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Harry's Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in March 2023

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$5 Discount Up to $5 Discount On Any Shave Set + Free Trial Set Up to revocation

More about Harry's

Harry’s is a popular retailer and manufacturer of shaving equipment for men. It was founded by Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider in March 2013. By the end of January 2014, Harry’s purchased the Feintechnik razor company in Germany and invested more than $100 million to get control of their entire manufacturing process. By the beginning of July 2015, the company was worth $75.6 Million. Headquartered in New York City, the company was built to give men a great shave that represents quality craftsmanship and modern convenience. Harry’s wanted to give its customers a great shave at a fair price, and hence launched products like razors, shaving gels, face washes, and much more that are designed to give every man an exclusive shaving experience.  

By owning the German factory, Harry’s can direct the entire process, from grinding high-grade steel to delivering razors to its customers. Harry’s thrive to create a new standard in men’s grooming industry, where they are selling quality blades at reasonable rates, in comparison to many big companies, who have owned a major portion of world’s razor factories and sell at huge profits. Hundreds of German engineers and designers work to create millions of precision blades every year. The company currently ships its products all over America, Canada, and US military locations around the world, and has one barber shop in the heart of NYC, which you can easily book by appointment. 

Key facts about Harry’s Grooming

Key facts about Harry’s

  • The company was founded by Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider in March 2013

  • Headquarters are in New York City and Thüringen, Germany

  • Harry’s bought Feintechnik razor company in Germany in 2014

  • The company’s worth net was $75.2 Million in 2015

  • Harry’s popular blades are Thurman and Winston

  • They also sell shaving cream, shaving gel, face wash, face lotion, and other shaving items

  • Company has a barber shop at 61 MacDougal Sl. New York

  • Harry’s delivers its products all across the United States of America

Save money with a free Harry’s coupon

Harry's is a razor company that has ground-breaking success records and millions of user base, worldwide. Their primary objective is to deliver premium German blades, embedded in quality razors, which users can buy without burning a hole in their pockets. Now with PromoPony collection of Harry's coupon codes, you can buy your favorite men's shaving care products like shaving gel and razors at highly even more slashed prices. By redeeming the promo codes and coupons, you can get incredible discounts (which can be up to 70%) on your next purchase. From foamy shaving gel and face lotion with SPF to German-built blades, you can now get them all with great deals by using coupon codes available at PromoPony.

Harry’s video

Harry’s products you’ll love

Harry’s company is popular among American men for its world-class production of men’s grooming items, at highly affordable rates. They manufacture every product at their German factory, where hundreds of engineers and designers work to create perfect razors and blades, consistently. There is much more to Harry’s than just razors, as they are also famous for their quality production of shaving gels and skin care items for men. Every product is designed to help you make your morning easier, and keep your skin protected, during and after shaving. Check out the following list of Harry’s products, which you can buy at cheaper rates by redeeming coupon codes:

  • The Winston - Razor

The Winston is a razor designed with five German blades, flexible hinge, premium trimmer, and a lubricating strip. The ergonomic body is made with high-quality die-cast zinc and chrome, which provides a handsome finish to the razor and gives you a rubberized grip for optimal control. You can also get it engraved for a more personalized experience at reasonable costs with promotional coupons.

  • Winston’s body features zinc grip that has diamond patterns, to make it easier to grip and control while shaving

  • The high-quality steel’s nanostructure is altered by heating it to 2,000 F and then instantly cooling at less than -100 F

  • It is fitted with five blades that evenly distributes the pressure over the skin, and ensures a smooth finish

  • Trimming of sideburns is now easier with a special blade attached at the top of the cartridge

  • The hinge is flexible, which makes it easier to glide at curvy areas like chin

Harry’s Grooming products you’ll love

  • The Truman - Razor

The Truman by Harry’s is a less expensive version of Winston, but less doesn’t mean low-quality features. It has the same five German blades, precision trimmer, flexible hinge, and a lubricating strip. Truman is different than Winston in two aspects: razor’s grip and body. Here are the most popular features of Truman, which you can now buy at slashed rates with coupon codes:

  • The entire body is made of specialized rubber, including grip

  • Five German blades are used to give you the ultimate smooth finish

  • This razor also has blades made from high-quality steel, which was once heated at 2,000 F and then cooled at -100 F, to change its nanostructure

  • Flexible hinge and additional blade of sideburns trimming

The Truman - Razor

  • Foaming shaving gel

With Harry's smooth shaving gel, you can get a shave that is lathered with a creamy foam that helps in effortless gliding of the razor. This formula has natural ingredients like aloe and cucumber, which hydrates and refreshes the skin. Now you can enjoy a close and perfect shave with Harry's shave gel collection, which you can now buy at discounted rates by redeeming coupon codes.

Shave cream

  • Shave cream

Apart from a high-quality razor with premium blades, you need a shaving cream that can help you get the perfectly smooth shaving experience. With Harry's shave cream, created with a blend of 12 natural oils and extracts like eucalyptus and marula oil, you can get the best shave in no time. These shaving products are now available at reasonable rates with promo coupons.

Post shave balm

  • Post shave balm

Despite using Harry's superior razors with German blades, shaving can leave your skin dry and itchy. Are you looking for a post-shave balm that instantly provides relief after shaving? Then this Harry's after shave cream is the one for you! An exclusive formula including natural ingredients like cucumber and aloe reduces redness and moisturizes the skin, leaving it cool and refreshed after a shave. Now you can buy the skin care product and save money with coupon codes.

Post shave balm

  • Daily face wash

Removing the accumulation of dust and dirt in the pores of your skin is an important skin care routine. Men's skin is very different from that of a woman, and hence they need a specialized face wash that can exfoliate their tough skin and provides a deep cleaning action. With Harry's face wash, featuring volcanic rock, eucalyptus, and peppermint, you can get gentle exfoliation benefits of facial scrub, which will be ideal for your everyday cleansing.

Daily face wash

  • Daily face lotion SPF 15

Hydration of the skin is crucial for maintaining the softness and shine. With Harry's Daily Face Lotion for Men, you can now treat your skin with a non-greasy and lightweight lotion with accents of shea butter and subtle mint. This lotion also has a unique mineral broad spectrum SPF 15 formula, which provides protection from UVA/UVB rays that won't leave residues and heaviness on the skin's surface. You can now buy this revolutionary SPF-enriched face lotion at even more discounted rates by redeeming coupon codes.

Daily face lotion SPF 15

  • Lip balm SPF 15

The skin covering on our lips is the most sensitive part of our face. They get easily prone to chapping and requires regular hydration to ensure hydrated and soft lips. With this amazing Harry's lip balm of men, you can now get the essentials of shea butter and soothing protection with special SPF 15 formula at incredibly reasonable rates with coupon codes. The peppermint will provide a cooling sensation and the shea butter with nourish the skin from within. Keep your lip shiny and smooth with Harry's lip balm.

Lip balm SPF 15

  • Harry's blades

Without a doubt, Harry's blades have changed the face of razor industry forever. While many big brands are selling their products at astonishingly high rates, Harry's is getting the best of razors at incredibly affordable prices. Their German blades are designed with a unique flex hinge and lubricating strip, which makes the whole shaving experience, delightful and perfect. These blades are durable and are designed to give precise trimming for your sideburns, to help you reach areas which are difficult to trim like under the nose. Harry's German factory is popular for producing sharpest blades for almost 100 years, by using high-grade steel grinding techniques. These blades are assembled with Harry's razor, to give your shaving the best of both worlds. The blades come in a box that is water-friendly, and 100% recycle, to keep your blades in optimal condition. Buy your Harry's blades at discounted rates with promotional coupons.

Harry's blades

  • Harry's razor stand

Now you can keep your Harry's razor high and dry with a unique razor stand, which keeps your blade above water to keep them sharpened for longer. The built-in grip at the base prevents it from slipping, and the aluminum stand is designed for all Harry's razors.

Harry's razor stand

  • Harry's travel kit

Now you can use your Harry's shaving essentials wherever you go with this stylish Harry's Travel Kit. The kit is large enough to fit your travel necessities, and the water-friendly fabric increases its durability when you use it in the bathroom. Now you have one less thing to worry about on your trip with Harry's Travel Kit, which you can now buy at even more discounted rates by retrieving coupon codes.

Harry's travel kit

Deals at Harry’s

At PromoPony, you can get access to the finest selection of Harry's coupon codes that are available to help every man save more with every purchase. You can get astonishing discounts at the checkout when you redeem one of the many PromoPony Harry's promo coupons. You can get exciting deals like 50% off on razors, 30% off on blades, 40% off on shaving gels, and much more. Get your fingers clicking and buy your favorite Harry's shaving products while you save big!

Harry’s app

To enhance a customer's shopping experience at Harry's, they have launched a highly responsive and user-friendly iOS app that will help you buy the essentials for a great shave in just a few taps. You can place an order with Harry's in under 15 seconds with this simple-to-use app and restock your shaving items on the go. Here are some of the most incredible features of Harry's iOS app:

  • You can easily track your order and manage your Shave Plan subscription

  • One-touch check out with Apple Pay

  • Easily redeem coupon codes at checkout

  • Get access to customer care service at any time

Harry’s Grooming app

How to Place an Order at Harry's

Ordering at Harry's is fast and straightforward. Firstly, create an account with Harry's to keep your order details and other personal information private. 

To initiate an order, select your favorite item that you want to buy, and choose the color and number of items, if available. Once you have added your selection, click on 'Add to Cart, ' and you will be redirected to your cart. Here you can see all your products that you want to buy and a total amount, including shipping rates. After clicking 'Checkout,' you will be required to add your shipping address and select your preferred shipping option. Here you can also add your coupon code from PromoPony and get astonishing discounts on your purchase. After redeeming the coupon and adding your shipping address, click on 'Continue to Payment,' select a payment method, and your order will be placed.

Delivery Conditions at Harry's

Harry's ship to the entire United States, Canada, and all US Military locations around the world. They also ship their products to Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Saipan, and Guam.

In the Standard Economy Shipping, it takes 5-10 business days without any additional costs for orders above $10. If you have your order delivered within five business days, you can expedite the process for an additional fee. Deliveries in the United States, DHL SmartMail, and FedEx services are used, and for delivery in Canada, Canada Post is used for shipping.

Returns at Harry's

Harry's return policies are very customer-friendly and sincere. They offer 30 days full-refund if you're not satisfied with your purchased product. Just provide the original receipt, and you can get your product exchanged or returned. The return payment will be made after deducting the shipping cost.

Harry’s customer service

Harry's have a great and supportive customer care team that will answer your queries. Whether you want to learn more about the products, need help ordering and redeeming coupons, or have doubts about the shipping options, you can get in touch with Harry's customer care in the following ways:

  • Call them at 888 212 6855 from 10am - 6pm EST

  • Send a mail at help&harrys.com and get a prompt reply between 10 am - 6 pm EST

  • You can also contact them via their social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+

  • You can also refer to their FAQ section, where you can get an answer to the most common questions about return policies and much more.

Harry’s Coupons 2023

Harry's are known to provide high-quality razors for a fair price to their customers in the United States and Canada. Their products are already available at affordable prices, but now you can buy the best shaving essentials in the market at even more discounted rates with PromoPony coupon codes. Get instant updates on the latest Harry's promo coupon for March 2023 by visiting PromoPony regularly. You can also sign up for PromoPony newsletter and get instant updates about the latest coupons, to get the best benefits. Revolutionize your morning routine and give your skin the kiss of goodness with Harry's and save big on every purchase with PromoPony.