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Change Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in August 2022

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More about Change

About Change


Change is one of the largest retailers of lingerie in Scandinavia. Although Change is predominantly present in Scandinavia, you can find Change physical locations all around the world. As of today, Change has over 100 physical locations. Their exact store locations may be found on their website. A handful of the countries you can find Change at include Canada, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Poland, Britain, Norway, and many more! As a matter of fact, Change will ship their products to any country in Europe for a flat fee. All of the lingerie is hand-designed in Denmark, and handmade in China.

Change offers 8 different bra models to choose from. Each bra model has cup sizes available up to size K. Change does not discriminate based on your bra size. Women of all sizes can find a bra to fit properly at Change. Change also offers free, professional bra fittings at all of their physical locations. They take the time to listen to you while they are measuring you. After they measure you, you will get the opportunity to try on bras until you find one that fits you well. Your Change associate will not end the fitting until you are in a bra that looks and feels great!


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Key facts about Change

  • Major retailer of lingerie in Scandinavia
  • Available worldwide at over 100 store locations
  • Has 8 bra models to choose from with sizes ranging up to K
  • Offers free, professional bra fittings at any physical location


Save money with a free Change coupon

Many women can relate when it comes to buying lingerie. It is difficult to find well fitting clothing at a reasonable price. You will not break the bank by shopping at Change. Change has been the hot spot to purchase lingerie for years. They offer high quality lingerie at modest prices. Any woman that is in need of a proper fitting lingerie should view Change’s online catalog. Although Change already offers incredibly low prices on their bras and panties, you can get even greater savings if you use a Change coupon. A Change coupon may dramatically lower the cost of your order. You can find out what your exact savings will be by viewing the Change coupon at PromoPony. PromoPony has access to the most current Change coupon codes. Simply copy the Change coupon code from PromoPony, and use it while you are checking out. If you do not use the Change coupon code while you are checking, you will not receive the promotional price.


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Change coupon examples

There are a variety of Change coupon codes to choose from. Some Change coupons that you may encounter include:

  • Free or reduced shipping after you purchase over a set limit
  • A certain percentage off of your entire order
  • Reduced pricing on certain products
  • Receive a free gift after you purchase over a set limit

The exact Change coupons available will depend on the time of the year. Shops, like Change, will expire certain coupons after they have been active for 1 - 2 months, and activate new ones. You should stay on top of your Change coupon codes to ensure that you have the latest Change coupon codes available. The Change coupon codes found online at PromoPony are always up to date. You will never find an expired Change coupon code at PromoPony. If you do not use PromoPony to keep track of your Change coupon codes, you run the risk of using expired promo codes when you go to checkout.


How do I place an order with Change?

Once you find a product that you are interested in, use the sizing guide to find the correct fit and color. Once you have your desired color, size, and quantity selected, click “Add to Cart”. A green notification will appear in the upper part of the screen that will confirm that your product has been added to the cart. At this stage, you can continue to browse for additional products or proceed to checkout.
Once you are ready to checkout, click on the cart in the upper right hand corner. You will automatically be redirected to your cart where you can adjust product quantities, apply Change coupon codes, and see the preliminary grand total. If you are in possession of a Change coupon, this is the time to enter it into the webpage. You will be unable to add in a Change coupon later on in the checkout process. If your Change coupon is expired or out of date, the webpage will automatically alert you to try a different Change coupon code. Once you are finished with entering in your Change coupon codes, click “Proceed to Checkout”.

On this page, you will be required to enter in your billing information, payment method, and shipping information. Change will allow you to create an account on this page if you would like to save your information for future purchases. If you are purchasing the product as a gift, you do have the option of adding gift wrapping for an additional €5. Once you are finished entering in your information, you are encouraged to review it one final time. After you click on “Place Order Now”, your payment method will be billed and Change will begin processing your order.


Delivery conditions at Change

Change simplifies the shipping process by only offering one shipping option. You have the option of the standard shipping package, which will ship anyplace for a set price without a Change coupon. You may be able to find a Change coupon on PromoPony for free or reduced shipping costs.

After you place your order, Change may take 2 - 3 business days to prepare the product for shipping. The exact processing time will depend on the volume of orders that Change currently has. Busy seasons, such as the holidays, may require a longer processing time. After your order has shipped, you can expect it to arrive within 5 - 10 business days. Your order will not ship on Saturday or Sunday, or after 5 pm on weekdays.

 delivery conditions at change



Change allows customers to return products within a 14 day period. This 14 day exchange period allows you the opportunity to return or exchange lingerie items that do not fit well, or the you are unhappy with. All returned items must have their original tags on, and they must be unused. Change will not allow you return lingerie if it has been worn.

To start a return, simply place the unwanted items into a box with a copy of the original invoice. You must seal the box and send it to: Change of Scandinavia A/S Farum Gydevej 73 DK-3520 Farum Denmark. After Change gets your shipment, your return will be processed within 30 days. If you do not see your return posted on your original payment method within 30 days, you are encouraged to contact Change customer support. If you had paid with a Change coupon code, you will not be refunded the full retail price of the product. Your refund will be whatever you had paid after you used your Change coupon.



Change customer service

Because Change is a relatively small company, they do not have customer service agents available around the clock. They have their representatives on standby during normal operating hours Monday through Friday. You may swiftly contact their customer service department by sending an email to You may also go on their webpage, and fill out the “Contact Us” form. This form will automatically be sent to an available customer representative. You may have to wait 2 - 3 business days for a reply from this company.

If you have a common inquiry, you are encouraged to look on their FAQ for a solution. Change has an extensive FAQ located on their website that lists common questions and their answers. This FAQ may answer your question so that you do not have to contact a customer representative. However, you will have to contact Change customer service for any questions regarding Change coupon codes. Change does not answer any questions regarding Change coupon codes on their FAQ.

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Change coupon 2022

Change is known for their incredible deals on beauty products. Women have been buying their lingerie products from Change for years, because they sell high quality products at reasonable prices. Most women understand how difficult it is to find a well fitting undergarment for a low price. Change fills this niche by providing long lasting lingerie at low prices. Although their pricing model is very competitive, there is a way to get even lower prices at Change. If you use a Change coupon off of PromoPony, you can have access to the lowest prices imaginable. A Change coupon may substantially lower the price of your lingerie order. If you are needing to place an order with Change in the near future, do not hesitate to go online to PromoPony for a Change coupon. You can find the latest Change coupon codes for August 2022 at PromoPony here.