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L Brands is not your typical, ordinary store. L Brands is the parent company that owns many common, household brands. Some brands that they own today include Victoria’s Secret, Pink, Bath & Body Works, La Senza, and Henri Bendal. Leslie Wexner opened the first L Brands store, The Limited, in 1963 in Columbus, Ohio. Although The Limited was their pioneer company, L Brands sold off The Limited in 2007.

To date, L Brands is worth over $12.7 billion as a entire organization. This includes the value of all of their individual brands combined. As a large conglomerate made up of many brands, their exact value will depend on how well their subsidiaries do per quarter. L Brands is established enough as a company to offer many L Brands coupon codes for their customers.

L Brands is most notably known for their lingerie, beauty products, and personal care products. However, they do expand into other product territories. L Brands owns such a wide variety of stores that they are capable of easily expanding their inventory. Because they have such a wide variety of items for sale, you can easily find a L Brands coupon for an item that you are looking for.

You can find L Brands brands at over 3,000 physical store locations within the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and China. However, they are not only located in these countries. You can also find L Brands franchises at over 1,000 physical locations internationally. Most of the brands that L Brands own have online shopping websites that will ship to foreign countries. These online websites do offer L Brands coupon codes for free shipping to keep costs down to foreign consumers. Do not be afraid to check out their products as an international customer.

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Key facts about L Brands

  • Parent company that owns Victoria’s Secret, Pink, Bath & Body Works, La Senza, and Henri Bendel
  • Launched in 1963
  • Worth over $12.7 billion overall
  • Over 3,000 physical locations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and China
  • Over 1,000 physical locations internationally

Save money with a free L Brands coupon

L Brands is known for their incredibly reasonable prices on beauty products. They offer high end lingerie and other personal care products at prices that the general American can afford. L Brands understands that not everybody can afford fully priced high-end lingerie, so they keep their costs low. Although their health care products are already so reasonably priced, there is no reason that you should not use a L Brands coupon to bring the costs down even further. If you are in need of a L Brands coupon, you can easily find a current L Brands coupon on PromoPony. PromoPony brings you only the most current and up to date L Brands coupon promo codes! Simply copy the L Brands coupon promo code off of the PromoPony webpage, and enter it in when you are ready to checkout with your items. Your checkout page on one of their subsidiaries will include a box where you must enter in your L Brands coupon code. If you do not enter in your code within this box, you will not receive your discount.

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Various kinds of L Brands coupon codes 

As a parent company, L Brands often gives out coupons for their individual brands. Occasionally, you may be able to find a coupon that will work at any of their specific brands. These L Brands specific coupon codes are rare, and are not available often. Most notably, you can find coupon codes for the individual stores that they own. If there is a specific store that you will be shopping at in the near future, make sure to check out PromoPony for a L Brands coupon code.

You can typically find coupons for the following:

  • Free or reduced shipping over a certain purchase amount
  • Reduced prices on certain merchandise
  • Certain percentages off your entire order

How to use a L Brands coupon

L Brands will not allow you to place an order directly off of their parent website. This means that you will have to go to the webpage of their subsidiary to order a product. If you are in possession of an L Brands coupon, you will have to go to the specific brand's webstore to use it. This does get confusing for some customers, but their specific brands will guide you through the order process. They make the order process as quick and painless as possible. Head over to one of their subsidiaries to check it out. 

How do I place an order with L Brands?

Due to the fact that L Brands owns many subsidiaries, you cannot place an order directly on their webpage. You will have to travel to the direct webpage of their owned companies to place an order. For example, although L Brands owns Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works, you cannot place an order for products from either company on their webpage. However, it is incredibly simple to place an order through the online webpages of their subsidiaries.

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Delivery conditions at L Brands

L Brands does not personally ship out any products. You must directly go through their subsidiaries to place an order. Each subsidiary has their own pricing model and shipping speeds. L Brands does not set a standard for shipping speeds or delivery costs. International customers may have to check with specific brands on whether they will ship overseas. Although one brand may, another brand may have a different shipping policy.

You can also find a variety of L Brands coupons to keep the cost of shipping down by searching through PromoPony. Various L Brands brands have different shipping regulations. Do not pay full price for shipping when you could use a L Brands coupon to lower the cost.

Returns at L Brands

As with the delivery conditions, L Brands also does not personally issue returns. You must go through the individual subsidiaries to facilitate a return. Each of the different major brands will have their own specific return policies. Although one store may accept returns for 60 days, another may only accept returns for 30 days. You should investigate what the return policy is for the specific store that you bought the item from.

If you are having issues with a subsidiary accepting a return, you should report it to L Brands L Brands may take corrective action against that brand, and issue you a L Brands coupon for your troubles.

L Brands customer service

Because L Brands is made up of many individual companies, if you have an issue with a specific company you must contact them directly. For example, if you need to contact a customer service representative with a Victoria’s Secret question, you should not contact L Brands directly. You should, instead, go to Victoria’s Secret customer service team.

L Brands does have contact information listed for more general inquiries. You can reach them at 614-415-7000. They have customer service agents present during standard operating hours. Monday through Friday. You can also visit their headquarters at Three Limited Parkway in Columbus, Ohio, or send a letter to this address. If you send a physical letter, you may not hear back from L Brands for 2 - 4 weeks so this should be your last resort. L Brands does occasionally mail out L Brands coupon codes from this address.

L Brands also has a FAQ listed on their webpage. Their FAQ is less geared towards specifics on their individual brands, and aimed more at big picture questions. They address questions regarding their large corporation, and do not address shipping, return, or ordering information for their individual brands. For help with an order from one of their specific brands, contact that store directly for assistance.

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L Brands coupons 2019

L Brands is one of the most talked about parent companies, because they own so many different brands. Their brands are well known enough that you have most likely shopped at a couple of them without realizing that L Brands owns both companies. For example, many consumers do not realize that L Brands owns both Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works. L Brands is known for their reasonably priced beauty products in their subsidiaries. However, you can find even larger savings if you use a L Brands coupon from PromoPony. You can find a current L Brands coupon on PromoPony for June 2019 here. Do not delay another minute! If you are in need of a L Brands coupon, go on PromoPony as soon as possible to save money.