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Google Play Store is the official app store of Google. You can find apps for all Android smartphones and tablets in Google Play Store. The Google Play Store is part of the Internet company Google Inc., which is mainly known for its Internet search engine. The headquarters of Google is located in Mountain View in the United States. The company was founded in 1998. In addition to apps, Google Play also offers music, movies, computer games, and e-books.

Facts about Google Play Store

  • App Store of Google
  • Belongs to Google Inc.
  • Founded in 1998
  • Located in Mountain View (United States)

A Google Play Store coupon saves on the best apps

Do you own a smartphone or tablet that has the Android operating system installed? Then you certainly know the Google Play store. Whenever it comes to downloading an app on your smartphone, this happens in the Google Play Store. Apps have significantly changed our everyday lives. For a wide variety of applications—from very practical things to fun and entertainment—there is now a suitable app. Many apps can be downloaded for free. Others, particularly high-quality and comprehensive applications cost money. Often it is these Android apps on Google Play Store, which equip your mobile phone with many new features and make everyday life easier for you. So how can you save on the best apps from Google Play? Quite simple: with a Google Play Store coupon. This will also make the most popular and best apps cheaper. In addition, you save money on video games, music, movies and e-books with a Google Play coupon.

The Google Play Store belongs to the Electronics and Services category. In addition to the best apps you can find here the latest mobile phones and smartphone models, and above all, the lowest rates in the cost of mobile operators. With the right coupon, you can save on the best mobile phone/tariff combinations, in top online shops such as Vodafone and Samsung. 

Google Play Store video

Google Play Store coupons for apps, movies, music and more

Apps, movies, music, computer games and e-books—all of which you can download and save from the Google Play Store in seconds thanks to the Google Play store coupons. You can now find applications available for all possible areas of life. Google Play coupons save on very useful apps, such as a smartphone-flashlight, calculator, or an online weather service. Communication apps especially are among the most popular applications. With a Google Play Store coupon you save on the best messengers and chat programs. With the Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter or Google Hangouts—communication has never been so easy with the right app. Online shopping is also more convenient than before thanks to the latest Android apps. Whether Ebay, Amazon or other online stores, Google Play store coupons are making shopping cheaper. With Google Play you get much more than just apps. Google Play coupons also apply to movies and music. You can also download on your phone the latest Hollywood blockbuster as well as the most recent album from your favorite band. Are you a passionate gamer? You can also use a Google Play Store discount. Whether it's a rolling game, a shooter, a quiz, a racing game or an arcade game, the best video games will be cheaper for you and as a real bookworm, you will also find something on Google Play. With the latest e-books, you can enjoy mobile literature anywhere.

A Google Play Store coupon code turns your smartphone into a kiosk

To buy a magazine or newspaper, one formerly went to the kiosk or shop. With the latest apps in the Google Play Store, the kiosk has become digital—and can also be customized. You can read the most famous daily newspapers as an app, whether it's The New York Times or USA Today. A Google Play store coupon code also applies to all newspapers and magazines. From Cosmo or Vogue—you can find the best magazine apps from all topics and save money with a Google Play Store discount code.

Google Play Store

  • Apps for smartphones
  • Apps for tablets
  • Films
  • Music
  • Computer games
  • E-Books
  • Newspapers and magazines

Download and payment at the Google Play Store

To sign up for the Google Play Store, you need a Google email account. If you have created this, you can simply download the desired app with your smartphone or tablet. If the app is free, you have nothing else to consider. If the app is paid, the amount will be deducted from your next mobile phone bill. The app can be purchased by credit card as well.

Terms of use at the Google Play Store

The terms of use vary depending on the app. You will find it before the download with the detailed information. There are no special terms of use for many apps. In Magazines Apps, for example you can order a subscription just as in the print edition. This is valid for a period of time, and the money will be regularly deducted.

Cancellation at the Google Play Store

You can cancel and delete any App on the Google Play Store, whether a free or a paid App. In the case of the free apps you do have 15 minutes. So you can test the app briefly and get an impression. If you want to cancel the app, go back to the Google Play Store and then to your downloads list. There you can cancel the respective app directly.

Service and advice at the Google Play Store

Do you have questions about the download? Do you need expert advice on the latest apps in the Google Play Store? Then just go to the Google Play Store customer service. You can reach this through an online form, where you can get the most important questions and answers on all relevant Google Play Store topics. If your request still could not be resolved satisfactorily, you can specify your telephone number. You will be called by Google Play immediately.

Google Play Store coupons 2019

The latest and best apps from the Google Play Store will be cheaper for all Android smartphones and tablets. How? With Google Play Store coupon PromoPony. This will save you money in 2019 when you download your desired app. At PromoPony you will also find many more coupons and discounts from the telephone, the internet, and television category. You do not want to miss the best mobile rates? Are you are looking for the fastest Internet? Do you want to expand your TV  program to new digital channels? With the coupon alert from PromoPony you can find matching coupons for all of this!