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All Coupon Codes and Discounts in August 2022

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50% Off Selected Items
Save $35 Off $600+
Minimum order value: $600
Save $25 Off on $500 Orders
Minimum order value: $700
20% Off Selected Items
Save $20 Off $400+
Minimum order value: $400
Save $15 Off on $500 Orders
Minimum order value: $500
10% Off Selected Items
5% Off Selected Items
Save Up to 50% on Body Lotion
Coupon Type
  • Online Coupons
  • Online Sales
Discount type
  • % Off
  • $ Off
Offers: 9
Redeemed offers: 621
Potential savings: 5%-50% / $15-$35
Discount Details Valid until
50% Discount 50% Off Selected Items Up to revocation
$35 Discount Save $35 Off $600+ Up to revocation
$25 Discount Save $25 Off on $500 Orders Up to revocation
20% Discount 20% Off Selected Items Up to revocation
$20 Discount Save $20 Off $400+ Up to revocation

More about My OTC Store

My OTC Store is an online marketplace for people who wish to buy more for less money. The business was founded in 2006. It works on the values of e-commerce to offer you an extraordinary online shopping experience. The initiative is to provide a platform to clients where they can take their time to look into the product's facts, know about the features they would typically fail to notice while shopping at a store, and offer clients the lowest prices possible. My OTC Store has its shipping options available to almost all the states in the United States of America. It also provides customers the ability to redeem My OTC Store coupons, which you can get from PromoPony, for exclusive discounts on available products. All you need to do is redeem My OTC Store coupons at checkout and reduce the price of your order.


Key facts about My OTC Store

  • Huge online presence
  • Founded in 2006

My OTC Store video

Visit the website and redeem My OTC Store coupons for discounts

On the website's homepage, you are free to explore the various products offered by the company. To make shopping fun and easy for you, categorization has been done in the form of "shop by product" and "shop by brand." It also has a forum homepage which consists of blogs, deals, events, guides, general chat and order help. The blogs are related to the most popular threads which are based on the highest rated or best-selling products. The most discussed topic on the forum is My OTC Store coupons. As mentioned all you need to do is redeem My OTC Store coupons at checkout to get discounts on your order. To place an order, you should select the items you want to buy, add them to your cart, and proceed to checkout. It is very simple.


Categories offered at My OTC Store

There is almost everything and anything available for you to purchase. Consumers can choose from electronics, office and home products, appliance, furniture and mattresses, outdoor, patio and garden. It also has auto and tires, baby and kids, grocery, household essential and pets, pharmacy, health and beauty, jewelry, flowers and gifts, toys and games and sports and fitness, photo and auctions. Whatever you purchase, you can lessen the price by using My OTC Store coupons and getting discounts.

  • Sun care and acne related items
  • Intimate Adult Items
  • OTC medicines
  • Skin Care and Beauty
  • Chocolates, lollipops, and gums
  • Oral care
  • Snacks and Energy Bars
  • Hair Care
  • First Aid Over the Counter and Personal Over the Counter items
  • Housewares
  • Baby Items
  • Toys
  • Wheelchairs

Top brands offered

Top brands offered at My OTC Store

Here are some of the top brands offered at this company, amongst various others in alphabetic order;

  • Aspirin, Avalon Organics Store, Airborne and Accu-Chek
  • Barry’s, Body Benefits, Bounty
  • Clearasil, Cetaphil, Clean and Clear
  • Dermasil, Duracell, Dynarex
  • Elon Hair-care, Essential Oil, Earth Solutions, Eco-Natural
  • Fa Deodorants and Body Care, Fitness, Fuji-Film
  • Green Foods, Gillette, Go Fish
  • Himalayan Salt, Hair Off, Hollister
  • Ibuprofen, Ivarest, Interplak
  • Juicy Couture, Juicy Fruit, Johnson and Johnson
  • Kendall, Knox, Kleenex
  • Listerine, Lacoste, Lysol
  • M & Ms, Murphy Oil, Milky Way
  • Nature Made Vitamins, Nivea, Nair Hair
  • Oasis, Oral-B, Orbit
  • Palmers, Phillips, Purell
  • Quantum, Quisana, Q-Tips
  • Red Cross, Rid, Revlon
  • Scotch-Brite, Sweet n Low, Sunsilk
  • Tresemme, Tylenol, Tampax
  • Ultraswim, Uro-Mag, Ultra Brite
  • Vagisil, Vaseline, Veet
  • Wildroot, Windex, World Nutrition
  • X-14 Cleaners, Xeroform, Xenna
  • Yakshi Naturals, Yummi Bears, Youthair
  • Zantac, Ziploc, Zonite

Membership and placing orders at My OTC Store

It is advised that customers should create a registered customer account with the website. By making an account, you can easily place an order by selecting the items you want to buy, adding them to a cart, and then redeeming My OTC Store coupons at checkout for discounts on your purchases. Furthermore, by becoming a member or a registered client, you can also keep a track on all your orders and even their status as they are being delivered to you.

The website uses a virtual shopping care to authorize clients to put various items into it, and even take the items out if they don't want to include them in the final order. A "checkout" system is there for clients to place their orders and pay for products. As mentioned, the checkout is also the section where you need to redeem My OTC Store coupons for discounts. Once an order has been placed, the client will receive a confirmation email.

Paying for orders is easy. Clients can make use of PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and more. All online transactions are secure, and you don't have to worry about any information being leaked.

When shopping at the website, you can make use of various categories that are displayed. Also, there is a search tab that you can use to find a product you might have in mind. Simply, type the name of the My OTC Store product you want, and in a few seconds, the website will display it to you.

Membership and placing orders at My OTC Store

Reward points program at My OTC Store                          

This is a policy designed to help you save those extra bucks by earning points every time you shop at this online store. All you have to do is go ahead and purchase a product from the store. As a point is worth $0.05, you will get that much cash off your next purchase. You can keep a track on the number of points you have earned so far from your account. For every dollar spent, you get a single point as a reward. If you have enough points to redeem while placing an order, you wouldn't even need to pay for it! However, keep in mind that the points expire a year after which they are earned so don't let them rot in there! Moreover, if you have purchased something through these points, you cannot return or exchange it. And you still have to pay the shipping fee. The store can also discontinue this program whenever it wants to.

Subscription at My OTC Store

You can subscribe to My OTC Store by giving your email address to get notified every time a new item of your interest shows up on the website. There are always sales going on, so redeem My OTC Store coupons at checkout to get discounts.

Customer care at My OTC Store

The customer care team is available for clients facing any problems while shopping. You can contact them by filling out the online form present on the website. There is also a FAQ section present on the website that you should read to know more about the policy the store has.

Return policy at My OTC Store

If a client doesn't like a purchase, or if their order was mixed up, they can return the item. Orders can also be canceled, but this needs to be done before they enter the 'processed' stage. All returns should be made within a 30 days limit from the date of purchase. The company must be emailed about the return so they can send the client a return authorization number. All items must be returned in original packing. Customized and nutritional products aren't eligible for returns. Items that have been purchased by redeeming My OTC Store coupons can also be returned.

Valid My OTC Store coupons

Shipping policy at My OTC Store

The more items that the client includes in the shopping cart, the less shipping rates they have to pay for. The website will calculate the applied tax, so the client knows the exact amount they have to pay for an order. The Standard shipping option will deliver your order in 2-4 business days.

There is also an Express shipping option, but that costs more. Furthermore, the company will not be held responsible for any damages done to the order during transit. It the delivery address has some error in it, the customer will have to pay a $5.00 fee for correcting it. Some My OTC Store coupons will provide you with discounts on shipping rates. So, go ahead and redeem them while shopping. Keep in mind that you order might be delivered in separate packages. A tracking number will be provided to clients so they can keep an eye on the status of their order.

Valid My OTC Store coupons for 2022

If you’re looking for valid My OTC Store coupons for affordable shopping, then you can go ahead and find them at PromoPony. There are a lot of websites that boast about offering the best discount coupons. However, not all of them are reliable. You get discount coupons from there, but when you try to redeem them, they don’t give you a discount. So, to save yourself the trouble, you should get valid My OTC Store coupons, and even codes for other stores, from PromoPony. The homepage updates regularly. That is why you should make sure to visit daily. When it comes to redeeming My OTC Store coupons, you need to use them during checkout. If you don’t, no discount will be applied to your bill. Also, keep in mind that all discount codes can only be redeemed once. Furthermore, you can only redeem only one of your My OTC Store coupons per order. The store doesn’t allow you to keep using discount codes for consecutive discounts on a single order. When you find something that you want to buy, and you’re satisfied with your order, only then redeem the coupon you want for the kind of discount you desire. So, go ahead and visit PromoPony, collect the coupons you need, and experience affordable shopping.