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National Trade Supply was first founded in 2002 as an HVAC e-commerce site. However, the company has grown to become a group of a diverse and highly specialized provider of services. The company is dedicated to providing such products that provide energy efficiency, comfort, clean water, and fresh air.

The company is also committed towards the ease of the customers which is why it provides the customers with the option of redeeming National Trade Supply coupons when purchasing the products at discounted rates.

Key facts about National Trade Supply

Key facts about National Trade Supply

  • It was founded in 2002
  • Has an online presence
  • Offers various services for power efficiency
  • Provides customers the opportunity to save money through National Trade Supply coupons.

More about National Trade Supply

In the previous years, National Trade Supply has expanded significantly specifically because of the creation of Discount Filters – the company's flagship store. National Trade Supply takes pride in the fact that it has more than 300,000 satisfied customers within the network of the company's various sites. A good amount of credit for this satisfaction goes to National Trade Supply coupons because of which, people didn't have to think much about the money they would be spending when purchasing the services. Most of the orders that are placed on the various websites are shipped on the same day.

Moreover, because of the nonprofit programs started by the company, more than 20 charities have been benefited. The company guarantees 100% satisfaction because it understands that anything less than that is unacceptable. The company stocks more than 98% of the items that they sell in their warehouse. The famous company also takes pride in the fact that more than 68,000 square feet are needed to stock more than 2500 sizes of water and air filters that it offers to clients. The company not only takes care of the customers by providing National Trade Supply coupons but also takes care of the environment by recycling 12 truckloads of cardboard that has been corrugated on a yearly basis.

Services provided by National Trade Supply

The company provides many services through its various websites. Mentioned below is a brief overview of the services available. Remember that you can use National Trade Supply coupons against all of these services to get discounts during checkout.

  • E-Commerce

The company is led by Discount Filters, which is the flagship site of the company. With the help of this website, the company can provide a world-class collection of water and air quality products. The family of websites that are part of this company is backed by experts in the industry that do their best to provide the best customer service. Regardless of the products that you choose, don't forget to use National Trade Supply coupons against the items you want to buy for exclusive discounts.                                              

  • Contractor services

More than 400 HVAC contractors make use of the 'filter fetch' offer provided by the company for filter delivery services. This service not only helps to keep the equipment of the customers in the best condition but also helps the contractors to build their brands. This also ensures the retention and loyalty of clients. If you want more information regarding the filter fetch, then you should visit the website.

  •  Utility partnerships

National Trade Supply has collaborated with more than 50 of the best electric and gas utilities of the country to create a service known as 'Filter Change.' With the help of these services, the company provides such a program which contributes to saving a significant amount of energy in two ways. First, the company supplies filters which play a role in saving energy, and second, the company builds awareness amongst the consumers about the importance of changing the HVAC filters on a regular basis. If you decide to purchase these filters, then don't forget to use your National Trade Supply coupons for discounts.

  • OEM solutions

By collaborating with OEM partners, the company can make use of National Trade Supply distribution channels and technology to build unique programs for the manufacturers of water and air filters. These are custom programs and can consist of marketing, customer service, call center, and fulfillment. If you want more information about these programs, then you should visit B2B sales. Also, when making use of OEM solutions, don't forget to use National Trade Supply coupons for discounts on all your purchases.

Why choose National Trade Supply?

Why choose National Trade Supply?

There are a handful of reasons because of which you should decide to make use of services provided by National Trade Supply when needed. Of course, one of the reasons is the fact that the company provides customers the opportunity to save through National Trade Supply coupons. However, there are numerous other reasons as well which are mentioned below.

Firstly, the National Trade Supply headquarters is situated in Indiana in Greenwood. The facility, which covers more than 68,000 square feet serves more than half of the country with the standard 2-day delivery.

Secondly, the National Trade Supply team is hardworking and is dedicated to offering the best service to more than 300,000 people from all over the world.

Moreover, at National Trade Supply, the company stocks what they sell. This means that more than 98% of all of the orders are shipped on the same day at which they are received.

Order processing is also efficient. The company makes use of only the latest equipment and technology because of which it can accurately and quickly ship hundreds of orders on a daily basis.

Lastly, the company has years of experience providing one of the safest e-commerce transactions.

Return policy at National Trade Supply

If for some reason, you are not content with the filters or any other products that you have purchased from National Trade Supply or bought from the company's other affiliated sites, you can return the items you have bought within two months from the date of your purchase. Of course, there are a few restrictions and not all of the items, like custom filters, are refundable. Before you issue a request for request merchandise authorization or an RMA, it is advisable that you visit the website and read about the details of the return policy.

If you think that you need to return the item, you will have to fill out the form available at the website. Once you do so, you will be sent a number which is the RMA number. A copy of this number is to be included in the return package. Remember, for your convenience; it is advisable that you use such a carrier that is reliable and insured for the shipment of the return package.

Order cancellation at National Trade Supply

If you want to cancel your order regardless of the reason, and it has not yet been shipped from the facility of the company, then your cancellation request will be processed. However, since a significant portion of the orders that the firm takes are just confirmed within hours of the order placement, it is important that you review the order that you have placed before proceeding to checkout. If the products which you have ordered have already been shipped, then the company cannot process the cancellation request. If you want to cancel the order, then you need to send an email to the enterprise. In your email, make sure that you include the number of the order and also whether you want to cancel the entire order or if you only want to cancel only certain products included in it.

National Trade Supply coupons

Customer service at National Trade Supply

The customer service of the company is highly efficient and is readily available. Representatives from the customer service department are always there to help you. They will answer any questions that you might have regarding shopping from this company. You can get in touch with representatives in two ways. You can send National Trade Supple an email if you want to know more about the services and the products that the company provides. Or, if you have questions, then you can call the company at their official phone number. If you have any questions regarding National Trade Supply coupons, then you can ask the representative, and he or she will guide you in the right manner. There is also a National Trade Supply FAQ section that you should read.

National Trade Supply coupons for 2019

Everyone wants to have clean air and water so that they can live a healthy life. However, sometimes, these products and services can be a bit expensive for a lot of people. That is why you need National Trade Supply coupons to make things affordable. Valid National Trade Supply coupons are beneficial for you when purchasing filters and related products.

Numerous National Trade Supply coupons are available at PromoPony. By getting your hands on a few of these discount coupons available at PromoPony, you can save a good amount of money when buying services and products being offered by this famous filter company. So, before you decide to shop, make sure that you have a few of these National Trade Supply coupons with you. Also, don't forget to redeem valid discount codes at the time of checkout. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to get discounts from National Trade Supply coupons if they have already been redeemed for another order.