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GrubHub Promo Codes & Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in March 2023

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Get $12 Off on Your First App Order of $15+
Minimum order value: $15
Get 25% Off on $15 Code When Using The App
Minimum order value: $15
Earn $12 on Your First $15 Order - Offer For App Users
Minimum order value: $15
Get $10 Off on Your First Order
Get $10 Off on App Orders $15 Or More For New Customers Only
Minimum order value: $15
Get $10 Off on Your First Order
New Customers - Save $10
Minimum order value: $15
Only valid for: New customers
Phoenix Residents Save $12
Minimum order value: $15
Miami Residents Save $12
Minimum order value: $15
Limited Use Only! Get $10 Off on Delivery Orders of $15+ Using The Grubhub App For New Diners
Minimum order value: $15
Get $10 Off on Your First Delivery Order of $15 Or More
Minimum order value: $15
Get $10 Off on Your First Order
San Jose Residents Save $12
Minimum order value: $15
Los Angeles Residents Save $12
Minimum order value: $15
App Offer! New Diners Save $10 with Your Order
Free Shipping
Get Free Shipping on $15+ For New Customers
Minimum order value: $15
New Customers Save $12
Download The App To Unlock $12 Off Your First Order
Only valid for: New customers
Take $12 Off on Your App Order of $15
Minimum order value: $15
Limited Deal!! Get $10 Off on Your First Order
Great Deal!! $10 Off on $15+ First Grubhub Delivery
Minimum order value: $15
Coupon Type
  • Online Coupons
  • Online Sales
Discount type
  • % Off
  • $ Off
  • Free Shipping
Offers: 18
Redeemed offers: 29679
Potential savings: 25% / $10-$12

Check out these super easy ways to save on your next takeout order using these Grubhub promotions and offers.

  • Get $10 off your first Grubhub order when you spend $15 or more, no promo code necessary.
  • Download the Grubhub app today to begin enjoying a whole bunch of great perks. Gain access to exclusive perks and awesome deals.

Keep reading our guide, to find out all the ways that you can save on orders from your favourite restaurants.

Discount Details Valid until
$12 Discount Get $12 Off on Your First App Order of $15+ Up to revocation
25% Discount Get 25% Off on $15 Code When Using The App Up to revocation
$12 Discount Earn $12 on Your First $15 Order - Offer For App Users Up to revocation
$10 Discount Get $10 Off on Your First Order Up to revocation
$10 Discount Get $10 Off on App Orders $15 Or More For New Customers Only Up to revocation

More about GrubHub

Grubhub has been around since 2004, and is based in Chicago. It was founded by three amigos Mike Evans, Roman Gaskill and Matt Maloney who aimed to replace paper menus. Grubhub now has almost 20 million users in the US, with more than 110,000 associated restaurants. Grubhub has recently been bought by european company ‘Just Eat Takeaway’ for a reported $7.3 billion in stock. Grubhub is a great way to try some new food. Use one of our coupons and save on your next order, what will you try next? Check out the Grubhub videos on Youtube for inspiration, here’s one below.

We hope you enjoy and get great use from our Grubhub savings guide. Delicious food at low prices is on it’s way! 

How do I redeem a Grubhub coupon?

Ok so you’ve found yourself a Grubhub coupon deal, very good! Now all you have to do is figure out how to use it. If you’re needing some help, we’ve put together this simple step-by-step guide.

  1. Ok, begin by giving the coupon a confident “double click”, you should be then taken to the page you need on
  2. “Copy” any promo or discount codes.
  3. Now time to order some great food!
  4. If you’re not using the app, enter your address or zip code to find restaurants close to you.
  5. Use the filters to choose what kind of food you want and to narrow down your options.
  6. Choose whether you prefer delivery or pickup.
  7. Make your food selections from the menu you’ve chosen and “add to bag”.
  8. Once you’re done, schedule a delivery or pickup time.
  9. “Proceed to checkout” and if you haven’t got one already, you’ll need to create an account.
  10. Before you pay, enter your promo code if you have one and click “apply”.
  11. Make sure everything is looking good and make your payment.
  12. Enjoy your meal!

How can I save using a Grubhub coupon?

Enjoying a discount on your next order using Grubhub is made a lot easier when you have a coupon or promo code. Read through these FAQs for all the information you need to know about saving with Grubhub coupons.

How many Grubhub deals are there in March 2023?

Saving on order from your favorite restaurants isn’t as hard as you might think, in fact it’s quite easy when you order through Grubhub. Check out our page and you’ll find a decent selection of coupons to help you save. Right now there are 18 promotions available for you.

Where are the best Grubhub coupons found?

With pride and full confidence, we can advise that you only need to use PromoPony for access to the best Grubhub coupons and promo codes. If there’s a grubhub coupon worth your time and sweat, we’ll have it posted for you.

How much can I save using a Grubhub coupon?

It really depends on what type Grubhub coupon or promo code you have and for which restaurant. Expect offers like free delivery, free sides and money off vouchers. For a limited time only get a $12 Discount at Grubhub.

How long do I have to use my Grubhub coupon?

How long a Grubhub coupon or voucher will last differs greatly, but usually they don’t last for too long. If you’re not planning to use the coupon right away, try to find an expiry date so you don’t risk missing out. 

Why doesn’t this Grubhub voucher work for me?

It can be very frustrating indeed when you think you’ve found a great Grubhub voucher or coupon, but it ends up not doing what it’s supposed to. In order to not let it ruin your day, check out the questions below and hopefully you’ll find a solution.

Has this Grubhub coupon already expired?

It’s all but too common to discover that a promising coupon or deal has in fact, already expired. Try to find an expiration date if possible to save yourself a lot of time. If that fails, look for the deal on the Grubhub homepage before moving on to find another coupon.

Is this Grubhub promo code valid?

If a Grubhub promo code is being rejected or not doing much at all, it could be time you found another one. Check out these questions below and if your answer if ‘yes’ to all of them, you’ll need another code pronto.

  • Have you understood the terms and conditions?
  • Is the deal valid in your state?
  • Have you entered the promo code correctly?
  • Is the restaurant part of the promotion?

How can I save without a Grubhub coupon? 

Yes indeed, saving on your favorite food with Grubhub doesn’t always have to require a coupon or promo code. Keep reading and we’ll unveil all the ways that you need to know about...thank us later.

Is Grubhub+  worth it?

Absolutely. If you plan on continuing to use Grubhub, signing up for Grubhub+ is a must. You’ll be able to enjoy awesome perks like free unlimited delivery, rewards, exclusive offers and even free food! You’ll instantly get $10 in member perks once you join.

Is there a student discount at Grubhub?

Student life is busy and often stressful. Grubhub is here to help you study more by saving you time not cooking. There are some really great student deals available at Grubhub. Just by confirming that you’re a student you can get $12 off your first order of $15 or more.

How can I save on my next Grubhub order?

Whether you love sushi, crave hotdogs or really want a hot bowl or delicious Ramen, order and save when you use Grubhub. Get $10 off your first order using Grubhub when you spend $15 or more. If you already have an account, get a friend to sign up and help you both to save.

What is Grubhub Perks?

Grubhub Perks is a great way for you to save on every meal you order. Enjoy Grubhub deals, promo codes and coupons and a lot more. Simply enter your address to find all the Grubhub Perks available near you.

Looking for more discounts on food delivery and restaurants? Here are some very useful coupons for you to look through like Uber Eats coupons or Doordash deals.

What should I know about using Grubhub?

Once you start using Grubhub, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Download the Grubhub app to make everything a lot easier. Order on the go and gain access to coupons and discount codes. Grubhub is very easy to use and makes getting takeout affordable to all.

Is Grubhub cheaper than UberEats?

Both food delivery services provide very competitive prices and perks. The key to cheap eats is always to find yourself a coupon or promotional code before placing an order, Whichever service you go with, enjoy your meal!