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Cairn Coupon Codes

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in August 2022

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More about Cairn

Cairn is a company that offers outdoor products for adventurers that best match with the needs and lifestyles of the consumer base it targets. It was founded in 2013 and is located in Bend, Oregon. The company is best known for their surprise boxes as they offer different kinds of products for adventurers. The shoppers buy these boxes through the subscription of their choice and wait for the arrival for the surprise. The company delivers a monthly box of high-quality outdoor products right to the consumer.                                     Key facts about Cairn

Key facts about Cairn

  • Founded on December 31, 2013
  • Located in Bend, Oregon
  • Has an online presence
  • Offers surprise boxes for adventurers

Get exclusive discounts with Cairn Coupon Codes

Cairn coupon codes are the most appropriate way to get discounts when getting this subscription box. If you're someone who has a limited budget or if you want to try out the box for the first time, then you can make use of Cairn coupons without having to pay much.

Product categories at Cairn

The official store offers a rare type of service that every adventurer loves. The company provides a lot of unique items in their surprise boxes that shoppers can get every month after subscribing to the service. As mentioned, you can redeem Cairn coupon codes to get boxes at discounted rates. Here are the items that the company offers in their boxes as a surprise:

  • Apparel

Apparels usually include clothing and other accessories related to it. The company is providing socks, gloves, beanies and some other items in this category. However, they never reveal the items that will be present in the box as this will ruin the surprise that the subscriber should experience. Cairn Men’s Tress T-shirt, Women’s Tress Racer Back Tank, T-Shirt, Explore T-Shirts, Cairn Trucker Hat, Cairn Low Profile Hats and Cairn patches are included in the apparel category.

  • Gear

As you can tell from the name, gear contains items related to technical things. The surprise box includes lighting items, hydration related stuff, and cookware for cooking purposes. These items can be of any type so always be ready for a surprise.

  • Food and energy

Food and energy category of the company includes items related to diet and food. These products include Energy bars, trail snacks, drink mixes and other food related items. If they reveal everything they are going to offer in the boxes, then the shoppers will never be excited about surprises.

  • Skin care

Skin care is an important thing for the adventurers as sun products, and other skin care items are necessary to protect skin from environmental change and damage. The box might contain these elements including sun products, insect repellents, lip balms and other items.

  • Emergency

As implied by the name, this category will have items related to the emergency situations. The company adds first-aid kits, navigation tools, and fire starters in the surprise boxes.

If you want to subscribe, you can do that at a discounted rate by redeeming Cairn coupon codes.

Subscribe and earn rewards

Subscribe and earn rewards at Cairn

The company promises never to spoil the surprise of the customers as they know how valuable the curiosity of a client is when it comes to such a subscription. The company provides the list of the items that a purchaser can expect from their surprise Cairn box. The items are already listed above in details. The company also offers some rewards to long-term subscribers. These are:

  • Goal Zero Sherpa 100 Solar Kit
  • Snow planks, Snowboards and Skis
  • Nemo Losi LS 3P Tent
  • Stanley Ultimate Car Camp + Tailgate Package
  • Industrial revolution gear haul
  • Rumple down puffy blanket
  • Cotopaxi sueno sleeping bag

The company sends these items to the winners once they have been subscribed to the service for quite a while. If you need these items for your next adventure and want to win from the company then don't forget to subscribe to their services. Also, don't forget to use Cairn coupon codes at checkout to get discounts on these boxes.

Features of the surprise box and shipping at Cairn

There are two types of boxes that the company is providing to their customers right now: Here are the boxes and the items that the clients might find in them:

The original box

  • Monthly delivery
  • $35 + retail value in each box
  • Free shipping in the US
  • Full-sized items (All)
  • Earn points for future surprises
  • 3 to 6 carefully organized outdoor items

The company is offering these services with the box. That doesn't stop them from surprising their customers. The prices of these subscriptions are also as low as $25 per month. Here are the plans that company offers to the shoppers:

  • Monthly: $25 (Billed monthly)
  • 6 Month: $135 instead of $150 (Billed semi-annually)
  • 12 Month: $260 instead of $300 (Billed Annually)

All of these subscriptions renew automatically. The customers can cancel this subscription anytime.

The obsidian box

This surprise box is special and contains premium outdoor items. The shipping for this box is free in the United States and available in limited quantity. Here are the specifications of this box:

  • Quarterly delivery
  • 5 to 10 premium items in the box
  • $300 + retail value in each
  • Free shipping in the US
  • Earn Cairn points for future subscriptions
  • Limited quantity available

The price of this box subscription is $199, and customers will be billed quarterly. The subscriptions can be canceled anytime by the customers as all subscriptions renew automatically.

How to buy from Cairn?

How to buy from Cairn?

To purchase an item from the online store, one must have an online account with the store. The sign-up page shows blank forms where customers can enter the required information to register an account with the website. These accounts are for making the purchases secure and comfortable. After registering an account successfully, the customer can login to their account to subscribe the service they want from the Cairn store. Customers can use the given payment method to pay for the items purchased from the store. But before payment, don’t forget to use Cairn coupon codes at checkout as these coupon codes provide discounts when subscribing with this firm. If you want to get a huge discount and fantastic offers on shopping, then don’t wait and use Cairn coupon codes to get the box you want.

Cairn customer service

The customer service of the company is magnificent as it provides adequate services to their clients. The client support team is very responsive on the provided platforms (email and phone) as well as on social media. You can tweet them your issue, and they will try to help you as soon as possible.

Buyers can communicate with the customer support of the company by three means. One is the email, the other is via the phone number, and the last one is via mail. To get help from the customer team, call on the company’s phone number or send them an email on the official email address of the enterprise. Shoppers can also mail their queries to the mailing address of the company. The headquarters is located in Bend. Hence you can send the letter to the physical address. The customer service will only respond during business days. Holidays are not included in it. If you want to solve the issue immediately, then you can contact the customer support team by phone number for an instant solution. If you want the client support team to interact with you via email directly then uses the send message form on the contact us page of the company for that purpose. Fill the required information and then send the message to the support team.

Cairn coupons

Gifts at Cairn

Customers also have an opportunity to gift these surprise boxes as these boxes contain unique items that can make your loved ones and friends happy. If you have an adventure-loving friend, then don’t wait for a second and send them these cool boxes on their birthday or any other special event. Use Cairn coupons at checkout and get discounts. Bring smiles on their faces by sending them the gift of their dreams. Here is a variety of offerings that customers can send to others:

  • Multi-Month Gift Boxes (from $25)
  • Holiday Gift Boxes (from $29)
  • Obsidian Gift boxes (from $199)

Privacy policy at Cairn

The privacy policy of the company is transparent and open. The company collects information of the customer to provide better services and for the purpose of orders. The company doesn’t sell any user information to other businesses. The website uses SSL technology to make the data transmission of the customer with the servers safe and secure. The SSL technology also takes care of the credit card information of the customers from the malicious codes and hackers.

Return policy at Cairn

Subscription boxes can’t be returned or refunded. If a client wants, they can cancel their subscription anytime.

Cairn coupon codes for 2022

Cairn coupon codes are the way to get huge discounts on the shopping. The store often offers apparels to the customers at affordable prices for a limited time. But to get more price cuts, shoppers must redeem Cairn coupons at checkout. These coupons are available on the PromoPony website. So, if you want to subscribe to this box, you can do that for a discounted price by using Cairn coupons. The PromoPony website is always updating. So, you should visit often to know about the latest Cairn coupons.

There are some things you should keep in mind. All Cairn coupon codes are to be redeemed at checkout for discounts. Don’t pay for a box unless you have redeemed a discount coupon. Clients can only redeem one coupon from their batch of Cairn coupons per subscription.