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Online Stores is a private company that was founded in the year 2002. Being the largest online vendors of flags, flagpoles, and accessories, Online Stores has made a mark in this field. The reasonable rates, efficient service, and fast delivery make it a well-reputed company in the respective field. It also has other different stores that are a part of it, selling various products such as food, clothes, water toys and much more.

Key fact about Online Stores

Key fact about Online Stores

  • Was founded in the year 2002
  • Deals with flags, flagpoles, and accessories
  • Has sub-stores that sell a wide variety of products
  • Manufactures its products
  • Has an online presence
  • Provides discounts through Online Stores coupons

What does Online Stores sell?

Online Stores manufactures and supplies different flags, flag accessories, flag display cases, patriotic decorations and flag poles. You can easily buy various items at discounts through Online Stores coupons. The official website has everything in categories.

The first tab on their website is of the U.S flags. It has further categories and sub-categories that are put into different groups due to the differences in their qualities, specifications, etc. There are Nylon U.S flags have nylon flags, Valley Forge Nylon flags, annin nyl-go flags, nylon U.S banner flags, and valley forge G-spec flags. The next category is of Polyester U.S flags that are further sub-categorized into polyester, super tough U.S flags, super knit flags, low-cost polyester flags, koralex II polyester flags, and tough-tex polyester. You can get discounts through Online Stores coupons.

After this comes the category of small U.S flags, that has a broad range of U.S flags in small sizes. There are 4" x 6" stick flags, 8" x 12" stick flags, 12"x 18" stick flags, boat and vehicle U.S flags, small flag display bases and grave markers. The next category is of patriotic decor that has pleaded fans, bunting, U.S flags pull-down, patriotic party supplies, patriotic outdoor, decorations, patriotic pennant and streamers, and flags.

Moving on to the next tab it has custom flags that can be advertising flags, custom nylon flags, super custom knit flags, custom stick flags, large advertising flags and custom lapel pins. The next category that is of decorative flags includes sports flags, garden flags, banner flags, wind stocks, 3ft x 5ft decorative flags and magnetic mailbox covers. Then comes the category of military and public service flags that include marine corps flags, Navy flags, army flags, air force flags, coast guard flags and POW-MIA flags. Then, there are the sports flags that contain NFL flags, college flags, MLB flags, NHL flags, NASCAR flags and tailgating kits. There are also the small flags that include U.S flags, state flags, international flags, classroom flags, boat and vehicles flags and bases and holder’s flags. The other flags are the message and advertising flags, historical flags, religious flags, nautical and pirate flags, political flags, rainbow flags and attention flags. You can buy what you need at discounted rates through Online Stores coupons.

The next tab includes a wide variety of flag poles. There are commercial flag poles that include sectionals, external halyard flagpoles, internal halyard flagpoles, and flag poles accessories. Also, you can shop by height or wind speed. Then, there are residential flagpoles that include a variety of telescoping flagpoles, garden and banner holders, wall mount kits, 20 ft residential flagpoles and residential flagpole accessories.

Next come indoor flagpoles with a broad range of indoor flagpole kits, military flagpole kits, state flagpole kits, U.S territories flagpole kits, religious flagpole kits and indoor flagpole accessories. Then, wall-mount flagpoles that contain commercial and heavy duty flagpoles, spinner rolls, wall mount kits, residential economy kits and best quality kits. The category of banner and advertising includes advertising flagpoles, street banner kits, tailgating flagpoles, parade flagpoles, and accessories. The accessories include brackets, lighting, flag snaps and flag clips, ball-toppers, trucks, and cleats. Redeem Online Stores coupons for discounts.

The next tab shows the state flags and U.S territory flags. It lets you choose your State and also allows you to choose the size, etc. State pins, state patches, state decals and city flags are also available. Also, you can pick a set of 50 States too.

Then, there is a tab that shows you the foreign flags. There is a list of the countries provided on the website that has their flags available at Online Stores. You can also choose them according to size, fabric, etc. World flag pins, world flag patches, and world flag decals are also available.

Online Stores discounts

The next tab shows the entire range of flag cases available. You can choose the flag cases according to the sizes. Also, there are other accessories and stuff in this category that include American cotton flags, engraved brass plates, service medallions, sports collectibles cases, challenge coin displays, memorial ornaments and memorial plaques.

The next tab features the accessories present at online stores. They can be flagpole accessories, patriotic apparel or pins, patches, and decals. The flagpole accessories include flagpole snaps and clips, flagpole brackets, flagpole cleats, flagpole trucks, flagpole lighting and flagpole halyards and the patriotic apparel can be patriotic shirts, headwear or patriotic jewelry.

The following tab is the most interesting one as it features other stores that are a part of online stores. The English tea stores have different kinds of tea, teapots, tea sets, kettles and tea accessories. British food is also available in this category that includes cookies and biscuits, clotted cream, desserts and puddings, crisps, candies, and sweets. The flags wholesale stores have a wide variety of flags that can be bought in bulk at wholesale prices. You can reduce wholesale priced by redeeming Online Stores coupons.

The construction gear stores have a broad range of construction gear stuff including shoes, gloves, jackets, belts and accessories. Then, the safety girl stores provide valuable equipment and necessary items for girls that they must have for their safety, in emergency situations. It also provides apparel for girls. The discount safety gear stores have industrial safety equipment that the people who work must have with them and the toy splash stores have a wide variety of water play stuff that is fun, not only for the kids but the adults too. The stores also have pool accessories.

As mentioned, you can shop for your favorite items from these categories at a discounted rate through Online Stores coupons. Valid Online Stores coupons provide a great help if you want to save some money while shopping from this establishment. If you like to have a collection of flags or patriotic apparel or any other products that are available, you should buy them at discounted rated by redeeming Online Stores coupons. All you need to do is select the items you want, add them to your cart, proceed to checkout, and redeem valid coupons for discounts. However, keep in mind that all Online Stores coupons can only be redeemed once.


Shipping at Online Stores

The shipping is free on orders worth $75 or more, except commercial flagpoles, customized products, some in-ground flag poles, some telescoping flag poles or those orders that require being sent by freight due to the quantity or size of the order.

There are three shipping methods; economy, three days, two day and next day.

The economy method works the best if you are not in a hurry to receive your order. The order is shipped through UPS, FedEx Ground, and USPS. It is available for U.S and Canada.

The three-day shipping method delivers your order within three business days. It is available for the U.S. only. The charges are more than those of economy.

The two-day shipping method takes two business days to deliver your parcel and costs more than 'Economy' and the three-day shipping. It is available for U.S only.

Next Day shipping delivers your order the next working day. It is the most expensive shipping method and is available for the U.S orders only.

Return policy at Online Stores

The orders qualify for the return if they are returned within 30 days from the date of purchase. You must make sure that the products are in the same condition and are not damaged and used. The packing should also be original. If the order is not sent in its original condition, $7.49 is deducted from the payment, as service charges.

Valid Online Stores coupons from PromoPony

Customer service at Online Stores

The customer service of online stores is quite impressive. The toll-free number is provided on the website that you can call on, to discuss your issues. You can also contact them through e-mail. Also, there are a lot of other important questions that are answered by the customer service agents. The customer service gives the complete details and information about shipping, return policy, refund, privacy policy, discounts and Online Stores coupons. For other issues, you can call or email them during their working hours. The customer service center is available Monday to Friday 8 AM to 7 PM.

Valid Online Stores coupons from PromoPony 2019

Online Stores coupons provide a good discount while shopping stuff from this store. You need valid discount coupons if you like buying patriotic stuff or want to buy flags for some occasion. Online Stores coupons are available at PromoPony. The said website has valid, authentic discount coupons. The website keeps on updating Online Stores coupons. That is why you should keep checking it to stay updated with all the discount codes. There are numerous discount codes you can use for affordable shopping. Online Stores coupons are a real opportunity for saving money while buying products from this store.