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Meijer Inc Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in January 2020

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More about Meijer Inc

Hendrik Meijer, an immigrant of United States, launched Meijer Inc. in 1934. Meijer Inc. was the first grocery store to offer self-service using hand-held baskets. The self service method facilitated the expansion of Meijer Inc. to across the country. Although Meijer Inc. was first started in Michigan, they are now located in over 117 locations throughout Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky. Today, they rank as as one of the largest advancing private companies in the United States. They are constantly expanding into new states and locations. 

Meijer Inc. is a chain of supermarkets that predominately sells groceries to consumers. Meijer Inc. also sells reasonably priced sporting goods, beauty and health products, electronics, clothing, pet care supplies and multiple other products. Meijer Inc. contributes to the affordability of their products through Meijer Inc. coupon codes. Meijer Inc. coupon codes allow clients to gain access to discounts on any items that they order.

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Key facts about Meijer Inc.

  • Launched in 1934 by Hendrik Meijer

  • Found across 117 locations in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky

  • Retailer of groceries, as well as other home products

Save money with a free Meijer Inc. coupon

Grocery stores are not as inexpensive as they used to be. Everything is slowly increasing in price due to increased inflation and other factors. However, some grocery stores, like Meijer Inc., still offer low prices on all of their products. Meijer Inc. has been around for long enough to understand that customers cannot afford to pay large amount of money for groceries. That is why they still offer competitive pricing on all of their products. Meijer Inc. also does not skimp on quality. They offer low prices on both generic and name brand items. Do not think that you will be getting an inferior product simply because Meijer Inc. has it for a lower price.

Although Meijer Inc. already has low prices on all of their grocery products, there is a way for you to pay even less at Meijer Inc. Simply find a Meijer Inc. coupon code on PromoPony to use on your next purchase. You can use multiple Meijer Inc. coupon codes during one purchase. Some Meijer Inc. coupon codes will even stack to offer you even greater savings. Visit PromoPony to determine what your exact savings will be. Once you have located the Meijer Inc. coupon code that you wish to use, copy this code and use it during your checkout process at Meijer Inc.

Save money with a free Meijer Inc. coupon

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How do I place an order with Meijer Inc.?

You should begin by browsing through the extensive catalog offered by Meijer Inc. Although Meijer Inc. does not have all of their in store items listed on their website, you are able to search through thousands of items. As you browse through their website, you will notice that certain items are only available for purchase in-store. Meijer Inc. will automatically alert you if this item is currently available in stock at your closest Meijer Inc. physical location. If you do not live close in proximity to a Meijer Inc. location, you may be unable to take advantage of their low prices. Meijer Inc. is expanding rapidly, and may soon be available in your area. To set a new store location, click “Select a New Store” in the upper right hand corner. You will be asked to input your zip code and the furthest distance you would drive from this zip code. 

As you browse through the website, you can add items to an online shopping list. You can create an online shopping list to take with you to a physical Meijer Inc. location. Before you are able to create a shopping list, you will be asked to either log into an existing Meijer Inc. account or create a new account. For those creating a new account, you must enter an email address, your full name, and your zip code. You may also link your Meijer Inc. card to this account. Once your account is set up, you may begin adding products to your shopping list. This allows you to browse through current Meijer Inc. coupon codes on their website before you enter the physical store. You can plan your trip to save you both time and money.

How do I place an order with Meijer Inc.?

Delivery conditions at Meijer Inc.

Meijer Inc. does not personally deliver any items. Because Meijer Inc. is a grocery store, their delivery options are fairly limited. As of now, they do not offer any grocery deliveries. However, you are able to create an online shopping list on the Meijer Inc. website, and pick up the items yourself at any Meijer Inc. location.

Delivery conditions at Meijer Inc.

Returns at Meijer Inc.

Meijer Inc. does allow returns or exchanges on a number of their products. You are allowed to return or exchange any item at Meijer Inc. within a 90 day period. For requests made after 90 days, you will be denied a return request.

If you have a receipt, you will be able to get a refund back on your original payment method. For example, if you originally paid using a credit card then you will receive your full refund on this credit card. For any returns that lack a receipt, you will not be able to get a return back on your original payment method. Instead, you will be issued a Meijer Inc. coupon code to use on your next purchase at Meijer Inc. This Meijer Inc. coupon code can be used for either online purchases or in store. However, this Meijer Inc. coupon code may expire after a certain date. You should ask the customer service representative at the time of the return when your Meijer Inc. coupon code will expire.

Certain products only have a limited return warranty at Meijer Inc. Electronics, such as computers, tablets, or smartphones, must be returned within a 30 day timeframe. The 90 days return window does not apply to electronics at Meijer Inc. You also cannot return an air mattress, tent, CD, or video game if they have been opened. This is due to sanitation and legal concerns. Meijer Inc. cannot resell an air mattress which has been previously used, and they cannot legally allow a customer to return an open form of media. Meijer Inc. will not allow any alcoholic drinks or tobacco products to be returned at any time either. If you are purchasing any of these Meijer Inc. products with limited returns policies, you should carefully read through the specific policy at the time of purchase.


Meijer Inc. customer service

Meijer Inc. has several methods you can use to contact their customer service agents. You can either call their customer service hotline, send them physical mail, or enter one of their store locations.

Calling the customer service hotline is the fastest way to reach a representative. You can contact customer service at 1-877-363-4537. They have customer services agents on standby 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This means that you have no excuse not to call their customer service hotline if you are having any issues with Meijer Inc. However, if you have an inquiry for a specific Meijer Inc. store, you should not dial the general customer service number. You should, instead, find the number for the Meijer Inc. store that you are trying to reach, and call the store directly. You can find the phone numbers for all Meijer Inc. stores by visiting the Meijer Inc. website. Most Meijer Inc. stores are open seven days a week with limited hours throughout the week. 

Individuals who cannot call Meijer Inc. are encouraged to send physical mail. You may mail your inquiry to Meijer 2929 Walker Ave., NW Grand Rapids, MI 49544-9424. If your inquiry is regarding a regional Meijer Inc. coupon code, you may be redirected to your local Meijer Inc. This should be the last option you consider, because it may take 2 - 4 weeks to hear back from a customer service representative. Shipping both ways will take a minimum of 1 week, and you have to wait for the processing time for the customer service agent to field your specific question.

Do not hesitate to enter a physical Meijer Inc. location if you have any specific questions or concerns. The Meijer Inc. staff are always happy to help any customers that enter their store.

Meijer also have a FAQ on their website for any general inquiries that you do not want to bother a customer service representative over. Their FAQ is quite extensive, and can solve basic questions with ease.

Meijer Inc. customer service

Meijer Inc. coupons 2020

Meijer Inc. is one of the most favorite grocery stores for consumers to shop at, because they offer name brand products at generic prices. Typically, grocery stores will inflate the prices of their name brand items in order to get their generic items to sell. Meijer Inc. does not follow this policy, and choose to keep their prices competitive instead. Although the prices at Meijer Inc. are already very reasonable, there is a way to get even lower prices. You can use a Meijer Inc. coupon code for multiple items on your next purchase. Whenever you are checking out at a Meijer Inc. location, show the Meijer Inc. coupon codes to the cashier. You can find a current Meijer Inc. coupon code for January 2020 on PromoPony by visiting here.