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GrubHub is a restaurant that founded in 2004. The headquarters of GrubHub is situated in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Michael Evans and Matt Maloney are the founders of this restaurant. GrubHub is the restaurant that not only provides the services of dining in but take aways and home delivery too. GrubHub deals in various types of cuisine and traditional items.

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Key facts about GrubHub

  • The company has more than 44,000 restaurant partners
  • Over 1,000 cities across the United States and the United Kingdom
  • The company processes more than 267,800 orders per day and has 6.97 million active diners.


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GrubHub brands

        GrubHub brands

GrubHub provides its customers with a chance to enjoy meals from different brands. These brands include Seamless, Restaurants on the Run; you can even order food from DiningIn, AllMenus and Delivered Dish, MenuPages, and LAbite, etc


  • Seamless: Is an online food ordering platform where diners connect with local restaurants to bring them some amazing food. Seamless serves individual consumers, along with corporate businesses in both U.S. and London. You can search for any local diners or local restaurants available when ordering your food. With Seamless, businesses can even get all of their orders billed to a single account. There are three ways through which you can order:
  • Individual meals: Businesses that pay for their employee meals, Seamless then allows all the employees a chance to order food from any local restaurant while all the expense reports are eliminated.
  • Group ordering: This company feature allows a group of employees to order their selected meals from a preselected group of restaurants. You will receive labeled and separately packed food, and this way it is easier for the individuals to pay for their orders themselves or the businesses could also pay for them.  
  • Corporate catering: This allows corporate clients to place an order online from different caterers that are available in their cities.


In September 2011, all the menus and MenuPages were acquired by GrubHub. Meanwhile in 2015, GrubHub acquired DiningIn which is an online food ordering and delivery company that based in Brighton, MA. DiningIn operates in different cities and is pretty well known for its food and its services. Restaurants on the Run is a food delivering company which was also acquired by GrubHub in February in 2015. This company based in Aliso Viejo, CA and is quite famous as well. Soon in December 2015 the Company then acquired Delivered Dish and in May 2016 GrubHub managed to acquire one of the largest restaurant delivery service.

In June 2014, GrubHub offered different restaurants that do not have their delivery services to avail delivery options as well finally. The company is now said to be delivering food is more than 50 different countries spread all across the U.S. Also more than 5,000 restaurants are said to be availing this GrubHub delivery option as well.


Why GrubHub?

GrubHub is that kind of restaurant that makes you feel that you cooked that food in your home, quality is the priority of the company, GrubHub is not only providing the quality but also make things available to their clients on their doorstep. The basic thing that clients want is that time of delivery and quality of the product is excellent. Quality is always high for GrubHub because company CEO states: “Customers are the life of any company, give preference to their demands and enjoy infinite life.”

Pick up your phone and order meals in minutes. Things that make GrubHub differ and clients prefer them over other meal brands are:

  • The order will be at your doorstep within the given time.       
  • Any issues in late delivering of the product will be informed to the client as you place the order.
  • Concession in payment if the product is delivered late.
  • Special season products are offered by GrubHub.
  • Things are made freshly and with pure ingredients.

How can I place my order online?

The methodology of placing an order at GrubHub is simple.

  • Select the items that you want to purchase in your cart.
  • Confirm your order through your email id.
  • Select the method of payment whether it will be cash on delivery or through a debit card.
  • Most of the accepted payment method is through visa or a debit card


How can I place my order online?

Moreover, there is a facility that you don’t have to visit the website to order the product just download the app from the Android app store or iTunes, tap the app and you have a wide range of food items in front of you, order what you want and enjoy the meal. The app is very easy to use. All you need to do is log in with the customer account you have created and then proceed to place your order. Make sure to use the GrubHub coupons when finalizing your order to get exclusive discounts. If you’re ordering something for the first time from GrubHub, then you will need to create a customer account for yourself. You can do this by signing up. You will be asked to provide some information about your name, payment, etc. A confirmation email will be sent to you. Now, you need to use the same email and password you provided during signup to sing into your account. Once you log in successfully, you can proceed to place your order and redeem GrubHub coupons for exclusive discounts. The good thing is that you can use the same customer id and password to sign into the GrubHub official website as well as the app to place orders. You can also look at your order history and leave reviews as well if you want. During checkout is the stage where you need to redeem your GrubHub coupons if you have them.


GrubHub customer care

GrubHub has got one of the best customer care teams a client can ask for. Queries can be submitted to the team through email, calling the helpline, or contacting them through their social media accounts. Within 24 hours a customer service agent will get back to you and help you sort out the problem you’re facing. Through that manner, the client will get the time span in which the query is resolved. The customer service agent will inform you when the problem will be resolved and the steps that you have to take precautions to avoid any disturbance. Customer service is on the mission to facilitate clients so that one can’t be bothered due to unforeseen circumstances. If there any technical issues on the website or any issues with physical delivery, every registered customer will get information about the problem through email. If the issue belongs to one particular customer than he or she may receive an email or call from customer support to help them out. The website also has a FAQ section which you can go through to see if it has the answer to the problem or queries that you have. It is always a good idea to read the FAQ section. GrubHub caters to millions of people and that is why numerous clients have questions they want to be answered. The FAQ is a collection of common queries that people have about the return, delivery, ordering policies, along with their answers. However, if you can’t find the answer that you’re looking for, then you can go ahead and contact the customer care department. A representative will get back to you as soon as possible to help you out.


GrubHub coupons for 2018

GrubHub coupons

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