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Interline Brands, founded in 1978, is said to be U.S's largest wholesale distributors and direct marketers of products for maintenance, repairing and operation products used in non-industrial businesses. The company provides janitorial products and sanitation products to be used commercially. It serves a diverse client base, including maintenance and professional contractors, hardware retailers, locksmiths, facilities and loads more. It also provides products including cleaning chemicals, bath tissues, water heaters, tubular products, plumbing accessories and products, hardware tools, ventilation and air conditioning products and loads more. The company offers its clients and customers next-day delivery service. It is known for producing products that are delivered in period and help in reducing the cost and improve the productivity instead. Also, the company offers you the chance to buy these products at discounted rates using Interline Brands coupons. Valid Interline Brands coupons allow you to minimize the final bill when shopping for these products.

Some key facts about Interline Brands

Some key facts about Interline Brands

  • Was founded in 1978
  • Has an online presence
  • Serves clients and customers globally
  • It is home to many different brands including Barnett, Copperfield, Hardware Express, US Lock, and Wilmar and loads more.

More about Interline Brands

Interline Brands is said to be the leading direct marketer and distributors of a huge range of maintenance, repair and operation products. Interline Brands was founded in 1978 when Wilmer and Barnett merged along with other well-known brands such as Leran Gas Products, Hardware Express Maintenance USA, etc. Soon all these brands merged into one single brand where you could find yourself a wide range of products including HVAC, some janitorial plumbing, and security supplies.

The company serves a variety of different clients from all over the world. Their main three clients are institutional and commercial facility owners and the service contractors. They serve multifamily apartment owners and all the property managers, along with all the residential service contractors, retailers, and resellers. The company is probably the best option for other businesses and stores to buy their products from. Products from this store are most likely to help increase the number of customers that visit your firm. Your clients are going to love the products and will shop from your store more often. This means that with help from this company you will be able to increase your business revenue and your store is likely to flourish! Also, with Interline Brands coupons, you'll be paying less cash for your purchases.

The company's corporate social responsibility program

Interline Brands is known for producing and helping other communities by strengthening them. The company’s Corporate Social Responsibility program is based on three main things,

  • Ethics
  • Wellness
  • Education

It is the company's aim to provide these tree things to the communities spread all over the world. To ensure that the youth, from all over the world, received a quality education, especially all those people who happen to be unprivileged and can not afford it. The company aims to provide such people technical education and to help them develop their skills in trading, and wish to provide these people with loads of educational opportunities so that they can develop their abilities and have a platform where they may make use of these skills and work.

The company happens to have many corporate social responsibility programs. Now and then the company strives to come up with new approaches in order further expand this area. And this is why the company happens to be partners with brands that produce high-quality products and so that they may keep improving.

Some exclusive brands

Some exclusive brands at Interline Brands

The company offers its customers a chance to buy products from a variety of different brands. Here you'll; find yourself seeing different brands that sell a variety of goods that you can use for a lot of purposes. These products offer you with a chance to make yourself better and different from, all of your competitors. The products that you'd find here are made in such a way that they meet your requirements and last for a long period. From plumbing sets to light fixtures sets, etc. you can buy some amazing products for your company and these products are surely going to please your customers. The company is known for its Premier and ProPlus faucets, the company's products including these faucets happen to be the fastest growing fixtures in the market nowadays! Also, it offers its customers the chance to make use of Interline Brands coupons, so that they may make purchases at reduced rates. Valid Interline Brands coupons have made shopping a lot more profitable for contractors as with these coupons they pay less and earn more profit instead. You need to redeem Interline Brands coupons at checkout to get discounts on your orders.

The products that you'll find in the exclusive brand's section include

  • Faucets
  • Water heaters
  • HVAC equipment
  • Disposers
  • Valves
  • Fittings
  • Water Connectors
  • Showerheads
  • Toilet repair items
  • Tools
  • Light Fixtures
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Locksets
  • GFCIs
  • Cleaning and Janitorial products, and loads more.

Some of the brands that Interline is a home to include:


Professional plumbing, HVAC, electrical and building contractors are the ones who happen to be regular customers of this brand. The best part about opting for Barnett products is that the brand can import high-quality products that too at very low costs, and so this allows it to act as a wholesaler that happens to have to have a cost structure similar to that of the manufacturers. And most of these contractors opt for the Interline Brands coupons to save more money. Also, since Barnett sells some major brand names, but also offers its customers with alternatives that have its private label at much lower prices, this means that the contractor can benefit from both of these products and can gain a large amount of profit as well. So basically the clients can buy these products at reduced rates with the Interline Brands coupons and can sell them at a good price, in return, accompanied with higher profits. Barnett works through these channels, telesales, direct mail marketing, through their website, through local pickups, field sales, etc.


Now Copperfield is said to be the country's largest full-service Hearth and Chimney Products distributor. The brand is known for over 10,000 customers in both the US and Canada. These clients are divided into three main categories:

  • Chimney Professionals
  • Hearth Retailers
  • Contractors

Since 1978 the brand has strived to serve its customers with same-day shipping, praise–worthy customer service, and some fantastic rates. Customers are provided with a chance to shop from a huge variety of products that fulfill their requirements. The brand operates through three main channels, telesales, field sales and direct marketing. You can use the Interline Brands coupons for minimizing your bill!


Leran happens to be the only national installation supply distributor in the gas industry. The brand specializes in propane installation and also provides appliances for both national and regional propane suppliers. Leran happened to have a lot of competitors that war both privately owned and are regionalized, and this what makes Leran unique from all of its competitors. Pricewise Leran offers its customers with a low-cost for the installation products, and this helps by reducing the marketers' costs and in return increase their profits instead. Plus using the Interline Brands coupons helps in reducing costs.

Maintenance USA

Maintenance USA is a brand where you can find yourself looking at some reliable quality maintenance, repair and operations products. Owners and managers of different multifamily, lodging as well as public housing facilities happen to be regular customers here. Maintenance USA offers a variety of brand names, but they also offer customers the chance to buy alternative products with the brand's private label at lower prices. Again using Interline Brands coupons can help you get some amazing discount rates and all you to purchase products at much lower price. The brand offers over 100,000 products that can be bought through their catalog or from their website. These products include plumbing, HVAC, electrical appliances and repair parts, lighting and hardware and some tools, office supplies, paint and janitorial products, etc. Don't forget to redeem Interline Brands coupons for discounted rates.

Interline Brands coupons

Customer service at Interline Brands

The customer care offered by Interline Brands is extremely efficient. The team reaches out to you as soon as possible and solves all of your issues at hand. For any inquiries about the products you have bought or any questions about Interline Brands coupons; where to find them and how to redeem these Interline Brands coupons, you can contact the team via phone or email.

One more the thing is that when you're using the website and are facing any trouble you can just click the ‘contact us' option and you will be provided some options to choose from. Whatever issue you are facing, simply select the topic, you'll come across a form, fill the form out by discussing your troubles and submit it. The Interline Brands' team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Shipping policy at Interline Brands

The company offers next-day and same-day delivery options all over the US. Buying products from different brands associated with the company will put into effect their respective shipping policies.

Return policy at Interline Brands

The return policy is dependent on the brand that you selected for buying the products from. Most items are eligible for returns, and they need to be returned in original packing, tags, etc. However, some consumables aren’t refundable.

Interline Brands coupons for 2019

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