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Chewy Promo Codes & Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in August 2022

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Get Up to 10% Off on Sitewide
Grab Extra 35% Off on Selected Products
Grab 30% Off on Benebone Products
Save 30% on Your First Autoship Order
Save Up to 10% With Autoship
Free Shipping
Get Free Shipping on $49+
Minimum order value: $49
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Save With Horse Deals
Save With Reptile Deals
Save With Small Pet Deals
Save With Bird Deals
Save With Fish Deals
Save With Cat Deals
Save With Dog Deals
Shop Today`S Deals at Chewy
Mix And Match! Get 15% Off Select Toys, Apparel And More When You Buy 3
Get Up to 40% Off First Autoship Order of Hill's Prescription Diet Or Hill's Science Diet
Get 25% Off Your First American Journey Cat Food
Coupon Type
  • Online Coupons
  • Online Sales
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  • % Off
  • $ Off
  • Free Shipping
Offers: 15
Redeemed offers: 431
Potential savings: 10%-35%

Want to save money on pet supplies? From premium dog food to exotic pet supplies, you can get deep discounts with a Chewy coupon code! Read insider secrets on the AutoShip program and hidden sales.

Discount Details Valid until
10% Discount Get Up to 10% Off on Sitewide Up to revocation
35% Discount Grab Extra 35% Off on Selected Products Up to revocation
30% Discount Grab 30% Off on Benebone Products Up to revocation
30% Discount Save 30% on Your First Autoship Order Up to revocation
10% Discount Save Up to 10% With Autoship Up to revocation

More about Chewy

Did you know that Chewy sells everything from cat litter and dog food to farm animal feed and exotic pet supplies? Your Chewy coupon code will cut the cost of everything your pet needs from tooth to tail. Order prescription medications and foods recommended by your vet. Sign up to have essentials sent to your door every month automatically at a fraction of the price you’d pay at your local pet store.

More About Chewy Pet Store & Your Chewy Coupon Code

Chewy is a popular online pet store. This discount pet supply store is part of the nationwide PetSmart chain you’ve probably seen all over your state. By offering online-only shopping, Chewy is able to provide deep discounts on essentials for your pets. From dogs and cats to reptiles and fish, Chewy aims to be a one-stop-shop for all of your needs. On top of offering the basics for households, Chewy offers farm animal supplies. With feed and supplies for chickens, horses, alpacas, goats, pigs, and cattle, Chewy caters to everyone from farmers to household pet owners.

In addition to your favorite brands, this online pet store offers a range of store brand products at a great price. Another popular feature is Chewy Pharmacy, which offers prescription pet medications and advice from Chewy veterinarians. For pet food, cat toys, dog training essentials, aquarium supplies, pet supplements, and beyond, Chewy is one of the best places online to find low-cost pet supplies.

How to Use a Chewy Discount Code

Great! You’ve found Chewy coupons that work. Now, how do you use your promo code? Here is your simple step-by-step guide to getting the cheapest pet supply products. Don’t worry, even if you’re still figuring out how to shop online for pet supplies, this checkout guide will make it easy.

How to Order Pet Supplies Online with a Coupon Code: Step-by-Step

Find what you need on Search premium dog food, veterinary diets, dental chews, antlers, flea and tick meds, wet food, and anything else your cat, dog, dish, fish, or bird might need.

  1. When you find your perfect pet supplies, check on “add to cart.”
  2. Finished your shopping? Click on the top right side of any page on the website.
  3. You’ll be taken to Your Shopping Cart page. If the page doesn’t immediately appear, click on “Proceed to Checkout.”
  4. If you’re a returning customer at, sign in. If you’re not a current Chewy customer, click on “Create Account” underneath the “I’m a New Customer” part on the side. DO take the time to do this because it’ll make tracking your order easier. They offer Chewy promo codes for your first order too, so take advantage of the savings. For instant Chewy discounts and tracking, you just need to enter your full name and email address. When you do this, you’ll save 30% of your first AutoShip order too!
  5. Once you sign in, enter your shipping address on the left side, then review your order on the right side (you can edit the cart here as needed). Below your order total, you’ll see a box for your promo code. Enter your promo code then click apply. If you mistype your promo code or try to use an invalid coupon code, you’ll see a message that says “Promotion code (X) is not valid.” If you receive this message, enter your promo code again. If you don’t see this message, you're ready to go!
  6. As you scroll down, you’ll see the option to use AutoShip, which is a smart way to save 30% at With this recurring shipment option, you can choose to get the next pet supply shipment anywhere from one week to eight months from now. For basics like dog food or cat litter that you’re always going to need, this is a perfect way to save money while saving time.
  7. If you are ordering pet prescriptions online at Chewy, you’ll see an option to include pet and vet information. This is a convenient way to talk with a vet online and save your pet’s medical records.
  8. If you have a Chewy gift card, enter it now. If not, add your payment information.
  9. To complete your order, simply click on “place order” and you’re done.

What Do I Need to Know About my Chewy Voucher?

Coupon codes often have restrictions. Something like a Chewy 10 off coupon, or, occasionally, codes for $15 or $20 off are often available year-round if you know where to look. The pet store sometimes releases a Valpak Chewy coupon that’s valid for online orders or you can join the Chewy promo code Reddit search. At our coupon code website, we turn every stone to find you the best prices on pet supplies (and countless other items!) online.

Does Chewy Have Any Working Coupons Right Now?

The first thing to know about the world of coupon codes is that a great bargain never lasts! Like any good clearance or sale, you’ve can get the best deals on pet supplies during a limited time only. You’ll find options like Christmas discount codes or Black Friday Chewy sales that’ll give you rock bottom prices to help you buy for all of those pet lovers in your life. As soon as you find a valid discount code, use it! These lower prices are only valid for a limited time.

Money-saving trick: One of the secrets to discount code sites (and using coupon codes in general) is to be persistent! Keep checking back for special promotions and popular promo codes. They are new discount codes coming out every hour of every day. Bookmark this page and come back next time you need to buy anything. You never know what deals will pop up!

Does Chewy Take PetSmart Coupons?

To get a discount at Chewy, you’ll need to have a Chewy coupon code. Chewy doesn’t take competitor coupons, including PetSmart coupons. Chewy does, however, accept manufacturer's coupons. If you have a Valpak coupon from the manufacturer of a pet product, you can mail it to Chewy. While it’s not nearly as convenient as an online discount code, they will accept any paper manufacturer's coupon and offer you a future online store credit.

Money-saving tips: Looking for PetSmart coupons? Before you stock up on pet supplies, search for the best price and special sales. Click here for new PetSmart discount codes that you’ve got to see to believe!

Speaking of PetSmart, there’s one question we hear again and again: Is chewy com cheaper than PetSmart? As you may know, is part of PetSmart. Unlike PetSmart, however, Chewy doesn’t have brick-and-mortar stores. This dramatically cuts costs and allows Chewy to sell cheaper pet products --- usually! As any serious bargain hunter knows, shopping around can save you a lot of money. While Chewy is known as an online discount pet store, they aren’t always the cheapest option. In fact, when they’ve got promos going, you might find that Pet Valu, PetSmart, and Petco have cheaper pet essentials like dog and cat food.

Money-saving ideas for pet owners: Loyalty is great but it pays to shop around. If you can’t find a valid Chewy discount code, check out these new PetCo promo codes and coupons. Be sure to look at these coupons for PetFlow too for the best prices.

Can I Use More Than One Coupon Code on

Found more than one Chewy coupon code? With so many hot deals out there, people are often left wondering about Chewy's coupon stacking policies. Unfortunately, you can’t stack multiple coupons in-store at Chewy. Only one discount code is allowed per online order. Save your other coupon code for a future order or share it with a friend.

Why Is My Chewy Coupon Not Accepted?

If you have a Chewy coupon code that isn’t working, there are a few options to consider. Here is a rundown of the most common problems with Chewy coupons, along with easy solutions.

What Should I Do If My Chewy Coupon Doesn’t Work?

  1. First of all, make sure you have copied it correctly. Start by typing it out again, exactly as written.
  2. If possible, check that you have a valid Chewy coupon code. Expired discount codes won’t work.
  3. If you know you have a working Chewy discount code, contact the company. The fastest way is often by sending them a private message on Facebook or Twitter. Their social media team is famous for their quick response.
  4. Wonder how to contact Chewy customer service without social media? They make it impressively easy. Chewy customer service is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Call the Chewy phone number at 1-800-672-4399 or email Chewy at

How Can I Save Money on Pet Supplies Without a Chewy Promo Code?

Want to save money on essentials for your four-legged friend but you’ve already used your last Chewy discount code? Don’t fret! Shopping at a discount pet store online is the perfect start. For serious money-saving hacks, explore the website more. There are countless discounts hidden around the Chewy site. Here’s how to stretch your dollar while still spoiling your pet for cheap.

How Can I Get Free Shipping with Chewy?

You can nab free shipping on any order over $49. Rather than just ordering what you need right now, you’re better off to order as much as possible at once. With a bigger order, not only is shipping free, but it’s quick! You will have your order within one to two days with free express shipping.

Is the Chewy App Worth It?

Another easy way to save money on pet products is with the Chewy app. Download this pet lovers’ app on your Android or Apple phone and you’ll always get the best prices at Chewy. It’s one of the best pet supply apps and it’s an easy place to contact Chewy customer service quickly.

Are There Any Sales at Chewy Right Now?

Want to find a Chewy clearance? Just go to the Chewy homepage, look in the middle of the page at the top,  and click on “Today’s Deals” for a great sale on pet supplies. Contrary to popular belief, everything goes on sale sometimes! Just keep checking back. They have grain-free premium food, non-GMO dog food, parrot food, raw dog food, limited ingredient pet foods, and other hard to find pet supplies.

Money-saving tips: Wondering how to save money on dog food? Not sure how to choose dog food? Forget about the sticker price! The best way to get a bargain is to figure out the cost per pound. Keep your calculator handy and read the fine print. Some stores even show the “unit price” under the total price. Next time you’re shopping, whether it’s dog food, cheese, or toilet paper, find out what you are paying by the pound/ounce/sq foot!

How Does Chewy AutoShip Work?

Did you know that you can save 30% at Chewy with AutoShip? When you sign up, you’ll instantly get a 30% discount on all your pet supplies. For future orders, you’ll get between a 5% to 10% discount. The best thing about this is that it saves money AND time. You know you’ll always need things like dog food or cat food. You can probably guess how often you’ll need it too. Why not just have it sent to your doorstep? When you sign up to Chewy AutoShip, you choose how often you want your cat food or dog treats sent to you. From there, you’ll automatically receive your petcare product at a great discount --- no shopping required!

Save money on premium dog foods like Purina Pro Plan, Instinct, or Royal Canin. Get the best price on a prescription cat and dog food like Royal Canin Veterinary Diet or Hill’s Prescription. Reminder yourself to give flea and tick treatments by having them automatically sent to your door.

Money-saving advice: Before you buy a prescription for your pet, you’ve got to see the latest 1-800-PetMeds Coupons.

How Do I Order Pet Supplies at Chewy?

Are you used to going to pet supplies stores for all of your pet essentials? Wondering how to order pet supplies online? It’s easier and safer than you might think. Before you put that Chewy coupon code to use, here are some essentials that you should know about Chewy store policy.

How Do I Fill a Pet Prescription on Chewy?

Once you have been to the vet and received a prescription, simply search for it on the Chewy online store site. After you have found your pet medicine, add it to the cart. In the checkout, you’ll be asked for the details of your pet and vet. You’ll just need to fill in this info on your first order. When you’ve found your pet’s clinic, you can either mail the prescription or Chewy will contact your vet directly for you.

Watch the video for any easy to follow guide on ordering pet prescriptions online from Chewy.

How Do I Return Pet Supplies to Chewy?

The Chewy return policy is simple. If you’re not 100% happy with your product, you’ve got one year to send it back. Different products have different return processes so the easiest way to return your product is to contact Chewy customer service. Go to the Chewy Help Center and tell them your order number and a bit about what’s wrong with the product. They’ll email you and get everything set up with you to get a refund or replacement.

Is Chewy Membership Worth It?

Definitely! There is no membership fee at Chewy and you can always cancel at any time. Get special pricing and secret coupon codes by being part of Chewy’s loyalty program.

Now that you’ve got everything you need for your four-legged friend, why not treat yourself? Check out the very best coupon codes for everything you’ve been craving! From Google Play store discount codes to Tory Burch sales, our discount code site has you covered.

There are more than enough coupon codes to go around! Share this page with bargain-loving friends.