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Etsy Coupons & Promo Codes

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in September 2020

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Get 25% Off Your First Order on Any Item at The TheIrreverentMind Etsy Shop
Get 20% Off Custom Invites & More From Copper & Confetti Co!
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Get 20% Off Tapestries at Etsy Shop FashionClubEG!
 tested today
Get 20% Off at Etsy Shop Whiffscentsshop
 tested 4 days ago
Get 15% Off on Janzywaxco!
Get 15% Off $25+ at Etsy Shop MapsShopVintage!
Minimum order value: $25
 tested today
Limited Deal!! Get 15% Off on $30+ at WhereDidYouGetThat1 + More
Minimum order value: $30
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Best Offer!! Get 15% Off on Wall Collage Kits at AestheticKits
Hurry Up!! Get 15% Off + More at Etsy Shop Littleoddforest
 only 19 hours left
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Get 10% Off $30+ at The Etsy Shop @BeChicHoney
Minimum order value: $30
Get 10% Off Entire Custom Sneakers Order at CustomCounty + Free Shipping!
Limited Deal!! Get 10% Off on Beautiful Handmade Wreaths & Unique Gifts at Etsy Shop EnchantedPoint
Get 10% Off $15 Or More at Etsy ShopTooBitToQuit
Minimum order value: $15
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Get 10% Off at Etsy Shop Whiffscentsshop
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Get 10% Off Little Froggy Surf Etsy Shop & More
 tested today
Get 10% Off Everything at Fighting Words Designs
Limited Deal!! Get $5 Off on Any Purchase on KaneEclectic on Etsy
Free Shipping
Hurry Up!! Get Free Shipping on $25+ at EvergreenViewFarm
Minimum order value: $25
Free Shipping
Get Free Shipping Sitewide on $35+ at Little Froggy Surf Shop
Minimum order value: $35
Get Upto!!!! 20% Off at Etsy Shop Youarelovedgoods
Save 50% Off at Etsy Store Becauseiamhappy
Get 15% Off $80 Orders at Shop TexelPrintArt
Minimum order value: $80
Save 55% at Becauseiamhappy Store
Get 50% Off Pearl Earrings at Becauseiamhappy Etsy Shop
Save 40% on Newborn Baby Booties
Get 30% Off at Etsy Shop Raspberryroadvintage
Save 29% at The Etsy Shop Craftymothers
 tested today
Get 25% Off Eaka Essential Oils & Supplements at Etsy Shop EakaNaturalLiving
Save 20% at Blackcatplushieshop
Save 20% on Orders Over $30 at Socalpens
Get 20% Off + Free Shipping on Felt Ball Garlands at Etsy Posymarket Shop
Save 20% off of Fun To Wear Clay Jewelry at The Etsy Piperpixiedesigns Shop
Get 15% Off Dellanys Designs at Etsy Shop
Get 15% Off Digital Prints at The Etsy Shop DesignConceptsco
Save 15% Money on Sitewide at Raye of Rainn Etsy Shop
Spend $10 Get 15% Off at Michelesamanodesigns Etsy Shop
Save 15% at Etsy Store Socalpens
Save 15% Off Etsy at Blingandbijou Shop
Get 10% Off Your Order at Etsy Shop Classical Cara
Get 10% Off Homemade Washable Masks at Etsy Shop BoysANDbones
Save 10% Money on All Handcrafted Pens at Etsy Shop WhiddensWood
Save 10% Off Vintage Jewelry at Basilthecat Etsy Shop
 tested today
Get $2 Off Eaka Essential Oils & Supplements at Etsy Shop EakaNaturalLiving
Free Shipping
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Get Free Shipping at The Etsy Shop VapeSweaters
Free Shipping
Free Shipping at Artityourway Shop
Free Shipping
Get Free Shipping on Everything at Oldworldtreasurecoin Store
 tested 5 days ago
Get 20% Off on Etsy Shop @MichelesAManoDesigns
Hurry Up!! Get 15% Off on Tapestries at FashionClubEG
Best Offer!! Get 10% Off on Select Etsy Shop RhinestoneEvrything
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  • Online Sales
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  • Free Shipping
Offers: 46
Redeemed offers: 67
Potential savings: 10%-55% / $2-$5

Etsy is one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world. Shoppers can enjoy a variety of items on Etsy as they sell at huge discounted prices. If you’re looking to save money on some handmade items, and craft and tool supplies, then Etsy is your go-to marketplace as you’re certain to find these items at extremely affordable prices.

Plus, there are several ways you can save on Etsy as there are several coupons you can leverage in this regard. Each coupon code can be redeemed seamlessly. How can you save on Etsy?

  • Massive Discount Harness: percentage off discounts while shopping on Etsy. If you didn’t know, there is a range of quality items that come with huge discounts. If you’re looking to save on Etsy, you need to keep a keen eye for these items while shopping. Visiting your favorite Etsy stores regularly is also a subtle and effective way to stay updated as regards items with discounted prices.
  • Free shipping: Enjoy free shipping on Etsy when you buy in bulk. You should understand that this depends on the store you are buying from. Since Etsy is a marketplace that houses individual small businesses, you should be wary of the store you are buying from. Buying in bulk allows you to leverage bundle shipping which is a cost-efficient way to save on shipping.
  • Fixed Discount: Fixed items on the Etsy marketplace tend to maintain a fixed discount. This makes it incredibly easy to save without a coupon. However, these discounts are rampant during seasons like Black Friday, Xmas and the likes.
Discount Details Valid until
25% Discount Get 25% Off Your First Order on Any Item at The TheIrreverentMind Etsy Shop Up to revocation
20% Discount Get 20% Off Custom Invites & More From Copper & Confetti Co! Up to revocation
20% Discount Get 20% Off Tapestries at Etsy Shop FashionClubEG! October 11, 2020
20% Discount Get 20% Off at Etsy Shop Whiffscentsshop July 24, 2021
15% Discount Get 15% Off on Janzywaxco! Up to revocation

More about Etsy

If you’re a lover of vintage wears and handcrafted items, then you should know about the prominent e-commerce website, Etsy. Items that are sold on Etsy are quite numerous as they fall under a wide range of categories. Items under these categories are jewelry, clothing, bags, home décors, furniture, art, toys and a wide variety of craft supplies and tools.

As part of the Etsy tradition, every vintage item must be 20 years old, at least. Etsy follows an age-long of open craft fairs, where they give sellers personal storefronts to list and display their goods for a paltry fee of $0.20 per item. Etsy has its headquarters in the United States, and it was created by a group of persons – Robert Kalin, Haim Schoppik, Chris Maguire, and later, Jared Tarbell. Etsy was launched on June 18, 2005.

How you can redeem Etsy coupons

Shoppers on Etsy can attest that coupons are lifesavers when it comes to shopping for their expensive items. If you’re new to shopping on Etsy, then you should have come across Etsy coupons. These are the steps by which you can redeem your coupons.

Redeeming your Etsy coupons are quite a breeze –

  1. Log on to and go to your cart.
  2. Search for the items that are compatible with your Etsy promo code. Note that if you’re buying from more than one shop, your cart will be divided up by both shops.
  3. Click on the “Apply coupon codes” button.
  4. Enter the code or paste it into the box available.
  5. Click “Apply,” and you’re done. The applied coupon will reveal a new discounted price.

You should understand that Etsy coupons are offered by individual sellers who handle their own promotions. Also, if you happen to have coupons from different Etsy shops/sellers, you’d have to enter each coupon code individually.

What you need to know about Etsy coupons

Etsy coupons are offered at occasional and fixed intervals. Let’s briefly analyze these occasions and how Etsy coupons can be used. We will also be looking at the popular coupons commonly found on Etsy.

Etsy coupons tend to fall under three categories:

  • Free shipping coupons
  • Percent-off discounts
  • Fixed discounts

Black Friday/Christmas

During the festive Black Friday season, there are always huge discounts on regular items. Although the Etsy online marketplace is run by independent sellers, Etsy still holds a reputation for offering lovely items at discounted prices. This year’s Black Friday sale will kick off from November 27 – December 2. This is also the perfect time to get those lovely handmade accessories for your loved ones. You can also purchase a host of kitchen and craft supplies at extremely discounted prices.

Christmas season also maintains a similar fashion on the Etsy marketplace. You will be able to get regular priced items at hugely discounted prices as well.

Etsy students’ discount

As earlier stated, Etsy has lots of independent sellers, and every seller has his/her policy. When it comes to students, discounts, all shops have their policy. This type of discount only applies to some student items, not all. Plus, they aren’t always up for long. 

How to save with your Etsy coupons

How can you save big with your Etsy coupon codes? Here are some of the coupons that allow you to save more:

15 – 60% off for jewelry

As a jewelry enthusiast, you can save more when you purchase jewelry items with a 60% discount. Look for necklaces, earrings, and other items within this percentage discount.

10 – 50% off vintage items

You also get to save significantly when you shop for vintage items. In this regard, you should go for vintage items that you can apply your Etsy coupon codes to.

10% off for craft supplies and tools

Shopping for supplies and tools with 10% is also a prudent way to save with your Etsy coupons. Again, you should ensure that the coupon code matches the items in question.

15 – 40% on fabric and textile items    

When looking to save with your Etsy shop coupon, fabric and textile items aren’t an exception as you can also enjoy huge discounts on these items.

Home décor items with 50% discount

On Etsy, you can get décor items at a discounted price of 50%.

Where can I get Etsy coupons?

There are several methods you can rely on when sourcing for Etsy coupons. Let’s examine a few of them.

Always check your inbox

Once you subscribe to your favorite Etsy seller, you are likely to receive emails from henceforth. Ensure you whitelist their emails or mark them as “favorite” so that you will get notified anytime you’re sent an email.

Visit an Etsy homepage frequently

Most Etsy stores tend to have new Etsy coupon offers in their announcement section. So, always check the homepage of your favorite Etsy stores.

Follow your favorite Etsy stores on social media

Most independent sellers on Etsy share coupon codes on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Stay glued to Promopony

Promopony offers a wide range of coupons and promo codes for several stores across the United States and beyond. You can search for your favorite store or click on “COUPONS” on the homepage to see the list of stores available.

Why your coupon codes may not be accepted

There are several reasons why your coupon codes may not be accepted. These include:

  • The wrong shop: You should understand that if you use the right coupon code on the wrong online shop, it won’t work. Given that there are lots of independent stores on Etsy, you should always take note of the shop/store that is offering the coupon.
  • Compatible coupons: You should ensure that the coupon is best suited for the item in question. For instance, you can’t use a jewelry coupon to purchase a fabric item and vice-versa.
  • Expired coupons: Sometimes coupons tend to last while the concerned item is still in stock. Once the discounted item goes out of stock, the coupon might follow suit as well. Most coupons come with expiry dates. However, if you don’t see any expiry date on the coupon, you can always contact the seller.

How to save without a coupon    

With Etsy, shoppers can save conveniently without a coupon. Yes, you read that correctly, let’s show you how!

  1. Always sort by the lowest price: If you’re looking to save hugely on Etsy without a coupon, then you should develop the habit of sorting by the lowest price in your search result. Learn to type in “sale” into the search bar so you would see items on sale with huge discounts.
  2. Bookmark your favorite sellers: There are almost two million sellers on Etsy, so if you find your favorite item in a shop, you should bookmark that shop by clicking the favorite button. It is quite usual for sellers to check in with shoppers that showed interest in an item or items. With this, sellers will look for a workaround to make the price more attractive.
  3. Contact sellers before you purchase an item: Etsy makes it particularly easy to message sellers. Feel free to reach out to sellers before you order an item as you might be able to beat down the price. This would be necessary if you’re looking to buy in bulk.
  4. Bundle shipping: Many shops on the Etsy platforms are small businesses that can’t afford to handle shipping costs like big platforms such as Amazon and the likes. In this regard, you should take the initiative to plan ahead by ordering a few things at a single time from your favorite sellers. If you adopt this strategy, most of the sellers will be happy and eager to bundle shipping costs.

How do I place an order with Etsy?

Shopping on Etsy could not be easier. It does not change whether you are on desktop, mobile or even a tablet. Once you select the products that you are interested in, you will go to the checkout and create a log in. This log in will allow you to track the purchases, as well as allow you to save favorite sellers. You will then review the order, and select your preferred payment method (PayPal, visa, MasterCard, AmEx) and then enter your mailing address. With this finished, shipping options will come up, and you can select from there. Before you checkout, make sure that you have entered all the coupon information or you will miss out! If you are having any problems, Etsy is very active on social media, and offers a variety of ways to contact them including mail, and phone.

Delivery conditions at Etsy

Due to Etsy being simply a platform where sellers and buyers meet, delivery conditions will depend on the seller. Many offer free shipping, while others will charge. From experience, most buyers will offer shipping through USPS with expedited shipping options through FedEx and UPS. You will experience varied days for shipping, but the average is around 3-5 days for each item. Obviously for larger items, shipping will be delayed but no need to worry, your stuff will get to you without an issue.

Returns at Etsy

Much like the shipping section, returns will also vary by seller. Through personal experience some sellers are final sale, and do not offer returns due to the complications it can present. While other larger companies that sell on Etsy do provide returns without an issue. Typically, if the seller does allow returns, you will be responsible for all costs associated with shipping it back. As well, they have the right to not accept damaged, or mislabelled packages back to their homes or businesses. A good piece of advice is to be sure that you like or want the things that you buy on Etsy as returns are a little difficult.

Etsy customer service

Etsy is a new internet company, and because of this their customer service is phenomenal. You will have the best service by chatting with the individual sellers, who will be able to let you know about their product and services offered. If you wish to contact Etsy directly, it is best to contact them through email or through social media. The social media team at Etsy is amazing, and will be able to fix your issues or answer your questions with ease. There is also a great FAQ section on the site, and many of the sellers will also easily answer questions. Remember, Etsy is simply the platform, if you have any questions or comments on the things that are sold on the site, it is best to go through the individual seller shops, rather than the company itself.

Etsy coupons for September 2020

Etsy has some amazing coupons going right now, and PromoPony is a great source for all the coupons on Etsy. There are some amazing deals going on, from some of the top sellers. No matter if you are looking for a top of the line cigar cutter, or a cute gift for your father-in-law, Etsy is the place to do it. Log into the store account, select the items you want to buy, and redeem your savings at checkout, it really is that easy. You can also check the individual sellers for amazing deals on a weekly basis. Etsy has something for everyone, and when you want the greatest homemade deals at a fraction of the price, check out the coupons on PromoPony. Get the latest coupons for September 2020 before it is too late!