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Brookstone Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in January 2022

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More about Brookstone

The idea behind Brookstone was first introduced in 1965 when it was advertised in the local magazine, Popular Mechanics Magazine. The small classified advertisement promised high quality and hard to find tools at reasonable prices. Brookstone was launched nationwide as a specialty retailer who offered its customers some different products that are unique in design and quality are very handy and are not usually available from other retailers. The company also promised the best prices specifically because of Brookstone coupons that can be used when purchasing the products available.    


Key facts about Brookstone 

  • First introduced in 1965 

  • A specialty store 

  • Online presence  

More about Brookstone 

They have a distinctive line of products comprising of items such as alarm clocks, massage chairs, remote control drones and helicopters, smart watches, speakers, blankets, pillows, iPads and other tablet accessories and many more lifestyle items. They allow their customers to play and examine any product in their store before making a purchase. The store provides their customers with the option of using Brookstone coupons to purchase their favorite products at a much reasonable price. 

The quality of service, quality of product and quality of people has been the main concern of Brookstone from the very beginning. The first catalog of Brookstone published consisted of twenty-four pages containing detailed information on capabilities, measurements, features, materials as well as any other information about the products that would help the customer to make a positive buying decision. 

Brookstone extended its operations as its success grew and in 1973 the company opened its first retail store in Peterborough, New Hampshire. Today, Brookstone has its headquarters in Merrimack, New Hampshire from where it manages its operations, and the company manages mail, the web, and telephone orders through its distribution center and customer care center in Mexico, Missouri. The company also operates and manages hundreds of retail outlets across the United States and Puerto Rico mostly in lifestyle centers, shopping malls and on the busiest airports of the company. 

Originally, Brookstone was a catalog company, but soon it grew into a flourishing, a multifaceted direct-marketing business that offers e-mail and affiliate marketing, catalogs and an online site that offers more products that are available in their retail stores. 

Shopping at Brookstone is a fun and interactive experience. The experience has become even better thanks to Brookstone coupons. The company encourages their customers to try out the products before buying them to provide them with a true, hands-on shopping experience. Every visit to a Brookstone store is an experience because it provides you with an opportunity to discover and explore ingenious and new high-quality products in a friendly and comfortable environment. The stores provide the best customer care with integrity and forthrightness. It is also important to keep in mind that when you decide to shop at the store, you should always use Brookstone coupons since this help to reduce the amount of money that you pay for your items.  

Products at Brookstone 

The company offers a unique assortment of products which are not only distinctive but are also state of the art. It offers different types of candles such as cordless LED window candles, flameless candles, wireless blue tooth speaker candle, and the very popular Brookstone LED wax candle with realistic flicker and glow. Remember, when buying your favorite candle, you can use Brookstone coupons so that you get your favorite candles at a discounted price.  


The company also offers a variety of massage chairs where you can relax after a day at work. The company also offers specialty massages such as seat massage, sports massage, foot massages, shiatsu neck and back massages which can help ease away the tension and help you relax after a stressful day. You can try out these massagers at the company outlet and make a purchase according to your needs. However, when you are purchasing, don’t forget to use the Brookstone coupons!  

The blankets and pillows offered by Brookstone ensure a comfortable and deep sleep. They also offer air purifiers and humidifiers to make the air that you breathe healthy and pure.  

The company offers some health and fitness-related products such as heart rate and fitness wristbands, yoga mats, flip belt running belt and much more. 

Brookstone offers some latest and state of the art wireless speakers and headphones. These include wireless mini travel speakers, cat ear headphones, wireless mobile projectors, wireless television headphones, waterproof blue tooth speaker, laptop chargers, cube speakers, universal travel outlet and many more devices and gadgets which are not only useful but can make your life very easy. 

Star Wars fans can get their Sphero BB8 App enabled Droid from Brookstone or have an amazing adventure with a remote control drone. Brookstone is a haven for technology geeks who want to experience the latest electronic gadgets, hover boards, electric scooters and other such toys.  

Shopping experience at Brookstone 

It has already been established that the company has a plethora of products available for their customers. Whether you are looking for accessories for your devices or you are in search of the best massage chairs, you will find such items here. What makes the company even better is that it provides the customers with the option of redeeming the code present on Brookstone coupons because of which the customer receive their favorite products at an exclusive price.  

A visit to a Brookstone store is fun and provides hands-on experience to customers. They can check out their massage chairs, closely examine the luggage accessories and travel pillows or simply try out the levitation blue tooth speaker to get the real experience. Regardless of what you decide to buy, just don’t forget to use your Brookstone coupons. You can buy all these items and much more at a much lower price by using Brookstone coupons.  

The main categories at Brookstone online store 

The Brookstone online store offers a vast range of products in the following categories: 

  • Gifts 

  • Massage 

  • Sleep and Wellness 

  • Travel 

  • Lifestyle 

  • Audio and tech 

  • Fitness 

  • Toys and games 


How to place an order at Brookstone 

It is very simple to place an order with Brookstone online. Before you sit down to shop at the store make sure that you have Brookstone coupons with you since these Brookstone coupons will help you to save a significant amount of money. The next step is to visit the official website of the company and go through the numerous products that the company has available. You can buy these products at discounted prices by using Brookstone coupons. By redeeming these Brookstone coupons, you can buy a lot more while keeping well within your budget. To get a better idea of what a particular product is, you should click on it and read the product description.  

Then, you simply select the products that you like, add them to your cart then checkout and pay for your purchase. Before you choose your desired mode of payment, don’t forget to enter the code present on the Brookstone coupons to save a good amount of money when purchasing your favorite products. 

Exchange and return policy at Brookstone 

Brookstone also provides an exchange and return policy for customers. This means that in case something happens to the goods you can be rest assured that they will simply replace or repair your product if it meets their terms and conditions. Brookstone Protection Plus and replacement plans are innovative services offered by Brookstone that allows you to enjoy your purchases for many years to come. Simply add the Protection Plus Plan to your virtual shopping cart when you order online to get this amazing service. This enhanced service covers the products beyond and above the manufacturer’s warranty, so that the customers save both money and time. In case your covered product fails the customer care agents at Brookstone are on standby 24 hours a day seven days a week to help you with any problems. 

Customer service at Brookstone 

The customer service of the company is quite efficient and is always ready to help. If you have any questions regarding your order or if you need information about any of the product, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the friendly customer service representatives.  

Brookstone coupons for 2022 

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The biggest advantage of these Brookstone coupons is that they enable you to purchase your favorite products at an exclusive discounted price. As a result, you might also decide to try out other products by the company. Brookstone coupons are specifically helpful for those people that are on a limited budget but want to buy products from this establishment. At the time of checkout, before you pay for your items, make sure that you enter the code present on valid Brookstone coupons. This will reduce the total amount you will have to pay. Therefore, the shopping experience at the company, because of these Brookstone coupons, increases tenfold! Don’t forget to grab a few of these Brookstone coupons from PromoPony for an affordable shopping spree.