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Findmypast is a privately held United Kingdom-based online genealogy service that was founded by DC Thomson in 2003. Their headquarters are located in London, England, and they have over 18 million registered users across all of its online brands including Mocavo, Genes Reunited, and the British Newspaper Archive. Findmypast makes it possible to search original historical documents online and allows you to explore over 2 billion records to efficiently and accurately trace your family tree. 

They have United States censuses that date back to the year 1790, an extensive collection of Irish records, the United States military records dating back from the Revolutionary War to World War II, and even newspaper articles that date back to 1710. In the past year alone, they have already added over 30 million records to their online database, and their newspaper archives cover over twenty-one countries, including all of the United States and Canada. They are always updating their system and bringing you new and relevant resources to get you steps closer to the creation of your family tree. They also offer tips on how to find your early ancestors using newspaper articles. If you sign up with your email, you can also receive tips from top genealogy experts to help make your searches a lot easier. 

Findmypast has a pay as you go system and is the only genealogy site where you can search for free and view records with credits through their pay as you go system. They also have over 100 employees and are known as one of the fastest growing online genealogy companies around. Their total revenue is estimated at over $300 million, and this includes income from all sources including magazine and newspaper revenue and circulation and digital and print advertising. 

 Key facts about Findmypast

Key facts about Findmypast 

  • Established in 2003 by DC Thomson 

  • Over 2 billion online records and counting 

  • Total income from all sources totaling over $300 million 

  • Over 100 employees 

  • Largest and most extensive online database available 

  • Genealogy, publishing and records service 

  • Convenient pay as you go feature 


Save money with a free Findmypast coupon 

Findmypast makes tracing your family tree almost effortless. You will get your money’s worth by being given unlimited access to millions upon millions of different records and historical documents that will make building your family tree fun, informative, and easy. If you search for a Findmypast coupon online at PromoPony, you can likely find an array of coupon codes available that will give you 20% to 50% off. You can also sign up on the website for a 14-day free trial so you can try it out before you buy the services. You can get this 14 day free trial with a one or twelve-month subscription to World or Britain without having to use a Findmypast coupon. Once you find your Findmypast coupon at PromoPony, simply enter it in during your checkout process to get access to your discounted price. 

 Findmypast products

Findmypast products 

Among the millions and millions of amazing records and historical documents, you will find: 

  • The United States Consensus Records 

  • The United States and Canada Public Records 

  • Public Records of Birth, Marriage, and Death 

  • Irish Catholic Parish Registers 

  • Family Tree Builder Software 

  • Irish Geneology 

  • Australian Geneology 

  • British Geneology 

  • British Newspaper Archives 

  • British Army Records 1760-1915 

  • Workhouse Records 

  • Apprenticeships Records 

  • Irish Court Records 

  • Passenger Lists of ships leaving the United Kingdom 1890-1960 

  • Other Parish Records including baptisms, marriages, and burials 


Findmypast video 



How do I place an order with Findmypast? 

Findmypast works on a monthly subscription basis. To begin your order, you must first select a subscription and then sign in to your account or register for a new account. Then you will go to the payment options and enter your information and then be able to begin looking for your ancestors immediately. 

Click on “Select a Subscription” and then “Sign in or Register” and then proceed to “Payment.” Three simple steps to begin taking advantage of all of their special offers. Findmypast also works as a Pay as You Go Service. A regular starter Pay as You Go subscription for one month costs $9.95 per month and your credit card will be charged that every month until you cancel. You also have the option of a 12-month subscription at $2.91 per month, but you will be charged $34.95 at checkout. The 12-month subscription price is the best deal you can get on the subscription package. 

The Pay as You Go plan works on credits. You buy a certain amount of credits, and you will have up to ninety days before these credits expire. Sixty credits are $10.95, three hundred credits is $37.95, 900 credits are $82.95. Once you have reviewed and saved your information once, you can go back and view it multiple times. Signing in and registering is free. Click “Register for Free” to set up your account and then “Login” with your information. The Pay as You Go feature is good if you would like to try out the services before you fully commit to a month to month commitment. 

For a regular subscription, without Pay as you Go, the Premium package costs $19.95 per month without a Findmypast coupon. You can also be billed for twelve months at a total cost of $239.50, and you will gain access to over eight billion records. This starter package also includes United States census records, Irish Parish Catholic Registers, United States Newspaper articles, United Kingdom and Irish census records and access to their family tree builder. 

 Delivery conditions at Findmypast

Delivery conditions at Findmypast 

Since you are not purchasing a physical product, only a service, the only thing that is going to be delivered to you is a new account with Findmypast in the form of a subscription to use these services. You can shut your continuous subscription off at anytime you would like. As soon as you enter your payment method, you are free to begin records searching. If you would like to obtain paper copies of birth or death certificates, the best way to do this is by going online to, through this government site you will be able to order paper copies of English and Welsh birth, marriage, and death certificates. You can also email them at or write to them at Certificate Services Section, General Register Office, PO Box 2 Southport PR8 2JD. 


Returns at Findmypast 

Since you are receiving a subscription service, rather than an actual product, there is nothing to go back to findmypast.  You can, however, cancel your subscription at any time. Also, if you do not want your account and credit card to be automatically renewed and charged monthly, you can opt out of the continuous renewal membership within five days of the expiration date. Go to “My Account” and then “Personal Details.” Here you will be able to remove the automatic renewal option. To unsubscribe to their emails and newsletters, just sign into your account, go to your personal details page and unclick where it reads “Please send me an occasional newsletter option” and then select “Update Details.” 

 Findmypast customer service

Findmypast customer service 

Findmypast understands how incredibly frustrating and time consuming it can be when trying to put together your family tree. For this reason, they have included so many features and access to so many online records that are quickly available right at your fingertips. They regularly update the FAQ section on their website to continue to provide you with the most up-to-date and relevant information you may need. If you can’t find the answers to your questions from the FAQ page, then they encourage you to contact customer support so that they can help you further. 

You can complete the “Contact Us” form by typing in your name, email, the subject of your email, and then a short message asking your question. When finished click “Preview” where you can look at what you are about to send and finally click “Contact Us” and your email will be forwarded. Customer service associates try to respond to all email inquiries within twenty-four hours after it has been sent. You can also choose the Live Chat Option, which is also found under the “contact us” link at the bottom of the page, or you can email customer support at Finally, you can reach them by phone Monday thru Friday 9 am to 5 pm (GMT) by calling 44-020-3326-6300. 

 Findmypast coupons

Findmypast coupons 2019 

Findmypast is a monthly service subscription that gives you access to millions of records so that you may finally build your family tree. They offer many ways to save on their website, along with the option of a 14-day free trial and small discounts when you pay the entire total for a full twelve-month subscription. To find more savings online, just search for a Findmypast coupon on PromoPony. You can receive 10% off codes, discounts on monthly subscriptions, and other great Findmypast coupon codes on PromoPony. Findmypast is the easiest way to begin your ancestry search, and with all of the added benefits and resources you are given access to, it will not take very long to start seeing all of your hard work manifest itself into your family tree. Remember, with every subscription you are given access to millions of records, newspaper archives, and other useful information so that you can begin tracing back your family well into the 1700s. Findmypast also makes the perfect gift for the genealogy lover you have in your family, so find your Findmypast coupon code for May 2019 by visiting PromoPony here.