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Directron Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in January 2022

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More about Directron

Directron is one of the leading online stores which provide a large variety of computer products. The headquarters of Directron was established in 1994 in Houston, Texas, although its online store has been providing computer products to its customers at very competitive prices since 1998. For years the web store has been the front runner of high quality computers and their different components.

               Key facts about Directron

The company not only provides DIY computer peripherals such as hard drives, CPUs, optical drives, memory, software, and hardware, but also offers pre-built systems as well as tablets, notebooks, netbooks, and other similar components and accessories at very reasonable prices. For decades the company has been providing these computers and their accessories at fantastic prices. What's even better is that the money you pay for the products can be further reduced by using Directron coupons.

Key facts about Directron

  • Was founded in 1998.
  • Has an online presence.
  • Has been rated A+ since 2008 by Better Business Bureau.
  • Voted 4th largest computer network and system integrator in Houston in 2014.
  • In 2015 the company was voted 8th largest minority-owned business in Houston.

More about Directron

The company takes care of all your computer needs by providing a one-stop shop for everything related to computers. Whether you want to buy a personal computer that has been customized according to your needs or you want to buy a camera for your computer, you will find a wide variety of goods from different brands so that easily compare prices and features of the product that you want to buy. The company is also an authorized Lenovo reseller of computers and also provides repair and after sales service on all Lenovo products. Shopping at this store is the new way to advance, progress and succeed. Customers can also use Directron coupons both online and at their store to make use of great discounts while shopping.

Products available at the store

Products available at Directron

Directron provides a broad variety of goods and services to its customers. The products offered by Directron are very comprehensively mentioned on their website. They are categorized under different sub-headings such as Desktop PCs, Tablets, Laptops and Notebooks, Barebone Computers, Servers & Workstations. If you are searching for particular components or hardware, you can search for the item through filters. However, before you even start shopping at the store, make sure that you grab a few Directron coupons. The company also provides a variety of ThinkCentre desktops, eServer Blade Center, and Thinkpad Laptops. You can be sure to find all the traditional and current models at their website. They also sell Lenovo products to schools, universities, corporations, and government agencies at very reasonable prices. You can also use Directron coupons to buy any of the above products at great discounts.

Directron also provides some invaluable after-sales services to its customers. They strive to be the top service and solution provider by offering top of the line products from all the well-known brands as well as repair services for all Apple devices. They have some of the best technicians who can fix all versions of iPads to the complete satisfaction of their customers. They are also an authorized Lenovo service center, so if you are having any problems with your Lenovo computer or laptop, you can take advantage of their free warranty service and get your computer or laptop easily fixed from Directron. Their service items include PC refurbishment, Laptop Battery Replacement, Laptop Screen Repair, Printer Repair and Service, Hard Drive Data Recovery, and Custom-built computer. Their installation and upgrade services include expanding tablet's or laptop's capacity by adding hard-drive memory and RAM internally and externally, and replacement of Processor, Motherboard, and all other components.

Use Directron coupons to order laptops, hard drives, and computers

You can find almost anything imaginable related to computers on the Directron website. From modems to adopters you can find a broad range of computers and their peripherals. Monitors, cameras, printers, headphones and much much more is available on their website at very reasonable prices. You can also use Directron coupons to enjoy these products at great discounts.

All the items are properly categorized. For example, all hardware elements such as motherboards, power supplies, flash drives, laptops, scanners and all other accessories related to hardware are separately mentioned under hardware. While items related to software such as operating systems, anti-virus and internet security, and others can be searched under software. The different services provided by Directron are listed under services. You can also find different brands that are offered by this company. To make shopping cost efficient for yourself, use Directron coupons for all the products.

Main categories at Directron online store

Main categories at Directron online store

  • Components
  • Computers
  • Peripherals
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Accessories
  • Business and educational
  • Multimedia
  • OS and utilities

Categorization of products at Directron

Directron, for the ease of customers, has divided all of the categories in many different ways so that the shopping experience is a smooth and memorable one. To find the component or the product that you are looking for, you just have to select the category directly and in no time you will be able to find your products. Similarly, you can just use the search bar if you are unsure of the category.

Delivery conditions at Directron

Delivery of your selected goods can be done in many ways. You can have an order shipped to your address, or you can pick your order from a physical store location. Delivery is made very fast. Usually, the ordered goods are shipped within eight business hours after you have ordered the products. Many of the orders received before 2 pm CST are shipped on the same day. Delivery of an order usually takes 1-3 business days. This small delay happens due to the customization process.

How to order at Directron

It is very simple to order from Directron because they have a very well maintained and correctly classified website where you can easily find what you are looking for. First, you will need to open an account with the store. This will help you get through the checkout process faster. You just need to select the items that you want to purchase and add them to the virtual cart and proceed to the checkout page. If you are using Directron coupons, then you will need to enter the code and redeem them and then pay for your order with your preferred mode of payment. You can track your order with the help of your account and find out when it will be delivered. The company also provides free shipment for some products, so it is better to visit the company website regularly to make use of such offers.

Return policy

Return policy at Directron

Directron has a very lenient return policy because they are aware that mistakes can be made. Sometimes, customers pick a wrong item, or they receive a defective item by mistake. Clients can quickly rectify these problems by returning the goods in original packing. Customers can return or exchange the goods or get refunds on their purchases. You should contact the company within seven days of the date of purchase to receive a free return shipping label. If you want a replacement, the company will replace your item immediately and take back the defective item. If you want to return the goods, then you should present the original receipt at the time of return. If you don't return the defective or wrongfully ordered goods within seven business days of the delivery date, you will not be eligible for free return shipping.

Customer service at Directron

Direction provides unmatched high quality service and works diligently to bring new and most favorite products to its clients. They work tirelessly to fulfill your needs and ideas in a professional and timely manner. They employ the most experienced technicians to provide repair and after sales service to their customers. They allow the use of Directron coupons so that the clients can make their purchases while keeping within their budget. You can contact the customer service staff with all your queries. Their kind and experienced staff will help you in any way possible. They will help you get a computer you need at very attractive prices. Their hassle-free service is available for customer satisfaction.

Directron coupons for 2022

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