Promo Codes and Coupons for Burlington Coat Factory

Promo Codes and Coupons for Burlington Coat Factory

Save up to 75% on winter coats

Shop winter coats in the off season for huge savings up to 75%.

Free Shipping on $75+

No code is needed to save with Free Shipping on all orders over $75.

Up to 75% off Mother's Day gifts

Save up to 75% off regular retail prices on purses, perfume, jewelry and... More

Up to 65% off swim

Save up to 65% off the retail price of swimwear for the whole family.

Up to 50% off kids' dresswear sets

Save up to 50% on matching clothing sets for boys and girls.

Save up to 70% on toys

Get toys for your little ones at discounts up to 70% off regular retail... More

Save up to 70% on special sizes

Hard to find clothes that fit? Shop a wide variety of Big & Tall, slim... More

Gucci up to 40% off

No code is needed to save up to 40% off the regular retail price of all... More

Doll houses from $9.99

Shop doll sets and doll houses for huge savings up to 40%.

Jimmy Choo items are up to 40% off

Don't miss these great savings! Shop now and save up to 40% on Jimmy... More

Don't miss this Summer Clearance Event! Save up to 80%

Shop now and save up to 80%.

Dresses, skirts, shorts, capris are on sale!

Save up to 65% off on other retailers' prices on select items.

Save up to 67% on Minnie Mouse toys

Don't miss the deal of the week! Shop now and save on Minnie Mouse... More

Save on summer wedding wear!

Don't miss your chance to get up to 70% off on other retailers'... More

Save on trendy sandals!

Trendy sandals are available for only $9.99.

Save during this summer dress up sale!

Summer dress up apparel is up to 70% off.

Save up to 65% at Back to School sale

Get ready for Back to School with up to 65% everyday savings on clothes,... More

Up to 45% off luggage

Take advantage of up to 45% savings on other retailers' prices on... More

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About Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington Coat Factory is more popularly known by its univalent name: Burlington. It is a public departmental store that sells off-price products, spanning a wide berth of the retail industry. It has over hundreds of stores in numerous states. The company's headquarters are located in Burlington Township, New Jersey. Since its foundation by Henrietta Monroe in 1972, the company has swung between private and public ownership. As of 2013, with Tom Kingsbury as the CEO, the company is, however, public again.

The existence of companies and retail stores like Burlington has a positive impact not only on the economy but society as well. Because a large fraction of people earn below the minimum wage or not at all, it is hard for them to make ends meet given their meagre salaries. In times like that, the facility of off-price stores, laden with sales and exclusive Burlington coupons and discounts, come off as a miracle and help these financially strewn families survive.

 Burlington Logo

Key facts about Burlington Coat Factory

  • Established in 1972 in New Jersey, USA
  • Investment by Henrietta, and her husband, Monroe Milstein.
  • Headquarters at Florence, New Jersey
  • Public enterprise as of 2013
  • Tom Kingsbury serves as current CEO and President
  • Off-price retail industry
  • Included in Fortune 500 companies

Burlington Coat Factory video

More about Burlington Coat Factory

As a company that has been founded for more than 40 years, it has a rich history of employment and currently employs thousands of people. The provision of its goods at affordable prices has boosted the company's fortune and popularity. As of 2013, the company had a fiscal revenue of about 4.7 billion dollars, and this continues to grow. In 2016, it was honored and included among the Fortune 500 enterprises.


When the Milsteins established the company back in 1972, their retail consisted of a majority of coats and jackets which they sold at wholesale rates. That is how it began as a Coat Factory. But the sale of coats and jackets was seasonal, and to increase their revenues, the store began stocking other items of retail. This included clothes, linens, furniture, home decor pieces, baby supplies, gift baskets, etc. This expansion into a wider product range allowed the company to increase its revenues, so much so that in 2006, the company was acquired by Bain Capital Partners for 2.6 billion dollars. And ever since then, the business has never stopped booming.

Shop at exclusive discounts by redeeming Burlington Coat Factory coupons

Burlington has been in the retail industry for years. The store has a history of selling products that are vital to everyday use. Especially during winters rolling in, it overflows with coats and sweaters, and all kinds of jackets, shawls, and scarves. At most convenience stores, these products would be laden with high price tags, but at Burlington, these products are available at quite affordable prices. To say that the drop in price comes from low-quality material would not be true because its trust is based on its established history as a quality producer of the products it sells. 

The company stores have also taken to introduce designer products in its stores, and some items are pricier than the rest. To avail discounts on those select few items, you can use Burlington coupons in stores at your checkout. A similar technique is implementable on online purchases. Once you have finalized your order, you can enter Burlington coupons and promo codes at your checkout to imply savings on your order payments. This makes high-quality products affordable for people with tight budgets.

The store also stocks a wide range of apparel, ranging from clothing for women, men, and babies. Since the company realizes the discrepancy in 'one size fits all', there is a large range of sizes available for all categories of clothing that are stocked. From t-shirts to pants, from prom dresses to black tie formals, it is surely a store you would want to visit if you want a great range of products at a comparatively cheaper cost. 

The store also hosts a particular section for babies and adolescents where it stocks items relating to the care of infants. Baby food, diapers, lotions, shampoos, or anything which concerns the care and upbringing of a child can be found in these specialized sections. Apart from this, it has a specialty in stocking beddings and linens, as well as home decor items. The wide range, economical pricing, and pleasing aesthetic will really be a strong persuasion for you to browse through these sections and end up buying what you like. 

Many families end up making bulk purchases in online and retail stores both. To help you round off your bills, Burlington has discount sales where you can pick up the same items for a comparatively lower price. Alternatively, you can use Burlington coupons at your store checkout, whether it is an in a retail store or through the online store. The online store also offers free shipping on orders above a specific price limit.

Shop at exclusive discounts by redeeming Burlington Coat Factory coupons

Avail these opportunities to save at Burlington 

Now that you have established trust and loyalty for the company because of its great value pricing for its customers, you may feel inclined to shop at the stores to try out the amazing experience. Here are however a few pointers to rehash and add to your knowledge of how to effectively save at the stores and maximize the gain on your money.

 Burlington Coat Factory stores already price their products at about 65% lesser prices than your average convenience stores. This means that even if you are paying in full at a Burlington store, you will be inherently saving a lot of money.

At Burlington, the product choices are many, and the product prices are low. This eliminates the need to search for Burlington coupons and discounts because the low pricing will make you think your bills will end up light. If you're buying one item in bulk, or if you are buying a lot of stuff, and you want to save even more on your purchases, using Burlington coupons is the way to go. Since the store is already cheaper than most, you won't find Burlington coupons easily to clip from magazines. But if you visit websites like PromoPony you can find active and verified Burlington coupons ready for you to utilize.

For orders over $75, not only do you get free shipping, but you have the opportunity to return your merchandise in-store for free with a money-back guarantee. Who else offers that?

Holiday season is packed with people looking to get gifts. Picking the most appropriate gift can be troublesome, but Burlington's got you covered. From Burlington's special gift section, you can choose gift baskets of your choice to give to those special people in your life who make it worth it living.

The online store holds contests frequently in which you can enter to win a free shopping spree of up to $1500 worth of purchases.

Apart from using Burlington coupons frequently, you could also visit the Clearance section of Burlington to pick up trendy yet nifty catch pieces for a fraction of the price.

Avail these opportunities to save at Burlington Coat Factory products 

Order from Burlington Coat Factory by following these easy steps

Ordering from Burlington is very easy. Once you reach the web page, you can go to Create An Account to create your shopping account with Burlington. The more purchases you make, the more loyalty you accrue, and the more benefits you can enjoy from the store later. Once you have an account, you can then proceed to add select items to your cart. You can add all items you want, because unlike the in-retail store, there will be no hassle to juggle all of your items from one aisle to another. Once all your items are laden into your cart, you can proceed to the checkout page. 

It is at this checkout page that you will be required to verify your payment information and recheck your order list. If you have any Burlington coupons, you can enter the codes in the Burlington coupons and discount codes box under your order total. The discount will then be applied, and your new payment will appear. You can then proceed to the checkout and viola! Your order is processed. 

If you encounter problems at any stage in your consumer experience, you can contact the very amiable consumer service. The store takes pride in the way it treats its consumer base, so you are sure of getting a response, no matter how small your query is.


Burlington coupons 2017

For 2017, Burlington is going to be a hotspot for much of your holiday shopping. It is only reasonable that you choose to visit PromoPony and enlist all of the active Burlington coupons for 2017 that you can use on your Burlington purchases for exclusive discounts.

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