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Marco's Pizza Promo Codes

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in July 2021

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2 Small Pizzas For $10
Pepperoni Or Sausage Magnifico For $9.99
Cheezy Bread + A 2-Liter For $5.99
$10.99 L Pepperoni Magnifico
$6.99 Medium 1-Topping Pizza
$24.99 Meal Deal
2-Topping Extra Large Pizza - $12.99
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Redeemed offers: 6562
Potential savings: 20%-50% / $4-$21
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30% Discount Save 30% Off Your $20 Order Up to revocation
20% Discount Spend $20+ And Get 20% Off Up to revocation
Coupon Buy One Pizza, Get 1 For 7 Cents! Up to revocation
50% Discount Save 50% on Regular-Priced Pizzas - Mondays only! Up to revocation
$20.99 Discount Don't Miss This Great Deal on Large Specialty Pizzas And Large one Topping Pizzas! Up to revocation

More about Marco's Pizza

Marco's is a pizza joint owned by Marco's Franchising. This is a limited liability company which controls the restaurant chain stemming out from its headquarters in Ohio. The restaurant specializes in Italian-American food, especially pizza, as its name implies. Since their inception, the restaurants continued to bake and sell the precise pizza recipes of its founding chef, Mr. Pat Giammarco. The restaurant expanded its food selection and grew to occupy more than seven hundred outlets in more than three countries and s expected to have one thousand operational restaurant locations by 2017. 

 Marco's coupon

It was also placed on the 12th rank in the Top 100 Best Pizza Places list which was resultant of a consumer-choice survey conducted by Pizza Today. Entrepreneur Magazine dubbed the franchise as the "undisputed king of new store development," referring to the massive expansion that the company witnessed under the strategic leadership of its current owner and loyal customer, Jack Butorac. Jack, along with the company's COO Byron Stephens, has earned a spot in many entrepreneurial magazines as well as an episode of the CBS program Undercover Boss, for his exceptional skills in turning the pizzeria into a national phenomenon. 


Key facts about Marco's Pizza

  • Headquarters located in Toledo, Ohio

  • Restaurant brand name owned by Marco's Franchising (a limited liability company)

  • Founded in 1978 in Oregon, Ohio by a native Italian Pasquale Giammarco, famously nicknamed as "Pat."

  • Restaurant tagline expresses that they are committed to making Ah!Thentic Italian pizzas (The trademarked word being a fusion of the expression "Ah!" and the word "authentic")

  • Company owns and operates more than 200 stores in 35 American states (as of 2016)

  • Restaurant voted at the third top spot by 'Consumer Reports' in 2015

  • Has been acknowledged as one of the top-performing fastest-growing pizza company in the United States based on the number of stores signed into development (the base year for these statistics is set at 2007)

Marco's Pizza video

More about Marco’s Pizza

Pasquale Giammarco was only nine years old when he immigrated to the U.S. from his hometown in Italy. As a young boy, Pasquale had worked in his family's pizzeria which was the means of livelihood for his entire household. Pat's fascination with his work knew no bounds, and he began experimenting with various recipes, altering and adjusting the proportions of constituent ingredients to come up with the best sauce recipe that there ever was. He made it his mission to indulge in making a high-quality pizza; something that he could market on a larger scale. With the aid of his father, he continued to refine his recipe until he eventually found the right proportions to give him the exact secret sauce recipe to help him make the pizza he had always dreamt of.

Pat was relentless, and his creativity knew no bounds. At the same time, he was also disciplined. When he began marketing his custom pizza to the public, he established three ground rules to ensure that he was delivering a product of exceptional quality and freshness. One, that he would utilize only fresh dough in his pizzas. To this measure, Pat would make dough daily in his store. Second, he would make his secret sauce recipe employing only imported spices and three types of vine-ripened fresh tomatoes. And lastly, Pat employed a combination of three different kinds of cheese which he found complimented each other extremely well and gave his pizza its characteristic heavenly taste. He swore to use nothing but fresh cheese, unlike the other restaurants who were heavily relying on the use of frozen cheese. 

Pat's dedication brought him to a world of wonders. He opened his first store in Toledo in 1978 but soon spread his business throughout the Midwest, even beyond the threshold. Today the company owns more than 700 restaurants in three countries abiding by the same guiding principles its founder set some thirty-eight years ago. The growth and expansion of the company have also included a broadening in its menu, and the pizzerias also serve sandwiches, fries, salads and cheesy bread alongside its regular pizzas. All of these items on the menu are available for both pickup and home deliveries at affordable prices. For further discounts, customers can utilize Marco's Pizza coupons at their checkout for online as well as restaurant orders and get cheaper rates on their meals.

Cooking for oneself at home has taken a downhill path as the majority of people prefer to order in from restaurants or famous pizzerias. Pizza is fast becoming the go-to food for the average household. However, along with the frequent utilization of pizza delivery services comes a hefty blow to the monthly budget which means that pizza-lovers miss out on a lot of saving opportunities. One of the ingenious ways to maximize one's savings while also frequently treating oneself to the delicious pizzas is linked with using Marco's Pizza coupons. The Marco's Pizza coupons will allow customers to enjoy major discounts on their pizza bills and save as much as up to 50% on their orders, and that too at no extra cost. 

Marco's Pizza coupon

Ordering at Marco's Pizza 

To order online, you need to visit the official website. Once there you are required to select a location. Now, you are required to start building your pizza. You can choose the kind of crust you want along with the toppings. Customers can also select the size of the pizza. The restaurant also offers a variety of salads that you can order. If you don't want to build your pizza, you can go ahead and select from the numerous available deals. After making sure you have ordered what you want, you can go ahead and confirm your order. However, keep in mind that you should redeem Marco's Pizza coupons before you pay if you want a discount. 

Canceling orders Marco's Pizza 

You can't cancel an order once it has been processed. 

Delivery policy Marco's Pizza 

After placing an online order, customers will be provided with a delivery time quote. The restaurant ensures that all deliveries are made under an hour, as soon as possible. 

Customer service at Marco’s Pizza

Marco's has always been a customer-centered franchise, and it has continued with its traditions ever since its inception. No matter how many locations were opened, the company stayed true to catering to the demands and tastes of its customers. This unyielding commitment to creating the best experience for its clients is also supported by the company's tagline which uses the word 'Ah!thentic.' Over the years, the criteria for tending to its customers have stayed the same and customers are treated with the same measure of affability as they were when the business was first opened and serviced for friends.

If customers, virtual or dine-in, have any queries regarding the food, the ordering process, or the nature and quality of the service received by them, they can visit the FAQ section to find immediate resolutions for common queries. They can also contact the administration by using the customer service form which is available on the website. A physical paper form is also available at the restaurant locations, and it can be filled out in detail so the admin can understand the conflict issues in better detail. Local phone numbers for each restaurant location are operable within working hours if the customers would want to inquire after a particular meal or procedure. In addition to this, email addresses and fax numbers are available for the company's managers, so the customers have a straight channel to reach them in the case of a dire situation.

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All of these steps taken by the company have been the intention to create a customer experience which is not only memorable for the customers, but also goes to show how much the company values the fulfillment and prosperity of its consumer base.

Marco's Pizza coupons for 2021

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