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Auntie Anne's Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in August 2022

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Love those “Pretzel Perfect” tastes? You’re not alone! Auntie Anne's is one of the most popular grab-and-go restaurants in the country.

  • Want to know how to get free Auntie Anne's?
  • At the moment, we’ve got 6 valid for August 2022, including an amazing Free Shipping deal!

Keep reading for insider tips on saving money every time your stomach starts to growl.

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More about Auntie Anne's

The famous Auntie Anne's was started back in 1988 by Anne Beiler and her husband, Jonas. From the beginning, it was a simple idea: ultra-fresh pretzel along with homemade dips and a cold drink to wash it all down.

The brand got its start at a farmer’s market and just exploded in popularity from there. These days you can have a hot and fresh pretzel and shopping malls, airports, train stations, rest areas, universities, and amusement parks around the world.

In total there are more than 600 locations dotted around the planet. Beyond the United States, the soft and savory treats are popular in Mexico, Europe, Australia, Central and South America, and Asia.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the owner was featured on the reality show Food Court Wars as well as The Secret Millionaire? If you love their restaurants, they are fun episodes to try to catch on tv.

How Do I Use My Auntie Anne's Coupon Code?

Ready to get a deal with your Auntie Anne's discount code? Here’s what you need to know about using your discount code online.

  1. Start by shopping on the online restaurant homepage for all of your favorites and fun new promos
  2. When you get the site, enter your zip code to see the full list of options for collection or delivery
  3. Check out the delicious selection in all sizes and flavors
  4. Once you have found exactly what you are looking for, choose the quantity then click add to cart
  5. You will see a list of everything that you have added on the right side and you can customize your perfect meal there
  6. When you have everything you are craving, choose your order options. You can go for pick up or delivery. You will also have the choice to get it ASAP or schedule it for later
  7. If you are a returning customer, you can log-in. If not, you will need to add your address to schedule the delivery. If you want to go for pick up, just choose the time then click on proceed to checkout
  8. On the pop-up, you will have the option to add any dips, drinks, or other extra pretzels before you check out. If you are happy with your order, click on No Thanks
  9. On the checkout page, you will see your full order summary. Under the box with your total, you will see another smaller box that says Coupon Code. Copy your coupon code then paste it and click on Apply Coupon Code
  10. With all of your details entered you will have the choice to log onto an existing account, create an account, or continue as a guest 
  11. After you choose your log-in option, add your credit card then click on Place Order 

With that, you’re all ready to go!

What Do I Need to Know about Auntie Anne's Coupon Codes?

Before you steal on that amazing grub you’ve been craving, there are a few things you might want to know about paying online.

Can I Pay With My Auntie Anne's Gift Card on the Pretzel Perks App?

No, if you opt to order from the app, you will need to pay with a credit card. Likewise, the website requires a credit card payment. If you want to order and pay with your gift card, you can call the location and see if it’s possible to arrange collection but still use a promo code. Individual store policies vary. Check out the store locator on the company website to find your local contact info.

Are There Restrictions On My Auntie Anne's Promo Code?

Auntie Anne's promo codes do sometimes have restrictions. In most cases, a promo code is not able to be combined with another special offer. If there is a sale or special offer going, you probably can’t use another promo code or coupon to double the savings. Read the terms and conditions of your unique promo code, or just try to use it online. If your code is not working, it’s probably because you’re not buying a full-priced item.

Where Can I Buy Auntie Anne's Home Products?

Got a discount code with a printable coupon feature? Lucky you! If your code works in the store, you can go to anywhere and buy your grocery essential for an amazing meal at home. Cub Foods, Piggly Wiggly, Lowes Foods, Target, HEB, Costco, Schnucks, Ingles, A&P, Weis, and Shaw's.

Why Is My Auntie Anne's Coupon Code Not Working?

Having trouble getting your coupon code working? There are a few quick and easy things you can check. One of the most common issues that you might come across while trying to get a discount shopping online is a typo. Of course, this is a quick and easy fix. Just copy and paste your code again.

Be sure to double-check the expiration date on your coupon code. If there is no expiration date that you can find, your discount code is probably going to be valid for a set number of uses. In a lot of cases, companies don’t say the specific number of uses. In many cases, trying another coupon code is a quick and easy fix.

How Can I Save Money at Auntie Anne's Without a Coupon Code?

Looking for a great deal on amazing food but don’t have a coupon code? Luckily for you, there is more than one way to save money on every single order. Keep reading for more tips on tips on how to save cash at your top pretzel spot, with or without a coupon code.

How Do I Get Free Auntie Anne's?

Who doesn’t love a freebie? Great deals like free pretzels and other treats make the Pretzel Perks program a must. Just visit the website to get signed up or download the app for Android or iPhone.

For every 250 points you earn, you get a freebie. You will also get a free treat on your birthday too. Every dollar that you spend gives you ten points so the free pretzels add up quickly. On top of that, you will get a free pretzel as soon as you spend a single dollar. You will also have regular offers and coupons sent directly too you.

Does Auntie Anne's Have a Student Discount?

Sometimes. While the brand doesn’t always have a deal for students, it is very common. The best thing to do is bookmark this page then check before you order your next meal. If there is a coupon code for students, we will always have it here and ready for you.

You can also check in the restaurant if you are going for a collection. Sometimes they will even surprise you with a different promo even if they don’t have the student discount available at the time.

How Can I Make Auntie Anne's at Home?

Who needs to pay restaurant prices? With the Auntie Anne's Pretzels & More Homemade Baking Mix, it is incredibly easy to get ultra-fresh basked goods at home. We are taking instant Pretzel Dogs, Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels, Original Pretzels, and more.

Not really a whiz in the kitchen? It’s actually really easy to make them at home. Check out this quick and easy guide. Just bring your phone in the kitchen and bake alongside a pro.

What Should I Know About Ordering From Auntie Anne's?

Ready to make an order? Here is everything that you need to know before you order that perfect treat that you have been craving.

How Do I Get Auntie Anne's Delivered?

Having trouble finding an Auntie Anne's near you that delivers? No worries! There are actually a tone of ways to get your favorites delivered to your doorstep. Best of all, sometimes they are even cheaper than going directly with the restaurant.

Delivery food companies like Grub Hub, Door Dash, Post Mates, Dapper Deliveries, Uber Eats, and more offer delivery of your fave pretzels.

How Do I Contact Auntie Anne's?

Have questions about your Auntie Anne's coupon code? Looking to get info about a local store or nutrition facts? Just want to tell them how much you love their stuff? Whatever it is, you can give them a call at 1-877-778-9588, email, or fill out their contact form.

Prefer social media? You can also connect with the company via Facebook or Twitter.

Grabbed a great deal with your Auntie Anne's coupon code? Spread the joy around! Share these deals with your smart shopping friends and family. Of course, we’ve got more than just great deals on pretzels and lemonade. From Amazon promo codes to Best Buy coupons, we have you covered. Bookmark this page, so you never have to pay full price on anything again.