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PetSmart Promo Codes & Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in August 2022

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15% Off Orders $60 Or More
Minimum order value: $60
Get Extra 10% Off Dog Food
Get 30% Off on Blue Buffalo Brand Food
Aquariums - Save Up to 25%
$120 Off Marineland 60 gallon aquarium with stand
Dog Beds Are Up to 40% Off
Get 37% Off on Trixie Cat Furniture - PetSmart
Greenies Up to 35% Off
Save Up to 20% on Select Reptile Food
Small Pet Food - Save Up to 20%
Save 20% With Auto-Ship
Up to 15% Off Cat Litter
Get 12% Off on Selected Frontline 3-ct. Flea & Tick Treatments
Up to $8 Off Blue Buffalo
Up to $7 Off Royal Canin
Up to $6 Off Nautral Balance
Hurry Up !! Grab 5% Off on Your First Auto Ship Order
Up to $5 Off Science Diet
Save $2 on Selected Large Bags of Iams Dog Food
Free Shipping
Get Free Shipping on $49+ For All Treats Members
Minimum order value: $49
Free Shipping
Free Shipping on $49+
Minimum order value: $49
Shop Gifts Under $10 - The Holiday Shop Sale
Get PetArmor Plus Dog Prevention From $26.99!!! Order Now!
Great Deal! Buy 1 Top Paw Dog Pads & Get 1 50% Off
Coupon Type
  • Online Coupons
  • Online Sales
Discount type
  • % Off
  • $ Off
  • Free Shipping
Offers: 21
Redeemed offers: 567
Potential savings: 5%-40% / $2-$120

If you are ever in need of specialty pet animal products and you stay in either the United States or Canada, patronizing PetSmart (for these items) will probably be the best decision you can make. Specialty pet animal products refer to food, accessories, furniture, housing, and services – which is a term that encompasses dog grooming, dog training, and provision of boarding and daycare facilities for them.

Apart from the above, you can also purchase or adopt individual animals from PetSmart. These animals range from little pocket pets like guinea pigs, mice, gerbils, and the likes, to fish, birds, reptiles, and amphibians.

Discount Details Valid until
15% Discount 15% Off Orders $60 Or More Up to revocation
10% Discount Get Extra 10% Off Dog Food Up to revocation
30% Discount Get 30% Off on Blue Buffalo Brand Food Up to revocation
25% Discount Aquariums - Save Up to 25% Up to revocation
$120 Discount $120 Off Marineland 60 gallon aquarium with stand Up to revocation

More about PetSmart

Shopping with PetSmart is a frugal venture on its own, but you can save even more money by using PetSmart coupons. There are different types of PetSmart promo codes. Each of these is released at various times to commemorate one event or the other. And when you use them, you can save as much as 60% on your purchase.

How does the PetSmart Promo Code Work?

PetSmart coupon codes are used, as has been mentioned, to save on purchases made on PetSmart. You can save from as little as 5% to as much as 60%. This depends on the item you are purchasing as well as the coupon code in use. Apart from receiving a discount in percentages, you will find promo codes that allow you to save specific amounts. It could be a PetSmart coupon code $10.00 off, one for $5 off, or any other amount.

Which items can I use my PetSmart promo code to buy?

If you do happen to have a PetSmart promo code, there are a variety of items that you can purchase with it. While some coupons apply to all items sold by the retailer, some are specific. For example, PetSmart grooming coupons can be used to get discounts on pet grooming. Virtually all the items sold by the retailer are eligible for one discount or the other.

What do I do to Redeem my PetSmart Coupon?

Redeeming your PetSmart coupon is an easy and straightforward thing to do; you can take our word on that. What it entails is outlined in the steps below:

  1. Think about what you need: The first rule to purchasing anything, especially when you are interested in saving money, is to do soul-searching. This applies to everything that is up for sale, be it electronics, services, or accessories. The reason for this is so that you can determine whether you need said items or not. For instance, it would not be a wise decision to groom your dog every other day simply because there are PetSmart grooming coupons. However, if you had a roll in the mud with your dog, you would certainly be justified in wanting to groom it.
  2. Find a coupon that gives a discount for what you want: Whether you require a service, an accessory, a product, or even a pet, there is a PetSmart coupon available. After doing the first step above and determining what you need, pick a coupon that enables you to save on what you need.
  3. Visit The next thing to do is to visit the PetSmart website. There, search for the item (or items) you need and place it in your cart. Then proceed to checkout.
  4. Input your promo code: After choosing the items you need and adding them to your cart, click on the "My Cart" page. Here, you will see every item you chose. Scroll down this page to the price tag icon, where you will find "Add a Promo Code." You can then paste the PetSmart promo code you have in the box provided. Next, click on "Apply."

There you have it: how to redeem my PetSmart coupon in four simple steps. You should note that online discounts are automatically applied to every order made. You only need to follow the above steps if you are using an online promotion that requires a PetSmart coupon code.

What do I Need to Know about my PetSmart Coupon?

Your PetSmart coupon gives you power. You are probably wondering how that is possible. What should be wondering, however, is how is it not possible? Because anything that puts money in your pocket is definitely giving you power. It is giving you more spending power. As such, you can direct the money you have saved to pursuing other ventures and purchasing more items.

You should know by now that there is a wide variety of PetSmart coupons to choose from. In this section, we will provide you with some of them for use in getting discounts, thereby increasing your spending power.

PetSmart Treats Loyalty Program

If you are using PetSmart's services, then it means that you have a pet, or are at least considering getting one. If so, you might as well make PetSmart your one-stop shop for everything pet-related. This is because apart from being convenient to use, they also offer certain rewards for their loyal customers. Enter PetSmart Treats Loyalty Program. This is a program that is available to all loyal customers of the retailer. It is free to join and renders you eligible for certain rewards offered by PetSmart.

How it works: On every $1 that you spend patronizing PetSmart whether in-store or online, you will be given 8 points. And when your points reach 1000, you will be eligible for discounts on any product or pet service of your choice. The caveat, however, is that you have to use it up in a year.

How to save without a PetSmart promo code

Other ways of earning PetSmart points include donating to PetSmart charities and signing up for their services (such as Grooming, PetsHotel, Doggie Day Camp and Training).

Other benefits that PetSmart Treats Loyalty Program opens you up to are:

  • A surprise gift on every of your pet's birthday anniversary
  • A Doggy Day Camp session at no extra cost when you buy ten dogs
  • Access to exclusive PetSmart deals delivered straight to your email inbox
  • No cost incurred on shipping for items that cost $49 and more
  • Early notification of upcoming sales

Flash sales

Flash sales offer is one of the best avenues to get high discounts on PetSmart products. When these occur, you will be availed with promo codes with which you can get:

  • Up to 40% discount on dog toys
  • Up to 15% discount on products (specifically those meant for use when you go on a summer trip)
  • A discount of $3 on certain services
  • Up to 50% discount on accessories
  • Discounts on pet animal food

Why is my PetSmart Coupon being Rejected?

There are several reasons why your PetSmart coupon might be rejected. Some reasons, such as expired coupon codes are easily figured out. There are also some not so easy to figure out reasons. Below is a list of some of the reasons why your coupon might be rejected. Knowing them will help ensure that you record massive success in redeeming your promo codes.

Why didn't my coupon work?

  • PetSmart coupon codes are case sensitive, check if you input them correctly.
  • Did you input several promo codes? If yes, then you have voided already applied promo codes.
  • Did you use the coupon code for the item it is meant for? If not, then your promo code will be rejected.
  • Is the coupon you are using targeted to you or somebody else? If it is targeted to somebody else, it will be rejected.
  • Coupons identified as fraudulent are also declined.
  • Attempting several redemptions with one coupon will also result in rejection.
  • Has the coupon been altered in any way? If yes, you can be sure it will be rejected.
  • PetSmart also doesn't accept coupons for "while supplies last," "First 50 to make a purchase," and other related promos.

You can learn more about their coupon policy on their website.

How else can I save money on PetSmart?

There are other deals for getting discounts, apart from PetSmart coupon codes, available for use by PetSmart customers. To get access to more deals, download the PetSmart application. You can participate in games to win coupons and also derive other benefits such as:

  • Convenient shopping
  • Locate PetSmart stores in your vicinity
  • Access useful tips and parenting guides
  • Book services efficiently

How do I order on PetSmart?

Congrats on coming so far. You are finally ready to order for that pet food, accessory, or product that you so need. This is easy to do and does not require an Einstein-level IQ. You simply need to:

  • Visit
  • Add the items you want to your shopping cart.
  • Update your delivery method.
  • Input the promo code you have.
  • Use treat points, if you have them, to get more discounts.
  • Make your payment with your card, whether debit or credit. PayPal is also accepted.

Can I return items purchased on PetSmart?

Yes, you can. And it is quite easy to do so.

If you purchased an item online, you could return it the same way. However, you have to use a trackable shipping avenue. It is also required that the product is in its original packaging. You can also return items purchased via the internet in-store. Just walk into any of their stores with the product and receipt or invoice. Items purchased in one of their stores in person are also returnable the same way.

Refunds are subsequently made to the credit card used to make the purchase. And if a debit card or cash was used, refunds are made in cash as long as the return is done within 60 days of purchase.