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KarmaLoop Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in January 2022

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50% Discount Bogo 50% Off Sneakers Up to revocation
30% Discount Save 30% Off $100+ Up to revocation
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20% Discount Save 20% on $100+ Up to revocation
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More about KarmaLoop

KarmaLoop was started by Greg Selkoe in 2000 while he was still with his parents in a small town near Boston, Massachusetts. Selkoe was interested in break dancing and graffiti art, and this served as his inspiration for dabbling into defining a lifestyle he felt connected to. His business employed the same idea: the notion of a ‘verge culture.' This term was encapsulating of everyone who valued creativity and quick acclimation to the rapidly-changing trends in the digital media. The change in trends was embraced in all categories: be it art, technology, photography, music, or sports.karma loop coupon

Selkoe’s idea was to utilize the new media marketing techniques. This would involve a sufficiently long mailing list of an attentive audience who will submit to the rapid variation of the trends in creative arts and embrace the newer culture without a thought about the previous content. Interactive social media streaming, coupled with marketing techniques could be used to build and solidify brand loyalty which would eventually drive online sales.

Selkoe’s perception of his business was to create a platform which could sell urban style and street wear inspired by the contemporary trends; something that would be hard to find anywhere else in the world. Suffice to say, Greg has tapped into a rare fashion niche and had opened doors for an input of a lot of income.

Key Facts about KarmaLoop

  • Founded back in 2000 by Greg Selkoe in a neighborhood near Boston, Massachusetts
  • Purchased by Shiekh Shoes in 2016
  • Is a web-retail, media company which employs a community style to market street wear fashion (used the concept of Verge Marketing to build its customer base)
  • Is a multi-platform e-commerce as it proposes various high-end brands through its store
  • Witnessed its best growth in 2011; the same year it reached its peak of gross revenue earned ($131 million)
  • Filed for bankruptcy in 2014, leading to its acquisition by Shiekh Shoes

KarmaLoop video

History of KarmaLoop

Even though Selkoe’s online store prospered in its elements, brick and mortar outlet was met with indifference by the local community. Five years after KarmaLoop had been running online; a physical location was established on Boston’s Newbury Street. The premise was to let the store thrive as a location for shopping for street wear and contemporary, hip clothing with a similar product placement as with the web store. Perhaps it was because of the disinterest of the local community, but the store never worked to its full potential. In truth, Selkoe himself spoke of this setback in 2010 as he mentioned that the store never made a penny. Soon after this, the physical location of the store was dismissed. The place was closed down. 

It must be highlighted that even though a brick and mortar store didn't turn out the way it was expected to, the online retail platform grew and grew. By 2011, the company's presence has dominated a lot of websites, including companies that dealt in the same streetwear category, especially those involving flash sales. In that same year, the said company experienced a growth of 81%. In total, it had general $130 million in revenue that year. Expansion continued however the company ran into financial troubles by the end of 2014 and was drowning badly in debt.

By 2015, there was no hope that the firm could progress any further without going bankrupt. Annual revenue had fallen to $80 million, and there was thrice more than this amount to be covered in debt. In May of the same year, Comvest Capital and CapX purchased the company. They immediately restructured its bearings and named Seth Haber its Chief Executive Officer. Greg Selkoe was moved to an advisory position. In March of the following year, i.e. 2016, a west-coast footwear and apparel company called Shiekh Shoes acquired the company for an undisclosed figure.

Karma Loop coupon

How to order online at KarmaLoop

Ordering from this store online is an easy process. To begin with, the company website has an interactive and fun interface so that customers can readily become accustomed to it. The website organizes all of the store’s ready-to-sell products in different categories. The products are broadly placed as suited to different sexes, and then further classified into types of products, like Tops, Bottoms, Jackets, Shoes, etc. To make it easier for the customers to look for even specific products, these categories are further classified into sub-categories. Shoes may be sub-sorted into heels, boots, sandals, and so on.

Another classification, different from the generic product categories, is the division of goods as per their production brands. This allows customers to search for brand-specific products, for instance, a particular model of Nike Women Running Shoes. The products will be displayed in the showcasing array based on their model, and customers may need to hover over the product card to see what colors or sizes are available.

Karma Loop coupon

Once the customers have located the particular products they would like to purchase, they can add those products to the shopping bag. When all the products are selected, customers can click the little bag icon at the right-hand corner of the webpage. This will lead them to the order review page. Here, all the items from the shopping bag are visible as a list of items with their particulars listed alongside. Customers have the opportunity to review their order before they proceed to the final checkout.

Before proceeding to the final checkout, customers will have to enter their generic personal information and delivery address. They will also need to choose their preferred method of payment. At this point, if the customers possess any KarmaLoop coupons, they are encouraged to enter those in the discount box on the order form. The discount will be applied to the order payment amount, and the remaining amount will be credited from the customer's credit cards.

Return policy at KarmaLoop

Items bought from KarmaLoop should be returned within 30 days from the time of purchase. The item that needs to be returned should be undamaged and should have all original tags. Swimwear and intimates are nonreturnable. Bargain items can't be refunded. However, you can get store credits instead.

Delivery policy at KarmaLoop

Shipping charges can change depending on the weight of order. Customers can choose Expedited shipping for items shipped from the store's warehouse. It can take nearly 10 business days for your order to be processed. You will be provided with a tracking number to keep an eye on your order status.

Customer service at KarmaLoop

The company strives to provide the best possible services it can to its customers. To that extent, the store has operational phone numbers that concerned customers can use to find a resolution for their problems. There are multiple email addresses, concerned with particular departments so that the clients can lodge their complaints with the right authorities. Every time a customer submits a complaint or a genuine question, it is added to the FAQ databank on the website. This is helpful because if multiple customers have the same problem, they can find the solution to it almost immediately, and won't have to invest time into talking or emailing the consumer service department.
karma loop Customer service

KarmaLoop coupons for 2022

Purchasing from the company’s web store can be expensive especially when customers buy in bulk or place large orders. The store sales on particular items seem meaningless at that point. Also, because KarmaLoop stocks high-quality products, the cost of products is already higher than the regular non-branded, departmental store products.

In such a situation, customers can benefit from using KarmaLoop coupons. The KarmaLoop coupons are discount codes which when applied to the customer’s total order amount will reduce it by the percentage executed by the KarmaLoop coupons. These KarmaLoop coupons can allow you an opportunity to save any value of money. It could a $10 discount or as much as 80% off of your total order. This means that KarmaLoop coupons can make your purchases at the store a fantastic deal, especially when branded products are involved. 

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It must be kept in view that most KarmaLoop coupons are single-use only. Unlike some KarmaLoop coupons for 2022, for instance, which you use on simultaneous orders repeatedly, these KarmaLoop coupons come with an expiry date. So customers need to remember to visit PromoPony every time before they proceed with their checkouts on the store’s website, so they can enter fresh, valid KarmaLoop coupons and enjoy massive savings on their purchases.