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Brentwood Home Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in August 2022

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  • $ Off
  • Free Shipping
Offers: 22
Redeemed offers: 21
Potential savings: 10%-20% / $10-$225
Discount Details Valid until
$225 Discount Select Mattresses Up to $225 Discount Up to revocation
$200 Discount Select Mattresses Up to $200 Off Up to revocation
$175 Discount Select Mattresses Up to $175 Off Up to revocation
$100 Discount $100 Off Sierra Mattress Up to revocation
20% Discount Up to 20% Discount On Best Selling Runyon And Griffith Pet Beds + Free Shipping Up to revocation

More about Brentwood Home

When you are going to move into your first apartment, then you're thinking about home essentials first. Without home essentials, you can't live a normal life. Home essentials are imperative and can bring a positive change into your lifestyle. That is why if you're looking for home essentials you should look at Brentwood Home. This company can bring comfort in your life by changing your lifestyle with enjoyable and safe home essentials. It was founded in 1979. The company is striving to make its products as natural and safe as possible. The products by the corporation include mattresses, candles, pet beds, sachets, and pillows. All the goods have been inspired by the beauty of California and are hand-crafted in Los Angles. The company makes its products completely in the USA.

At Brentwood Home safe and continual materials are used to make stylish home essentials. For years, the company has been striving to produce home essentials and mattresses with the assistance of professionals and counterfeiters. The company was started in 1979 and is obsessed with creating products using safe and healthy materials. Before the start of Brentwood Home brand, most of the merchandise was sold by traders. In 2012, with the emergence of the digital age, the company brought that comfort and artistry directly to its customers. That's why now the company offers its products directly to its customers and saves them from the middle man and deceptive retailer gross profit. The company designs its products in Los Angles and hand-crafts in its workshop in California. Clients can also redeem Brentwood Home coupons to get exclusive discounts on the products they want to buy. All Brentwood Home coupons need to be redeemed at checkout.

Key facts about Brentwood Home

Key facts about Brentwood Home

  • Store was started in 1979
  • The company specifically produces mattresses and other home essentials.
  • Brentwood Home designs its products in Los Angles.
  • Products are hand-crafted in California.
  • The company directly delivers its items to customers.
  • The store has an online presence as well.
  • The company produces 100% Authentic USA products.
  • The headquarters of the company is in California.
  • Brentwood Home makes products with eco-friendly substantial.
  • The company produces Mattresses, sachets, pillows, candles, pet beds and other home essentials.
  • Customers can redeem Brentwood Home coupons to buy discounted items.

Order your desired item at a great price with Brentwood Home coupons

Brentwood Home advertises mattresses, bean bags, and other home essentials. All of these products are made according to the Californian manufacturing law. Customers can get all these items at exclusive discounts with Brentwood Home coupons. Customers should remain in touch with the official website of the store because there are a lot of items which are discounted or have special sales on them. It is one of the top notch retailers in America to shop at if you want things to remain in your budget. You can further lower prices by redeeming Brentwood coupons at checkout. After you have selected the item that you want to purchase, all you need to do is have a few Brentwood Home coupons, redeem them at checkout and proceed to buy desired products at exclusive discounts. All of the products at the company are manufactured using the best materials which include bamboo, wool, organic latex, organic kapok and soy wax.

Order your desired item at very favorable price with Brentwood Home coupons

Sale opportunities at Brentwood Home

Discount 1: Regular customers can benefit from 20% off on a variety of mattresses. Make yourself a regular customer of Brentwood Home and enjoy even further discounts through Brentwood Home coupons.

Discount 2: Shop for memory foam mattress starting from $495.

Discount 3: Certain Brentwood Home coupons are offered on for classic mattress. You can purchase them for $249.

Discount 4: Save on shipping costs with certain Brentwood Home coupons.

Discount 5: Some special offers are given on exclusive items such as pillows, latex mattress, and spring mattresses.

Discoun t6: Don't miss the chance to benefit from various sales offers at the website.

Brentwood Home mattresses

Mattress shopping experience can be troublesome and awkward for some people. It is tough to select a mattress when there is a lot of variety, and it becomes tiresome to handle pushy sales people. Brentwood Home offers you to try out a company manufactured mattress at your home. Browse the entire selection of mattresses on the official website of the company and get to sleep on them for 120 nights. Customers just need to place an order, and they can get their desired item within 1 to 2 weeks. Clients can try a mattress for 120 days if they prefer. If the customer is not satisfied with it, then they can return it. High quality memory foam mattresses are available at this company. The good thing about the Brentwood Home is that it allows clients to redeem Brentwood coupons on its various items on a regular basis. Style, design, innovations and authenticity are the best features of the company which ensures the satisfaction of its customers. If you would like to visit the mattress showroom of the company in Los Angles, then you need to get an appointment first.

Brentwood Home mattresses


Brentwood Home mattress collection includes:

  • Natural Latex Collection
  • Spring Collection
  • Memory Foam Collection

Nontoxic mattress

What is a non-toxic mattress? A mattress that is free from any toxin that may be unhealthy and unsafe for you is known as a non-toxic mattress. Many poisonous chemicals are used in the manufacture of mattresses that can be dangerous to breathe in or can target allergic reactions. These toxic chemicals are harmful to people with sensitive skin. The combination of natural, organic material is used in creating non-toxic mattresses. Huge amounts of hazardous chemicals are used in the manufacturing of mattresses that make them unfit for everyday use. Brentwood Home offers variety on nontoxic mattresses, and many sale offers are also given to make theses items affordable. Furthermore, you can redeem Brentwood Home coupons for even better discounts. The company believes in a safe home and does not use any harmful chemicals. Here is a list of non-toxic materials used in mattresses

  • Silk and Cashmere blend
  • Natural Latex
  • Gel Memory Foam
  • Organic Cotton
  • Woven Silica and Sand Layer
  • New Zealand Wool

Natural Latex Mattress

Natural latex mattresses are well known for their resilient surface and comfort. Natural latex is a substance that is taken from the rubber tree, found in tropical areas. Rubber polymer is mixed with small amount of organic compound, and the gel-like material is formed. In the next step, the shape is given to this gel-like material. The company makes certified and authentic products which ensure the satisfaction of its customers. This firm manufactures natural latex bedding. Synthetic latex bedding is avoided as synthetic latex is not healthy for humans to sleep on. You can redeem Brentwood Home coupons to buy natural latex mattresses at a discounted rate. Features of such latex include:

  • Antimicrobial
  • Bouncy
  • Responsive
  • Resilient
  • Breathable
  • Great for active lifestyles

How to place an order at Brentwood Home?

Placing an order with Brentwood Home is very easy for clients. Firstly, place an order for your desired item, specify the quantity of product and then finalize it. If you are shopping at the company for the very first time, then you need to make an account. Enter the required information and choose your payment method. To check your order status, you need to provide required information such as the specified order number and Zip code (billing). You can also make use of Brentwood Home coupons to buy products you want at discounted rates. After you have made sure that you have all the items that you want, you can proceed to pay for them.

Free shipping and warranty at Brentwood Home

Brentwood Home offers shipping service on all orders. All orders placed at this company are shipped within 3 to 5 business days after placing an order. The company ships only to adjoining areas in the USA and do not deliver to APO addresses or PO Box. You need to contact the company if you are living in the countryside.

The customer can register warranty of purchased item by accessing the official website of the enterprise. Every item has a different warranty according to the quality of material. Most products of the company have the highest quality standards and have 25 years warranty. Customers can get a new item from the company in case of any damage or fault in the product.

Brentwood Home coupons

Returns and exchanges at Brentwood Home

There are different return policies for different items. A 120 days sleep guarantee is given for every kind of mattresses. During these days if you think that your mattress is not good for you then you can return it. In the case of any return, the company will send someone to pick the item and will fully refund your purchase. This policy applies to only two items directly purchased from Brentwood Home per year for one household. All other products such as pillows, mattress covers, and other home essentials can be returned within 30 days after placing your order.

Customer service at Brentwood Home

You can contact the customer service by email or official phone. Clients can also send a message by filling out the form on the website. Customer queries are replied to within 24 hours. Make sure to read the FAQ section before shopping from this store.

Brentwood Home coupons for 2022

If you are in search of Brentwood Home coupons, then you can surely find them on the trusted website called PromoPony. The company's store and online website regularly have sales that allow you to benefit from huge discounts on various items. You can reduce sale prices even further by redeeming Brentwood Home coupons at checkout. The PromoPony homepage updates regularly. To find the latest Brentwood Home coupons, you should visit the website daily. All coupons can only be redeemed once. You need to redeem valid Brentwood Home coupons at checkout.