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Diapers is an e-commerce website which serves as the world's largest online specialty retailer of baby products. The store proudly boasts of its product range and market reach as it claims in its hilarious tagline: 'we deliver everything but the baby.'

The company began in 2005 at the hands of two childhood friends: Marc Lore and Vinit Bharara. Marc later recounted that his personal experience as new parents living in urban areas had acquainted him with difficulty in acquiring the required products for his child. They wanted to start up an online delivery service that can deliver baby products like Diapers, baby food, milk formula and other required items on a short time notice.

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Key facts about Diapers

  • Founded in 2005

  • Official headquarters opened in 2006 in Montclair, New Jersey

  • Deals in baby-special products, including milk formulas, Wipes, Diapers, etc.

  • Gradually expanded into other niches including regular household products, Kids' sports equipment, cleaning supplies, children's books, etc.

  • Led by Marc Lore and Vinit Bharara until its acquisition Amazon.com

  • Acquired by Amazon for $545 million in 2010

  • Honored multiple times on national and international platforms for its unique service as an e-commerce venture

More about Diapers

As they were just starting out, no one wanted to invest in the startup so wholly focused on the needs of nascent parents in urban areas. Worse still, manufacturers of baby products were reluctant to sponsor the startup with bulk supplies of their products. Lore and Bharara stuck with their resolution and decided to procure the bulk supplies of baby food, Diapers, baby wipes, and other essential baby items using their money, and stocked them in personally purchased trailers. Using the 1800DIAPERS hotline, they would respond to the calls from overwhelmed parents and thus began delivering their products from house to house.

Lore was right about his business intuition. New parents did not only require such swift order and delivery of these commodities; they appreciated it immensely. As the money started rolling in, Lore and Bharara set up a head office in Montclair, New Jersey in 2006 and designed a website to serve as an online store for their products. They rebranded their company as Diapers dot com. They also involved Kiva robots for warehouse automation and worked with a combination of UPS Ground and FedEx delivery services. Initially, there was only one warehouse location where the company stocked its products. But this meant incurring significant shipping expenses for people who ordered from far off cities. All of this led the company to open up warehouses around the populated urban areas in multiple locations. The creation of new warehouses decreased shipping costs and also cut off the delivery time.

In the final half of 2008, the company expanded its selection of products into other baby categories, including clothes, car seats, strollers, prams, toys, etc. It was then rebranded under the name Quidsi (the word meaning 'what if' in Latin). For its impeccable service, the company has been ranked in the top slot for retail, number 35 in the list for e-retailers, and number 5 in the Top Indian Run companies by the Inc. Magazine in the year 2009.

Diapers baby product coupon

Evolution as Quidsi

Under the banner Quidsi, the company served as an umbrella enterprise and expanded into a selection of other products to be supplied through their website online. Some of the websites added to the e-commerce business were

  • Soap.com (including health, beauty and household essentials)

  • Beautybar.com (a beauty store stocking luxury products),

  • Wag.com (an online store specializing in pet items, including food and accessories),

  • Yoyo.com (a warehousing site for toys, games and recreational items),

  • Casa.com (involving house decor products),

  • Vinemarket.com (a grocery market for natural and organic food supplies),

  • Afterschool.com (for kits and equipment for kids' afterschool activities and sports),

  • Bookworm.com (an e-database and library for children's books),

  • Look.com (clothing for children of all ages and sizes).

Customers of Quidsi have a golden opportunity. They can shop for everything and anything concerning the needs of their children from one single place, and they can add items from any of these constituent websites to one shared cart. There’s no more need for multiple website accounts and multiple checkouts, or finding a way to use multiple promo codes on all their purchases. A single cart could be stocked with all requisite items, and any of the Diapers coupons can apply to the overall shopping bill for exclusive discounts.

This ease in the shopping process and unanimous checkout has expanded the consumer database for the company. As the enterprise grew in popularity, Amazon proceeded to acquire Quidsi Incorporated for $545 million in 2010. Amazon repeated a similar integration model with Quidsi as it did with Zappos, and allows the Quidsi enterprise to operate independently regardless of its affiliation.

Saving with Diapers coupons

1800DIAPERS was started a hotline service to cater to the needs of young parents who needed to replenish their baby products on a short time notice. The service was to serve as a convenient place to obtain all related products from a single location, but it was also kept in vision that these products would not be over priced and sold on market prices to keep them as affordable as could so people from all income brackets could easily afford them. Instead of this goal, even though the company has revamped its website and various systemic times, it has stayed faithful to its ideals of keeping its products priced at regular, affordable rates. Here are some ways in which it has done so over the years:

  • Discount price sales

The website holds some sales on all its brands and products as a means of promotion and marketing, but also as a way to provide its customers with an opportunity to acquire products at lower rates than usual. These sales are sometimes forwarded from the manufacturers and brands, especially the ones newly introduced onto the website, and these can offer loyalty discounts on large purchases.

Often these sales are part of a seasonal greetings package put forward by the company. Holiday sales, especially around Halloween and Christmas, are very popular as they allow parents to buy children's gifts and toys at pretty low prices. New Year's and Anniversary sales also allow savings on the purchase of products, bulk or otherwise.

To benefit from these sales customers mostly have to do nothing except shop from the products which have been tagged with the sales notifications.

  • Exclusive Diapers coupons

When a customer logs onto the company website, they are offered to subscribe to the newsletter put out by the firm every month. This newsletter, by the business, provides information on the newest products brought into the company warehouses, impending sales and budget buys of the week, and also contains many Diapers coupons for use at the store checkouts.

Most of these Diapers coupons and promo codes are valid within a time frame for one-time use only. However, redeeming Diapers coupons can allow customers to save more than 50% on their purchases, and all because of their loyalty to the company. 

  • Coupons from internet coupon databases

On the store checkout for the Quidsi products, there is a discount code box right underneath the order form where customers can enter their promo codes and discount codes to get a price reduction on their bills. The store sends out promo codes frequently through its newsletter, but if a customer is not subscribed to that service, they don't need to worry. They can still acquire Diapers coupons from the various listing websites on the internet, such as PromoPony, which is the largest e-database of Diapers coupons, as well as coupons and discount codes for other web stores as well.

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How to order at Diapers

Placing an order at Diapers is simple. All you need to do is visit the website and start selecting the items you want to buy. Your selected items will be added to a virtual cart. Just proceed to checkout, redeem any valid Diapers coupons you might have for a discount, and pay for your order. There's nothing more to it!

Delivery at Diapers

Free 1-2 Day Delivery is available for orders that are worth more than $49. Some areas aren't eligible for free shipping. Some cities, including New York, New Jersey, etc. are eligible for overnight delivery. The company doesn't process orders during weekends or public holidays. Some Diapers coupons can provide you shipping discounts.

Return policy at Diapers

To return an item you'll need to go into your ‘Order History' and select the Returns/Issues option next to your order. Choose the item you want to return and print out a free return label. Place the item in proper packaging, paste the free return label on it, and send it off to the company. Pet Medications and sexual wellness items can't be returned. The company has a 356-day limit return policy. International returns have a 30-day limit from the date of purchase.

Customer service at Diapers

You can call customer service 24/7. You can also send them an email about any query you might have. Diaper's customer service is reliable, and they work with clients to make sure all of their questions are answered to make shopping enjoyable. There is also a FAQ section on the website that you should read because it has details about the company's policies.


Valid Diapers coupons for 2018

Raising a baby can not only be physically challenging, but it can also put an economic strain on the household. For easing the financial stress of clients the company allows its customers to use discounts and promo codes on checkout. You can find the Diapers coupons on coupon listing websites like PromoPony. Visiting the website and obtaining your Diapers coupons from them eliminates your stress of finding expired or unusable Diapers coupons from other sources. It only presents you with a selection of Diapers coupons you can easily use and redeem immediately during checkout. Just keep in mind that all such discounts coupons can only be redeemed once. If you want to continue getting exclusive discounts, then you’ll need to get yourself a new batch of current coupons that you can redeem.

If you are a parent who is anticipating bulk purchases or orders to make on the Quidsi store, you can save much of your money by searching for and collecting Diapers coupons for 2018. These Diapers coupons can help you save anywhere from ten dollars to a maximum of 90% off of your orders. So visit PromoPony before you happen to place your orders on Quidsi and redeem the valid Diapers coupons to enjoy grand discounts on all your Quidsi store purchases.

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