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Lifetouch Promo Codes & Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in August 2021

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More about Lifetouch

Lifetouch Inc. is an employee-owned American photography company, founded in 1936 by Eldon Rothgeb and R. Bruce Reinecker. The business was later incorporated in March 1948 and has headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Lifetouch is a modern photography choice for schools and families, operating in North American local communities. With operations in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Canada, Lifetouch captures precious moments and smiling faces. Lifetouch Portrait Studios lead the company's retail presence, and award-winning photographers represent the company in high-end studios like Cilento Photography, JCPenney Portraits, and much more. Lifetouch provides their elite photographer's services for school pictures, preschool, senior portraits, yearbooks, and special events. They also serve to communities like sports, church, and businesses.

During the company's expansion period of 1950 to 1979, Lifetouch with the help of Kodak developed industry's first cluster lens printer, which made printing multiple photos from single exposure a possibility. By the end of 1960, the company expanded in all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico and became a multinational photography brand for thousands of American school and millions of American families. They also support many social organizations and have their charities like Lifetouch Memory Mission, SmileSafe Program, Feed the Need, and many more.

Key facts about Lifetouch

Key facts about Lifetouch 

  • Founded in 1936 by Eldon Rothgeb and R. Bruce Reinecker

  • Headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota

  • Operates in 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Canada

  • Provides services for school pictures, preschool, senior portraits, yearbooks, and special events

  • Provides services to communities like sports, church, and businesses

  • Runs charitable organizations like Lifetouch Memory Mission, SmileSafe Program, and Feed the Need

Save Money with a Free Lifetouch Coupon

Lifetouch is popular for its expert photography services all across the United States. We all want to capture the best moments in our life, and Lifetouch gives you the opportunity of confining rare moments of your life with professional photographs. Lifetouch is also popular for their highly affordable services and numerous programs, where you can get your photos clicked for sports, business, picture say, and much more. You can enjoy Lifetouch’s incredible services at even more discounted rates with coupon codes, available at PromoPony.

You can now get incredible deals like 70% off on business photography, 50% off on school pictures, 40% off on pre-school portraits, and much more. These promotional coupons are the best prospect for you to get amazing pictures clicked and save money at the same time.

Lifetouch Video

Lifetouch photography services

Lifetouch is a photography company that captures the key moments in every student's life and makes them a memory that lasts forever. They offer a broad range of services via their business units, which is dedicated to photography different aspects of your school life, based on your age and requirements. You can save some big bucks while hiring the best school photographers with Lifetouch coupon codes, and make moments come alive! Take a look at all the business unit under the corporate umbrella and their services:

  • School pictures 

Lifetouch offers more than incredible school portraits; their products and services will also help you safeguard your student information, streamline communication for parents and much more. Apart from printing and photographing school IDs and portraits, the company operates the following practical tools, which you can get at discounted rates with coupon codes:

  • Lifetouch Portal - Transfer student data needed for Picture Day with a secure portal

  • SmileSafe - Get safety ID cards for each student to get instant access to child's electronic image, in case of emergencies

  • Management Software - Quickly create new and replace old student ID cards

  • PCI compliant online ordering - Protects parent's credit card information for Picture Day ordering process

School portrait options

Lifetouch offers your school and students the opportunity selecting their preferred picture style from the following options, provided by Lifetouch National School Studios Inc. unit:

  • Fall portraits - This is a time-honored school tradition that your school can now conduct at discounted rates with Lifetouch coupon codes

  • Spring portraits - Capture the children growing throughout the year

  • Smilestones - Mark special events like graduations for kindergarten through elementary with ease

School portrait options

  • Preschool Pictures

Lifetouch Preschool Portraits Inc. organizes this service and gives you the chance to pick the best photography program! You can plan the Picture Day with Lifetouch and get an exclusive peek at the checklist and 'What to Wear' tips. This company works with center and families, to give you the best Picture Day experience and help you capture the lifetime moments. Center can get great commission opportunities like complimentary staff package, class picture, portrait stickers, and much more. Here are three portrait program options offered by Lifetouch, which you can get at reasonable rates by claiming coupon codes:

  • Family approval - This program gives parents the time to view their child's portraits and can decide what they want to keep and what they want to return to the center.

  • Same day proof - Families can now receive proofs of their child's images on the same day as Picture Day, under this program.

  • Prepay - You can purchase prints and packages at affordable rates with promo coupons before Picture Day and then bring the payment that day. This is an excellent way to get reasonably priced portraits to the families while limiting the pressure on the center.

Preschool Pictures

  • Senior portrait

Lifetouch Portrait Studios Inc. offers prestige senior portraits service, which will prepare you for your photo session, will help you get ready for the experience, and you can show off your skills with great props. Lifetouch will find a location near you and will schedule the session, to suit your convenience. Whether you're a musician, actor, or athlete, you can bring in your jackets, sports gear, and other props to show off your talents in the portraits. You can now order this fantastic portrait package online and save big with coupon codes.

Senior portrait

  • Special events

Make your events extra special with Lifetouch National School Studios Inc. capturing your every special event moments with ease. Equipped with cutting-edge photography tools, their professional are efficient in their process and makes it easy for you to capture every event's memories. Lifetouch covers a broad range of events and groups for community organisations and schools, and now you can get them all at affordable rates by redeeming coupon codes. Take a look at the events that Lifetouch covers:

  • Graduation

  • Prom & School Dances

  • Theater productions

  • Concerts

  • Clubs & Activities

  • Dance studios

  • And more!

Special events

  • Yearbook

Now you can tell your school story by creating a yearbook that is fun and easy. Lifetouch supports you and your staff at every step of creation and selling process. Under the Lifetouch Services Inc., you can also get quality yearbook with many great options for both students and parents. These yearbooks will dazzle everyone, and every book is printed and bound to the highest standards. You can also get personalized covers, autograph pages, yearbook sticks, and many more extras with Lifetouch. The yearbooks will be delivered with school label and student's name, to help you save time on distribution day, available at a fair price with coupon codes.


  • Family portrait 

With Family Portrait Studios and Lifetouch Portrait Studios Inc., you can now get the best in photography business to take professional family shots and make memories of a lifetime. In collaboration with JCPenney Portraits, Target Portraits Studios, and Cilento Photography, Lifetouch captures special life moments with ease. You can get birthday, military, infant, and many other portraits shot at your convenience and preferences. Capture the true essence of love, friendship, and family with Lifetouch, and get incredible discounts with coupon codes.

Family portrait

Communities Lifetouch serves 

Lifetouch provides their expert photography services to various communities like sports and church, to help them capture every, exciting moment of their life with ease. Whether you're playing the game of your life, or want new photos for your company's portfolio, with Lifetouch, you can now get the best photographs at discounted rates with coupon codes. Here is a list of the communities that Lifetouch serves:

  • Sports

Now order your before and after Picture Day at incredible rates with Lifetouch and their coupons, to never miss an opportunity of capturing the best moment of your life. Whether it is every school league and team, or poster and prints of your sports portraits, Lifetouch perform every aspect of sports photography with perfection.

Communities Lifetouch serves

  • Church

The Lifetouch Church Directories and Portraits Inc. presents you with the biggest opportunity of connecting with your family and religion, via some spectacular photography. Here are the ways in which you can enjoy Lifetouch world-class photography skills, at discounted rates by redeeming coupon codes:

  • Lifetouch offers free directory program, where you can get a free 8x10 portrait session for your families and much more

  • You can also get on-site family photography with complimentary portrait sittings for families

  • Pick your favorite frames portraits, greeting cards, and more, by ordering your portraits.


  • Business

Photos can speak louder than words! This stands even truer for businesses, looking to make an impact on their potential client by displaying their determination and professionalism, via business photography. Lifetouch offers an exclusive service of headshot photography for business photos, which will not only make you look professional but will also help you grab unexpected opportunities. You can choose from a variety of backgrounds, create a customized, business plan, and much more, at affordable rates with coupon codes.

You can get in-studio photography, where your team comes to one of the Lifetouch portrait studios near you or on-location photography, where Lifetouch team comes to your location.


Deals at Lifetouch 

Lifetouch coupon codes are designed to give every customer the prospect of saving something more while getting the best moments of their life, professional clicked. At PromoPony, you can save big bucks with ease while you get your son’s pre-school portraits clicked or when you get your team’s business photographs. With these coupon codes, you have an opportunity to get great discounts on every Lifetouch service like 50% off on the one-site family program, 60% off on Picture Day Photography, 30% off on family portraits, and much more amazing discounts.

Lifetouch App

Now Lifetouch makes it even easier for their customers to enjoy their incredible photography services with a highly interactive app for iOS and Android. This is a powerful app that will allow you to participate in a Lifetouch photography and directory event. This will allow you to connect with other families using a simple mobile directory app, where you can get access to member’s information like family portraits of other families. Here are the best features of Lifetouch app that you’ll love:

  • Large portrait images available that easily identifies family members

  • You can get contact information of other members’ on-the-go

  • Get access to phone, email, and mapping address with few clicks

  • The app is always updated and is highly secure to use

How to Place an Order at Lifetouch 

Ordering with Lifetouch is simple and easy. Whether you want to get your family portrait clicked, or want to choose a picture program, just click on ‘Order Now’ and initiate the purchase. You will be provided with an order form or flyer, where you will fill all the necessary information like date, purpose, and payment method. This form is different for different services, and they are available on separate links provided in the redirected page. Submit the order form online and pick any payment method and time you prefer, to complete the order. Here you can also redeem your Lifetouch coupon codes and enjoy great deals and exciting offers.

Delivery Conditions at Lifetouch 

With Lifetouch, you can get your photos delivered anywhere in the country, depending upon the service. You will get unique Portrait ID and Access Code, which is unique for every member. With these credentials, you can access your portrait and order or reorder additional gifts and portraits. Within five business days, your order will reach your destination, and you can enjoy professional photographs of your special moments at discounted rates with coupon codes.

Returns at Lifetouch 

Lifetouch doesn’t offer the services of return, but they do give every customer access to the soft copy of their photographs and offer a wide range of customization options. You can always reorder your photos and Lifetouch will get it delivered to your doorstep in the shortest time.

Lifetouch Customer Service

Lifetouch offers a great and highly responsive customer service, which will help you get answers to all your queries in minimum time. To learn more about products and services offered by Lifetouch, you can get in touch with their representatives via following methods:

  • Fill out their customer care form, providing details of your query, and you will get a prompt reply on your mail.

  • You can also send them an old-fashioned mail at their following mailing address:

Mailing Address:

Attn: School Photography Requests & Reorders

P.O. Box 46993

Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Lifetouch customer service is incredibly responsive, and you will receive a quick phone call or email reply in the shortest time. You can get information on their services like family portraits, or the best way to redeem your coupon codes with ease.

Lifetouch coupons 2021

Lifetouch provides a world-class service of professional photography to their customers at highly competitive rates. With numerous portrait programs and options available, anyone can now add a professional touch to the special moments of their life. With PromoPony, you can now gain access to the biggest collection of Lifetouch coupon codes and save more with every photograph. Whether you want to get your family portrait taken, or capture the cute moments of your little one’s Picture Day, with Lifetouch and PromoPony, you can now get them all at discounted rates. You can also get instant updates on the latest Lifetouch coupons for August 2021, by signing up for PromoPony newsletter. You can also visit PromoPony to check out the newest collection of coupons and save money on your next Lifetouch experience.