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Power Equipment Direct which is also known as PED is an online retail company that is operating numerous niche websites and selling different types of outdoor power products including chainsaws, air compressors, electric generators, log splitters, snow blowers, lawn mowers, sump pumps and water pumps along with other accessories. The company was founded back in 2002 by Jon Hoch.

The headquarters is located in Bolingbrook, IL, USA. The company has numerous employees working in it to manage the e-commerce business the niche websites. The first and second web store was launched in 2003. The company was named in Inc.’s 5000 and Internet Retailer’s “Hot 100 list” in 2004. The CEO and founder of the company, Jon Hoch ran the company in his basement till 2003.

Key facts about Power Equipment Direct

Key facts about Power Equipment Direct

  • Founded in 2002
  • Named in Inc.’s 5000 list
  • Listed three times in Internet Retailer’s “Hot 100 list.”
  • Has an online presence

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Different stores of Power Equipment Direct

Power Equipment Direct is not just a company that has a single online store. It has numerous niche stores (10 online stores in 2016) that many employees are running. You can redeem Power Equipment Direct coupons for discounts. Here is the list of all online stores that the business is operating, as of 2016, with the help of its employees:

  • Air compressors direct

Air Compressors Direct is an online store of Power Equipment Direct that is providing a variety of air compressor items including small, gas, portable, rotary and scroll air compressors. A broad range of accessories related to air compressors is also available in this store. You can redeem Power Equipment Direct coupons to get discounts on all items.

  • Chippers direct

Chippers Direct has a chipper that meets your requirements if you have a house. You can find everything from electric shredders to commercial gas-powered chippers, chipper vacuums, stump grinders and a combination of maintenance and safety accessories.

  • Chain saws direct

Chain Saws Direct is the ultimate place for purchasing tree cutting tools. The online store offers a broad range of items including pole saws, battery and gas-powered chainsaws, sharpening tools, replacement tools, and saw mills. The customers can purchase these items from the online stores. These latest chainsaws will be there with you to assist you in cutting trees quickly. Don’t forget to redeem Power Equipment Direct coupons for discounts.

  • eComfort

Making customers happy and comfortable is the first and foremost aim of eComfort. Whether you want an energy saving mini-split to cool your bedroom, a new furnace to stay heated in the winter, or you want to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with warm floors. eComfort is everyone’s choice. The experts working at eComfort are devoted to assisting the customers. They make sure that the home of their client is more comfortable than before.

  • Electric generators direct

Ever experienced a blackout or power outage? Then you might lack portable power for your power hungry items. Electric Generators Direct has got you covered no matter what you need; it offers items related to camping, commercial and residential backup power. You can find everything you want to keep your power up when you need it the most. Visitors can also see how-to guides to learn the use of these tools. The company also offers expert’s advice which can assist you in picking the right generator for your power needs. Redeem Power Equipment Direct coupons at checkout for discounts.

  • Leaf blowers direct

Leaf Blowers Direct is another online business of Power Equipment Direct that lets you keep your lawn and sidewalks look clean and bright. You can remove that old broom from your cleaning tools after purchasing a leaf blower from Leaf Blowers Direct. Leaf Blowers Direct provides a variety of leaf blowers including battery-powered hand-held leaf blowers, walk-behind blowers, lawn sweepers, litter vacuums and commercial-sized lawn.

  • Log splitters direct

An axe requires more power and energy to split logs. With log splitters, one can get a lot more firewood with a lot less effort using a log splitter. With less power, log splitters can do more than an axe. Log Splitters Direct offers electric and gas-powered log splitters to help you turn a heap of logs into a winter fuel supply. Go ahead and use Power Equipment Direct coupons for discounts.

  • Mowers Direct

Mowers Direct’s lawn equipment can assist you in creating a field of dreams. The customers can find walk-behind lawn mowers, garden tractors to zero-turn mowers, aerators, dethatchers and edgers on the Mowers Direct website. The company also offers how-to guides so that customers can learn to operate these products. The customers can also seek expert’s advice for further progress.

  • Pressure Washers Direct

The pressure washer has many uses in summer, spring, and fall. Pressure Washers Direct (PWD) provides the right accessories and knows how to clean anything. With the help of how-to guides, anyone can learn to operate these tools.

  • Snow Blowers Direct

Snow Blowers Direct customers can tirelessly clear away snow from the ground. This online store provides a broad range of snow blowers to help you clear extra snow that is causing problems in daily life. Redeem Power Equipment Direct coupons for reduction in prices.

  • Sump Pumps Direct:

Sump Pumps Direct offers sump pumps, sewage pumps, battery backups, and more related products. Sump Pumps Direct is the best source of these tools that keep your basement dry. The customers can also learn how to replace their sump pump along with many other useful tips in the how-to guides that are available on the company's website.

  • String Trimmers Direct:

String Trimmers Direct offers a full range of the lawn trimming equipment. The clients can get battery operated string trimmers, electric to gas-powered walk-behinds and hedge trimmers with ease from the online store. To learn how to run these machines, customers can navigate how-to guides and articles that are available on the site. Redeem Power Equipment Direct coupons for discounts.

  • Tillers Direct

Tillers Direct’s garden tiller can turn the ground into a lavish garden. All sorts of related tools can be found at the store. The ultimate garden of your dreams is just a click away with these right tools. Navigate to the how-to section of the site if you want to learn to operate these devices.

  • Water Pumps Direct

A pump is necessary to add water or remove water. Water Pumps Direct offers multiple tools to aid customers. Water Pumps Direct also provides expert advice, tutorials, guides, and the best shopping experience in the industry.

Types of products at Power Equipment Direct

Types of products at Power Equipment Direct

  • Air Compressors
  • Chain Saws
  • Chipper Shredders
  • Electric generators
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Log Splitters
  • Pressure Washers
  • Snow Blowers
  • Sump Pumps
  • Tilters
  • Water pumps
  • Air Conditioners
  • Boilers
  • Engines
  • Furnaces
  • Welders
  • Power tools
  • Water heaters
  • Accessories

You can buy all available items at exclusive discounts by redeeming Power Equipment Direct coupons. Just redeem Power Equipment Direct coupons at checkout.

How to buy from Power Equipment Direct online store?

Just like any other online store’s mechanism, you have to register an account on the website of the company. Visit the online store and create an account by providing accurate information related to you. After confirming your information that you provided while creating an account, you have to add a payment method that is supported by the website. After completing this process, visit the page of the product that you want to buy and add that item to your shopping cart. Keep adding items to the shopping cart until you are done shopping. After adding all your desired items to the cart, you can proceed to checkout. But before paying money, make sure that you have Power Equipment Direct coupons. By using these Power Equipment Direct coupons, you can get huge discounts on the expensive products of the online store. Valid Power Equipment Direct coupons let you shop from the online store of the company at a reasonable and economical price. So, don’t forget to use these coupons to enjoy discounts on the items you bought.

Power Equipment Direct customer service

Power Equipment Direct customer service

As one of the best retail service provider on the internet in this industry, the company offers excellent customer service to its customer. Customers can reach the support team with ease. In the case of any problem, drop them an email including your queries for the client support team or call them on the company’s number for instant results.

Order tracking and shipment at Power Equipment Direct

Order tracking is one of the exceptional services that company is offering. The customers can easily track their orders by entering the tracking number and other information related to order. There is also a list of carriers on the website through which the company ship packages to clients. The company will let you know the shipment carrier they are going to use to deliver the item to your doorstep. To track that order, you can call the customer support team of the related shipment service provider. Orders typically reach their destination in 2-5 business days.

Return policy at Power Equipment Direct

The company doesn't accept returns without RMA or a Return Merchandise Authorization number. So, if you are willing to return something to the company then don't forget to contact their customer support to get an RMA. Without a valid RMA, no product will be treated as a return and company will not send any refunds. All purchases items can be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase. Items bought through Power Equipment Direct coupons can also be returned.

Power Equipment Direct coupons

Gifts and tutorials at Power Equipment Direct

Gifts are also available at the store. You can send items as a gift after purchasing them from the website. The online store also offers “How to guides & tutorials” that are very useful for its customers. With these guides, clients can learn to use products purchased from the website precisely.

Power Equipment Direct coupons for 2019

Power Equipment Direct coupons must be used with the items that you purchase from the company’s website. These Power Equipment Direct discount codes let you get discounts on available products. If you are interested in these promo codes, then you can get them from a reliable course. Simply visit PromoPony to get these Power Equipment Direct coupons and use them before paying for your order. Remember that these coupons are regularly updated, and you can always grab new Power Equipment Direct coupons from PromoPony. After getting new and updated coupons, use them at checkout, and you will be able to receive offers and discounts after shopping your favorite items. Enjoy discounts and offers by grabbing Power Equipment Direct coupons.