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Loot Crate Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in September 2020

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50% Discount Spend $50 Plus And Get 50% Off Up to revocation
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More about Loot Crate

Loot Crate was founded not so long ago, in 2012, as a company providing customers with packages comprised of retail products, on a periodical basis. Loot Crate offers boxes to its subscribers, and the products inside the boxes belong are of gaming and geek nature. Each box consists of interesting, great products (e.g. gadgets, gear, T-shirts, collectible products etc.) destined for gamers and geeks.


LootCrate logo

Key facts about Loot Crate

  • Created by a community and delivering products and value to an entire community

  • Partnered with movie studios, game organizations, and publishers of comics, to deliver goods to interested people all around the world; among Loot Crate’s famous partners: Adventure Time, Nintendo, Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel, World of Warcraft

  • A fast growing private company, launched in 2012


Order products at favorable prices with a Loot Crate coupon

Computer games existed long before the online era. Many gifted children across the world were fascinated about this new trend, this new universe laying before their eyes, so they quickly acquired all necessary skills to conquer this new virtual world. Years later, after the Internet appeared, everything evolved, into better games, better gear, better gaming equipment, and geeks everywhere kept up, never missing a new expansion kit, never forgetting about their virtual social interactions with other gaming fans, maintaining continuous contact with their hobby. So, now, with Loot Crate’s exhilarating initiative targeting all gamers worldwide, why not rely on coupons for a better deal?

Even though coupons can be used with Loot Crate exclusively for new subscriptions, they can still come in handy for saving money. The gaming industry is not a cheap one and many fans struggle to pay for their expensive hobby. With coupons, at least the awesome items in the crates may come at discounted prices! Coupons will not apply for renewals, upgrades or reactivations. If you do have a coupon and wish to use it in order to subscribe to Loot Crate, you are advised to do so when checking out, in the special area indicated by “Have a Coupon Code?”—simply enter your code and click “Validate”. Check if “Today’s Total” is now updated with your coupon’s discount.


Loot Crate video

Loot Crate on YouTube keeps its fans, the “Looters”, interested and informed about new deals and rebates! The information on their YouTube site is all up-to-date, and there is a lot of activity going on, Looters interacting and sharing opinions.


Types of coupons accepted

What is absolutely certain about coupons accepted by Loot Crate is that if you have discount coupons, you can only apply them once, when setting up your subscription. Details about the accepted coupons’ provenance or their providers are not specified. However, Looters everywhere across the world should take into consideration the use of coupons for their subscription, since it is a great chance to receive something interesting for a reduced price. Collect your coupons and indulge in the surprises Loot Crate prepares for you.


Download the Loot Crate app

Good news! The Loot Crate app is available on devices using both iOS and Android systems. To install the app and for it to function optimally on iOS, your phone, tablet or iPod touch should have at least iOS 6.1. or later.

The app resembles the website, and you have various options for both interacting and applying for subscription in your newly-downloaded app. The mail options which appear on your screen once you click on your app to enter are: Join, Theme Playlist, Loot Vault, and Fan Wall.

Links for downloading or exploring the app can also be found directly on the website, at the bottom of the page, in the “Our Mission” section.

Download the Loot Crate app


The main categories in the Loot Crate online store

PICK A CRATE, with the following options:


  • Partner crates (J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, Firefly, Halo Legendary Crate, W-Slam Crate, Marvel Gear Goods, Sanrio)

  • Limited edition crates (Gears of War 4, South Park)

PAST CRATES (themes approached in the past and cool items from the previous months)

LOOT VAULT (all past crates are available here for discounted prices)


How do I place an order at Loot Crate?

To place an order with Loot Crate, you first have to sign up. You will be charged at signup and, for monthly subscriptions, each and every month according to the date when you signed up.

If you feel like you do not want to be subscribed to Loot Crate any longer, you can cancel your subscription by entering your online user account. From here, customers must go to “Payment Method” and the option “Cancel Subscription” will be soon visible. Loot Crate has thought of everything in advance, so if you just want to “Skip a Month” you can do that instead of cancelling the subscription. Take note that you will be provided with the remaining crates for which you paid, but the subscription will not be automatically renewed as a result of your cancellation. From the moment in which you have chosen to cancel your subscription and until the end of it the status shown in your account will be “Pending Cancellation”.

Upgrades to your subscription plan can obviously be done for Looters to enjoy the best experience and also save money. Customers who want to upgrade their subscriptions can do so in their online user account.

Moreover, once you decide to start your subscription on Loot Crate, if you sign up for plans on longer lengths such as 3 or 6 months or a full year, you will be charged for the full amount (discounted, of course) in that instant.

Regarding payment once you decide to subscribe, Loot Crate can process cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Diners, AmEx plus PayPal.


Delivery conditions at Loot Crate

Loot Crate currently ships in the United States and also abroad. The countries to which boxes with products can be sent are: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

For International Deliveries, once a crate has shipped, it should arrive to its Looter somewhere within 12 business days from the day it was shipped. Sometimes, this term extends to a longer period due to Local Customs which may delay shipping.

From your date of purchase, all orders are estimated to be delivered in 2 or 3 weeks. When your order has been shipped, a tracking notification is sent via e-mail to the customer. Please bear in mind that all delivered orders include full tracking and confirmation of delivery.

Regarding the shipping taxes, for the United States, these taxes are already comprized of the total cost of the ordered crate; for international deliveries, the international shipping costs can be seen at checkout.

The Loot Crates are sent to Looters across the world once every month and it is very likely that they depart somewhere between the dates of 20 - 28 each month. During the process of signing up: if you do it until 9 p.m. Pacific Time on the 19th of each month, you will receive that precise month’s crate. If done after this deadline, you will receive the following month’s crate.

Whenever you need the invoice for the crates that have been shipped to you, you have it at your fingertips: customers must go to “Manage Account”, and then to “Order & Tracking”, where you can download any invoices which might interest you.



Loot Crate does not offer the possibility to return items. Their website offers information regarding this aspect, which explains that if you accidentally order the wrong size of clothing then Loot Crate may exchange the product depending on the circumstances. 


Loot Crate Customer Service

The Loot Crate website has a fresh design and a very friendly interface, so maintaining good customer service is a constant concern and an important aspect.

Connecting with Loot Crate via social media is readily available: with just one click, you can interact with and follow Loot Crate and this company’s fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat.

Also, if you need instant help, a message saying the following: “Questions? We’re available. Type your message here.” or “Need assistance?” (written on an orange background) will appear in the lower-right part of the page, directing you to start a chat with an assistant operator.

As a customer, you are able to submit a request via an online form where you are kindly asked to fill in the request type, your e-mail address, the subject and its description in brief. In addition, you will have to also choose the Ticket Type (Accounts, Shipping, Billing, Exchanges & Return, Other) and you will also be able to attach files if needed.

Loot Crate Customer Support Team is always there to assist you with anything you need! (weloveyou@lootcrate.com)

Loot Crate shows its love for Looters by sending out a special gift in the first months of a full year subscription, which will arrive to you separate from the other crates’ delivery.


Loot Crate refer a friend

This program aids people at Loot Crate not only to keep their current customers satisfied and rewarded, but also attract new clients with a great initial deal: people who have been invited by a friend to Loot Crate and finally decide to subscribe and receive one of the boxes will benefit from a $5 discount on their order. Those who invited their friends over to Loot Crate will have $5 credit off their next crate. Loot Crate is happy that business is growing fast and in a sustainable way, keeping its customers happy as well! Everybody wins!

Please take into consideration the fact that once your friend clicked on the referral link you have sent to them, the discount will automatically apply when they check out (but they cannot combine it with other rebates or discount coupons), while you will be able to view your earned credit via your online user account.


Loot Crate refer a friend

Loot Crate’ Loot Pins

Loot Crate has prepared many surprises for its Looters; starting with 2016, customers will be provided with a new, improved, collector pin inside each crate they receive. To redeem, customers must go to Loot Pins in their online user accounts. From here, clients will see what are the pins they have already collected, will view the digital content brought on by each month and will be able to get secret codes for that month, as seen below:

 Loot Crate’ Loot Pins

Loot Crate Coupon 2020

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