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Blue Apron Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in September 2020

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More about Blue Apron

Blue Apron is a website that provides recipes and fresh ingredients at your doorstep. It was founded in 2012. The ingredients are already measured according to the recipe, so the users don’t have to measure them again, but they just cook the meal and enjoy their food. It is amazing for people who love to cook or are new at cooking and want to make meals without any difficulty.

Blue Apron Logo

Key facts about Blue Apron

  • Founded in 2012
  • Provides fresh ingredients at doorstep
  • Provides new recipes every week
  • Delivers the recipe and ingredients at your doorstep
  • Have different packages according to the quantity

Blue Apron video

How does it work?

The website aims to teach you delicious new recipes, tell you how to cook, give you an option of using farm-fresh, seasonal ingredients that are good for health and help you know how to reduce food waste.
Apart from this, it also provides different plans for its customers that help them cook with ease.
Blue has two types of plans for the customers. The plans are:

  • 2-person plan

The 2-person plan consists of three delicious recipes that are planned for two people. The ingredients are measured properly for two people, and this plan is sent to the customer once a week. The customers are given six options out of which they have to choose three recipes for the week. Each week, the Culinary team creates six options carefully, for the customer. One serving costs $9.99 per meal, and the complete 6-serving delivery costs $59.94. The shipping has no charges and is completely free. If you’re interested in checking out this plan, then you can go ahead and redeem Blue Apron coupons and get a discount. Simply use Blue Apron coupons during checkout.

2-person plan

  • Vegetarian 2-person plan

This amazing plan is a part of the usual 2-person plan; it is a special option for vegetarian people as they can select a vegetarian menu every time they order. There are special vegetarian recipes in their cookbooks, labeled with a green leaf. You can redeem Blue Apron coupons to get exclusive discounts on this plan and enjoy tasty food at very affordable rates. However, you need to keep in mind that Blue Apron coupons can only be redeemed once.

  • Family plan

The family plan is planned for a family of four people, and this plan consists of four tasty recipes that are delivered to the customer’s doorstep every week. The customer is given an option to choose either two recipes or four recipes created by the Culinary team for that week.

In this plan, the price per serving is $8.75 per meal and the entire 8-serving delivery costs $69.92. The shipping has no charges and is completely free.You can further decrease this price by redeeming Blue Apron coupons at checkout when you’re selecting the plan you want to pay for.

Family plan

Services offered by Blue Apron

Blue Apron offers a huge number of services to their customers and users. You can not only order their plans for recipes and ingredients, but you can also get free recipes on their website and blog. It also has an e-store that sells hundreds of items for your kitchen. These items are sold under different categories including knives & prep tools, cookware, and bakeware, pantry, wine, gifts, and cookbooks. You can buy everything available at discounted rated by using Blue Apron coupons. Simply redeem Blue Apron coupons at checkout, and you can enjoy fresh, healthy, and organic meals that’ll be delivered to your doorstep.

What to expect from Blue Apron

Blue Apron ensures the maximum satisfaction of its customers focusing on providing healthy and delicious food for them. The veggies that they send are farm-fresh and seasonal, the meat and poultry are free of additional hormones, and the seafood is also sustainably sourced that the customer can completely rely on. If you’re interested in organic ingredients, then you should use Blue Apron coupons and try out this company’s meal plans.

Blue Apron blog

The Blue Apron Blog is a very helpful blog that has hundreds of articles on cooking-related topics and not only this; it also has videos on cooking inspiration and motivation and how-to guides. The blog helps with giving ideas for cooking, tells what can be added to the meals to make them perfect, provides a list of the must-have kitchen tools and ingredients and much more. Also, it gives ideas for decorating food and making it look even more attractive and delicious.

The blog is divided into four portions; Eat, learn, live and video. The part of the blog featured with the heading “Eat” has four categories titled as “beyond dinner,” “dinner ideas,” “food stories” and “ingredients love.” This focuses mainly on different ideas for your meals, how can you make it attractive, tells about the ingredients that are fresh and healthy, etc. The next part, titled as “Learn” has five other categories that are “here’s how,” “home chef,” “how I learned,” “kitchen toolbox” and “the best ingredients.” This mainly aims to teach the users and motivate them for cooking. It’s also a great help for the people who are new into cooking, as it tells about the most important and basic kitchen tools and ingredients. Also, in the “how I learned” column, personal cooking experiences are shared in the articles that help a lot with the learning process.

Another category “Live” is further divided in “Blue Apron Test Kitchen,” “cooking pretty,” “dinner conversation,” “home-style” and “the dough.” This not only explains about cooking and recipes but tells about the website too. The last category “Video” is the most interesting and helpful of all of the categories as it has cooking inspiration videos and how-to tips. Not only it helps build motivation and inspires for cooking but also consists of video tutorials and tips for cooking. This is an amazing category for the people who are not very much experienced in cooking and helps them a lot with their issues.

Free recipes at Blue Apron

On signing up on the website, you can have access to new recipes every week and can add up more food items in your menu. The users who have signed up on the website get these recipes, newsletters, details about promo codes and Blue Apron coupons in their inbox.

Membership at Blue Apron

Becoming a member of the Blue Apron is a quite easy process. You can have the membership just by signing up on their website and then you have to add your address and other important details. The best part is that the membership is completely free and has no charges, either it is a meal membership or wine membership.

Blue Apron cookbook

The Blue Apron cookbook consists of a huge number of delicious recipes for the customers. The recipes are very tempting and perfectly created by their Culinary Team and expert guest chefs. It also tells about the fresh, seasonal ingredients and helps the customers learn about them for perfect cooking.

Gifts at Blue Apron

Blue Apron gifts consist of special and unique gifts by the website. These may be kitchen appliances and tools, a recipe book, recipe book binder, the Blue Apron or the Blue Apron gift set. You can always choose reliable and useful gifts for your loved ones and send them from home. After the customer purchases the gifts, the website sends an email to the recipient that can be used to redeem the gifts.

Pros of choosing Blue Apron

Blue Apron, with its efficient and reliable service, is one of the best options you can choose for your kitchen and meals. It has a lot of benefits, some of them are:

  • Original, tasty recipes every week

The expert culinary team and some famous guest chefs put in their efforts and experience to prepare menu and recipes for the customers. The recipes are planned in such a way that they are not repeated in the same year. Also, they do not ignore the customers’ health at all, and the recipes have about 500-800 calories per serving.

  • Fresh ingredients

Another great thing about choosing Blue Apron is that the ingredients that they send are always fresh and better than the supermarkets. They are measured in perfect quantities that none of them is wasted. Also, the meat that they send you is free of any hormones or antibiotics so are good for health.
To ensure this quality, Blue Apron works with more than 100 family-run farms that put in their efforts to provide them healthily, highest quality ingredients.

Efficient delivery

The website’s courier service is very fast and efficient. The delivery costs nothing and is free, plus the ingredients are delivered in a refrigerated box so that the ingredients stay fresh. Usually, they deliver from Tuesday through Friday, but in some cases, for particular locations, deliveries on Mondays and Saturdays are also available.

Blue Apron social channels

Blue Apron provides the facility of interaction through social media to its customers. The customers can have access to the latest news, recipes and a lot more exciting stuff from the Blue Apron through Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Blue Apron mobile app

Blue Apron facilitates iPhone users with its mobile app available from the iTunes store. The app gives the users the access to their account information, cooking tips and tutorials, delicious recipes and a lot of information about the Blue Apron. Also, their complete recipe collection can be viewed, and you can save your favorite recipes in your personal recipe box too.

Blue Apron mobile app


Blue Apron coupons for 2020

Blue Apron coupons are also a main reason why you should try their services. Their promo codes and coupons offer a good discount on using their services, so it is convenient for people to enjoy different recipes on their menu for a reasonable amount. The Blue Apron coupons are available on their website as well as other websites like PromoPony. These Blue Apron coupons can either be for packages, including recipe plans or kitchen tools and other ingredients at a discounted price.

Also, valid and ready to redeem Blue Apron coupons can be found on online at PromoPony. The website keeps updating these Blue Apron coupons and promo codes so you should visit it daily to stay updated with the latest discount coupons. Keep in mind that you should redeem Blue Apron coupons during checkout to get exclusive discounts on your purchases. Also, all of these discount coupons can only be redeemed once.