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Hayneedle Coupons & Promo Codes

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in March 2023

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Rugs And Pillows Up to 80% Off
Deck Boxes Up to 70% Off
Bar Stools Up to 60% Off
Save Up to 55% on Swing Sets And Trampolines
Outdoor Shade Now Up to 55% Off
Fitness Equipment Up to 50% Off
Save Up to 50% on Gliders And Nursery Rockers
Up to 45% Off Transcontinental Patio Furniture
Up to 30% Off Lighting Sale
Get Up to 25% Off on Trees And Trim + More
Bedding And Bedding Sets Are 25% Off
Grab Up to 15% Off on Fire Pits
Get 10% Off on Next Order With Hayneedle's Email Sign Up
Free Shipping
Avail Free Shipping Sitewide
Up to 50% Off Living Room Furniture
Up to 30% Off Porch & Patio Event
Gift Cards For You!
Furniture on Sale
Grab Up to 45% Off on Bar Stools
Get Up to 35% Off on Accent Tables
Get Up to 35% Off on Accent Chairs
Coupon Type
  • Online Sales
Discount type
  • % Off
  • $ Off
  • Free Shipping
  • Freebie
Offers: 18
Redeemed offers: 15
Potential savings: 10%-80%

Hayneedle is an online furniture retail company that is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. The company operates exclusively online and has furniture from over 3,000 brands on offer. Founded in 2002, Hayneedle is one of the top e-commerce furniture companies in the world today; it has achieved this feat by putting its customers first and prioritizing quality over profit. This is evident in its high-quality, yet affordable merchandise which can be made even more affordable through the use of coupons. One of these is discussed below.

Email List Coupon

Üeople who sign up for Hayneedle's email list are automatically awarded a 10% Hayneedle coupon code. This can then be used to get a discount on their next purchase.

Discount Details Valid until
80% Discount Rugs And Pillows Up to 80% Off Up to revocation
70% Discount Deck Boxes Up to 70% Off Up to revocation
60% Discount Bar Stools Up to 60% Off Up to revocation
55% Discount Save Up to 55% on Swing Sets And Trampolines Up to revocation
55% Discount Outdoor Shade Now Up to 55% Off Up to revocation

More about Hayneedle

Furnishings are crucial when it comes to achieving comfort, whether in the workplace, at home, outdoor, etc. At home, they set the stage for relaxation while also providing aesthetics. In the office, they do the same as they do at home, while also setting the stage for us to work in the most comfortable way possible. Without the right furniture in both of these places, as well as in other places, we wouldn't feel half as comfortable as we do in them. So, we can all agree that furnishings are essential and that getting furniture that befits a specific environment is vital for deriving the utmost comfort from them. But then, where can we get the right furnishing, and at very competitive prices? The answer is Hayneedle. Read along to find out why.

How to Shop More and Pay Less with Hayneedle Coupons

Hayneedle is an e-commerce company that operates out of Omaha, Nebraska. Its story began in 2002 when three men bought an online store called Hammocks.com from a farmer somewhere in Washington. They did not stop there, however. They went ahead and bought several other online stores with their particular type of furnishing, accent, and décor items. Three years after the purchase of the first online store, Hammocks, the owners consolidated all their online stores into one – named NetShops. The next four years would see them buy up more online real estate until 2009 when they rebranded into the predecessor of what we know today – Hayneedle. Even then, they did not stop their quest for expansion as they added even more items to their catalog. Finally, in 2014, after the acquisition of more than 300 different sites, Hayneedle, Inc. became hayneedle.com. Owing to their huge success and dominance of the niche furniture market, the company was bought by Jet.com in 2016, and later by Walmart.

Hayneedle prides itself on being a company that is in touch with its customers. Or how else will we explain the fact that, despite having affordable merchandise, they also have coupons that their customers can use to shave off some of the costs of their purchases? Hayneedle coupons can be applied to get savings of up to 60%.

Here is a video you can use to get ideas on organizing a backyard patio.

What Can I Buy with My Hayneedle Coupons?

You can use your Hayneedle coupon to buy a wide variety of furnishing items, regardless of what they are meant for. That is to say; you can use it to get savings on both indoor and outdoor furniture. No matter where the item is focused – office, kitchen, bedding, pet supplies, lighting, home storage, home improvement, and so on – you can get it on Hayneedle.

Your savings can come in the form of free shipping on your orders as well as via discounts on the items you purchase. Hayneedle offers a wide variety of items, being a conglomeration of over 300 sites. That variety is one of the most appealing things about the company since visitors to the website know that it is one of the few places where they can find anything and everything they need

How Do I Use My Hayneedle Coupons?

Using your Hayneedle promo code is no rocket science; it doesn't require any technical skills or knowledge. If you have ever used a coupon, especially when purchasing items from a Hayneedle competitor, then you will find it even more accessible. And if you haven't, you should know that the steps involved here can also be used to redeem Horchow coupons, Wayfair coupon codes, Target promo codes, and many more. Needless to say, the process can also be used to redeem coupons from other e-commerce companies. It is as follows:

  1. Establish What it is you need: Are you looking to buy furniture for your home or your office? Do you need supplies for your pet? Is it lighting that you need or home storage items? Are you in need of outdoor furnishings items? Which type will best suit the décor of your home or office? It might help to do a bit of research or ask an interior designer's opinion as to which type of item to buy before you proceed. The reason being that you do not want to purchase an item that looks out of place in its intended position. While you can find each of these items on Hayneedle, it helps to know what you need before visiting the website. This is because shopping without an established idea of what you are looking for will not only exhaust your time, it could also result in you spending more than you need to. As such, the first step to redeeming your Hayneedle coupon code is to establish with certainty what it is you need.
  2. Visit the Hayneedle Website: The next thing to do after establishing what you need is to visit the Hayneedle website. Then, scour the section where your intended purchase is for what you need. To avoid any future hassle, endeavor to ensure that the item you eventually choose fits into the grand scheme of things at your house or work. When you find what it is you want, proceed to add it to the cart. When you are done choosing all the items of your preference and are satisfied, click on the "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" button.
  3. Complete Your Purchase: On the checkout page, navigate to where your order summary is and look for a box labeled "Apply Promo Code." There, input your Hayneedle promo code. After that, review your order summary to ascertain that the coupon code was reflected. Then, proceed to fill in the other required information such as your shipping address and payment information.

Which Hayneedle Coupons Can I Get?

There are several Hayneedle coupons out there that you can use to effect savings on furnishings you intend to purchase from them. A vast majority are, however, periodic, and cannot be relied upon at all times. Below is one coupon you can rest assured is accessible no matter the period.

Is there a Hayneedle Email Signup Coupon?

When you sign up for Hayneedle's email list, you will be rewarded with a Hayneedle 10% off coupon that you can use on your next purchase. To get more of such, ask your friends and family to sign up with their emails and give you their coupons. Signing up for an email list also makes you privy to exclusive information such as new coupon codes, upcoming sales events, and so on.

Do Hayneedle Coupons Expire?

Yes, a vast majority of them do. The ones we have provided here are, however, evergreen.

How Long Will It Take to Get My Order?

You can get your order in as little as two days. Most Hayneedle quick shipping products (about 80%) arrive within two days.

Does Hayneedle Have a Mobile App?

Yes, Hayneedle does. You can download it from the App Store.

Why Are My Hayneedle Coupons Not Working?

If your Hayneedle coupon code is not working, it could be due to a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • You are using multiple promo codes, which is not acceptable
  • You are using your promo code with a gift certificate
  • You made a typographical error when typing the promo code
  • You are a using the promo code for the wrong category of items
  • You are using a promo code that has a minimum order amount on an order that is less than the minimum order amount
  • You are using an expired promo code

If you figure out that any of the above is not why your coupon code is being rejected, then contact Hayneedle's Customer Support.

How Can I Save On Hayneedle If I Don't Have Coupons?

You do not necessarily need to have coupons to save on Hayneedle. Below are some of the more popular ways to save without the need of a coupon.

Does Hayneedle offer Free Shipping?

One of the most effective ways to save on Hayneedle is to purchase an item (or several items) worth over $49. The reason for this is that Hayneedle offers free UPS shipping such items. If your order is worth less than that, you will be required to pay a flat shipping rate of $4.99.

Hayneedle Sales

Hayneedle holds a semi-annual sale where customers can get up to 40% off on furniture, whether outdoor or indoor, décor, lighting, and every other thing that they, Hayneedle, has to offer. This sale usually takes place during the holidays and in the summer months. You can keep abreast of this fact by signing up for Hayneedle's email list, which will enable you to get notifications about such events delivered to your inbox.

Hayneedle Clearance Event

One other way by which you can save on Hayneedle without having to hunt for coupons is to use the clearance section. Discounts on the items in this section can range from 15% to 70%. You can even go further and save more on these items by using a coupon code on them.

How Can I Order from Hayneedle?

Ordering from Hayneedle is like breathing: it is intuitive and straightforward. When you visit the website, simply go to the category of items you want to buy, use the filters to streamline the items, and then scour for, and choose the exact item you want.

What is Hayneedle's Return Policy?

Hayneedle's return policy is a testament to how much they value their customers. Even though furniture items are some of the most uncomfortable to move around due to their bulkiness, you can still return them. If you have misgivings about a particular merchandise, or maybe decided to go with another one, you will be required to fund the shipping costs yourself. If you are making a return because of a defect, however, Hayneedle will bore the shipping costs.