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Dealflicks is an online movie ticket seller from Los Angeles, CA. They sell discounted movie tickets and concessions online that are much more affordable than paying at the box office of your local theater. Dealflicks has hundreds of partnerships with local cinemas all over the United States. The company began in 2012 with a beta version of the app for two independent theaters in LA. While they struggled to get traction at first, they now have over 700 theaters available in the app. You can get discounts on tickets from large multiplexes, local independents, regional chains, and all your favorite places to catch a flick with friends or loved ones. With convenient search tools and an intuitive interface, the Dealflicks website is easy to use. They also have a mobile app with the full features of the website plus the ability to get your Dealflicks barcode to show the box office – no printing required!

Dealflicks doesn’t charge any fees for signup or monthly membership dues. It’s easy to use and super convenient if you are a casual filmgoer or a full-blown movie buff. They don’t yet operate in other countries but plan to expand soon. Theaters love working with Dealflicks, since they can sell extra tickets for their mostly-empty screenings. Did you know that over 85% of seats at movie theaters are never filled? It’s expensive to run a business with so much unused capacity, and Dealflicks makes it easy for both filmgoers and theater operators to keep more money in their pockets. Dealflicks has over ten partners from the top 50 theater companies in the United States. Use their handy search tool to find participating cinemas near you. If you use the app on your GPS-enable device, you can even search using your live location to see a map with all the nearest Dealflicks theater options.

Key Dealflicks facts

Key Dealflicks facts

  • Founded in 2012
  • Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA
  • Discounts on movie tickets and concessions
  • Over 700 theaters in the Dealflicks catalog

Dealflicks video

Dealflicks coupons to save on movie tickets and popcorn

When you use Dealflicks to shop for your movie tickets, you’re already saving on the regular box office prices. Did you know that you can save even more with Dealflicks coupons on tickets and concessions? It’s easy to save on Hollywood and independent films if you know where to look. Shop smart and save online with Dealflicks coupons for your next date or whatever brings you to the theater.

Instant savings online with Dealflicks coupon codes

Have you ever sat in an empty theater and wondered if there was a better way to run a theater? The founders of Dealflicks saw this problem and did something about it. With Dealflicks, you can get huge discounts on movie tickets and concessions for your favorite local theaters. They have over 700 partners in their cinema network across the United States. Whether you use the website or the mobile app, you’re guaranteed to save on the regular box office prices. See all the latest releases from Hollywood and independent filmmakers at a discount with Dealflicks coupon codes. They offer tickets as well as packages with multiple tickets and concessions for huge savings when you hit the multiplex. Why pay more for the same experience? The popcorn tastes the same, no matter what you end up paying. Save money by shopping smart with Dealflicks coupons and see more movies for less.

You can buy movie tickets and concessions from anywhere when you use the Dealflicks app or website. Skip the line and spend less time waiting for your showtime. With Dealflicks and their innovative service, you can get the best of Hollywood for less with Dealflicks coupon codes and amazing online offers. Browse by city, state, or zip code to find your local Dealflicks cinemas using their online search tools. You can also search by film to find the best deal in town on your favorite new releases or cult classics. Whatever kind of movies you like, you’ll find amazing savings with Dealflicks coupon codes for huge discounts over the box office. It’s easy to use and saves you hundreds of dollars per year if you go to the movies often.

Download the free Dealflicks app for your smartphone or tablet

Download the free Dealflicks app for your smartphone or tablet

When you want to buy tickets on the go, there’s nothing better than the Dealflicks app. You can download it for free from the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store. It’s free to sign up and use the app. Whether you’re on the way to the theater or even staying in the lobby, you can access the latest showtimes and get discounts on your tickets. They even have Dealflicks coupon codes for even bigger discounts. Browse the local theaters partnered with Dealflicks right from the app. You’ll find all the upcoming showings and even your concession options. You can buy your tickets and your popcorn right from the app. If you aren’t in front of your desktop computer, you can still get discounted ticket prices from Dealflicks with their handy app.

Some of the theaters available to Dealflicks users:

  • Alco Capital Theater
  • Alpine Cinemas
  • Bow Tie Cinemas
  • Carmike Cinemas
  • Dipson Theaters
  • Fabian 8 Cinema
  • Frank Theaters
  • Glencove Cinema
  • Hillsborough Cinemas
  • Teaneck Cinemas
  • The Little Theater

How do I place an order with Dealflicks?

If you want to save on your next trip to the movie theater, you should sign up for Dealflicks. Simply go to the website or download the app to start the process. Once you create your account and log into their site, you can browse all the local theaters available on Dealflicks. You can also search by your preferred flick to see what theaters have showings close to you. After you select your film and theater, Dealflicks will show you all the current offers and package deals. You can just buy tickets or get your concessions included too. Dealflicks accepts major credit cards but doesn’t accept PayPal quite yet. They’re working on it! Check the website to see the latest payment methods. Make sure to enter your Dealflicks coupon codes before you leave the checkout. After you confirm your showtime, concession, and payment method, Dealflicks will send your tickets right to your computer or mobile device. Show your admission code to the box office and you’ll get your tickets on the spot! It’s an amazing experience and saves you time and money when you head to the cinema.

Delivery conditions at Dealflicks

Delivery conditions at Dealflicks

There’s no delivery required when you buy tickets from Dealflicks. When you purchase tickets from Dealflicks, there are two ways to get your admission to the theater. You can download and print the tickets at home, but the easiest way to do it is the mobile app. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can get your tickets using the barcode from the app.

Returns at Dealflicks

Since their ticket offers are so good, the one catch at Dealflicks is no refunds. In some cases, they will offer a refund or a Dealflicks gift certificate. Generally, your Dealflicks purchases are final sales only. If you have problems with the screening or your service at the theater, your best bet is taking to the theater staff or the cinema manager. They will do everything they can to help you feel satisfied with your movie-going experience. The use of Dealflicks coupons and other promotions may affect your ability to get a refund from Dealflicks or your local theater.

Dealflicks customer service

Dealflicks customer service

If you need help with your Dealflicks discount tickets and concessions purchase, it’s easy to find the answers you need. First, check out the Dealflicks website and have a look at their handy online FAQ. You’ll find tons of answers to common questions about Dealflicks and their services. In the support section, you’ll find a support email address that you can write with your comments, questions, and concerns. Dealflicks also has a toll-free number to call if you prefer to speak to a live representative. Another place to connect with Dealflicks is social media. They run company accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. Be sure to check their feeds regularly for the latest news and Dealflicks coupon codes to save on your next purchase of movie tickets and concessions.

Dealflicks coupons 2018

Why pay more for the same movie experience when you get the same for less with Dealflicks? It’s so easy to save with their handy app with their stable of local theater partners. From big chains to independent cinemas, there are tons of great locations to catch your favorite movies. With Dealflicks coupons from PromoPony, you’ll save hundreds a year on your trips to the theater. Get instant savings on film tickets, popcorn, drinks, candy, and everything you need to watch the latest releases from Hollywood and independent filmmakers. Collect the current Dealflicks coupon for May 2018 here. With so many great films and amazing theaters to watch them, Dealflicks is your first stop before you hit the cinema. You’ll love the savings you can get with Dealflicks and PromoPony—try it today!