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Publix Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in November 2020

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Did you know that Publix is the biggest employee-owned company in the world? Based in the southern United States, this grocery store offers great deals on produce, seafood, meats, cheese, flowers, and flowers along with fresh goods from their deli and bakery.

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More about Publix

Publix Super Markets, Inc., or Publix as it is more often called, is an employee-owned grocery store based in the Southeastern United States. Founded in Florida way back in 1930 during the Great Depression, the first store was opened by George W. Jenkins. The Piggly Wiggly store in Winter Haven, Florida that Jenkins managed had been sold after the 1929 stock market crash and he went off on his own to start this now-successful chain of grocery stores.

Today, Publix is the very largest employee-owned company in the entire world. With an ever-growing area of coverage, this regional grocery chain store can be found across six states.  There are currently 809 stores in Florida; 188 stores in Georgia; 77 stores in Alabama, 63 stores in South Carolina; 46 stores in Tennessee; 46 stores in North Carolina; and 15 stores and Virginia.

How Do I Redeem a Publix Coupon Code?

Ready to use your Publix promo code? Here’s how to make it happen. Did you know you can order online at your favorite grocery? For delivery, in-store pickup, or curbside pickup, this one-stop-shop has you covered. Here’s how to shop online.

  1. Visit the online store and choose how to get your groceries (delivery or pickup)
  2. You’ll be prompted to log into Instacart where you can browse by the store by department
  3. Found just what you need? Click Add to Cart
  4. Done shopping? Click on the Cart at the top right of any page on the Publix site
  5. If you have an instant coupon from the store, it will pop up in your Personal Cart. Just click Apply Coupon next to your item. When you are done, click on Go to Checkout
  6. Add your delivery address or opt for pickup. In the right section, under Place Order, you will find a place to Add Promo Code underneath your total
  7. A pop-up will let you Add Promo Code. Click Redeem to get the discounted price
  8. When everything is confirmed and correct, click on Place Order

Fun Tip: Love cooking? Publix has amazing recipes on their YouTube channel. Get your pass to Cookie Palooza here:

Be sure to subscribe to their channel for great tips on making recipes and stretching your dollar with fun homemade meals.

What Do I Need to Know about Using my Publix Promo Code?

Got a Publix delivery promo code? Maybe you snagged one of the coveted $5 off $20 Publix coupons? Here’s what you need to know before you use it.

Does Publix Do Double Coupons?

One of the questions we get asked the most is: can I combine the Publix coupon with a manufacturer coupon? Yep! You can use up to two coupons per item. You can blend a manufacturer coupon with a coupon from Publix (or any competitor coupon!). Just note that you can’t use more than one manufacturer's coupon. 

💡Money-Saving Tip

Looking to save even more on your order? Save money on groceries with our incredible Instacart promo codes.

Policies Surrounding Your Publix Delivery Promo Code

Ready to order? In order to buy groceries online for delivery, you need to spend at least $10. If you are just looking to make a small order, opt for collection at your nearest grocery store.

Does Publix Do Online Coupons?

You bet! You can save money with Publix printable coupons as well as online shopping codes that you can use to get your groceries delivered or arrange for curbside pickup or store collection.

Why Is My Publix Promo Code Not Working?

Got an amazing Publix delivery promo code for free shipping? Found a Publix cake coupon for your upcoming special occasion? It’s time to steal a bargain on top quality groceries and essentials. Discount voucher codes give you the best deals and ensure that you never pay full price - but sometimes they are annoying! The good news is that we can help you get your code working for the best deals.

Having an issue with your online coupon? Here is how you can get it working.

Common Issues with Online Discount Codes

  • Incorrect Spelling: Whenever you want to use a discount code, the best thing to do is to copy and paste the voucher from our discount code website. This will ensure that everything is 100% correct and working. If you have to type it, match the lower case and upper case letters exactly as they are written. Be careful to ensure that you don’t add an extra space before or after your voucher code either.
  • Expired Discount Codes: The best money-saving codes are only available for a limited time so grab them while they are hot! The greatest discounts never last so don’t delay. Be sure to carefully check the print to see how long the coupon is valid.
  • Brand Exclusions: While they are a bit rarer at grocery stores, it’s always possible that certain brands are excluded from discount offers and clearances. You might also find that brands only offer particular lines or certain versions of their products on sale.
  • Combining with Sales: Sometimes you can’t combine your discount code with certain sales or clearance items. Again, the fine print is a good place to find these details so double check all of the terms and conditions if you run into an issue.

Checked through all of the common issues but still having trouble with your discount code? It is time to contact the store directly. Their staff is always happy to help and give customers the best deals so don’t delay in reaching out. Your time will definitely be worth the great discount.

You’ve got a couple of different options for contacting the grocery store staff. You call them at  1-888-246-782 or send an email to

💡Money-Saving Tip

There are a few things you should never buy at the grocery store. To save money on your weekly grocery bill, avoid toiletries in the grocery store. While it may be convenient to grab your shampoo or toothpaste while you are shopping, you will pay a premium for this convenience. Another thing to avoid is any brand name products (unless it’s on sale or you have a discount code, of course!). Nine times out of ten the store brand product is exactly the same as the generic one. Sometimes they are even made by the same company!

How to Save Money on Groceries WITHOUT a Publix Promo Code

Who doesn’t love saving money on groceries every week? Luckily with this smart shop, you can find the lowest prices and best deals even without a Publix printable coupon or Publix delivery promo code.

What Is the ‘Publix Promise’?

According to the company, the Publix Promise means that if there is ever a discrepancy between the price advertised or shown on the shelf, you can get the item for free (with the exception of alcohol and tobacco). Pay attention to where you first saw the product and make note of what you expect to pay.

When you walk out, always double check your receipt to ensure everything is correct. When you are doing a big round of shopping, it is all too easy for things to be rung up twice or for the sale barcode to be mixed up with the full price barcode. 

💡Money-Saving Tip

It is easy to disconnect from the whole process when you are at the checkout but stay engaged. Pay attention to the prices as they pop up and ask questions to the cashier. If the store was out of any item you were looking for and ask for a raincheck. You can often snag a great deal even later even if things have run out.

How to make a purchase online at Publix

Get all the ingredients for your recipe or select from a wide variety of Italian brands, all under one roof. To get started, you can use the online shopping list feature to note down everything you need. If your list has some Bakery, Produce, Seafood, Deli, and Platter foods, then you can easily place an order which will be ready for pick up within 20 minutes. All you have to do is visit the store, pay for your order and pick up your things. This will cut-short the time of your supermarket trips into almost half.

Delivery and shipping at Publix

Currently all the orders on Publix have to be picked up from the store where you have ordered it. But they are testing the home delivery service named ‘instacart’ for some selected cities. You can order groceries online on ‘instacart’ and pay for them online. If you cannot avail this facility at your location then do not panic as they are testing it for a few selected cities only.

Returns at Publix

If you bought a product through ‘instacart’ and want to return it, please contact instacart’s customer happiness center at or
1(888)2-INSTACART or 1(888)246-7822.

Publix coupons 2020

When you are checking for the products in a store you can use the digital Publix coupons, apply them at the checkout and save so much on your final bill. You can make use of their special deals and coupons in the physical stores as well. Just visit the information center of the store and talk to the customer executives to enquire for the Publix coupons and deals. Of course, you can also find all the latest Publix coupons and offers at PromoPony!