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Microsoft Promo Codes

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in June 2023

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Get Up to 30% Off on Selected Top Apps
Get Up to $300 Off on Selected Surface Pro And Surface Laptop
Get $150 Off on New Asus ZenBook Flip
Surface Pro 6 And Laptop 2 Discount Up to 30%
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  • Online Sales
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Redeemed offers: 2
Potential savings: 30%

You’ve come to the right place for the cheapest offers and biggest discounts on all things Microsoft. Check out our selection of Microsoft coupons and promo codes for huge savings.

  • Students and parents can save up to 10% on most purchases from
  • Enjoy Free Shipping on most orders from, or choose collect from your local store.

Keep reading our super savings guide to discover all the ways you need to know to avoid paying full price on your next Microsoft order.

Discount Details Valid until
30% Discount Get Up to 30% Off on Selected Top Apps Up to revocation

More about Microsoft

Microsoft was founded way back in 1975, by you guessed it Mr Bill Gates and some other guy called Paul Allen. The name Microsoft comes from the blend of words microcomputer software. Steve Balmer replaced Bill Gates as CEO of Microsoft in 2000, then to be replaced by Satya Nadella in 2004. Microsoft still remains one of the most successful companies in history, being valued at over $1 trillion. 

How do I redeem a Microsoft coupon?

Redeeming your new found Microsoft coupon or voucher can be a little confusing. To avoid any issues and to make things easier for yourself, check out our easy to follow guide and you should get your discount no problem.

  1. Let’s get going by “double clicking” the coupon, you’ll then be automatically redirected to the relevant page on
  2. Write down or “copy” any promo or discount codes before leaving.
  3. Now the fun part, let’s get some shopping done.
  4. Make your selection(s) and “configure now” before you “add to cart”.
  5. At this stage you can add your promo code, then click “apply”.
  6. Check that the right discount has been applied before continuing.
  7. Enter your shipping details or choose to collect from your nearest store.
  8. Make your payment.

That’s a wrap, you’re all done. We hope you managed to steal a great deal from Microsoft.

What can I find out about saving using Microsoft coupons?

We both know the easiest and most effective way to save on purchases from, is to redeem a coupon or apply a promo code at the checkout. Keep reading and you’ll find out all there is to know about saving with Microsoft coupons.

What can I use my Microsoft coupon on?

Depending on the type of coupon or discount code you have, the opportunities to save at Microsoft are great. Looking to save on a new laptop or tablet? Save when you pre-order the latest Xbox, Get big discounts on top of line headphones from JBL. You can even find deals on the latest Samsung smartphones at the Microsoft store.

How do I get a Microsoft coupon?

There are many ways you can gain access to Microsoft coupons, offer codes and deals, but it might not necessarily be easy. Many savings sites appear to offer a multitude of coupons, but the reality is that the majority of them will have expired a long time ago. Head on over to PromoPony for coupon good times and easy-breezy bargains.

Are there any Microsoft coupons to use in June 2023?

While Microsoft isn't ultra generous with the amount of coupons and special offers they put out, it’s still possible to get a nice discount without too much trouble. For instance, there are 1 coupons ready and waiting.

How long do I have to use my Microsoft coupon?

If you’re unable to find an expiration date for your new Microsoft coupon anywhere, it’s a bit of a gamble if you don’t plan on using it right away. If you’re worried about missing out on the deal, it’s probably best to snap it up while you can. Good coupons don’t last for very long.

Can I get some help with this Microsoft voucher?

Of course, help is always at hand at PromoPony. Encountering issues while trying to redeem a voucher or coupon is a pretty common problem, as a result we know exactly what you need to do. So take a deep breathe in, smile and let’s work this out together.

Could this Microsoft coupon already have expired?

The typical lifespan of most good coupons is pretty short indeed. Coupon sites are not updated regularly enough and redundant clicks are still more than welcome. We recommend that if you can’t find an expiration date, to move on and avoid wasting too much time.

Why can’t I use this Microsoft promo code?

If your Microsoft promo code is giving you grief, you’re not alone. If the promo code is being flat out rejected at the checkout, it’s possible that the deal has already expired. Make sure you typed the code in correctly, that the item(s) in your cart are eligible for a discount and that the deal is valid in the USA.

What are some of the ways I can save at Microsoft when I can’t find a coupon?

Don’t despair, while it’s almost always preferable to have a coupon or promotional code at your disposal, it isn’t crucial in getting a nice discount at Microsoft. Now the moment you’ve been waiting for, all the ways to save on the latest Microsoft and Xbox products revealed.

When’s the best time to shop for deals at the Microsoft store?

While you may be able to find excellent deals throughout the year at the Microsoft store, picking your moment will bring even bigger savings. Shop in September/October time when Microsoft usually releases their new devices to the world. As a result you’ll be able snag sweet discounts on last year's perfectly good stock.

Are there any free trials available from

Yes there are. If you’re new to Windows coming from the Mac world or have never used Microsoft programs or apps before, you can trial them for free for an entire month, no strings attached. Download and try Microsoft 365 for free of charge today.

Is there a student discount at Microsoft?

Microsoft recognises that life as a student can be very challenging. To make things a little easier, students can get a 10% discount on all Microsoft products, yes including Xbox. Also students can also download Office 365 totally for free.

Can I get free shipping from the Microsoft store?

Luckily Microsoft offers free shipping on most of their items with no minimum spend or coupon code required. You can also choose to pick up your order from your local Microsoft store if it’s convenient for you.

Is there a military discount at Microsoft?

Microsoft offers a 10% discount to all active, former and retired military personnel and their families. Save 10% on Microsoft PCs and laptops, Xbox consoles and accessories, Virtual Reality headsets and JBL headphones.

Check out and compare the competition with these Dell coupons, Lenovo coupons, HP deals and if you’re feeling crazy like going to the dark side, here are some Apple Store coupons.

Is there anything I should know before placing an order from Microsoft?

What’s there to say about Microsoft? A company so influential and innovative, that it changed the way we live forever. From the introduction of Windows to the release of the Xbox, Microsoft have certainly left their mark. Whether you’re looking to buy yourself a new laptop or PC, trying to find the best deals on Microsoft 365 or in need of some new Xbox games, this guide will help you to save in the easiest ways possible. Microsoft 365 will streamline your life and turbocharge your workflow almost effortlessly. Using the latest AI technology with Office apps, Microsoft 365 can be like your very own personal assistant, helping you to stay on top of everything without the stress. If you don’t need the whole package, use one of our coupons to get a nice discount on the classic Office apps of your choice. Save on Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and more. Shop the sales on the latest Microsoft Surface laptops and devices. For work, creative projects or for YouTube rabbit holes, find the computer that best meets your requirements and that’s also within your budget. If you’re a music maker, photo editor, a writer, a DJ, run whatever CPU intensive program you want without worrying about overloading your system. The latest Microsoft laptops and desktops can go the distance to let your creativity take centre stage. 

Gamers, head on over to for the best prices on all things Xbox. Get deals on the latest Xbox titles, Xbox Live, Xbox accessories and more. Our savings guide will lead you towards the best prices to guarantee you biggest savings possible on your next order from the Microsoft store.

There’s nothing that really stands out, Microsoft have been around almost as long as PCs were first introduced. They offer very high quality products at different price ranges to meet everyone’s budget. Whether you need a super powerful computer for gaming or creative work, or you need a light and simple device for emails and skype, Microsoft has just what you want.

What’s better Apple or Microsoft?

For the most part it depends on the software you want to use and your budget. Apple has a handful of Mac only programs as does Windows, so if one exclusive program is only available on Windows, getting a Microsoft computer is the way to go. Apple macbooks and iMac computers are considered high-end with a price tag to match.

What’s the Microsoft return policy?

If you’re unsatisfied or have changed your mind about your purchase from the Microsoft store, you can request a return for an exchange or refund. Simply sign in to your “order history“ and     “request a return“, you’ll then be instructed on the next steps.