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More about Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear company is a sportswear and outerwear company that is located in the United States. It was founded in 1938 and today; it operates a hundred outlets all around the globe. The company reported having more than 5,300 employees in 2014. The revenue of Columbia Sportswear has been reported to be more than $2 billion dollars which prove the company's efficiency and ability. Columbia Sportswear has a long history. It started as a small business owned by a family that distributed hats. The parents of Chairwoman Gert Boyle purchased a Portland hat distributorship in 1937. That was the start of Columbia Hat Company. It was named after the Columbia River present nearby. Gert's husband became the chairman of the company after their marriage. In 1960, Columbia Hat Company became Columbia Sportswear Company. The chairman died due to a heart attack in 1970 and Gert’s son took over the business.

The innovative jackets with waterproofing, interchangeable shells, and liners played a huge role in fueling the sales of the company. These jackets were also breathable. Columbia Sportswear became a public traded company in 1998 and acquired a famous footwear company, Sorel Corporation in 2000. In 2003, Columbia Sportswear bought Mountain Hardwear, Montrail brands, and Pacific Trail. Columbia Sportswear moved their headquarters from Portland to Washington County in 2001.

Columbia Sportswear coupon

Key facts about Columbia Sportswear

  • Columbia Sportswear has thousands of retailers
  • Columbia Sportswear distributes products in more than 72 countries worldwide
  • Its flagship store is located in Portland
  • Columbia Sportswear has more than thousands of employees
  • Has an online presence
  • It provides great deals and discounts through Columbia Sportswear coupons

Columbia Sportswear video

Target audience at Columbia Sportswear

As a sportswear company, Columbia Sportswear targets men, women, and kids who are interested in their products. They offer their products in more than 72 countries. The company offers a wide variety of goods for athletes to ordinary people around the world. Columbia Sportswear has products for men, women, athletes, kids and other individuals who want to get involved in sports. Here is the target audience that company is selling products to:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Kids
  • Athletes

Columbia Sportswear promocode

Products at Columbia Sportswear

As one of the largest sportswear companies, Columbia Sportswear offers plenty of goods including hats, scarfs, shoes, watches, bags, jackets, shorts, pants, shirts, vests, footwear and other outdoor attires for their customers. Here is the list of products that Columbia Sportswear offers:

  • Footwear
  • Sportswear
  • Equipment
  • Tents
  • Watches
  • Sunglasses
  • Accessories
  • Bags

Columbia Sportswear products

These products can be purchased from the Columbia Sportswear's website. You can use Columbia Sportswear coupons to get discounts on these products.

Products category and activity at Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear has a wide variety of products for athletes and other people who are involved in sports activities and want to become athletes in future. Here are the categories of products that Columbia Sportswear offers to its customers:

  • Fishing
  • Trail & hiking
  • Travel
  • Golf
  • Ski and snow
  • Training
  • Hunting

No matter which type of activity you are interested in, just visit the company's website and choose the favorite outfits or products that you want. For discounts and price cuts, use Columbia Sportswear coupons. These Columbia Sportswear coupons will surely make you happy because they provide great discounts! Columbia Sportswear coupons can be redeemed when ordering an item from the online store.

Technologies used in sportswear

The company is famous for its unique technology that it uses in the sportswear to keep your body warm, cool, dry, or protected according to the conditions. Here are the techniques that company uses to ease the life of their customers in the fields:

  • Turbodown

Turbodown reduces cold spots and is the combination of Omni-Heat Thermal Insulation with down.

  • Turbodown wave

It is premium, water resistant down and Omni-Heat insulated.

  • Omni-heat reflective

It reflects the body heat and is made of breathable material. It reduces your need for bulky layers and keeps you dry and comfortable.

  • Heat seal

This tech eliminates stitches and reduces water penetration and heat loss. It is lightweight and sleek. Heat seal tech is perfect for layering and improved heat retention. It reduces down migration and water penetration.

  • Outdry extreme

It is the first ever waterproof and breathable rainwear by Columbia Sportswear. It has a sturdy waterproof membrane outside with soft fabric inside.

  • Omni-tech

Omni-Tech provides premium and air permeable waterproof protection. It is also waterproof and breathable.

  • OutDry

OutDry tech uses waterproof technology and is waterproof. It is highly breathable too with superior fit and flexibility.

  • Omni-Wick EVAP

This tech is focused on skin comfort and feels dry even if your body is sweating. It features faster-wicking tech.

  • Omni-Wick

This tech efficiently wicks away moisture and has advanced evaporation.

  • Omni-Freeze zero

This tech brings a cooling effect to your body by using a technique in which the blue rings react with the sweat of your body and lowers the temperature. It lasts longer, and its accelerated wicking process will keep you dry. It also focuses on skin comfort.

  • Omni-Freeze

Omni-Freeze facilitates the release of heat because of which your body feels cooler to touch. It is ideal for aerobic activities and offers skin comfort. The fast wicking process will keep you dry.

Protected at Columbia Sportswear

The technologies that are used by Columbia Sportswear in their protection category are listed below:

  • Omni-Shade: Excellent sun protection
  • Omni-Wind Block: It blocks the wind to prevent cold
  • Omni-Shield: This tech makes sportswear water and stain repellent.
  • Omni-Shield Blood ‘N Guts: This tech is water and stain repellent
  • Tech Lite: This tech is used to cushion midsole and to make footwear lightweight
  • Omni-Grip: This tech is used in advanced traction

Customer service at Columbia Sportswear

The customer service of Columbia Sportswear is exceptional as they allow you to contact them via email or call them on their number. Columbia Sportswear also takes customer feedback on their website which is what great companies often do to make sure that their clients are glad about the services they are providing. The company uses cutting edge technology to innovate in the sportswear industry and to solve the issues that their customers are facing in their outdoor life.

Gift cards at Columbia Sportswear

Gift cards are the best way to bring a smile on the face of your loved ones. You can make your friends and loved ones happy by sending them gift cards of the products they love. Now almost every online store or company is offering gift cards so that more people can access their services quickly. Columbia Sportswear also provides gift cards. You can email a gift card to your desired person, or you can ship the gift card to their address. You can also check the balance of the gift card on the website. If you want to remain warm and comfortable or want the this for your friend, then you can use Columbia Sportswear coupons on payments. Just use Columbia Sportswear coupons, and you will get instant discounts on the hefty prices.

How to purchase at Columbia Sportswear?

To order your desired sportswear product from Columbia Sportswear, you just have to create an account on their website. If you want to register for the account, you have to fill in the required information and then log in once your account has been created. After that, you can choose your favorite products to shop. You can also use Columbia Sportswear coupons to get new discounts on the hefty prices. These Columbia Sportswear coupons are useful in all kind of shopping from the company’s website. Before paying the money use Columbia Sportswear coupons and get discounts immediately on high prices.

Returns at Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear also offers a return policy that is explained thoroughly on the return policy page on the company's website. You can also get answers to your questions from the frequently asked questions section on the return policy page on the site.

Warranty at Columbia Sportswear

Warranty is something that a company provides to its customers on purchase of a product. Columbia Sportswear also provides assurance to its clients. To check the warranty on the item you bought, visit their claim warranty page and check if your warranty is still valid. After that choose the category of the product and then follow instructions to make your warranty claim count. Please note that some of the products don’t come with a guarantee so before shopping ensure that your purchased item is under warranty of Columbia Sportswear.

Columbia Sportswear coupons for 2021

Columbia Sportswear is a renowned brand in the sportswear industry and offers products at high prices. For this reason, people look for discounts because not all customers can pay huge prices every time. Columbia Sportswear coupons will surely come in handy for such people as these coupons allow them to get discounts immediately. Columbia Sportswear coupons can be used before purchasing something from the website. You can get these Columbia Sportswear coupons from PromoPony. The website provides Columbia Sportswear coupons which can be used against all the products available at Columbia Sportswear. You can use these Columbia Sportswear coupons before checkout. Just visit PromoPony to grab Columbia Sportswear coupons and then use them before you pay for your item to get exclusive discounts.