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More about FILA

“FILA” is a private sportswear company that was founded in 1911 in Biella, Italy. The headquarters located in Seoul, South Korea. The company is serving all over the world with offices in 11 countries as of 2016.

The South Korean company is one of the largest sportswear companies in the world. Before the 1970s, the company sold underwear as their primary product. It is the largest South Korean sportswear company since the acquisition of the company in 2007 by FILA South Korea.

Key facts about FILA

Key facts about FILA

  • Founded in 1911
  • Has an online presence
  • More than a 100 years old
  • FILA has offices in numerous nations around the world
  • Sold underwear as the primary item before the 1970s

FILA video

Get exclusive discounts through FILA coupons

Sportswear is the standard apparel for active people. But these products can be a bit expensive for someone people. To solve this very problem, FILA coupons are available to help you. FILA coupons can get you exclusive discounts on the prices of all sportswear items that you happen to purchase from the company. Keep in mind that FILA coupons need to be used at checkout for reducing costs. So, if you have been meaning to shop at this store but were hesitant due to your budget, you can go ahead and redeem FILA coupons at checkout for discounts.

Download the watch FILA app

Download the watch FILA app

There is an official app that is available on Android and iOS devices. The company offers an app to manage the smart watch that they make. FILA watch is the smart watch that records and manages sports-related activities of people who wear it. If you have this watch, then the app will assist you in keeping an eye on all your athletic sports related activities on your smartphones. The official FILA app can be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices from their respective stores.

Target audience of FILA

As one of the largest sportswear firms in the world, the company targets men, women, and kids who are interested in their products. The company also targets athletes as they have to build trust in this industry by providing quality products to them. The company offers a wide variety of goods for athletes and average people around the world. If you are getting involved in sports and want high quality some sportswear, then this company will help you in achieving your goals with the right products. The company has an extensive range of goods for men, women, kids, whether professional athletes or not, who want to stay active and healthy. Here is the target audience that company is selling products to:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Kids
  • Athletes

Main categories at FILA store

Main categories at FILA store

  • Men

Men sportswear products are widely available in the online store of this enterprise. The company offers three main categories for men. These categories and their subcategories are:

Men's collections

Men collection includes velour, heritage, tennis, and training sections. In the Velour section, the customers can find velour material items. From velour pants to velour hoods, customers can shop for products depending on the style and colors they want. The items are available in different sizes as well. The Training section includes men collection related to sports training. To manage the price range, you can choose the price range chooser on the left of the website where you can tell the website to show you products that fall in a specific variety. After setting a price range, you will see products in that particular range. These items are available in different colors and sizes.

Men's footwear

Footwear is an important part of sports. High-quality footwear items are available in the online store. The company provides a broad range of footwear products for men including heritage, basketball, tennis, casual, running, work shoes, and boots. These are several kinds of footwear that men need for better sports performance. If you want to play tennis, then tennis shoes will be your choice. For people who like running, they can purchase their favorite items from the running section. Basketball players can navigate the basketball section for the product of their choice from this shopping site.

Men clothing

Men clothing is paramount in the sports as they make an athlete feel comfortable and relaxed. The company is offering shirts, outerwear, pants, shorts and accessories for men. The best part of shopping from this store is that you can search for products by your desired size and favorite colors from this website. The website is easy to navigate and customize to find the right size and color of a product you want to buy.

  • Women

Women Sportswear products are broadly available on the site of the company. The company offers three main categories for women. This variety is the same as for men. These categories and their subcategories are:

Women collections

Women collection includes three subcategories of products. The section is filled with training, tennis, and heritage related products for women. In the Training section, plenty of training suits is available for workouts and other sports activities. Jogging and workout clothing is also included in this list. In the Tennis category, women tops, jackets, bottoms, and shoes are available to purchase. The company offers high-quality products for its customers. In the Heritage section of the store, products like tights, dresses, leggings, shirts, jackets, turtleneck shirts, and bags can be purchased. Make sure to redeem FILA coupons at checkout to buy everything at discounted prices.

Women footwear

This Footwear includes several kinds of items. From memory foam shoe to work shoes, the company has a broad range of footwear products for women. The company is offering memory foam, casual, running, tennis, trail, and work shoes for women to wear. Customers can also use the advanced search feature to purchase an item that allows them to search for their favorite item by choosing the desired color and size.

Women clothing

Shirts, outerwear, dresses, shorts & skirts, pants and leggings, bras & underwear, and other women accessories can found in this section. For women looking for such sportswear items, navigate to the women clothing section, and you will find your favorite product in just a few clicks. Redeem FILA coupons at checkout for discounts.

  • Kids

Children need proper sports apparel as well to keep them safe and comfortable while they try out the games they are interested in. Here is everything that the company is offering for kids on the website:

  • Boys

The company is offering high quality products for kids. Boys can purchase high-quality footwear and some printed shirts from the official online store.

  • Girls

Just like the Boys section, the company is offering products for girls as well. This section has products related to girl clothing like dresses, skirts, and sleeve tops.

  • Work shoes

In the Work Shoe category of the store, the company is offering high-quality shoes that people can wear during their daily life. They can wear them to work and various professional events. The quality of the products is the reason that people purchase these. These shoes are durable and will last you quite a long time. You can redeem FILA coupons at checkout for discounts.

  • Sale

The Sale category is a special section where the company offers sales and discounts on some selected products. Sometimes they offer discounts that 70% off the original retail price and sometimes it is 60% off on a selected range of items. To get more discount on such offers, one can use FILA coupons to buy what they want.

How to buy from FILA?

To purchase from the company, a customer needs an account. Before starting to shop for items you want to buy, one must register with the enterprise by providing the right information to them. You can create an account by signing up on the website. After confirming your details, you will successfully register yourself with the enterprise. Now you can purchase any item from the online store by adding your favorite products in the shopping cart. Once you are done with the selection of your desired products, you can proceed to the payment section. However, you need to use FILA coupons at checkout to get special offers and discounts on your shopping. Just enter the code on FILA coupons and press the redeem button for discounts.

FILA customer service

FILA customer service

The customer service of this sportswear company is exceptional as they allow you to contact them via email or their official phone number. The sportswear company also takes customer feedback on their website which is what great companies often do to make sure that their clients are glad about the services they are providing. The live chat feature is very useful for those who want instant help and solutions for their problems. If you are facing any problem related to the services of the company, then you can contact them through the live chat or via email.

Return policy at FILA

The products that are marked "Final Sale" are not eligible for returns, refunds or exchange. The company offers a 30-day return on all the goods. The process of return can take as long as 21 days. A $8 handling fee will be applied to the items that are to be returned by a customer. Products bought through FILA coupons can also be returned.

Shipping at FILA

The company doesn’t offer same day shipment. Customers will receive the item they have ordered within 1-2 business days following receipt of a confirmation email.

FILA coupons for 2022

FILA coupons need to be used at checkout. These FILA coupons let customers enjoy price cuts when buying sportswear from this company. To get these discount coupons, you need to visit PromoPony. The homepage of PromoPony updates daily so visit often. After selecting the items you want, just redeem FILA coupons at checkout and see the final price of your order be reduced. Keep in mind that all FILA coupons can only be redeemed once.