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Colony Brands was first launched in 1926 by Ray Kubly. When Colony Brands was first started, it was a mail order cheese company formed as a class project. Since 1926, Colony Brands has exploded into a multiple catalog and website conglomerate. Colony Brands is a major retailer of food and home goods. Colony Brands now owns several subsidiaries, which include a marketing company, credit company, data center, and two wholesale food businesses. Specific subsidiaries that Colony Brands owns include The Swiss Colony, Ashro, Ginnys, The Tender Fillet, Through the Country Door, Montgomery Ward, and much more! Today, Colony Brands is one of the largest direct marketers in the United States. Although their success, Colony Brands is still family owned. Ray Kubly’s son, Pat Kubly, is the Chairman of the Board, and Ray’s grandson, Ryan Kubly, is the Vice President of Strategic Planning. By keeping Colony Brands in the family, the Kubly family has ensured that their company values will be upheld for years to come.

Colony Brands has 11 physical locations throughout the United States. Colony Brands is mainly located in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri. However, they are continuously expanding. If they do not have a physical location in your area yet, they may be moving into your location shortly. Colony Brands does ship throughout the entire United States, so if you do not live by a physical location you do have the option of shopping from their online webstore. Colony Brands itself does not sell any products from their website. In order to purchase a Colony Brands item, you have to go through one of the Colony Brands subsidiaries. Colony Brands owns many subsidiaries, and they each have their own brand specific ordering information.

Key facts about Colony Brands

Key facts about Colony Brands

  • Launched in 1926 by Ray Kubly
  • Family owned since 1926
  • Retailer of gourmet food and home goods
  • Owns many subsidiaries, including The Swiss Colony, Ashro, and Ginnys
  • Has 11 physical locations throughout the United States

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Colony Brands has been a household name since 1926. Ray Kubly decided in the 1920’s to start a family owned business that would care about it’s customers. Colony Brands would never attempt to raise the price of their products just to make an easy profit, because they are still a family operated business a century later. Colony Brands stands behind all of their products, and they only sell items of the highest caliber. All of their food products are made with high quality ingredients, and are never made with imitation products. Although Colony Brands uses top notch ingredients in their products, the prices of their food products are not extravagant. As a matter of fact, Colony Brands is very competitively priced and they are able to price beat many major grocery stores. Colony Brands cares about providing their customers with the highest quality products are low prices. Even the home goods at Colony Brands are made with care, and marketed at an everyday low price. You will never receive a home furnishing that will come apart or break on you within a month. Although the prices at Colony Brands are already low, there is a way to save even more money on your next Colony Brands order. By using a Colony Brands coupon from PromoPony, you can save potentially save hundreds of dollars on your next purchase. A Colony Brands coupon may be able to save you 20% off your next purchase. If you are purchasing a large piece of furniture or new furnishings for a room in your house, that could equate to large savings. You may even be able to find a Colony Brands coupon for free or reduced shipping costs on PromoPony. Once you have located a Colony Brands coupon that you would like to use, simply enter it in during your checkout process to get access to your discounted pricing.

Colony Brands products

Colony Brands products

Colony Brands owns many subsidiaries, and each subsidiary specializes in selling specific products. Colony Brands itself does not sell any products through their website or catalogs. Some of the common brands that Colony Brands owns include:

  • The Swiss Colony
  • Seventh Avenue
  • Montgomery Ward
  • Ginnys
  • Midnight Velvet
  • Country Door
  • Monroe
  • One Step Ahead
  • Ashro
  • The Tender Fillet
  • The Wisconsin Cheeseman

If you are looking for gourmet foods, cheeses,meats, or candy than you should look no further than the Swiss Colony. The Swiss Colony has all of the most popular gourmet foods at incredibly low prices. You may also be able to find a Colony Brands coupon for all of the Swiss Colony products. If you are looking for high quality home furnishings, you may want to visit Montgomery Ward. Montgomery Ward sells home furnishings, home decor, and many other items that you need to decorate your home with. No matter what products you are looking for, you will surely be able to find a Colony Brands subsidiary that sells that product. You will also be able to find a Colony Brands coupon for whatever product that you are interested in purchasing through their subsidiary.

How do I place an order with Colony Brands?

You may not place an order directly with Colony Brands. You will have to visit one of the Colony Brands subsidiary’s to place an order. This is because Colony Brands is the parent company of many smaller brands. In order to place an order with a Colony Brands brand, simply visit their website and follow through the ordering process. If you have a Colony Brands coupon, you will have to use it during your checkout process at a Colony Brands subsidiary. You will be unable to checkout with your Colony Brands coupon on the Colony Brands website, because they do not sell any products directly.

Delivery conditions at Colony Brands

Delivery conditions at Colony Brands

Colony Brands does not sell any products directly on their website, so they do not have any shipping conditions. Each Colony Brands subsidiary has their own shipping policies. No two Colony Brands subsidiary’s have the same shipping options or costs, so you will have to view the shipping costs upon placing your order. Make sure to look for a Colony Brands coupon for free or reduced shipping when you are placing your order.

Returns at Colony Brands

Colony Brands does not directly sell any products, so they do not have a return policy. You will have to view the return policy of the Colony Brands subsidiary that you are purchasing from if you are interested in making a return.

Colony Brands customer service

Colony Brands allows you to contact their customer service by either calling or filling out an automated form online. You may contact their customer service at 1-800-487-9477. This will put you through the Colony Brands human resource department. They are available to field basic questions about Colony Brands Monday through Friday between standard operating hours. They are not available to answer specific questions that you may have regarding a Colony Brands subsidiary. If you are having an issue with a Colony Brands subsidiary, you must get into contact with their customer service department directly. Each Colony Brands subsidiary has a different customer service hotline phone number, so you must go to their website to find their contact information.

You may also fill out the automated form on the Colony Brands website to contact their customer service. You will have to fill in your name, your contact information, and the reason for your inquiry. Once you have filled this information in, simply hit “Submit” and a customer service representative will get back with you. Unfortunately, Colony Brands does not have an extensive FAQ listed on their website. You will have to go to the specific Colony Brands subsidiary page to get answers to common questions, such as how to use a Colony Brands coupon.

Colony Brands coupons 2019

Colony Brands has been the premier place to purchase home goods and luxury foods for over a century. There is no better place to go if you are looking to purchase high quality cheese, smoked meat, or high quality furnishings. Although all of the subsidiaries of Colony Brands use high quality materials in their products, they never charge you an arm or a leg. You will never have to pay high or inflated prices for all of their products. The products at Colony Brands are reasonably priced, and priced to beat local department and grocery stores. You may even be able to save more money at Colony Brands by using a Colony Brands coupon from PromoPony. PromoPony always has access to the latest Colony Brands coupon codes out on the market. Colony Brands is constantly putting new Colony Brands coupon codes out and making old Colony Brands coupon codes obsolete. This means that you should be checking PromoPony for new Colony Brands coupon codes before every purchase that you make. PromoPony never has any Colony Brands coupon codes that are expired. You may be able to find a Colony Brands coupon for up to 40% off your entire order. You may also be able to find a Colony Brands coupon on PromoPony for 80% off a select item. Colony Brands will typically have a clearance section on their website that you may also take advantage of to get low prices on their products. Colony Brands does whatever it takes to get you access to low prices on all of their merchandise. You can find your next Colony Brands coupon for April 2019 by visiting PromoPony here.