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All Coupon Codes and Discounts in February 2023

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Save 20% on Crooks Island
20% Off Harley Quinn To The Rescue
Save $16 on Super Hero High School Set
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About Lego Shop

Lego has become by now an integral part of each childhood. The plastic blocks company, popular across the entire world, was founded in 1934, in Denmark. At that time, everything began quite harmlessly: initially, it started with the idea of “leg godt”, Danish for “play well” and wooden toys, with 1949 bringing the arrival of the first plastic blocks.

Discount Details Valid until
30% Discount Get Up to 30% Off Select Sales And Deals Up to revocation
25% Discount 25% Off Batman's Batcave Up to revocation
20% Discount Save 20% on Crooks Island Up to revocation
20% Discount 20% Off Harley Quinn To The Rescue Up to revocation
$16 Discount Save $16 on Super Hero High School Set Up to revocation

More about Lego Shop

Lego has become by now an integral part of each childhood. The plastic blocks company, popular across the entire world, was founded in 1934, in Denmark. At that time, everything began quite harmlessly: initially, it started with the idea of “leg godt”, Danish for “play well” and wooden toys, with 1949 bringing the arrival of the first plastic blocks. These had a hollow body. In order to improve the construction and stability of the Lego bricks, tubes were added, starting in 1958. Thus, it was transformed into the Lego brick, which we all know and love today. In the meantime, Lego has become one of the most popular and variable children´s toy, indispensable for children's rooms. The beautiful thing about the tiny modular blocks is that the collection is always growing. Customers can randomly add as many elements as they like to the initial modular system.

Nevertheless, a constantly growing collection can also have a big impact on your wallet. With a coupon for the Lego Shop, you can spare your piggy bank and still expand your collection. Of course, Lego has lifelong fans, who also get their money's worth. Therefore, the product range has changed over the years. Now, in addition to the basic sets of Lego bricks, various holidays and landmarks are honored with special Lego sets. Popular movies are immortalized as small plastic figurines with wonderfully designed accessories. If you love Lego, you can find a suitable Lego Shop coupon here. Star Wars or Lord of the Rings Lego, Halloween, Easter or Christmas—in the Lego Shop, there is something available for each and everyone.

Lego Shop promo codes online

Key facts about Lego

  • Founded in 1934, in Denmark
  • The name comes from “leg godt”—Danish for “play well”
  • Popular modular systems can be endlessly expanded
  • Special collections for film franchises and famous landmarks

Redeem Lego Shop coupon code and order Lego online for less

In the Lego Shop, customers can find anything a playful child´s heart could ever desire. In addition to the basic configuration for Lego beginners, you can also buy Duplo for the very young ones. The Lego Online Shop has a whole host of interesting themes and brands in the Lego product range. For examples, the Star Wars Lego is in great demand. This is absolutely understandable. When you combine two popular things, they just have to click. Is there something more beautiful than your Lego Yoda destroying a droid, while an AT-AT stalks over in the background? Or do you prefer reconstructing the epic battle scene in Isengart with Lego Saruman and Lego Gandalf? But let's be honest—he most fun is when you can finally dismantle everything again! Somehow, when it comes to Lego, we all become children again. But, since you should also be reasonable when you feel like having a shopping frenzy, it is advisable to secure a Lego Shop discount for your order. In order to achieve that, all you have to do is select a suitable free coupon code for the Lego Shop.

Our variety of online shops for toys is huge. If you cannot find something you like in the Lego Online Shop, you can try your luck in one of the other shops from the Games & Toys category.. We have tons of coupons for toy shops, which can ensure that you have fun and save money at the same time!

Lego video

Lego Shop coupons help you save cash for online toy shopping

Nowadays, everything seems to revolve around Lego Star Wars. Lego has won the hearts of small Lego fans, with popular series and computer games. Lego Hero Factory and Lego Mindstorms can also be found in the online shop. Furthermore, series such as Harry Potter Lego and Indiana Jones Lego enjoy immense popularity. If the female clientele is not satisfied, despite the abundance of this offer, they also have Lego Friends. The concept developed especially by Lego is also often presented as Lego for girls. And what’s wrong with that? Sometimes, little ladies don’t want to build robots or simulate orc battles. Sometimes, they need a dream ship or a pony farm and simply a little bit of quiet. As successor of the Belville Lego Series, Lego Friends has been revitalizing its pastel-colored thread since 2012.

For creative minds, there is also Lego Technic. With these modules, you become the inventor yourself. Here is a gear wheel, there a motor and finished is a functional robot. You can make Lego Technic according to the Lego building instructions, or simply according to your instinct. Something exciting will definitely come out of it! Your engineering skills are also necessary for Lego Creator. From the Lego Creator Eagle Set, using the guide, you can build a scorpion or a beaver. And, without the guide, the sky's the limit. With the Lego Creator, you can turn a blue propeller plane into a helicopter or a speedboat. The elements in the Lego Creator building set can be combined in order to always come up with new creations. The only prerequisite is that you must have fun while discovering!

Lego Shop online store

Ensure a Lego Shop discount with a Lego Shop coupon

Now, grab a Lego Shop coupon code, so that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on your purchases in the Lego Online Shop. Reach into the Lego crate and build something extraordinary. If you are still too small for the right Lego, you can give Lego Duplo a try. In the Lego Shop, you can also purchase Duplo. When it comes to the smaller brother of the flagship brand, the edges are more rounded and most of the components and figurines are too big to be swallowed. Perhaps you are still on the lookout for a Duplo coupon to bring joy to your little one. As with any other Lego, the elements of the Duplo building set can be freely combined. Beginning with cars and buildings, you can order a set for beginners and expand immediately with a Duplo Zoo. Even the youngest Lego fans will have their fun. The funny zoo animals are available as prefabricated figurines, for which you only have to build a Duplo enclosure. Or, for particularly curious explorers, there are the “Excursion in the jungle” animals, which need to be put together from scratch. It might as well be a Tigerfant or a Crocoraffe. If you still need a Duplo coupon, you should look at PromoPony first!. If you are looking for a Duplo coupon, we have loads of promo codes for you. Perhaps the young master builder wants a Duplo excavator, with which he can make pretend a construction site. Or if your little one wants a Duplo pirate ship or a Duplo farm, you are better off with a coupon for the Lego Shop so that you can make your kid happy without breaking the bank.

Buy Lego and Duplo at an affordable price using Lego Shop Coupons

  • Lego Star Wars
  • Lego Duplo
  • Lego Lord of the Rings
  • Lego Hobbit
  • Lego Mindstorms
  • Lego Creator
  • Lego Friends
  • Lego Chima
  • Lego Hero Factory
  • Lego Ninjago
  • Lego Monster Fighters
  • Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Lego Technic
  • Lego Super Heroes
  • Lego Castle

How do I order in the Lego Shop?

As soon as you have decided on the toys you want to add to your shopping cart, add your items with a simple click of the mouse or tap of your screen. Your shopping cart will then be displayed as an overlay. In order to continue with the order, simply click on “proceed to checkout”. You can redeem your Lego Shop coupon code on the right side of the page. To do this, click on “apply”. The Lego Shop discount should be immediately deducted from the full price. Here, in the shopping cart, you also have the possibility to register for the Lego VIP program. For every Euro spent, as Lego VIP, you will receive a VIP point. From a certain sum, these points are converted into credits, which you can use on your next purchase.

You will need to login for the next step. Then, you can choose a delivery address and a payment method. In addition to the payment options—credit card, direct debit and invoice—here, you can also enter a Lego voucher card. In order to do this, you will need to fill in the card number and PIN and then click on “apply”.

Lego Shop product variety

Shipping costs and deliveries at Lego

The standard delivery is free from a minimum order value, before that you will have to pay a small, fixed amount. It is also possible to have the order expressly delivered. In this situation, you will have to incur an additional cost. The standard delivery occurs within five business days. The express delivery takes three business days. For “Pick a Brick” products, delivery can take 15 business days. Mailbox delivery is not possible.

Returns and exchanges at Lego

The return of goods is quite simple. Only personalized or client-specific items are excluded from the exchange right. If you are unhappy, you can send back the ordered products within 90 days of receipt. The purchase price will be fully refunded and, when you return the entire order, you will also receive the delivery costs back. For this reason, you should make sure that the items you are sending back, correspond to the state and quantity of the original delivery. Ideally, the products are unopened and in their original packaging. If your order is missing parts from the beginning, this will be taken care of by the customer service team. Items with opened packaging will generally be exchanged for a credit valid for the Lego client account. It is possible to offer a refund, but this is based on individual cases and should be clarified with customer service.

In order to make a return, the received goods must be send back within 90 days of receipt, with a stated return number. You can obtain the return number from the Lego customer service. Without this number, the processing time is prolonged. This in turn means a significant delay regarding the reimbursement of your money, so it’s worth trying to obtain this number in the beginning.

Gift cards are also excluded from their exchange policy. These cannot be exchanged or cashed. Depending on how you paid for your order, you will also get your money back. If you are not satisfied or you are interested in information regarding products, spare parts and warranties, please contact customer service.

How do I reach the customer service of the Lego Shop?

The customer service team at the Lego Shop is available for you via telephone, all week long. You can also send an email to them. All this information, you can find on the website of Lego Shop, on the “contact” page. There you can contact the customer service, by telephone, e-mail or directly online.

Lego Shop customer service

Lego Shop coupons 2023

Online, there are always cheap offers, but often you can’t find them. For those savvy online shoppers, you should first search for  Lego Shop coupons on PromoPony. The penny pinchers at Pony are always on the lookout for the best discounts. You can use a Lego Shop coupon directly with your next purchase. If you don’t want to miss any upcoming Lego Shop discounts, you should sign up for the free newsletter. You will then receive information on all the current campaigns by e-mail and avoid missing any bargains. In February 2023, there are also a lot of offers in the our Games & Toys category with free coupon codes just waiting to be used. Anyone can benefit from this so why not use  the awesome coupons at PromoPony right now?