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Ipsy Promo Codes

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More about Ipsy

Ipsy brings to you personalized beauty and self-care content along with a whole supply of beauty products from some of the most renowned brands. Ipsy is one of the most followed beauty product websites in the U.S. with millions of subscribers. The company was co-founded in 2011 by beauty blogger Michelle Phan, who has inspired millions of women across the globe through her makeup tutorials.

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The main aim of creating Ipsy was to guide people regarding the best available beauty and self-care products. The store is run by a team of makeup experts and stylists who select premium quality products and make them available for you to try out. The core team of specialists has years of expertise in the field of makeup, hair, skincare, nails, etc. They select the best beauty products and then advise you to use them based on your personalized needs.                                                


Key facts about Ipsy

  • Established social media presence

  • Founded in 2011

  • Voted by Marie Claire readers in 2014 as “Seriously Addictive Subscription Service”.

  • Offers exclusive discounts, Ipsy coupons, and great deals.


Ipsy video

More about Ipsy

Ipsy is all about creativity and innovation in the beauty market. The creators of the store believe in all aspects of a person’s beauty, both inner and outer. The company has an exponential network of 200 beauty bloggers and is in partnership with more than 200 beauty brands. Ipsy, along with its creators, stylists, bloggers, and experts; is setting new standards of beauty and self-care. Along with its extensive range of branded products, tutorials, tips and tricks, Ipsy offers exclusive Ipsy coupons for its valued clients.

More about Ipsy 

The company is offering some great deals on all beauty products. Some awesome beauty and self-care products from famous brands are available at reasonable rates. However, if you want to get further reduced rates you can use your Ipsy coupons.


Download iOS app for Ipsy                   

Ipsy app is fun. Your stylists and makeup artists accompany you wherever you go with Ipsy app. You can checkout the tips and tricks of makeup and styling wherever you are. You can always use Ipsy coupons even when ordering through the app. Here what your Ipsy app offers you:

  • Check out what’s in your Glam Bag each month

  • Grab exclusive deals with Ipsy coupons

  • Follow tutorials and product reviews

  • Get inspired by latest beauty trends and adopt the looks created by makeup gurus.

  • Redeem your points for your Ipsy coupons for even more incredible discounted rates

  • Get the latest Ipsy-insider news, sneak peeks early access and special invitations.

 Download iOS app for Ipsy

What is Ipsy glam bag? 

One of the most exciting offers by Ipsy is it’s Glam Bag – a gorgeous beauty product bag containing 5 deluxe beauty items. Every month store offers 5 large size samples of amazing beauty products including latest makeup items, nail care, hair care, skin care products to its valued customers.

All active members who subscribe to Glam Bag program will receive a stunning makeup kit bag containing some of the hot sellers of the month. The subscription fee for receiving Glam Bag is just $ 10 / month and $110 annually. Just imagine the amount of beauty products you can get with this nominal fee and of course an attractive bag along with all these products. Once you an active member subscribed with the store you can avail the Glam Bag deal, it’s simply awesome. Further discount can be availed by using Ipsy coupons.

Once you get hold of your Glam Bag you can check-out all the tutorials at the store. You can also follow the social media accounts of the company to get further information on latest trends and styles.

Once you are satisfied with the Glam Bag products you can order them again at the store. You can also avail discounted rates by using your Ipsy coupons. The tutorials by the makeup experts at Ipsy will make you a pro and you can also share your videos on their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. Don’t miss out the chance to grab this fabulous Glam Bag deal and get the best out of your money by redeeming your Ipsy coupons. 

How do you subscribe? 

Due to an enormous number of followers, Ipsy gets thousands of subscription requests each month. Initially, all new members are added to a Waitlist. As the company grows each month members, from Waitlist, are upgraded to active subscription spots. To subscribe on Ipsy website you need to follow some simple steps:

  • To create an account at Ipsy.com, you need to click the ‘Get Started’ button.

  • Create your beauty profile and add all necessary information including your email address, shipping address, billing and shipping information etc.

  • You will be asked to select between the monthly or yearly subscription packages. Pick whatever suits your lifestyle. You can always change and update your subscription later.

  • Once you are in the Waitlist, you won’t be billed until your subscription starts. Once your subscription is active you will be billed on 1st of every month.

Support Team at Ipsy will send you a confirmation email once they approve your subscription and make you an active member. All details regarding billing and membership subscription will be emailed to your given email address. There is no definite wait time but Ipsy converts you to an active subscriber as soon there is a slot available. But once you are a subscribed member you can instantly use your Ipsy coupons and get huge discounts on every deal.

What is Ipsy glam bag?

Shipment & delivery at Ipsy

The company is offering to ship within U.S. (including its territories, PO Boxes, and APO, DPO, and FPO boxes) and Canada (including its territories and military locations).

DHL, FedEx, and U.S. Postal Services are being used by Ipsy for shipment of orders and Glam Bags.

Glam Bags are shipped somewhere during the middle of every month. They take 7-8 days in delivery. So you can expect your Glam Bags delivery somewhere during 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of every month. However, delivery time may vary every month. An email is sent to each subscriber with details about shipment so the members can track the delivery time of their products.

The delivery time for Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands and Northern Mariana Islands may take longer depending upon the complications involved in shipment process.

Billing and payment at Ipsy

Payment at Ipsy is easy. You can pay via all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit and debit cards. At the moment the company is not accepting any payments through cash, checks, money orders, cards with international billing addresses (other than Canada), or PayPal payments.

All active members at the store are billed through an automated billing system. The subscription is automatically renewed at a pre-described time. You can check all details about billing subscription on their website. A detailed email is sent to members once they are moved from Waitlist to an Active Subscription. The email will entail all information regarding the time of billing and delivery of the first bag. Once you are an active subscriber at Ipsy, you can use your Ipsy coupons to avail discounts at the time of order.

Refunds & replacement policy at Ipsy

The company has a fair refund and replacement policy. The store believes in delivering the best to its valued clients. The team takes extra care to deliver each beauty product in the safest possible way. However, if there is any damage or defect in their product, they will replace it free of charge. Even if any item or part is missing from your order you can always ask for an exchange or replacement of your order.

The replacement policy at Ipsy is valid for up to 45 days of order delivery. You should contact the customer services department as soon as you find any damaged or defective product in your order. The customer support team will resolve the issue as soon possible and will replace the product.

Make note that the company does not offer any exchange or refunds for Glam Bags. Any order other than the glam bag will be replaced if you find anything damaged or missing. You can contact Ipsy care by sending an email through their online form. The support team responds within 24 hours.

You can also get in touch with the team through their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Customer services

Ipsy has a prompt responding customer services team. You can use their online email form to get in touch with their customer services representative. All queries and complaints are responded to within 24 hours time.

Currently, there is no phone service available. But you can always contact them via social media using their twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.

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