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Donatos Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in October 2019

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Donatos is a pizza chain that was established in 1963 by Jim Grote near Columbus, Ohio. Grote was then a sophomore at Ohio State University, but soon Donatos became a full-time business. Donatos offers a wide selection of pizzas, oven baked subs, and desserts, in addition to many more products. The name “Donatos” means “to give a good thing” in Latin and is the business model of the company.

The headquarters for Donatos is located in Gahanna, Ohio, which is near the city of Columbus, where the original store was opened. The primary location for Donatos is the state of Ohio, but there are in total more than 300 locations, covering eight states. Donatos pizza is also served in stadiums and various outlets, such as the Smithsonian Museum and Ohio Stadium. One of Donatos signature dishes is a large pizza with over 100 slices of pepperoni.

Key facts about Donatos

Key facts about Donatos

  • Donatos was established in 1963 by Jim Grote in Ohio
  • The serve pizza, subs, Stromboli, and desserts
  • There are more than 300 Donatos restaurants
  • Donatos is headquartered in Gahanna, Ohio

Save money with a free Donatos coupon

Donatos already has competitive prices on their products, but there are ways to save more. For instance, always consider using a Donatos coupon from PromoPony when ordering. This is a perfect way to save some money on top of the already reasonable prices. Make sure to check for other store specials that might be going on, such as holiday deals or deals on bulk orders. Donatos never charges more than they must and are continually looking for ways to save their customers money. By offering a possible Donatos coupon to customers, Donatos is helping lower the overall cost of the order. This can be especially helpful when placing an order for a large family or get together, where costs can be higher. Once you have found a free Donatos coupon on PromoPony, simply enter it in during your checkout process or display it to the cashier to get your discounted pricing.

Donatos products

Donatos has a wide selection of pizza related food items to choose from. They have specialty pizzas, such as Hawaiian and vegetable, along with more traditional varieties. In addition to pizza, Donatos has oven baked subs and Stromboli dishes to choose from. And, of course, there is a selection of dessert items to accompany any meal. Here are more items from Donatos:

  • Pepperoni, sausage, or ham pizza.
  • Hawaiian and other specialty pizzas.
  • Italian, turkey club, and, ham and cheese subs.
  • Pepperoni, deluxe, and three-meat Stromboli.
  • Chef, chicken, and Italian salads.
  • Cheesy bread, breadsticks, and marinara sauce.
  • Boneless chicken wings and traditional chicken wings.
  • Cinnamon bread, apple crisp timpano, and chocolate chunk cookies.

Donatos video

How do I place an order with Donatos?

To place an order with Donatos first click on the items that you are interested in ordering. Choose from a selection of pizzas, chicken wings, and dessert items, and for each item that you would like to order, click the “add to cart” button. Once you have filled your cart with all of the items that you need, click on the “shopping cart” icon in the upper-right hand corner of the page. Clicking on the shopping cart icon will bring you to your order summary page. On this page, you will see a list of the items that you are ordering and their prices. If you need to edit any of the items you may do so on this page by pressing the “edit” button. If the order is correct you may scroll down to the “checkout” section.

First, you will be able to choose from carry-out, delivery, pick-up window, or dine-in. Next you will need to enter your name, address, phone number, and email address. After this you will have to fill in the “delivery” section which will require the location that the order is being delivered to. In this section, you can also put special delivery instructions, so that the delivery driver knows. Next you can choose when you would like the order to be delivered, as in “I want this order as soon as possible”, “I want this order tomorrow”, or “I want this order the following day.” You can also choose a date from a drop-down menu, if you would like to order the pizza far in advance. After you have chosen when you would like to order delivered, you may enter your Donatos coupon code.

If you do not have a Donatos coupon, then it is worth the time to find out if there is a possible Donatos coupon that could be saving you money. If you already have your Donatos coupon code, then you can enter it in the Donatos coupon box. If the Donatos coupon is valid, then the system will deem the Donatos coupon useable, and you will notice a reduction in the overall price in the order summary, showing just how much money you saved with your Donatos coupon. If the Donatos coupon is not accepted, then find out if the Donatos coupon is expired and, if so, find a Donatos coupon that is not expired on PromoPony.

Once the Donatos coupon has been entered and the price has been reduced, you can continue with the checkout process. To do so, click on the “find my delivery store” button and the nearest Donatos location will show up, with the details of the specific location. You will then have the option of checking out as a guest or logging in as a returning customer. Once you have completed the login information, you can input your payment information and the billing address information. Once this information has been entered you may “submit” your order and it will immediately begin being processed. You will then receive a confirmation email showing the order summary and the location and time of delivery.

Delivery conditions at Donatos

Delivery conditions at Donatos

Most deliveries from Donatos will take place from the nearest Donatos location. Once the order is placed and it is processed, then a delivery driver will be sent to the location with the products. When ordering online there are several options that you may choose from, as far as delivery times are concerned. You may choose to have the pizza deliver as soon as possible or you can opt to have the pizza delivered later or even a later date. There is also an area when ordering where you can put special delivery instructions, so that the delivery driver is aware of any special circumstances such as a dog or security system.

Returns at Donatos

Donatos wants all of their customers to be satisfied and if they are not they will replace the item or issue a refund. If you notice that an item is missing or the order does not look correct, you may notify the delivery driver if they are still in the vicinity and they will be able to assist you with your return. If the delivery driver is no longer present, then you will need to call the location of the Donatos where the pizza was coming from, or the nearest Donatos location, and a customer service representative will be able to assist you with any problems.

Donatos customer service

Donatos customer service

There are several ways to get a hold of customer service at Donatos. One of the quickest ways to find answers to questions that you may have is to go to company page of their website and click on the “company” link. Here you will find a variety of answers to the most commonly asked questions about Donatos. Here you will even be able to see information on the philosophy of the restaurant, the fundraising efforts they take part in, and the history of the company.

If you would like to contact Donatos customer service by mail that is an option too. To contact Donatos by mail you can address the postage to: Donatos Pizza, 935 Taylor Station Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43230. Once they have received the letter by mail they will be in contact with you. If you would like to speak directly to a customer care representative, you may reach them by phone at 1-614-864-2444. You may also get a hold of customer service by calling their toll-free number (800) DONATOS.

Customer service can also be reached by email. In fact, there is an email and text link at the top of the webpage that will take you to an email form. This form will ask for information such as name, phone, email, and address. You can also input your birthday here and select your favorite location. You may also join their email subscription list to receive email correspondence.

Donatos coupons

Donatos coupons 2019

Donatos offers a wide variety of choice on foods, such as pizza, salads, and Stromboli. They always maintain the lowest prices possible, but be sure to check for that availability of any Donatos coupon codes, which could save you a lot of money on your order. You may be able to save as much as 60% on your next pizza order if you use a Donatos coupon found on PromoPony. If you are ordering for a party or gathering, the Donatos coupon will save make a significant difference to the total price. The decrease in price caused by the coupon could free up some extra money for some dessert items from Donatos. You can find your next Donatos coupon for October 2019 by visiting PromoPony here.