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Gaiam Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in August 2022

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Save 20% Off Active Sitting
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Free Shipping on $50+
Minimum order value: $50
Get 20% Discount on Your Order
Save 25% With Entire Order.
Grab 20% Discount With All Yoga & Meditation
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Redeemed offers: 94
Potential savings: 20%
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20% Discount Save 20% Off Active Sitting Up to revocation
Free Shipping Free Shipping on $50+ Up to revocation

More about Gaiam

Gaiam, which is a mixture of two words, "I am" and "Gaia," is a firm which provides media and products related to fitness. It was founded in 1988. The company also offers products that are related to yoga and its practice including videos. These videos are taught by famous yoga instructors like Rodney Yee. The company has a humungous distribution network with thousands of stores.

The company is dedicated to making wellness, fitness, and yoga accessible for every person across the globe. For this purpose, the company makes their products quite affordable through deals and discounts. However, you can reduce the amount of money you have to pay by using Gaiam coupons.

Key facts about Gaiam

Key facts about Gaiam

  • Founded in 1988
  • Has an online presence
  • Provides fitness and yoga related products

Gaiam video

More about Gaiam

The ideology behind Gaia comes from the ancient philosophy which firmly believes that our planet is a living and breathing entity. The word “Gaiam" actually represents the preservation of living things, planetary awareness, and the support of the interdependence of all living creatures. The company, by respecting, nurturing, and protecting the planet, the inhabitants, and the natural resources hopes to enrich the lives of the customers and the upcoming generation. For this reason, the company provides all of the best products that support the wellbeing of the people. Remember, when shopping with Gaiam, don’t forget to use Gaiam coupons to get all of these health products at a reduced price.


Products at Gaiam

The products available on the website have been categorized according to their uses. Regardless of the categories, you want to shop in; you can always make use of Gaiam coupons to get exclusive discounts. The categories available at Gaiam are:

  • Yoga
  • Active sitting
  • Meditation
  • Apparel
  • Recover

How to place your order

How to place your order at Gaiam

Placing an order at Gaiam is not difficult at all. Before placing the order, however, make sure that you have a few Gaiam coupons with you so that you can get an exclusive discount. To place your order, you first have to search for the product you want. You can browse through the items to find what you are looking for or you can directly search for the item using the search bar present on the website. Once you find the items that you want, you have to put it in a virtual cart by clicking on the 'add to cart' option. Before doing that, make sure that you go through all the pictures, the descriptions and the reviews of that particular product so that you are sure of your purchase. Once you have added all of the items that you want to your cart, you can then proceed to checkout and choose your preferred payment method. At this stage, you need to enter the code present on Gaiam coupons if you have any. These Gaiam coupons will help you to get all your items at a discounted rate.

If you are shopping with Gaiam for the first time, then you will have to register for an account. Don’t forget to use the Gaiam coupons.

Apps by Gaiam

The company has two apps; 'yoga studio' and 'meditation studio.' Both of the apps are available on Android and iOS platforms. However, the meditation studio app is not for free. Details of what the app includes are mentioned below.

Yoga studio

This app has been recommended by many companies and news channels including Huffington Post, MSN, The Guardian, and Fox. The app was also voted as the runner-up in the 2012 and 2013 awards of the best app ever in the fitness category. Simply to put it, this app is the ultimate app for yoga. With this app, you can not only play HD videos of yoga classes that are easy to follow, but you can also create, schedule, and customize your classes according to your preferences.

The app offers more than 70 ready-made meditation and yoga classes with videos available in HD. On the other hand, the app also provides you with the option of customizing and creating your HD classes. With the help of class scheduling, which is one of the features of the app, you can stay right on track. The app also has a library that contains more than 280 poses for yoga with detailed instructions and device. To sum it up, the app is perfect for all beginners and is the best companion for the experts in yoga.

Meditation studio

Meditation Studio is the best app for you if you want to untangle your mind. The app provides a vast selection of more than 200 guided meditations. These meditation guides feature many different styles taught by various teachers. The app offers exclusive courses and collections which help you to focus on the intentions that you have. These courses and collections also help you to have a better understanding of various meditation topics.

The app also lets you have unlimited access to all of the collections of curated meditation to provide certain areas of your life with more clarity. The topics and the collections that are available in the app are mentioned below.

  • Be healthy: this provides you with all of the tools that you require to keep the body and the mind healthy. The topics in the collection include pain, anxiety, and depression.
  • Be awesome: with this collection, you can boost your current mood by finding out how awesome you are! Topics include confidence, happiness, and much more.
  • Be kind: with this collection, you can create a sense of self-love, compassion, and forgiveness in yourself. Topics include relationships and compassion.

Returns and exchange at Gaiam

Returns and exchange at Gaiam

Gaiam wants the customers to be completely happy and a hundred percent satisfied with the purchases that they have made. While the company hopes that you love each product that you buy, the company also understands that sometimes you would want to get an item exchanged or you would want to return it.

If you are displeased with your items and want to return them, then you will have to fill the information of return that is present at the back of the order form that came with the purchase. If you can't find the order form, then you can download the return form from the website. Once done, you can drop the package in the mail with the return label, or you could return the package yourself with FedEx, USPS, or other similar traceable methods.

It would take up to 14 days for the company to process the return. And within just six months of purchasing, the company will refund the original mode of payment for both phone and online purchases. Refunds for credit card appear in 5 business days to 10 business days once they are processed. If you bought products from one of the retail partners of the company, then the products need to be returned from the store that you had originally purchased them from.

Shipment at Gaiam

Apart from shipping to addresses within the US, the company also ships to US military installations as well as US territories. The packages might be shipped through a number of carriers, and the shipping charges will vary. You can use Gaiam coupons to reduce the amount of money you have to pay for shipment of your order. The primary mode of delivery is US Mail. However, the company might use alternate methods for ground shipping specifically for oversized items.

Customer service at Gaiam

The customer service of the company is highly efficient and takes great care of all clients. Representatives are always available if you have any questions regarding your order, shipment or returns. In fact, you can even get to know more about Gaiam coupons by contacting the customer service department of the company. The staff is always available for a friendly chat and is always there to solve all of your problems.

The email address and the phone numbers of the company are listed on the website. However, before you place a call, visit the FAQ page present on the company’s website because it has answers to the most asked questions and there is a high chance that your question has also been answered there. If, however, your answer remains unanswered, you can then make a call.

Gaiam coupons

Gaiam coupons for 2022

Of course, no one wants to skip the chance of getting health products at a discounted price! For this reason, PromoPony has introduced Gaiam coupons with which you can buy all of the products that you need at a reduced price. Make a list of all of the health related products that you need and before you start shopping at Gaiam, make sure that you grab a few Gaiam coupons. And when checking out all of the products, remember to enter the code present on the Gaiam coupons for an exclusive discount. PromoPony regularly updates the page with Gaiam coupons so that you don’t miss a chance to get your hands on a few of these Gaiam coupons. Before you start shopping, just don’t forget to get Gaiam coupons to redeem for exclusive discounts.