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Do you ever wish that you could go out to the supermarket in your pajamas, just pick up your things, and come back home real quick?  Do you want someone to list down all the everyday-need products in front of you so that you can choose and create your own shopping list? Do you ever face situations where you select a recipe and have to run to different places in order to find all its ingredients? Do you look forward to a place that could offer something more than just products?

If you nodded your head in affirmation to the above questions, then Publix is certainly your best bet! 

Publix, the nation’s largest and fastest-growing supermarket chain is committed to helping you with a faster and a better ‘shop-life’ experience. 

So, let us introduce you with every nook and cranny of the Publix, which is NOT just a shopping destination. 

Publix coupons

Products and services at Publix

The Publix product and services catalog offers a systematic listing of the products under various and categories from which you can conveniently find the products you are looking for. Besides food related categories such as bakery, floral, beer, liquor, dairy, grocery, and more; they have other sections as well, like baby, health & nutrition, beauty & personal care, housewares, pets, and so on. They do have options like ‘online easy ordering’, ‘featured products’, and alike to make your shopping experience better. Just select your preferred store and view all the products available at that particular store under each of the described categories.

  • Shopping List

If you are one of those people who forget half of the things that they had to buy and realize it only when you get back home, then Publix has a solution for that too! Make use of the ‘shopping list’ option displayed on the top bar of the Publix online portal. Browse through all their categories, select the products from any or each one that you need and your final shopping list is ready!


  • Online easy ordering (OEO)

You've decided to throw a party at your place at the very last minute. From grocery shopping to cooking to decorations, you need to do it all and that too, in just a few hours. But, don’t worry! Publix are there to help you!

Publix online easy ordering lets you pre-order the products that fall under Bakery, Produce, Seafood, Deli, and Platter categories, and would be ready to be picked up in as little as 20 minutes. Once ordered, what all you have to do is just pick up your parcel and pay straightway the moment you reach the store. This makes your store visit as fast as it can get and save you the hours spent in the lanes to search for each product and put them in the shopping basket one by one. 


  • Expand your search option

If you are not able to find a particular product in your selected store, then, you can use the ‘expand your search’ option which helps you to find the same product in the other nearest five Publix stores. 

If you cannot find the product in all these six stores, they would still try their best to get it for you. For that, you can talk to their customer executives available at their selected Publix store or you can register a request on their Special Item Requests page. 

  • Green Wise

If you are the type of person who follows the motto of ‘Go green & eat clean’, then Publix GreenWise is the perfect place for you. They had launched their GreenWise line in 2003 with the products that follow one or more of the below standards:

  • USDA-certified organic item
  • Prepared with organic ingredients
  • Made without artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors; may contain colors from natural sources
  • All-natural Meat/Poultry without antibiotics or added hormones; 
  • Non-food items that make an environmental claim on the packaging

When you search for GreenWise options on the store shelves, you’ll find more products than you can ever think of!

Publix offers

Savings at Publix

The people behind Publix are very well aware of the fact that the customers are always looking forward to the sale signs and flyers. At Publix, you can get super saver Publix coupons and discounts on the most popular products and brands many times a month!

Sales cannot get any better than those offered by Publix. Choose your favorite way to save some bucks from the different ways listed below: 

  • Savings Flyers

When you are on the lookout for Publix coupons and deals, go check out their savings online section or pick them up from the store information centers. 

  • Extra  Savings

What’s more is the special chance to save more ‘always’! When some special occasion or event comes up, they roll out special promotions and coupons on all your much loved food and non-food products. While reading this, you can still check out seasonal deals and coupons currently in stores!

  • Coupons

Nothing is the world feels more convenient than using digital coupons. You can just click it and save so much on the price tags. The worth of your Publix coupons and deals will be applied at the time of checkouts. Whether you like to clip or click, they have both versions handy for you in the form of Publix digital coupons and Publix printable coupons.

  • BOGOs

Love the ‘buy one get one’ offers? Well, same pinch! They know how much their customers love the BOGO deals. That’s why they bring new BOGOs every week! You can stock up your Publix coupons and save so much at your local Publix stores.

  • Signs

A customer who wants to save every penny always keeps a lookout for the golden words like ‘sale’, ‘save’, ‘extra savings’, ‘temporary price reduction’ etc. All these Publix coupons and signs translate into big savings! While surfing through the store, you will be able to easily spot their boldly marked sale prices and there you go! 

Recipes & planning at Publix

  • Recipes

Do new recipes captivate you? If you said yes, then you have landed at the appropriate place. You can borrow a page from their recipe book and use it as it is or give a little taste twist to be in line with your ‘own old granny dish’. 

When they developed these recipes, they thought of you as well as the professional chefs. Their recipes will bring the seven-star hotel food quality steaming right at your dining table. 

  • Simple Meals

When was the last time when your whole family was present at the dining table together? Not so recently, right?  They had noted down this point as well. Thus, they have brought Apron simple meals to gather your near and dear ones and make their taste buds happy. Most of all, all the ingredients listed in these simple recipes are readily available at all Publix stores.

  • Event Planning

Planning a party and running short on time? They say, fret not! From birthday bashes to baby showers and from business parties to family lunches, they’ve got your back for everything!

Their event planners will sort out everything like décor, food, tableware, themes, party suggestions, etc.  So, go join hands with them to have the most pleasurable and worry-free party experience!

  • Cooking Schools

If you want to have some fun then come step in their kitchen. They’ll help you make the most difficult dishes with amusement and inspiration. Even when you just want to have a fun night out and fill your stomach with the most delicious dishes, they got you!

Come join their dinner show and watch chefs preparing delicacies right in front of you. You could not only take home all the recipes, but many tales to tell too!

Pharmacy at Publix

They care about and you will believe it when you talk to their pharmacists, who are always super ready to help you! From refills to answering all your queries, they put in efforts to help you at every step of the way.

  • Prescription Refills 

Enroll in their Auto-Refill program and get your prescriptions refilled conveniently through phone, online, or in person. You need to tell them just three things—prescription, your prescription number, and a Publix Pharmacy number. Now, go and pick up your medicines at your most suitable time.

  • Pharmacy Services

They just not only fill your prescriptions, but provide many other services like administrating vaccines, clarifying your queries about over the counter medicines, diabetes tips, health screenings, and many more.

  • Diabetes Management

Publix stores carry all the diabetes management supplies like meters, test strips, insulin syringes, pen needles, and glucose tablets. They don’t just provide diabetes medicines, but also bring health tips to help you face diabetes with a better approach. Check out their diabetes balanced diet and recipes to get started. 

Health at Publix

Explore their health topics to find out about anything and everything of the below mentioned topics: 

  • Men's Health
  • Babies and Children
  • Diabetes
  • Allergies
  • Drugs A-Z
  • Healthy Eating Tips
  • Women's Health
  • Aging Well
  • Heart Health
  • Cold and Flu
  • Fitness Tips
  • Vitamins and Herbs

Health & wellness at Publix

It is important to take care of your body and follow healthy choices about what you put into your stomach. From your weight loss goals to diabetes management, Publix are here to help!

  • Dietary Concerns

Their goal is to help you achieve yours! Whether it is about maintaining a healthy weight or your sugar levels, their registered dietitians are there to help you at each step of the way! 

  • Health Center

Their health articles will give you the motivation to increase your physical activity a bit and refrain from that extra slice of pie! Get all the tips, recipes, and information that you want to stay motivated!

  • Publix Dietitians

All their Publix dietitians are registered and licensed nutritionists (RDN, LDN). So, you can follow their advice and tips without any doubt. 

How to use coupons at Publix

There are two ways to use your coupons—the digital way and the physical way. 

  • Digital Coupons 

Keep an eye for the golden words ‘deal’, ‘off’, ‘coupon’, ‘save’ to get the best value of your bucks. While you are deciding for your things online, just clip the coupons and its worth will be applied at the checkout page. 

  • Physical Coupons

When you are visiting the stores, you can check for all the deals on the flyers or ask a customer executive to help you sort out the applicable deals for your order. 

 How to make a purchase online at Publix

How to make a purchase online at Publix

Get all the ingredients for your recipe or select from a wide variety of Italian brands, all under one roof. To get started, you can use the online shopping list feature to note down everything you need. If your list has some Bakery, Produce, Seafood, Deli, and Platter foods, then you can easily place an order which will be ready for pick up within 20 minutes. All you have to do is visit the store, pay for your order and pick up your things. This will cut-short the time of your supermarket trips into almost half. 

Delivery and shipping at Publix

Currently all the orders on Publix have to be picked up from the store where you have ordered it. But they are testing the home delivery service named ‘instacart’ for some selected cities. You can order groceries online on ‘instacart’ and pay for them online. If you cannot avail this facility at your location then do not panic as they are testing it for a few selected cities only.

Returns at Publix

If you bought a product through ‘instacart’ and want to return it, please contact instacart’s customer happiness center at or
1(888)2-INSTACART or 1(888)246-7822.

Customer service at Publix

Have queries? Interested in one of their programs? Want to know more about them? Or Got a feedback?

Please don’t hesitate. 

They are just a call away - 1-800-242-1227. You may also drop a line at

Publix coupons 2019

When you are checking for the products in a store you can use the digital Publix coupons, apply them at the checkout and save so much on your final bill. You can make use of their special deals and coupons in the physical stores as well. Just visit the information center of the store and talk to the customer executives to enquire for the Publix coupons and deals. Of course, you can also find all the latest Publix coupons and offers at PromoPony!