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BuildDirect Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in August 2022

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$230 Off Kontiki Fountain
High-Quality Siding Is on Sale!
Save Up to 72% on Hyxion Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances
Save Up to 67% on Izmir Turkish Travertine Tile
Grab Up to 50% Off On Bamboo Flooring
Special Offer! Get Up to 50% Off On Hardwood Flooring
Up to 50% Off Flooring
40% Off Mazama Hardwood - Andes Collection
Get Up to 33% Off on Jasper Hardwood - European French Oak Brushed Collection
Get Up to 25% Discount on Salerno Porcelain Tile - Highland Wood Series
Up to 25% Off Patio And Outdoor
5 Free Flooring Samples
Grab Up to 50% Off On Premium Brands Laminate Flooring
23% Off on Vanier Engineered Hardwood - Penta Maple Collection
25% Off on Salerno Porcelain Tile - Urban Wood Series
Coupon Type
  • Online Sales
Discount type
  • % Off
  • $ Off
Offers: 12
Redeemed offers: 7
Potential savings: 25%-80% / $230
Discount Details Valid until
$230 Discount $230 Off Kontiki Fountain Up to revocation
80% Discount High-Quality Siding Is on Sale! Up to revocation
72% Discount Save Up to 72% on Hyxion Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances Up to revocation
67% Discount Save Up to 67% on Izmir Turkish Travertine Tile Up to revocation
50% Discount Grab Up to 50% Off On Bamboo Flooring Up to revocation

More about BuildDirect

BuildDirect is a Canadian based company and is the premier online marketplace for heavyweight home improvement products. Started by two contractors in Vancouver, this marketplace has become the only option for those on construction sites. With an amazing shipping framework set up, the ease and well-timed deliveries of BuildDirect has made it a household name in the industry. With an active brand, and a great selection of products, BuildDirect is truly the premier bran when it comes to heavyweight home improvement

BuildDirect is headquartered in the beautiful city of Vancouver. The private company has become a household name, and is shipping to customers across North America. They have been able to easily ship across the continent, and with the rail, truck or freight deals, you are missing out if you are not ordering from BuildDirect. They have six super warehouses to ship out of, and thus they limit the amount of time in transit. These warehouses are located in: Vancouver, LA, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago and New Jersey. With BuildDirect coupons available today, the only thing missing is what tiles you are wanting for that bathroom you are working on. 

BuildDirect coupon codes

Key BuildDirect Facts

  • Founded in 1999
  • Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Founded by two contractors from Vancouver
  • Has 6 super warehouses around North America
  • Owns BuildDirect Home Marketplace for building ideas and plans

BuildDirect  Video

BuildDirect coupons help you save

BuildDirect offers some of the best speciality gifts in the world, and that is the possibility of a brand new bathroom, deck or kitchen. BuildDirect has the supplies that you need to complete these jobs, and often at the best prices in the country. With access to factory direct pricing, and an even better shipping method, the team at BuildDirect has figured out the key to success. With all the top brands, and top quality building supplies, BuildDirect continues to establish itself as the premium marketplace for all things building. With their amazing customer service, and even better delivery, the team at BuildDirect cannot wait to work with you. Plus, when you add an ability to utilize BuildDirect coupons, you will love the price of their supplies. 

Shop right at home with BuildDirect coupon codes

When you are a contractor you can get a little bit busy, and thus BuildDirect is your premier source as you can order while on the go. Their easy to use online shop is what makes the difference. If you are on a build site and run out of something, with a few clicks of a button, you will have it shipped to you within hours. With a variety of deals happening, you need to check out the site often. With a sale item, and an amazing BuildDirect coupon in your shopping cart, you will be happy you do your shopping at BuildDirect. 

BuildDirect coupon codes

Flooring can be tough to shop for when you are a contractor, and the team at BuildDirect makes things just a little bit easier. No matter if you are looking for hardwood, laminate, or even carpet, our warehouses have it ready and waiting. What puts BuildDirect ahead of the other guys is their ability to showcase their products on any platform. If you have a client in front of you, you can show them the color, the shape and the pattern of the flooring all on a laptop, phone or tablet. With a quick decision, you will just need to check out, and the flooring will be on its way. It really is that simple to shop for flooring with BuildDirect. Utilise a BuildDirect coupon on checkout and save even more money on your next flooring purchase. 

Clean energy is all the rage right now, and with hydro and electrical prices the way they are, there is no reason not to switch. BuildDirect has made it a mission to supply clean energy options for all of their clients. With an easy to order system, and quick delivery, your clean energy solution can be on its way in mere days. With off the grid systems, solar panels, battery packs and clean tech parts all available, you will love our options. Order today, and see why BuildDirect is the premier supplier of clean energy options for Canadians and Americans. One bonus is you will also be able to use your BuildDirect coupon along with government rebates to make this purchase even cheaper. 

BuildDirect coupon codes2

BuildDirect is your premier source for all things appliances and with that our top of the line selection is what puts us over the top. BuildDirect have worked long and hard to establish their business, and only carry what works. With top brands such as Maytag and Samsung, their appliances are top of the line and come in a multitude of styles that will fit your home perfectly. No matter if you are looking for a new six burner range, or a brand new microwave for your build, the team at BuildDirect will work with you. Their delivery options allow it to be delivered on time, and no more waiting around from 9-4 for a delivery guy. Plus, with the ability to utilize a BuildDirect coupon on your next purchase, you will love the savings you will receive when you order from them. 

The BuildDirect site is top notch marketplace that truly showcases why BuildDirect is a large player in the industry. They have an amazing layout that makes it very easy to find what you are looking for, and with sales on the front page you cannot miss them. If you are a mobile user you will be able to see site optimization that makes the page look great. Whether you use the mobile or regular site side, you will enjoy a top notch experience every time you log on to BuildDirect. With a clean and professional site, the only thing you need to remember is add on a BuildDirect coupon to your order to save even more!

BuildDirect promo codes

What can I expect to buy with my BuildDirect coupon promotional codes?

  • Decking
  • Flooring
  • Appliances
  • Generators
  • Roofing
  • Tile
  • Ceramic
  • Carpet
  • Area Rugs
  • Drywall
  • Supplies
  • And much, much more

How do I place an order with BuildDirect?

BuildDirect makes online shopping as simple as possible for its clients, and will be straight forward. You will have to follow a few simple steps, but once that is done you will be just left to wait for your supplies to arrive at your doorstep. You will simply select the items you want, and add them to your shopping cart. You can continue to shop, or simply checkout. Once you are ready to checkout, make sure to add your BuildDirect coupons to drop the price even more. You will fill in your mailing information, your billing information, and of course the payment method. Once this is done, you will confirm the price, the items, and checkout. BuildDirect is great with any customer service issues, and if you run into any issues, give their staff a call or email them and a rep will reach out practically immediately to rectify the situation. 

Delivery conditions at BuildDirect 

Due to the size of the materials that BuildDirect ships, delivery is a little different. First and foremost, expect a large truck to come to the delivery site, as they normally will add all the area shipments to one truck. You do have a few options when it comes to delivery though. First, you can choose value delivery, which means the area truck will stop by at a predetermined time to drop your shipment off. You can also choose curbside residential delivery where the truck will stop by and the drivers will simply drop the item off of the truck. Finally, there is an option for internal deliver, where the driver will move the items inside, but that is an extra cost.

 BuildDirect delivery conditions

Returns at BuildDirect 

BuildDirect wants to make things easy for you, and thus their return policy is straight forward. You have 30 day money back guarantee that works for all items that is in its original packaging.  The company knows that these are larger items, and if you find all items delivered, and they are in the packaging, BuildDirect will organize a pickup time that works for you. They will then send confirmation of the money back to the card, and if any issues arise, call them or email them and they work out any issues. 

BuildDirect customer service

BuildDirect has worked hard to attract the customer base that it has, and they will continue to work hard to keep it. They will go above and beyond for their customers, and for good reason. They are a business that was built on the hard work of employees that care, and thus they care for the customer. If you are having any issues at all, give BuildDirect a call, or an email and they will help you out. They treat their clients like family, and that key in the very competitive world of home improvement. 

BuildDirect coupons 2022

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