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More about

Printing for Less was founded in 1996 in Montana. Andrew Field is the CEO of the company which has been helping their customers by providing best printing services in the industry. The company has served more than 125,000 clients, since the day of its launch.

The company is one-stop-shop for all the printing needs of the customers as it offers printing services of many types. The company’s building is also present in a great environment where the employees of the company can work with ease while breathing fresh air.

Key facts about Printing For Less

Key facts about Printing For Less

  • Founded in 1996
  • Served hundreds of thousands of customers since 1996
  • Nation’s first commercial printer service

Printing for Less video

Get exclusive discounts with Printing for Less coupons

Printing for Less coupons can be used for discounts and offers on the services or products purchased from the online store of PFL. With the help of these Printing for Less coupons, customers can save a decent amount of money on their purchased items or services. If you have a tight budget or want to save money on the orders, you need discount codes. Printing for Less coupons will help you in saving some bucks. However, just remember to redeem Printing for Less coupons before you checkout on the online store.

Product categories at Printing for Less

Printing is part of almost every business nowadays. From 1996, the company is providing the best high-class printing services to their customers. The company has a fantastic profile of customer satisfaction. From booklet printing to business cards printing, the company has a vast experience in the printing industry after providing services to plenty of firms. The company also prints calendars, CD covers, envelopes, catalogs, business cards, door hangers, club cards, table tents, and stationery items along with many other options. Redeem Printing For Less coupons for discounts on all orders. Here is the list of the products and printing services that the firm is offering to their customers:

  • Announcements
  • Booklet Printing
  • Booklet Envelope
  • Bookmark Printing
  • Brochure Printing
  • Buck Slip Printing
  • Business Cards
  • Calendar Printing
  • Carbonless Forms
  • Catalog Printing
  • CD Cover Printing
  • Club Card Printing
  • Coil Bound Booklets
  • Corporate Printing
  • Custom Printing
  • Door Hanger Printing
  • Envelope Printing
  • File Folders
  • Flyer Printing
  • Folded Business Cards
  • Greeting Card Printing
  • Hang Tag Printing
  • Vinyl Banners
  • Ticket Printing
  • Stationary Printing
  • Table Tent Printing
  • Plastic and Postcard Printing

You can get whatever you want to be printed at discounted prices by using Printing For Less coupons. Keep in mind that you can only redeem one of your Printing For Less coupons per order.

Why PFL services?

Why PFL services?

Most of the times, the customer often asks the question that why should they choose the services of PFL? The answer is simple and helps to explain everything. The reason to choose the services of this company is their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The company has been serving in the printing businesses for years, and its experience helps to provide excellent customer service than most other similar American companies. The company also helps customers with their designs so that they don't have to pay extra for any modifications.

Quality is another reason to pay for the services being offered by PFL. The company believes in crisp, clean printing along with client care. It takes quality extremely seriously and offers high-end printing to its customers.

Custom printing is another reason that people love the services of the company. Whatever possible thing you can imagine, the company can print it. With a broad range of printing services, it also has custom printing that allows customers to demand any printing for their businesses. Go ahead and print what you want at discounts with Printing For Less coupons.

How does the printing process work?

The process of printing involves hard work and takes time as a print passes through many steps to be perfect. Here are the steps that a printing process at this store involves:

  • First of all, the customer has to get a printing price from the website by entering the quantity of the product that they want to print and selecting the product, turn around speed and the delivery method.
  • After the selection of the desired items for printing, select the graphic file transfer method and then complete the payment and shipment information. Send your order by pressing the Send Order button and wait for the approval. (You will not be charged for an order until approval).
  • Pre-Press experts will review the graphic files and make sure that everything will work from their side to provide you with what you are looking for. The experts will also fix issues in your files, free of cost, which most other companies deny doing.
  • If the experts approve the graphic file, then you will receive an email of proof that your order is ready for review. This will happen within few hours.
  • The customer is in charge of the whole process. If you think that your order is ready to be printed, then select “Print my Order” option to begin the printing process.

Printing for Less customer service

Printing for Less customer service

With the slogan of 100% customer satisfaction, the customer service offered by this company is impressive. From the start of the printing process to the end, the client is in charge of the whole process. The company takes directions from the customer and then delivers the best results possible. The 100% customer satisfaction is the result of seamless communication with the experts of the enterprise and the client. Here are some other services that the firm is offering to make the customer experience even better:

  • Graphic design help

The Graphic design help section is one of the most useful sections on the website for customers. The company helps a lot in making the design of the client perfect with the aid of experts. The tweaks are free of cost, and unlike other businesses, the PFL doesn't charge anything. The design will be sent to the client after tweaks so that he or she can review it. After confirmation, the company starts the process of printing. The graphic design section also includes instructions to make the design or artworks as compatible and precise as possible to ease the printing process. The guides help customers to create designs that meet the guidelines to print high-quality and crisp prints.

  • Simple ordering process

The simple ordering process is one of the reasons customers find this company helpful. Nobody wants to face a complicated ordering process. The simple ordering process of the enterprise makes the customer be in charge of each and everything. From start to end, the company works with the client to meet their demands. First select the product or printing service that you want to use. After the selection process is complete, send your selected item along with the artwork copies that you want to print to the company. After a few hours, you will receive the approval email which means that you can now order your print. The company might do some tweaks in the original design to assure the best and crisp print quality. Order your print, and you will receive your confirmation email along with a tracking number within a few minutes. Before paying for your order, use Printing for Less coupons at checkout for discounts. After the final printing, the company will ship your desired order to your address by using your chosen shipment method.

  • Simple start guide

Another reason to use the services of this company is their quick start guide which lets anyone understand the printing process and guidelines.

  • Customer support

The client's support offered the company is fantastic as it guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. Customers can always communicate with the experts of the company via their official email address or the given number at the bottom of the website page. From the first step to the last, the company involves the customer to assure the quality of services and their satisfaction.

Payment methods at Printing for Less

As one of the largest printing service provider, the company accepts many popular payment methods including American Express, Master Card, and VISA. Customers can pay the required amount by using these services. Clients can also use Printing for Less coupons to get discounts on their orders. To get a discount, don't forget to redeem these Printing for Less coupons at checkout.

Order tracking service

Order tracking service at Printing for Less

Another excellent service of the company is order tracking. With this feature on the website, users can easily track their orders with just a few clicks. The company provides this service on the 'order tracking' page. Use your order id, email address, and billing code to track your order from the website.

Shipping and delivery at Printing for Less

The company ships orders via FedEx service unless customers demand another shipment service provider. The delivery might take 1 to 5 business days. The firm also offers free blind shipping, which means that it will not include its address and other promotional items in the package. To claim free blind shipping, the customer can indicate explicitly before ordering the service of their choice. You can also redeem certain Printing for Less coupons to get discounts on shipping rates.

Return policy at Printing for Less

There is no return policy. As all orders are printed after confirmation from clients, orders are very likely to be what they want. However, if the fault lies with the company, they will solve it as soon as possible.

Printing for Less coupons

Printing for Less coupons for 2022

Printing for Less coupons can be used on the PFL website to get discounts. You need to redeem discount coupons at checkout before you pay for an order. You can get valid Printing for Less coupons from PromoPony. The homepage of PromoPony updates regularly so visit daily. You can redeem already used Printing For Less coupons for discounts.