homepage, search, cart and wish list at the bottom of the screen as usual. There is also the "more" menu option, where you will find further options such as account info and orders. The familiar search bar is located below the Amazon logo at the top of the page. The App also features Amazon 1-Click. Once you have logged in, you can use this function to complete your order in the blink of an eye.

 Use Amazon on tablet and iphone

There are also several membership options that make shopping even easier, for example, Amazon Prime, Amazon Student and Amazon Family. The benefits include free shipping and next-day delivery, no minimum order value and exclusive offers and discounts. Amazon Payments is also a new addition to the range of services. With this payment service, Amazon is now making it possible for its customers to use the security and familiarity of their usual payment method in other online stores. In this way, even security-conscious e-commerce customers can purchase from a wide range of stores, without having to disclose their details to anyone else.

You will also find especially fantastic deals in the Amazon Lightning Deals section. You can access these deals via the Offers link next to the Amazon logo. Here, goods are sold at promotional prices. As these special prices on Amazon are for a limited time only, the old saying: "the early bird catches the worm" definitely applies. If all the special-offer discounts have already been reserved by other customers, you will be placed on a waiting list.


 amazon groceries

Find bargains with Amazon Lightning Deals

Alongside the current promotions, the Amazon Lightning Deals page also features offers that will be starting soon, as well as those that have already ended. Here, you will see the new special offer price of an item, the reduction (in percent) and the item description. For quick decision-makers, the 'add to cart' button is located just below each item. As soon as all units are reserved, this option disappears, and you will see the 'join waitlist' button. Now it's a case of waiting and hoping that someone else changes their mind. In general, this is the place for getting your hands on fantastic goods at great prices. But you've got to be quick, as the full promotion period is not always needed. Often, the offers are just too appealing and are snapped up well before the end of the promotion.


The main categories in the Amazon online store

  • Books
  • Kindle
  • Music & Games & Movies & TV
  • Computers & Software
  • Electronics & Photography
  • Kitchen & Household
  • Home Improvement & Garden & Animals
  • Cars & Motorcycles
  • Grocery & Health
  • Toys & Baby
  • Clothing & Shoes & Watches
  • Sport & Free Time


How do I place an order with Amazon?

Once you have found the item you want at Amazon, you can place it into the virtual cart and start the order process. Now you can log in or create a new customer account if this is your first order from Amazon. Once you have registered, you can select the shipping method. Next, you will see the payment options, including payment by direct debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). Purchasing on account is not possible. In this order step, you can also redeem an Amazon voucher or discount code. You can also enter an Amazon gift card in this field. Once you have filled out all of this section, the last order step lets you check your order one last time to make sure it is complete and correct before you submit your order with obligation to pay.

Amazon kindles

Delivery conditions at Amazon

If the order is carried out by Amazon, no shipping costs will be charged for order values of $49 or more. Otherwise, a standard shipping cost applies. Normal delivery time is generally 1-2 working days. Register for Amazon Prime and save yourself the shipping costs: For Amazon Prime members, standard shipping is generally free of charge and is quicker than for other standard customers. If you need your order very quickly, you can also select premium shipping, morning express or evening express. Amazon Prime members have special conditions for Premium and Express shipping methods and pay a lower surcharge.


Returns at Amazon

Any products that you have ordered from the Amazon stores can be returned within 30 days. If you return the goods within 14 days, you do not need to specify a reason for returning. Cancelation of the order can also be carried out online via the online Amazon Returns Center. For goods to be considered to be have been properly returned, they must be complete, unused and not damaged. In order to return your goods, you need a corresponding return label which you can print off from the Amazon Returns Center. Then, repack your goods and enclose the return authorization in the package. Now you simply need to attach the return label and you can send the package. 

If an item you have ordered does not fit or the color does not appeal to you, you also have the option to exchange it. However, you can only make use of the exchange option if you have ordered the item yourself: if the item in question was ordered as a gift, this option is not available. If the exchange item is more expensive than the current item, the difference will be debited from your account after the exchange. If the exchange item is less expensive, the difference will be refunded to you. 

At Christmas, special provisions apply. It has become an established norm that, at Christmas time, many mail-order companies (and physical stores) are more accommodating when it comes to return deadlines. In the same way, all Amazon items purchased between November 1 and December 31 enjoy an extended return period, generally until January 31 of the new year. Important: This extension only applies to Amazon items or items from third-party suppliers that have been shipped via Amazon. Third-party suppliers, who ship the items themselves, do not offer this service.


Amazon customer service

Should you have any questions about a product, an Amazon discount code or the order process, please contact the Amazon Customer Service department. Above the search bar, next to the Amazon logo, there are links including quick access to gift cards and the Help page. This is where you will find the link to the very practical service videos for the FAQs. These are listed right at the top of the Amazon Help page. After the FAQs, you will find tips for Kindle and the digital services offered by Amazon. As Amazon now offers a very extensive range of services, you will find a long list of subjects on the left. Most of the items listed here are general subjects. On the right, you will see links leading to your account. Here you can quickly see your orders, change your password and manage your address book. Underneath, there is a yellow button which puts you in contact with the Customer Service department.

 Contact us page on Amazon

Click on 'Contact us'

You can select the subject of your question, in order for your query to be processed as quickly as possible. Does your query relate to an order that you have recently placed or do you have a question about your Kindle? The "other" category is available for all other questions. Next you can select another subject and can then choose how you would prefer to contact the Customer Service department. In addition to email and telephone, you also often have the option to chat with an Amazon employee. Perfect for you if you don't like talking on the phone and if an email takes too long to write. 

If you want to see the delivery status of a specific order, you should proceed as follows: To the right, next to the Amazon search bar, select Your Account and click on "Your Orders". You may be required to enter your login details again. Your orders will then be displayed. They are listed chronologically, with the most recent orders always displayed at the top. If you wish, you can select the time period. There is also a search filter to help you find what you are looking for more quickly.

There are several buttons next to each product in each shipment. Here, you can see the delivery status of a shipment, contact a seller in the event of problems and write product reviews. In addition, you also have the option to return an item or make a warranty claim. You can make warranty claims in certain difficult situations, for example, if a product is defective or counterfeit, if it is not delivered or in the event of similar problems. If you have a Kindle that is connected to your Amazon account, your Kindle downloads will also be shown here. As these are 'virtual goods', there is generally no option to return them.

 Amazon gift cards for cheaper

Amazon coupons for 2017

There's only one address for the hottest Amazon voucher codes: PromoPony. Using his trusting look and adorable eyes, PromoPony has just managed to bag himself another truckload of spectacular Amazon offers for August 2017. And of course, PromoPony passes on the Amazon vouchers to his fans, because he's simply a true friend. It has never been easier to save money when shopping for your favorite products. PromoPony sends a regular newsletter so you won't miss out on any Amazon voucher promotions. Each voucher shows you exactly where and against which products you can redeem it, how long it remains valid for and how big the discount is. Perhaps there's another sensational voucher for Amazon waiting for you this time too! Don't delay—grab your juicy Amazon discount now!


Typical Amazon vouchers:

  • Free shipping on purchases over $20 of books,
  • CDs & Blu-Ray
  • 6 DVDs for $20 or 4 Blu-Rays for $30
  • 3 for 2 games - buy 3
  • PC games for the price of two
  • Up to $100 off Galaxy Note and accessories
  • Up to 50% off fashion items in the Amazon sale