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McDonalds Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in June 2023

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Download The McDonald's App To Earn Rewards & Access Deals on McCafé® Drinks
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Redeem coupons and find out the best ways you can save, time and time again at the world’s favorite fast food restaurant, McDonald’s.

  • Get Free Fries every Friday, when you use the McDonald’s app to order. Download the app today to start enjoying the perks.
  • Get a Free Coffee when you buy 5 at McCafé. Save on your daily McDonald’s coffee and earn points when you join McCafé Rewards.

When you order McDonald’s you know exactly what you’re getting, no surprises. It tastes good, it’s cheap and it’s quick, that’s why McDonald’s is the world’s favorite restaurant.

More about McDonalds

McDonald’s has to be the most famous fast food restaurant in the world. McDonald’s restaurants are Instantly recognizable by the iconic golden arches, and form a significant part in America’s history and culture. The McDonald’s menu is absolutely classic. Apart from a few new additions and variations every now and then, when you walk into any McDonald’s around the know what to expect. You can't talk about McDonald’s, without mentioning probably the most well known burger ever...the Big Mac! The double pattie, triple bun delight of a burger is a favorite around the globe. Want something a little smaller? There’s always the humble and cute McDonald’s cheeseburger. Other burger options include the Quarter Pounder with cheese, the McChicken Sandwich, the underrated Filet-O-Fish and the McDouble. The fries at McDonald’s are the best. Super thin, crispy and salty...oh mama they’re good! If you’ve gone all this time without trying McDonald’s chicken nuggets, change that now. Find yourself a McDonald’s coupon and save on Double Quarter Pounder Meal. It’s time to talk about the Happy Meal. Treat your kids to a McDonald’s Happy Meal and witness the joy on their little faces. The McDonald’s breakfast menu is absolutely great. It’s so great that due to popular demand, it’s now served all day! The Egg McMuffin is a thing of joy anytime of the day, as are the Hotcakes and Sausage combo. Enjoy the freshest cup of coffee each morning from McCafé. Whether you love a simple americano coffee, a creamy cappuccino or you enjoy the indulgence of a Mocha Frappé; McCafé has your caffeine needs covered. The desserts at McDonald’s are pretty awesome. From gorgeous milkshakes to comforting baked apple pie. 

McDonald’s was founded way back in 1940, by Richard and Maurice McDonald. The brothers operated a small but successful restaurant in San Bernardino, California. Along came a gentleman by the name of Ray Kroc who bought the McDonald’s name and the rest is history. There are now more than 38,000 McDonald’s restaurants across the world and is the second biggest employer on the planet (1.7 million employees), only behind Walmart (2.3 million employees). Read our excellent guide to discover all the ways you can save and get money off at McDonald’s.

How do I redeem a McDonald’s coupon?

Follow these easy, simple steps to redeem your McDonald’s coupon without any unnecessary confusion or problems along the way. These steps are exclusively for McDelivery.

  1. To get started you must “double click” the coupon, you should then be redirected to the page you need on
  2. If you have a promo code, right click and “copy” it.
  3. Getting McDonald’s delivered is via UberEats or DoorDash, so make sure you're registered with either of them.
  4. Make your selections
  5. At the checkout, enter your promo code if required.
  6. Check that everything is to your liking
  7. Make your payment
  8. Wait for your meal to be delivered.

How can I save if I have a McDonald’s coupon?

There are some really excellent discounts to be had on McDonald’s meals, when you have a coupon or voucher on hand. Here below is some great info on how and when to use your McDonald’s coupon.

Where do you get McDonald’s coupons from?

For the best McDonald’s coupon and discount codes around, the only place you need to do any form of mild searching is at PromoPony. We take pride in offering you the latest and greatest McDonald’s offers.

How much can I save with a McDonald’s coupon?

Save on your next Big Mac, get a free dessert or soda and more when you redeem a McDonald’s coupon. For a limited time only at your local participating McDonald’s restaurant get a Sale.

Are there any McDonald’s deals on this week?

There will always be a deal or special promotion happening at McDonalds whenever you look. Right now there are 7 coupons from which to choose from.

Can I get coupons using the McDonald’s mobile app?

If you’re on the hunt for McDonald’s coupons, a great place to start is by downloading the mobile app. Using the app will give you exclusive access to the best McDonald’s coupons and promo codes the easy way.

Why doesn’t this McDonald’s voucher work for me?

If you’ve run into problems using a McDonald’s coupon, no need to stress. Check out these FAQs below for a little helping hand. If all fails, you’ll just need to find yourself another deal.

Has this McDonald’s coupon expired?

There are far too many expired coupons and vouchers floating around the internet. To avoid wasting an afternoon trying to get it to work, simply look for an expiration date either on our page or on the McDonald’s website.

Is this McDonald’s promo code real?

It can be incredibly frustrating when you try to redeem a promo code, but for some reason no discount seems to be happening. Answer these questions below to make quick progress.

  • Has the promo code already expired? 
  • Is the deal valid at your local McDonald’s 
  • Have you entered the promo code in correctly?

If you can’t get the promo code to work, don’t worry as there are plenty more for you!

What ways are there to get discounts and deals at McDonald’s without a coupon?

Don’t despair if you haven’t got a McDonald’s this time around, cheap Big Macs and free fries are closer than you think. Here are just a few of the ways you can save at McDonald’s and McCafe without a coupon.

Can I get free coffee at McDonald’s?

What’s better than coffee? Free coffee of course! Download the McDonald’s app and join McCafe Rewards for plenty of great benefits. Get a free McCafé drink of your choice when you buy 5.

Is Wi-Fi free at McDonald’s?

You can enjoy free Wi-Fi at any McDonald’s restaurant when you purchase a meal or drink. Get yourself a nice coffee and get some work done, catch up with friends or’s up to you!

Can I get free fries at McDonald’s?

Oh yes you can. Get free medium fries every Friday, when you order using the McDonald’s app and spend a minimum of $1. So if you haven't already, download the McD app today and get saving.

Does McDonald’s have an email list?

Got FOMO? Worry no more, when you sign up for McDonald’s emails. Get the latest news, promotions and coupons delivered right to your inbox. No effort required for maximum reward.

Can I get free McDelivery?

For free delivery and more, you’ll need to check out the promotions happening at UberEats and DoorDash, as they are the delivery service for McDonald’s. Alternatively you can pick up your order for free from your local McD’S.

Hungry for more? Then have a look through these Burger King coupons, Wendy's coupons and also these Smashburger offers.

Should I order McDonald’s?

McDonald’s is comfort food at it’s finest. Part of the appeal of McDonald’s is that you’ll know it will be good every time you order it. The menu is delicious and full of variety to satisfy any craving you may have. Before you order McDonald’s there are a few things to consider.

Are there any vegetarian options on the McDonald’s menu?

There isn’t an exclusively vegetarian menu at McDonald’s, but there are a handful of vegetarian options available. With a good selection of salads, fruit and maple oatmeal and the possibility of meat free breakfast options, McDonald’s can cater to everyone.

Is McDonald’s a healthy option?

McDonald’s probably isn’t the lowest calorie food you can find, but it doesn’t mean it has to be unhealthy. There are plenty of healthy options and you don’t have to choose the biggest burgers or largest shakes every time. All the ingredients and  nutritional information can be found on the McDonald’s website.

Is McDonalds an ethical company?

That’s a difficult question to answer considering McDonald’s long past and thousands of locations across the globe. McDonald’s are always striving to improve their standards and quality of produce. For example McDonald’s aims to only use ‘cage free’ chickens by 2025.