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Coastal Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in January 2022

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Offers: 11
Redeemed offers: 48
Potential savings: 15%-40% / $15-$20
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40% Discount 40% Off Frames & Lenses Up to revocation
30% Discount Save 30% Off Frames & Lenses Up to revocation
25% Discount 25% Off Eyeglasses Up to revocation
25% Discount Save 25% Sitewide Up to revocation
20% Discount New Customers Save 20% Up to revocation

More about Coastal

Founded in the year 2000 by the sibling duo Michaela and Roger Hardy, Coastal is one of the world’s premier online providers of eyewear. The retail at present includes contact lenses, eyeglasses, and sunglasses even though the business began by dealing only in contact lenses. Coastal and prescription eyeglasses have one of the largest customer bases in North America, whereby most of this client base interacts with the company and its products via its website and web store. 

 Coastal contacts coupons

Surprising as it was but not unprecedented the company sold over 218 million American dollars worth of merchandise in 2013, hitting an all-time peak on its revenue charts in the Providence and marketing of prescription and non-prescription eyewear. This was before the acquisition of the company by Essilor, who is a professional lens manufacturer from France. 

The company, as it stands today, encompasses Essilor’s other lens stores acquisitions, branded under the name Coastal products. Since the same year of its acquisition in 2014, the company is led by Roy Hessler as its CEO, who owned his enterprise dealing in quality eyewear for remarkably marked-down prices. Apart from the marked down prices, customers can enjoy significant benefits in saving on the company’s products by redeeming Coastal coupons at their store checkouts.

Key facts about Coastal

  • Founded by the brother-sister duo Michaela and Roger Hardy

  • Business established in 2000

  • Deals in prescription and non-prescription eyewear (including contact lenses, eyeglasses, sunglasses, etc.)

  • The company has earned insurmountable revenues by marketing its products to want-driven customers around the globe

  • Since 2014, the company is owned by Essilor, a French lens manufacturer

  • Roy Hessler serves as the company CEO since its acquisition by Essilor in 2014

  • Has made the provision of quality eyewear affordable by introducing competitive pricing and allowing the usage of Coastal coupons at its store checkouts for extra discounts

Coastal video

History of Coastal 

When the business was established in the year 2000, Roger Hardy paid and bought the keyword “contact lens” from AltaVista. This provided the company with a strategic advantage in the market. It was a brilliant and innovative piece of thinking and allowed the company to pursue a consumer-centered product launch. As it had been forecasted, within the first day of implementation of this stratagem, the company had received thirty orders for its products. Within the next month, the business was booming, more and more orders were coming in through the online ordering system, and the company had earned more than $68,000 worth of gross profit in contact lens sales. 

At first, the market for Coastal’s products was saturated inside the United States only because of the centralized mail delivery system which was used to deliver the products from the company to the customers. But with the aid of revenue that the company earned by 2004, the business expanded into the United Kingdom as well as other parts of Europe. Over the next two years, a similar marketing and product delivery pathway were adopted for Netherlands as well as Japan. The strategic marketing of the company was such a huge success that by 2009, the company’s revenue was at a whopping $140 million. Up until that said point, the company had been dealing exclusively in contact lenses. But now, they were ready for product diversification and wanted to expand into another product market.

Coastal coupon

Product diversification and acquisition by foreign owners

In 2008, the company began dealing in the eyeglasses as well. Individual parts for the final spectacles were collected from various manufacturers from all over the globe to ensure the highest quality of standard and to award them their ultimate precision and edge in the market. In merely a brief time frame of four years, the company had also taken over a significant chunk of the online retail industry in eyeglasses.

The growth of the company still did not halt, and it had much evolution to see. Eventually, the company acquired factories to manufacture most of its eyewear components. Designers at the enterprise offices look after precision and quality control checks, as well as introduce the much-needed element of art into the products produced by the company. In effect, it has upgraded from being a mere provider of eyewear to a manufacturer of one. It should be noted that Coastal coupons can be redeemed over orders containing all kinds of products available on the company web store.

How to order products from Coastal

At present, the company not only stocks designer eyewear but also has its original brands available for sale. As the customers approach the web store, they have the option to choose between two variations of the coastal stores: one geared at everything related to eyeglasses, the other focused specifically at contact lenses. After making their choice and entering the particular store, they are met with the dozens of variations of products available for purchase. The products are accompanied by their cost and distinctive features. Branded products are popularly in demand. But if the customers desire more particular products they can browse the company's original eyewear product line as well. This has the added advantage of being customizable, as well as being more artistic regarding the variety of shapes, sizes and frame patterns available for purchase.

 Once the customers land on their desired products, they can choose the specifications of size, frame type, glass quality, etc. After adding the purchases to their shopping bag, customers have the opportunity to check out. The checkout page retains the delivery of the client and billing information, and incidentally, is also the page where any Coastal coupons, if any, can be redeemed to get discounts on the total amount of the order. 

Coastal products

Product delivery at Coastal

Prescription-related Coastal products require 2-3 days to be verified, after which they are shipped. Once shipped, the customers can anticipate the arrival of their packages within 7-10 business days. The shipping charges do depend on the weight of each order. The company doesn't process orders during public holidays.

Return policy at Coastal

If customers are dissatisfied with their products, then they can inform the firm of their distress, and return the item within the next 30 days from the date of purchase. The company orders a full refund if the fault in an item is because of them. The returned item needs to be in original packaging and contain all original tags.

Customer care service provided by Coastal

To deal with refunds, product returns, and other general queries related to the company's operations, there is a functioning hotline which can be used to connect with the company's customer representatives telephonically. Customers can contact the company via its official email address and expect a reply to their query as soon as possible. The FAQ section on the company website is also a detailed database of already resolved questions and queries which previous customers have encountered, and can prove to be very useful when clients want swift information about shipping and ordering procedures.

Coastal coupons for 2022

Coastal has pioneered the provision of discounted lens and eyewear via an e-commerce setup for numerous years. In all its time of operation, it has never charged unfair prices because the company intended to keep its products accessible to its customer base which spans across international borders. Even though the company facilitates the purchases of its clients with additional sales and benefits, clients that live far off from the production sites encounter large shipping and handling costs because of customs duties. It seems plausible that if their order costs were to decrease, which is possible by using Coastal coupons at store checkouts, obtaining the company's products would become a less tiring financial endeavor than it presently is. 

To this measure, customers can get free of cost Coastal coupons available in abundance on the internet. There are many websites that will have a database of the Coastal coupons; few will, however, have a comprehensive listing consisting only of active and authentic Coastal coupons. An example of such a website which falls in the latter category is that of PromoPony. As one the biggest coupon enlisting databases on the internet, PromoPony holds a reliable and loyal place in the hearts of e-shopping addicts. It is the premier provider of the latest and timely active promo codes, including Coastal coupons.

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