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Limited Time! Get Up to 40% Off on Top Deals
Grab $100 Off on Your Orders of $1299 + Free Shipping
Minimum order value: $1,299
Get $120 Discount on Orders of $1999 or More
Minimum order value: $1,999
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Offers: 16
Redeemed offers: 33
Potential savings: 30%-60% / $35-$120
Discount Details Valid until
$120 Discount Grab $120 Off Onj Orders of $1999+ December 30, 2050
$100 Discount Get $100 Off Your Orders of $1299 Or More + Free Shipping Up to revocation
$100 Discount Limited Time! Get $100 Off on Orders of $1299+ Up to revocation
$75 Discount Take $75 Discount on Orders $999 Up to revocation
$65 Discount Get $65 Off on $899 And Up Up to revocation

More about Balsam Hill

Balsam Hill is a company that is known for making some of the most realistic looking fake Christmas trees. The company happens to be the perfect place to shop for if you wish to get your hands on some Christmas decorations. The store sells Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, home decors, wreaths and garlands and loads more for you to choose and buy from. The company is located in Northern California. Thomas Harman founded it in 2006. They sell Christmas trees that are artificially made in such a way that they look incredibly realistic; these trees are modeled after some commonly preferred varieties of Christmas trees that are used around the world. Customers from all over the globe prefer buying trees from here because of how amazing they look.

The company also offers its clients a chance to purchase these trees at discounted rates by redeeming Balsam Hill coupons. So do make sure to stock yourself up with some valid Balsam Hill coupons if you happen to shop at this store.

Key facts about Balsam Hill

Key facts about Balsam Hill

  • Has an online presence
  • Started out in 2006
  • Sells Christmas trees and decorations all around the world
  • Their trees have been used on many TV shows, on many sets for photo shoots, and on the cover pages of numerous magazines, etc.

Balsam Hill video

More about Balsam Hill

The company was founded by Thomas Harman after he found out that his brother-in-law was allergic to the mold spores that are present in natural Christmas trees. However, since his brother-in-law wanted to create a festive atmosphere in his home, Mr. Harman set out to search for fake Christmas trees that would pass for real ones instead. But his search soon came to a stop when he realized that there wasn't a single place that sold fake trees that look real. And so he decided to develop a line of artificial Christmas trees that looked realistic enough to be bought and used during Christmas celebrations.

These trees can be purchased at discounted rates using Balsam Hill coupons! Apart from Christmas trees, you can even get your hands on some Christmas decorations as well, from garlands to wreaths, stockings and holders, Christmas lights, ornaments and loads more. You can again use valid Balsam Hill coupons at checkout to buy them all at cheap rates.

            Why do people go for these fake trees?

Why do people go for these fake trees?

Using real Christmas trees for decorating your house can be quite fun. But it is quite a messy procedure as well. You are bound to get all that sticky sap all over your hands and over any decorative item that you decide to hang on it. Secondly, you'll find broken needles all over your house, and you won't even understand how these needles got there in the first place. Also, for all those people who are allergic to Christmas trees or like to decorate their house almost a month before the holiday, these fake trees are the best option for you. With these trees, it doesn't matter how early you get them and where you keep them. They will remain as they were when you first bought them- the perfect shade of green for when the holiday begins. These trees are the perfect way to get into the festive mood. The trees by this company are the most impressive looking trees that are bound to make people ask you where you got them from. Another benefit is that some people won't even realize that there fake. These trees are crafted in such that ways that they look real, the craftsmen's mimic the procedure followed when cutting real Christmas trees to get such a real look.

You can decorate your house a month earlier without any worries, no extra cleaning required. It is incredibly easy for you to set it up. And also with the Balsam Hill coupons you get to buy them at discounted rates.

Designers have used the trees from this company. They have also appeared on popular TV shows including the Ellen Show, The Today Show, Celebrity Holiday Homes, etc. These trees have also been featured on many magazine covers as well, including Good Housekeeping, This Old House, etc.

How to place an order at Balsam Hill?

In order place an order here you can visit the website and can browse the various types of trees present here. Search for the one that you prefer, remember the there are three different varieties of trees present here; the most realistic one, the realistic one and lastly the traditional ones. Opt for one that you prefer. You can then get your hands on lights to cover the tree as well. Either opt for the bright ones or the multi-colored ones instead. You can also buy the rest or the decorations that you need. Once you are done, proceed to checkout. However, before you checkout, redeem Balsam Hill coupons to purchase these items at discounted rates. So make sure that you have some valid Balsam Hill coupons with you. Clients can place an order for a tree by phone. Just talk with the agent from the sales department about the tree, the garlands, the ornaments, etc. and confirm your order.

How to place an order at Balsam Hill?

Customer service at Balsam Hill

Here at Balsam Hill, you can easily get in contact with the team in case you have any questions or queries about your tree or decorations, or even about your Balsam Hill coupons as well. You can call or send the Balsam Hill customer team an email. You can also do a live-chat with the team's agent, or you can fill out the form present on the website.

Return policy at Balsam Hill

If you are not pleased with your purchases, then you can just return them. You must return these items within 30 days of the receipt. If you wish to receive credit for these purchased goods, then make sure to return them to the designated Balsam Hill 'return to center' within the 30 days limit. Make sure that the items being returned are not damaged or distressed in any possible way. Personalized items will not be returned until and unless in the case of a defect. You can use the company's pre-paid return shipping label which is comparatively cheaper than most of the shipping methods that people can choose from.

Either call or email the customer service to receive a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA). If you live in U.S, it is recommended that you use the company's pre-paid return label. As for international customers they can opt for any other shipping method that is reliable.

Shipping conditions at Balsam Hill

Your items are shipped to you with 2 to 3 business days after you have placed your order. However, if your order is out of stock, then there might be a delay in your shipment. Also, there are some items which can only be shipped by road so do understand that your purchase will require some time to arrive. If you wish to receive your items on a particular date, you may use the expedited shipping method instead. Orders are usually shipped the same day. Due to any mishap, your package might arrive late. The company strives to provide its customers with the best of everything, the best shopping experience, the best tree, the best decorations, the best Christmas and last but not the least, the best discounts through redeeming Balsam Hill coupons.

Clients can choose from these three shipping methods:

  • Ground Shipping
  • Two-Day Air shipping
  • Standard Overnight Shipping

Balsam Hill coupons

Balsam Hill coupons for 2020

So before heading out to shop for your Christmas tree, stop and think, do you need to get a real tree? Wouldn't it be just better to get one that's fake but still looks real? Well, why not conduct your shopping spree, while sitting at home? Here at Balsam Hill, you can find yourself a fake, yet almost too good to be a fake, tree for Christmas. These trees can be bought months before, and they will still look the same. The trees look so realistic that anyone can be fooled! Plus you won't have to face sticky sap and nor will there be any broken needles. With Balsam Hill coupons you can buy these trees at extremely cheap rates. So make sure to be stocked up on some Balsam Hill coupons when deciding to purchase a tree from this company.

Valid Balsam Hill coupons will make shopping at this firm a fun and affordable experience. Also if you don't happen to have any Balsam Hill coupons, you can always find some at PromoPony.

These Balsam Hill coupons make it a lot easier to get your hands on the perfect fake Christmas tree, which looks too realistic. Also, you can buy some fabulous Christmas decorations from here as well. Let the inner child out and decorate your house during Christmas. Plus with the Balsam Hill coupons you won't even have to worry about your budget. The PromoPony homepage updates daily. So, make sure to visit regularly to find all the latest discount coupons that you can redeem while shopping online from various stores.