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GoodNites Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in August 2022

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Don’t pay more when you don’t have to. Check out our great selection of Goodnites coupons and promo codes to enjoy the lowest prices the easy way.

  • Get Free bedwetting help and advice on
  • Use one of our Goodnites coupons and save big on your next order.

To find out more on saving each time you order from Goodnites, keep reading our guide and you’ll rarely have to pay full price again.

More about GoodNites

Goodnites were first introduced back in 1994. They form part of the Kimberly-Clark line of products that include Huggies diapers and Pull-Ups training pants. Initially Goodnites underwear was unisex, but later releases included specially designed underwear for boys and girls.

How can I use this Goodnites coupon to get a discount?

Good news on finding a Goodnites coupon! That’s the most difficult part, so breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to a nice discount or two. If you’d like some guidance on how to redeem your coupon, here’s a little step-by-step guide for you.

  1. The first thing you’ll need to do is “double click” the coupon. If all is well, you’ll automatically be redirected to
  2. If you revealed a promo code, what are you waiting for? “Right click” and “copy” before you leave.
  3. Time to place an order. Click “buy now” under the product you want.
  4. Next select the size(s)
  5. Choose your retailer from the list that includes Amazon, Target, CVS, Walmart and Walgreens.
  6. You’ll then be redirected to your chosen retailers website where you’ll have checkout.
  7. Enter a promo code if you have one and click “apply”.
  8. Enter your shipping details
  9. Complete your payment.
  10. That’s a wrap. We hope you got yourself a nice discount.

What should I know about saving with Goodnites coupons?

For great discounts on bedwetting underwear for kids, using a coupon is your best bet. Saving with Goodnites coupons is relatively straight-forward and doesn’t require a great amount of effort.

Where can I get a Goodnites coupon from?

You can find all the Goodnites coupons, offers and promo codes you’ll ever need right here with us at PromoPony. Yes you could use one of the many other coupon sites around, but you’ll undoubtedly end up wasting a lot of time going through a mountain of expired deals.

Can I combine Goodnites coupons with retailer coupons?

You can indeed. As Goodnites do not sell their products directly from their website, you must buy from one of their suggested retailers. Redeem your Goodnites coupon and then you can use an Amazon or Target coupon also before you pay.

Are there any Goodnites coupons available now?

Goodnites almost always seem to have a good selection of coupons and special offers available at any one time. If there's a deal worth having, we’ll have it here posted on our page. Right now choose from different coupons.

How long before my Goodnites coupon expires?

The coupons found at Goodnites typically last a while, but don’t take our word for it. There are no expiration dates displayed under their coupons, so there is a risk of missing out. We say, if you’ve found a great discount or deal, use it while you can. There’s nothing worse than not taking a great offer.

What can I do if this Goodnites coupon doesn’t work?

If you’re struggling to redeem your Goodnites coupon or promo code, don’t worry as we’re here to help you every step of the way. Unfortunately problems using coupons are common, but on the bright side, that means there are plenty of solutions.

Has this Goodnites coupon already expired?

In most cases, whenever you suspect that your coupon or voucher may have already expired, you’ll probably be right. If you can’t find an expiration date, we recommend it’s better to start looking for a new deal.

What’s up with this Goodnites promo code?

We know how frustrating it can be to find a potentially awesome promo code, do your shopping only later to find out it doesn’t work at the checkout! To avoid getting too upset, go through these questions to make sure you’re not the one causing the issue.

  • Has the promo code already expired?
  • Are you sure you’ve entered the code in correctly?
  • Are the items you want valid as part of the deal?
  • Is the coupon usable in the US?

Don’t worry if your promo code turns out to be a dud, here at PromoPony there are plenty more to choose from.

What ways can I save when I don’t have a Goodnites coupon or voucher?

There actually aren’t too many ways to save when shopping at Goodnites, if you don’t have a coupon, promo code or voucher of some sort. Here below are some of the ways we’ve come up with to get a discount when you find yourself without a coupon.

Should I sign up to the Goodnites email list?

You should Indeed. Sign up to Goodnites email list or becoming a Goodnites member is totally free, only takes a second and the benefits are great. Find out when upcoming sales are about to happen and you’ll get sent exclusive coupons and special offers right to your inbox.

How can I save money on Goodnites Underwear without a voucher?

We recommend using the wealth of advice and tips available on the Goodnites website. Learn how to deal with your child’s problem in a more effective and caring way. Use the free advice to build their confidence so they won’t always depend on Goodnites Underwear resulting in you buying and spending less.

Do other sites sell Goodnites cheaper? does not actually sell any Goodnites products, you’ll in fact be redirected to another retailer like Amazon, Target or Walmart. As Well as looking out for Goodnites deals, you can also keep an eye out for Walgreens Coupons, Kroger Coupons and coupons for the previously mentioned stores.

Check out the competition and save when you use one of these great Pampers Coupons. Save on their version of bedwetting underwear.

What should I know about Goodnites before I place an order?

Bedwetting can be a traumatic period in any child’s life. With such uncertainty each night and so much shame attached to wetting the bed, it can really become a source of sadness if not dealt with properly. While most kids simply ‘grow out of it’, it’s important to make it as easy as possible for them while it’s still happening. Here’s where Goodnites comes into play, the number one nighttime protection brand. At find an extensive selection of bedwetting products for both boys and girls that will ease the problems associated with bedwetting. No more wet sheets and embarrassing stains in the morning with Goodnites underwear. Boost your child’s confidence and give them that little bit of control over their problem. It’s important for your child not to feel ashamed and attempt to hide what’s going on. One problem is the bedwetting, worse is the anxiety each night. Get expert advice and tips from the team at Goodnites, for your better understanding of why it happens, and in-turn more peace of mind for your child. Get help on common questions like ‘what about sleepovers?’ For a child that wets the bed, sleepovers can be quite the conundrum indeed. With the right Goodnites products, watch those worries disappear. Use coupons to save on packs of nighttime underwear, Goodnites bed mats, absorbent inserts and more. Combine the best bedwetting underwear and products around with excellent advice and let this big issue become just a passing phase.

If your child suffers from bedwetting, it’s more than likely just an embarrassing phase. To make your child’s and also your life easier, a visit to will do wonders for you both. With great products and plenty of resources to understand more about what’s going on, like the video below. Bedwetting will no longer dominate your child’s thoughts each night before bed.

What if Goodnites is not suitable for my child?

If you or your child are not completely satisfied with your purchase from Goodnites, you can get your money back without any problem. Just complete a money back guarantee form within 30 days of making your purchase.

Does Goodnites underwear stop kids from wetting the bed?

Goodnites NightTime underwear will not directly stop your child from wetting the bed, but they can definitely help to build your child’s confidence and reduce anxiety. Use all the free tips and information along with Goodnites products to take the stress and shame out of bedwetting.