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DoorDash Promo Codes & Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in April 2020

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Get Up to $7 Off With DoorDash Promo Code
 tested today
Take $5 Discount on $10 Purchase
Minimum order value: $10
 tested 1 day ago
Grab 25% Discount on Your First Purchase
 tested 4 days ago
$5 Off First-Time Order Over $20
Only valid for: New customers
$5 Off Pick Up Orders
Only valid for: New customers
Free Shipping
 tested 1 day ago
Best Deals! Free Delivery on Your First Order
Holiday Hot Deals! Earn Money Delivering With DoorDash Now!
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Free Delivery For 30 Days - DoorDash
Sign Up And Save $7 on Your Next Order - DoorDash
Sign Up & Save $10 on Your First Order (For New Customers Only)
Coupon Type
  • Online Coupons
  • Online Sales
Discount type
  • % Off
  • $ Off
  • Free Shipping
Offers: 7
Redeemed offers: 1246
Potential savings: 25% / $5-$7
Discount Details Valid until
$7 Discount Get Up to $7 Off With DoorDash Promo Code Up to revocation
$5 Discount Take $5 Discount on $10 Purchase Up to revocation
25% Discount Grab 25% Discount on Your First Purchase Up to revocation
$5 Discount $5 Off First-Time Order Over $20 Up to revocation
$5 Discount $5 Off Pick Up Orders Up to revocation

More about DoorDash

Like many fast-growing enterprises, DoorDash is one startup that has exponentially surmounted its growth and pushed the boundaries of its expansion since it was created. In 2013, the company came into being through the efforts of four students huddled in a Stanford University dorm room. Evan Moore, Andy Fang, Tony Xu and Stanley Tang realized their collective brainstorming as they created the foundation for a technology based company which employed a combinator-back algorithm. Coupled with the logistics services and databases of restaurants and dining places, this created a service which allowed ordering online food deliveries from restaurants on demand. No more need to call the company and spend an hour dictating and verifying your order. All this could now be done with the ease of your computer and that too within a few minutes.

DoorDash coupon

In the beginning, the company existed in a space closely surrounding its birth: San Francisco. Gradually, however, it began to expand and now services not only a large chunk of the southern bay area of San Francisco but also supplies in Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles. This swift reach of the company can be attributed to the significance of its virtual presence, and the increasing amounts of funding the company has been receiving since the time it began. In 2016, Mashable reported the company to have received an investor's total of $127 million as funding for its future endeavors.

Key facts about DoorDash

  • Online food ordering service that offers food delivery services from restaurants on demand
  • Founded in 2013
  • Co-founded by four Stanford students in their dorm room
  • Technology company employing combinator-backed logistics for its operation
  • Has expanded to Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and most of San Fransisco Bay area since its inception
  • Valued at 600 million American dollars during a funding appraiser in 2015
  • Accepts DoorDash coupons and promo codes at checkouts for discounts

DoorDash food coupon

How to order from DoorDash in your city

When you land on the company's homepage, you are faced with the choice of selecting which city you reside in. This is because as unfortunate as it is, The company still does not operate in all nationwide locations. It operates in most cities that cluster the San Fransisco Bay area. Consequently, you can look through the cities section as you scroll down the website to see if your city is listed in the directory. If it is, then you are in luck. You can click on your city name to proceed to the page listing all the eateries in your city that have partnered with DoorDash and can accept orders via their service.

As you go through the restaurant directory, you will notice that the restaurants are tagged with specific information, like how relatively cheap or expensive they are, and how relatively long does it take for them to deliver their food to you. You can also sort the places based on the type of specialization of food. The broad categories into which you can sort the food could be as vague as desserts, or as specific as vegetarian tacos. Customers are advised not to filter the results too specifically for the danger that they will miss out on great places that they haven't tried yet and thus throw away the chance at enjoying some great food and missing out on an amazing experience.

Once you have selected which restaurant you want to order from, you can proceed with your order. You have to manually select your order which is a great advantage compared to ordering at a restaurant. Because you select the type of food and the quantity of food yourself, you cannot go wrong with the order and will be delivered exactly what you ordered! Before you proceed through with the checkout, you will also be at liberty to enter any DoorDash coupons or promo codes if you have any. You have to careful with entering the DoorDash coupons and discount code characters because the codes are case sensitive, and would not work otherwise.

Delivery policy

After selecting your order, you have to enter your generic delivery details including your contact number, your method of billing, etc. Most customers choose to pay by card because it is fast and secure, but you can also choose to pay on delivery if you insist on using loose cash. Once the company confirms that your order has been sent through, you will receive a confirmation of your transaction, and that is it. You can eagerly anticipate the arrival of fresh food at your doorstep within the time frame suggested by the company. A $5-$8 delivery charge is paid by the customer. 

How to maximize your savings with DoorDash coupons

DoorDash accommodates restaurants that span across all kinds of price ranges. There are restaurants that can offer tacos for less than 10 dollars, and then there are restaurants where a tiny portion of dessert will cost more than fifty dollars. It is understandable that based on the range of affordability of different customers, as dictated by their budget, they may find several restaurants out of their price range. But the company desires to make a choice eating accessible for the entirety of its customer base. This is why it provides both prospective and current users with many options to cut down on the cost of their orders, and enjoy a delicious meal for a marked down price.

  • The company's primary way of decreasing prices is to feature restaurants laden with promotional offers. These promotional offers can a lot of opportunities to obtain free food, such as offering two burgers for the price of one, or offering a third meal package with no charge when you purchase two. The filtering mechanism on the website can help you uncover the restaurants which feature such promotional offers so you can order from these restaurants and save yourself some money.
  • The company may itself hold promotional deals on special occasions. These offers can also pop up during regular days for a limited amount of time. This may include restaurant deliveries for marked down prices, which can significantly reduce the cost of deliveries incurred. Alternatively, this can allow you to try out relatively expensive restaurants, or even now food places in town, without spending a lot of money on order.
  • The website churns out a newsletter filled with store updates, information on the top-rated eateries in your closest locations and popular food choices among the food community. It is also a precious resource for exclusive DoorDash coupons and promo codes which can be redeemed at checkouts when ordering from the store. Most of these codes offer huge savings on your total order bills and can save you a lot of money if used. A catch with these exclusive DoorDash coupons is that most of the times, they are only viable within a short period, anywhere from 3 days to a week.

Unparalleled customer service at DoorDash

DoorDash takes pride in helping its customers navigate every step of the way. The website has an elaborate section entitled Let Us Help You, and it comprises of dozens of FAQs related to the online shopping experience. The section also has detailed instructions sorted categorically which cater to the steps of ordering from the website. Customers are provided with step by step instructions to aid with their pricing problems, or delivery issues, if any arise.


DoorDash restaurants coupon

DoorDash coupons for 2020

Ordering through DoorDash is easy and free of charge. However, the restaurants that you order from may range from being comparatively cheap to relatively expensive. To avoid spending too much money on one meal, DoorDash coupons can come in very handy. DoorDash coupons can help you get meals on discount prices which could otherwise prove relatively expensive, especially if you are ordering for a lot of people.

Obtaining DoorDash coupons to use is very easy. Most usable DoorDash coupons and promo codes are listed on coupon listing websites such as PromoPony. The said website is one of the few out there that have a database of verified coupon listings. These listings comprise of DoorDash coupons which are authentic and active at the listed time. This means that whenever you visit the website to get DoorDash coupons, you will never receive expired or fake coupons.

To benefit from the best discounts of this year on food, visit PromoPony to get the active and valid DoorDash coupons for 2020 before ordering from the store website. This assures that you will pay less while benefitting from the same quality of service from the store.

Getting the DoorDash coupons online is easier than using the printed clipped coupons in retail stores. All you have to do is to enter your DoorDash coupons and promo codes in the promo codes box at the store checkout page. As soon as you enter and verify that you want to redeem your DoorDash coupons, the discount will be immediately applied to your total order amount, and you total bill reduced by a significant amount. So visit PromoPony today and get your DoorDash coupons before the year, as well as the hot deals, run out.