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Hickory Farms is a food based company in America that was founded by Richard Ramson in 1951. Their first retail store was opened in 1959, and today, the company does multichannel marketing and sells their products at supermarkets, mass merchandisers, and club stores. Also, it sells through catalogs and official website. The headquarters is based in Toledo, Ohio, USA.

Key facts about Hickory Farms


Key facts about Hickory Farms

  • Headquarters in Toledo, Ohio, USA.
  • Founded in 1951
  • Does multi-channel marketing
  • Have over hundreds of employees
  • Provides discounts through the use of Hickory Farms coupons

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What do Hickory Farms sell?

The website sells some items in different categories. The main categories are gifts, sausage and cheese, fruit and nuts, gourmet food and wine and sweets. All these categories have many products of different types and price ranges. The gift boxes can be created to meet the preference of buyers. You can also select various gift items such as gifts with wine, military gifts, business gifts or gluten free gifts. Also, you can choose the gifts according to the occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas gifts, holiday gifts, gifts for men, gifts meant for women, birthday gifts, wedding, and baby showers, etc. Don’t forget to redeem Hickory Farms coupons at checkout for exclusive discounts

The other products like sausage and cheese, fruits and nuts, wine and sweets are also available in different types. The sausages have different sub-categories that have many products. The categories are dry salami, signature beef, simply Hickory Farms, spicy and savory, turkey and turkey summer sausage. Likewise, cheese also has different sub-categories which are named as cheeseballs, farmhouse, Gouda, harvest veggie, Hickory Farms Reserve, jalapeno, mission jack, simply Hickory Farms, smoked cheddar, spreads, Swiss and three cheese and onion. You can redeem Hickory Farms coupons to buy all items at a discount.

Fruits contain apple, dried fruit, fruit spread, and pears. The available nuts are almonds, cashews or mixed. In the category of wine, the customer can choose different wines, red and white, as gifts. The sweets category has some items that are placed in different sub-categories which are chocolates, cookies, mints, popcorns, and pretzels. Use valid Hickory Farms coupons to get discounts on all available products.

The website also offers special foods that have different categories as well. They are crackers, gluten-free products, Hickory Farms Reserve, honey and pineapple mustard, honey gold ham, hot pepper bacon jam, smoky onion mustard, spicy brown mustard and sweet hot mustard.

The website also has a "Shop by Price" category that helps the customers to shop within their price range. This feature allows you to shop at $20 and under, $30 and under, under $50, above $50, and even above $90. The website also provides discounts through Hickory Farms coupons. Valid Hickory Farms coupons are a good way of saving money when shopping at this store.

Sales at Hickory Farm

Sales at Hickory Farms

The website has exclusive online sales for customers. These sales help them get the products they want at a good discount. The sale can offer discounts that are more than 10% off on all included products.

Apart from sales, Hickory Farms coupons also help to save the customer's money by aiding them to purchase products at reasonable prices. Hickory Farms coupons can be redeemed for discounts on all items available at this store.

Placing an order at Hickory Farms

Placing an order at Hickory Farms is quite an easy process. You just have to choose the items that you want from the website and press the "Add to Cart" button. Also, if you want the order to be shipped to multiple addresses, you can choose the "Shipping to multiple recipients" option. If you have got Hickory Farms coupons, you can add the Hickory Farms coupons code before checking out to get exclusive discounts on your purchases. The wonderful discounts through Hickory Farms coupons save you a good amount of money while shopping.

After that confirming an order, you can proceed to add the required shipping information. Also, you can go for the delivery and shipping method of your choice. The orders at Hickory Farms are processed within 24 hours. However, they aren't processed over the weekends.

Delivery and shipping at Hickory Farms

The website ships across the U.S and Canada. The shipping and delivery are of three types:

Standard shipping

This kind of shipping costs $10, and the order gets delivered within 3 to 5 working days.

2 Day Shipping

This kind of shipping costs $25, and the order gets delivered within two business days.


For urgent orders, the overnight shipping option is the most suitable one as the order gets delivered overnight. It costs $35.

The website also offers free shipping to military addresses. Furthermore, orders above $35 are also shipped without any shipment charges.

Payment methods

Payment methods at Hickory Farms

The payment is to be done via credit card, debit card or PayPal. The website accepts VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, MASTERCARD, and DISCOVER. The Hickory Farms gift certificates can also be redeemed online at the official website.

Exchange policy at Hickory Farms

'Hickory Farms' is very confident about products and offers to bring about the complete satisfaction of customers. If you do not like the products for any reason, you can email the customer service team or place a call and ask for a refund, exchange or replacement.

The official blog at Hickory Farms

The Hickory Farms blog has many delicious recipes that you can try at home. The recipes are related to the products offered at the store and can be prepared easily using the ingredients bought from the website. There is a huge number of recipes that might help you with cooking meals when you have guests at home or for some event coming up. Experienced people provide these recipes which will help you a lot to cook delicious food. Also, the recipes are divided into different categories that aid you in choosing the perfect deals for an event. There are some of the best recipes of the blog that lie under the "Favorite Recipes" category. Other than that, there are holiday recipes, date night recipes, Halloween recipes, Thanksgiving recipes, and much more. Also, there are table decoration ideas that improve the presentation of the meals.

The blog also gives ideas for hosting parties and guides about shopping for stuff related to particular occasions. It also has articles that give tips on making food in less time.

Hickory Farms coupons

E-Catalog at Hickory Farms

The company's e-catalog is available on their website. It consists of pictures, price details and some short descriptions of the products that they are selling. It also has a complete list of featured products alongside tempting images of delicious food items that will surely grab your attention. They will make you want to get them for yourself.

Gift cards at Hickory Farms

You can also buy gift cards from this store for your loved ones, online. The gift cards can be of $25, $50 and $100.

Business gifts at Hickory Farms

The business gifts at Hickory Farms offer an extensive range of gift baskets for your colleagues and co-workers. The gifts can be welcome gifts, appreciation gifts, promotion gifts or gifts for any other occasion. There are personal business gift consultants hired by the company that helps you choose the perfect gift option according to your budget.

Also, on shopping for more than $500, you get a good business discount. You can also contact a gift consultant to discuss the discount opportunities and other gift ideas. They help you choose different items to pair along with your primary item in order to make a perfect combination.

Stores tab on website at Hickory Farms

There is a "Stores" tab on the website that provides a list of all the cities in the U.S.A and Canada having Hickory Farms stores. This tab also tells the number of stores in those cities. Also, it helps you locate the stores so you can rush to your nearby outlet if you want to pick something up or don't want to shop for products online.

Signup for latest deals at Hickory Farms

You can sign up at the website to create an account that helps you keep a record of your orders, track your orders and stay updated about the latest discount offers, newsletters, and even certain Hickory Farms coupons.

The signing up procedure at Hickory Farms is very easy, and it is better to signup if you are a returning customer.

Customer service at Hickory Farms

The customer service at Hickory Farms is quite fantastic. Under the client service category, many questions are answered that help customers understand more about the website and policies. Even the answers to very simple questions are given in detail that helps you clear any confusion.

The customer service has responded to questions in detail, under the following categories:

  • Shipping and Returns
  • Placing your Order
  • My Account
  • Guarantees
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • About Us

It also provides a "Contact us" option for people who still have some queries or have not found the answer to their questions in the above categories. The customer service is available from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM all week long.

Hickory Farms coupons for 2019

Hickory Farms coupons and promo codes are a great way of getting discounts on purchases made on the website. Hickory Farms coupons help you buy items you want at discounted prices. A lot of clients like to get discount codes to save a good amount of money. Valid Hickory Farms coupons are available at PromoPony.

PromoPony doesn't just have Hickory Farms coupons; it also has many other discount coupons for other online stores. Redeeming these discounts codes will help you save money while purchasing the products that you want. You can save up to 40% or even more by using these discount codes. PromoPony updates daily so make sure to visit it every day for the latest discount coupons. So, if you have been meaning to shop from this store, you can shop at discounted price by redeeming Hickory Farms coupons at checkout.