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Dollar Shave Club Promo Codes & Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in August 2022

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  • Online Coupons
  • Online Sales
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  • $ Off
  • Free Shipping
  • Freebie
Offers: 12
Redeemed offers: 455
Potential savings: $1-$15

Stop overpaying for your razor blades and shaving products and check out these discounts from the superb Dollar Shave Club today!

  • Take advantage of Dollar Shave Club’s ‘Handsome discount’, where the more you buy the more you’ll save.
  • Enjoy Free Shipping on all orders over $18, with no Dollar Shave Club coupon required.

Get cheaper prices and even cooler monthly discounts with the knowledge you’ll gain from reading our rather excellent Dollar Shave Club savings guide.

Discount Details Valid until
$10 Discount Get Free Razors! Up to revocation
$5 Discount Instant $5 Discount on Your Purchase Up to revocation
$5 Discount Shop Now And Save $5 Up to revocation
$1 Discount Get Your First Month For Only $1! Up to revocation
Coupon Best Deal !! First Box For $5 Up to revocation

More about Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club journey started in 2011, when two amigos shared their frustration for expensive razor blades for the last time. With some savings and a nice investment they created Dollar Shave Club. In 2012 they uploaded an awesome video on YouTube which went viral and promoted a big increase in sales and subscriptions. Dollar Shave Club continued to grow in popularity and expanded to sell in Canada, Australia, the UK as well as the US. In 2016 Dollar Shave Club was bought by Unilever for a reported $1 billion….nice! Here’s the excellent promotional video that got the ball rolling.

What’s the process of redeeming a Dollar Shave Club coupon?

Congratulate yourself for discovering Dollar Shave Club, you’re on the right track. Now all you have to do is figure out how to use the coupon or voucher you just found. These steps will show you how.

  1. Let’s begin by “double clicking” the coupon to get the page you’ll need on
  2. Now if you already have a subscription sign in, if you’re new to the club sign up!
  3. As a newbie you’ll be asked a bunch of questions that will help to customize your box. As a member you can head right to making your selections or adjustments to your box.
  4. You can alternatively make one off purchases without having a subscription. “Add” items to your “box”.
  5. Enter your shipping details.
  6. At this point you can add a promo code if you have one where it says “redeem gift code”, click “apply”.
  7. Check that you’re happy with the final price before making your payment.
  8. That’s everything, here’s to more great shaves!

Tell me more about Dollar Shave Club coupons?

Looking to save even more on your monthly grooming box from Dollar Shave Club? Well you’re in luck. Here’s all the info you need to know to get the biggest savings on men’s razors time and time again.

Where do I get one of these Dollar Shave Club coupons from?

You can find Dollar Shave Club coupons and promotional codes in many places on the internet, but if you want the best ones, there’s only one destination you want to consider. will only post up to date and worthwhile deals so you don’t end up tearing your hair out.

How much can I save using a Dollar Shave Club coupon?

Dollar Shave Club makes looking and feeling great very affordable to the average Joe. Get yourself one of their coupons and prices get even better. Save on your subscription, get free products to try and enjoy discounts on your shaving blades.

Are there any Dollar Shave Club coupons available this month?

Dollar Shave Club releases only a few coupons or promo codes at a time. They are usually pretty good, so keep an eye out for them. If there’s a saving worth your time, we’ll have it posted here at There are 12 coupons in August 2022.

Are there any coupons for new Dollar Shave Club customers?

While the coupons and deals at Dollar Shave Club change each month, you’re more than likely to be able to find a coupon to save when you sign up for a new account. A long standing offer is a $5 starter set, to introduce you to some of the DSC products. If you’re really lucky you can even get your first box for free.

What’s up with my Dollar Shave Club voucher?

Did something wrong go wrong at the final step? Or is your voucher flat out not behaving? Ok, take a nice, deep breath in before we go through all the possibilities as to why getting your Dollar Shave Club is proving to be a pain.

Is this DSC coupon for real?

It’s rare that you'll get a fugazi Dollar Shave Club coupon, it can happen of course, but your frustrations usually are due to other factors. The success of Dollar Shave Club means that it expanded to other countries including the UK and Australia. Make sure your coupon is valid for the US DSC store.

Why won’t this Dollar Shave Club promo code work?

There are two things to consider when you can’t get a promo code to work as they’ll be the problem 90% of the time. First always check for an expiration date, promo codes don’t hang around waiting for you, they expire rapidly. Next check you’re entering the code in correctly, we all make mistakes.

What are some ways to save without a coupon at Dollar Shave Club?

If you haven’t already joined the super popular Dollar Shave Club, what are you waiting for? If not being able to find a coupon is holding you back, don’t let that stop you. There are a great handful of simple ways to save at DSC even without a magic coupon.

Is there a refer a friend option at Dollar Shave Club?

There sure is. If you’re already a Dollar Shave Club enthusiast, you’ll want to spread the word right. Just by getting a buddy to join the club, you can earn a $5 credit note. Simply share your unique DSC invite link on social media and when someone signs up, you get rewarded!

What’s the deal with the Dollar Shave Club ‘Handsome discount’?

It’s logical. The more products you buy and use from Dollar Shave Club, the more handsome you’ll become right? While that may be true, the deal; the more you buy the more money off you’ll get at the checkout. No coupons or discount codes required.

How can I save money at Dollar Shave Club?

If you didn’t know already, there’s a wealth of really great information on male grooming in the form of articles and guides at Here you can get answers to all the questions you were perhaps too embarrassed to ask. Find out what products you actually need and stop spending money on stuff that won’t work for you.

Does Dollar Shave Club sell sample packs?

The men’s grooming products sold at Dollar Shave Club aren’t exactly cheap….you don’t want to waste your money on the wrong face cream do you? Trying before you buy would be the smart thing to do and that’s possible at DSC (kinda), with their range of trial size products.

Before you commit and join Dollar Shave Club, let’s make things a little interesting by introducing you to Harry’s - similar concept, different products. Here are a few Harry's coupons to help you along the way.

Tell me more about Dollar Shave Club

There are few certainties in life, but one can certainly say that men’s shaving razor blades are way, way overpriced. Go into most stores selling razors to see them especially contained in transparent, plastic anti-theft boxes. Most men need to use their razor everyday even if they don’t want to, the blades dull far too quickly and to top it all off, they cost a bomb. There surely has to be a better solution than theft! In steps Dollar Shave Club to shake up the shaving world and cause a much needed stir. Stop overpaying for your razors and grooming products right away and join the Dollar Shave Club. Get started with your first risk-free starter set to see what you like and what you don’t….it’s important. Once you know what you dig, get those products sent to your home as often as you need them. It can be every month or just a few times a year. There’s no scary, off putting long-term commitment when you join Dollar Shave Club, so if you decide the products aren’t your cup of tea or you decide to grow a beard - cancelling is no problem. While Dollar Shave Club started out selling just cheap razor blades and shaving cream, they quickly increased their product range to include all sorts of wonderful grooming necessities. Shop for deals on men’s moisturizers, hand creams, men’s shampoos, soaps, hair gels and of course the world famous Dollar Shave Club shave butter. Stop looking like a caveman and become a modern man. Start looking your best, smelling great and feeling damn fine about it all. Dollar Shave Club is a game changer in men’s grooming, so get on board.

If you’re tired of paying crazy prices just to shave everyday, Dollar Shave Club was made exactly for people like you. As well as selling affordable yet quality razors, they also sell an exciting range or the finest male grooming products around. All of this wrapped up in superb customer service and a great sense of humor makes DSC a winner.

Is it free to join Dollar Shave Club?

Absolutely. It won’t cost you a cent to join the wonderful world of Dollar Shave Club. Signing up is free and takes literally a minute, you just pay for your subscription box at the frequency in which you choose to receive them.

Does Dollar Shave Club sell gift boxes?

Oh yes indeed they do. Stuck for gift ideas this Christmas? Stuck for ideas on what to get your partner for their birthday? Dollar Shave Club makes it easy to give the perfect gift with their really cool gift sets. Otherwise you can gift a DSC e-gift card.

Is it easy to cancel a Dollar Shave Club subscription?

Very easy. Dollar Shave Club understands how scary commitment can be. If for whatever reason you find yourself unhappy with your club membership, you can cancel it or even just take a break without problems.