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DoorDash Promo Codes & Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in June 2023

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$5 Off Pick Up Orders
Only valid for: New customers
$5 Off First-Time Order Over $20
Only valid for: New customers
Free Shipping
Best Deals! Free Delivery on Your First Order
Get $7 Off on Sitewide
Best Deal!! $10 Off on 1st Order + Free Delivery For a Month
Coupon Type
  • Online Coupons
Discount type
  • $ Off
Offers: 2
Redeemed offers: 2711
Potential savings: $5

What’s better than a hot meal served at your doorstep after a long day? Get your faves from  McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, Chipotle, Subway, and so many more incredible eateries.

  • Did you know there is a DoorDash special offer going just for June 2023?
  • Want to get free delivery? Keep reading to get all of the latest money-saving hacks!
Discount Details Valid until
$5 Discount $5 Off Pick Up Orders Up to revocation
$5 Discount $5 Off First-Time Order Over $20 Up to revocation

More about DoorDash

When it comes to food delivery, there are few names bigger than DoorDash. Founded back in 2013 by four Standard University students, this on-demand food delivery service has exploded in popularity.

Based in San Francisco, DoorDash launched in Palo Alto in 2013 and has rapidly expanded since then. These days, the company is delivering in more than 4,000 cities and towns across North America. They work with 340,000 stores and eateries across the United States and Canada. Last year, they surpassed Grubhub in size and are now the third-largest delivery service on the planet.

DoorDash recently partnered with Mercato to connect with more specialty stores and independent grocers. This has allowed the company to expand into same-day deliveries by working with 750 independent grocers dotted across 22 states.

How Do I Use My DoorDash Coupon Code?

Hungry? Here is everything that you need to know about using a DoorDash coupon.

  1. Visit the online site to browse all your favorite eateries. Look through breakfast options, sandwiches, Mexican food, healthy eating picks, barbeque, seafood and so much more .
  2. Found just what you have been craving? Choose between delivery or pickup then find your favorites on the menu.
  3. Click on the item you want, then a pop up will appear to show you all of your options for size, extras, sides, and sauces. Underneath all the clickable picks, you can add special instructions and option on what you’d like if anything is sold out.
  4. Got the perfect meal picked out? Click on Add to Cart.
  5. Keep adding everything you want to eat then, when you are done, click on the red button with the cart icon at the top right side of the page.
  6. The cart will pop up and you will see everything you ordered. If your order is ready to go, click on Checkout then you’ll be prompted to sign-in. You can use your Facebook, Google, or Apple log-in to bypass the sign-up process. If you prefer, create a Doordash account.
  7. If you’ve never used the service before and want to sign in with a secondary log-in like Google, you’ll be prompted to add your email and phone number.
  8. Once you are logged in, enter your delivery details, payment method, and confirm you order.

Voilà! You’ll have a fantastic meal at your door before you know it!

What Should I Know About My DoorDash Deal?

Got an incredible deal? Found a DoorDash 50% off coupon? Maybe found one of those amazing DoorDash Facebook promo codes? Here is what you should know before you order your tasty meal.

Are There Any Working DoorDash Coupon Codes?

You know it! If you are looking for delivery promo codes that work, you have come to the right place. We turn every stone to ensure that you get the best deal. At this very moment, we’ve got 2 to save you money at DoorDash.

💡Money-Saving Tip: Be sure to bookmark this page! As soon as new deals are released on any platform, we will let you know. On top of these DoorDash deals, we’ve got GrubHub coupon codes, Instacart coupons, and other food and drink promo codes.

What’s the Best Deal for June 2023?

Looking to save money on delivery? Right now you can nab an incredible $5 Discount deal. Don’t delay though! This fabulous offer is only going for a limited time.

How Come My DoorDash Coupon Code Isn’t Giving Me a Discount?

DoorDash promo code not working? There are a few quick and easy fixes that will have your coupon code working in a flash.

Common Discount Code Errors

If you are sure that you have a valid discount code, try copy and pasting it again. It’s too easy to make mistakes when you are trying to type a code yourself. If you are getting an error, copy and paste the code again. Once you have it there, double-check that there are no extra spaces before or after the code.

Discount Code Restrictions

Another thing to check is any restrictions on the code. If the site already has a deal or special promotion going, there might be additional restrictions. Typically codes always work with sales but do check the terms to do sure.

Using DoorDash Discount Codes That Work

Certain that you’ve got a working coupon code? If your valid discount code isn’t working, just give their customer service call a quick call at 1 (855) 973-1040.

How to Get a Discount WITHOUT a Coupon Code

Who doesn’t love saving money? Fortunately, holding onto your cash doesn’t have to mean brown-bagging it or slaving over a hot stove after a long day. With some smart shopping, you can save cash even when you are treating yourself to a food delivery at home.

How Can I Save Money with DoorPass?

In some areas, this food delivery company offers DoorPass, which is a smart way to save on every single order. If you order more than once every two weeks, it will definitely save you money. For $9.99 per month in subscription fees, you can get unlimited free deliveries from all of your favorite restaurants.

One great thing about the free delivery program is that you can cancel anytime. Find that you aren’t using it? On a diet and trying to cook at home? Whatever reason you have for ordering delivery less, you can cancel your DoorPass anytime.

💡Money-Saving Tip: On average, a trial program of DoorDash saved people around $20 per month, even taking into account the $10 per month they spend on it. This makes it a good deal for some people but it’s key to be realistic. Don’t assume you will order more than you do. At the same time, don’t assume you will order less than you do. If you love the convenience of getting food delivered to your door, do you! Just find ways to make it more affordable.

How Do I Get a  DoorDash Referral Code?

Did you know that you can get $7 in credits when you refer a friend? That friend can also get $7 in credits too. Pretty great deal, isn’t it? All you need to do is recommend the delivery service to a friend who has never used it before. They will receive a code for $7 off their first order.

According to the terms and conditions, never having used the program means a person whose phone number and credit card number has never been entered into the system. Once your friend or family member orders anything on the delivery service that costs more than $10, you will get your $7 credit. Just note that it can take up to 24 hours to get your credit. As soon as it’s available, you will get an email confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questioned about Using the Food Delivery App

Ready to order your meal? There are a few basics you should know before you place your order. Here is everything you might need to know before, during, and after you get your meal.

I Haven’t Gotten my DoorDash Order

You haven’t received your food yet? If it is taking a lot longer than expected, log back into the app. You will see a “Self-Help” option, which is the fastest place to check on the order status. Here’s how to do it.

Getting Help with Your Missing Order

Ready to use the self-help option to figure out what’s up with your order? Here’s how to get it all sorted out. Whether you are using an iPhone, Android, or the website, the steps are the same. Here’s what to do to resolve any issue you’ve had ordering with your DoorDash coupon code.

  1. Open up the DoorDash app. On the bottom bar, click on orders. If you are using the website, you’ll find the Orders tab on the upper left corner
  2. Select the order from the list to open up the order that you’ve been waiting to receive
  3. Click on Help on the top right side
  4. You will see a list of delivery issues. From there, you can select Order Never Arrived
  5. You’ll see a few different options for a resolution, depending on the time and location. Choose what works best for you

My Order Was Wrong

So, you ordered with your DoorDash coupon code and now you’re a bit disappointed after it arrived? If you are missing something from your order or you have the wrong items, just make a complaint.

Getting Help with Missing and Incorrect Items

Got something missing or wrong in your order? Here is what you need to do whether you are using an iPhone, Android, or the website.

  1. In the delivery app, click on orders on the bottom bar of the screen. From the website, just click on Orders on the top left side
  2. You will see a list of all of your recent orders. Choose the one that you had an issue with
  3. At the top right, click on Help
  4. From the list of the possible problems, click on the one the describes what went wrong with your order
  5. You will have a list of options for your resolutions and you can choose whichever one best suits you

💡Smart Money Tip: Thinking about taking on a new gig? Did you know that you can make serious money while getting great discounts if your pick up orders from DoorDash? Here’s what you need to know.

How Do I Contact Customer Service?

Having an issue with your order? Let ‘em know about it! In the app, you can click on Orders then choose the order that is a problem. At the top right, just click on Help and select whichever option makes sense for your order. This is often the fastest fix for any issue.

Prefer to talk to a real live person? It is recommended to start in the app, but if you aren’t getting the result you need, you can always call them. You can reach their support staff center at 1 (855) 973-1040.

Loving these DoorDash coupon codes? Share them with a friend! You can use these same voucher codes and discounts over and over again so pass them around. And, before next time you order, be sure to visit back to find the latest deals.