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RockAuto Coupons & Promo Codes

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in August 2021

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More about RockAuto

Formed in 1999 as a family business, RockAuto is a specialised online store for car parts. The idea of such a store occurred to a group of automotive engineers who had two objectives in mind, to make information referring to car parts and auto parts stocks available to all interested customers without limitations, and to help this industry to become more affordable. This company operates strictly online.

 Key facts about RockAuto

Key facts about RockAuto

  • Founded in 1999 by a team of automotive engineers
  • Work together with many manufacturers and ship auto parts internationally
  • Provide their customers with a generous catalog including auto parts, tools and universal parts
  • It is a family business

Order products at favorable prices with a RockAuto coupon

Most people agree that although owning a car can prove to be very helpful, sometimes it can get quite expensive to maintain. With time passing, older auto parts need to be repaired or replaced in order for it to continue functioning properly and safely. Finding the best auto parts for your car at low prices does not have to be a headache any longer, since you can access the already reduced prices in the RockAuto online store and add up coupons for an improved final cost. Gathering coupons may lead you towards great savings on your orders for auto parts. Now that the coupon trend is back on track, it would be a pity not to use coupons when you place orders with RockAuto, so our humble advice would be: start collecting coupons now!

RockAuto video

RockAuto coupons

Collecting RockAuto coupons takes you a step further to lowering the total sum of your orders at the store. A large variety of brands and manufacturers are waiting for you in the RockAuto online store, and even though their prices are very good compared to other auto parts shops, by using coupons, you can save up even more and reduce the costs for your own benefit; PromoPony is a very reliable source where you can discover the latest deals and tempting coupons for buying car parts in RockAuto. Stay informed, explore your options for collecting coupons (effortlessly at PromoPony) and never buy a car part at full price again!

RockAuto mobile coupons

Download mobile coupons for RockAuto

Up until now, RockAuto has not yet released its official app. There are some apps, both in the AppStore (for iOS users) and in the Playstore (for Android users), which promote coupons for RockAuto once you download them. Coupons are a very easy method of reducing your orders’ final cost; coupons contribute to spending less money while buying items you love and need.

The main categories in the RockAuto online store

  • Part Catalog—a very broad category, comprising first car brands, years of production, car models, and then available auto parts organized in subcategories
  • Part Number Search
  • Tools and Universal Parts
  • Cart
  • Upper left corner—the option to show prices in various currencies and also, the option to choose the language in which the website is displayed (English, Spanish, German, French)
  • Upper right corner—Order Status & Returns and also the option to have an account

How do I place an order with RockAuto?

If you wish to order from RockAuto, bear in mind that the only way to do this is via their website, since they work exclusively online in order to ensure their company’s functioning with lower costs while providing lower prices. RockAuto works with many small-package carriers and also with mail couriers, internationally.

You scan their catalogue, seeking for and selecting your points of interest, then add them to the cart and, when you are done, click the “Checkout” button. In checkout, you should fill in the blanks for the Billing Address and the Shipping Address, and at the bottom of the page, customers may select their payment method. Payment methods are varied, as follows:

For different methods of payment, there is a different processing time.

A very interesting fact is that you can use multiple payment methods for just one order, with one click on the “split payment” box. For each chosen payment method, specify the amount and go to the next ones for the remaining sum.

In case you have a discount code, you are entitled to use this and you can do so on the checkout page as well, at the bottom of the page, in the “How did you hear about us?” box. Moreover, after you have placed your order, it might be possible for you to still apply a discount code—find your order and try to add your discount code in the relevant box and you will be provided with an order confirmation email with the updated balance if your discount code proves to be valid. If you cannot find the box where you should insert the discount code, that means that your order has been already shipped and you cannot apply the code any longer.

Delivery conditions at RockAuto

One important detail is that customers cannot pick up their orders, since auto parts are stocked in various locations and shipped together with a courier.

This online auto parts store can deliver merchandise everywhere in the world, and you can see the shipping options after you fill up your cart and select your country and the zip code. From here you will be able to calculate your desired shipping method (you can select from a list of options and you will also see how many days the order takes in order to reach its recipient).

Some auto parts may be stocked in different warehouses, so their shipping may carry increased costs. You can rely on their online system to choose parts for you in order to minimize cost. Unfortunately, shipping auto parts from RockAuto is never free of charge.

Rockauto coupons save you money


The returns are dealt with by utilizing the Order Status & Returns button, which can be found on the home page, in the upper right corner. With this button’s aid, you can easily check the status of your order, make requests for changes if you think it is necessary, signal and report a problem regarding your order or delivery, or you can either be provided with instructions and shipping label, or asked to insert the return tracking. Customers returning items will be kindly requested to enter their e-mail address or phone number and their order number in order for their order to be found. If you forgot your order number, you are again requested to provide your e-mail address. Please keep in mind that it is very important to follow received instructions for returns, because sometimes returns may go back to a different warehouse than the initial one they came from.

Items can be returned in maximum 30 days since they were shipped, and customers will get refund. Sometimes, beyond the 30 days, auto parts may still be protected under the manufacturer’s warranty, offering an exact replacement.

RockAuto Customer Service

Customers who are fans of RockAuto can connect via Social Media with their favorite auto parts online provider on Facebook, Google Plus and YouTube. They can also subscribe to the RockAuto newsletter, and decide if they want to take part in the upcoming RockAuto events, all featured on the website in the Newsletter section.

Moreover, e-mails can be sent to:

If you like to keep traditions alive, you can send written letters straight to:

RockAuto, LLC

6418 Normandy Lane

Suite 100

Madison, WI 53719

And if you wish to speak directly with the automotive engineers who have created RockAuto, just dial:


The FAQ section is very detailed, so that each customer feels that his questions find their answer with minimum efforts on his side. Main fields in the FAQs are: Order Status, How do I…, I’m worried because…, Report a problem or Arrange a Return.

RockAuto gift certificates

For those dear ones in customers’ lives, who are into cars and the automotive industry in general, RockAuto provides the best tool for transforming their day into a much better one: gift certificates, in print or e-gifts. Customers acquiring these gifts certificates may choose from amounts such as $25, $50, $75, $100 or a custom amount. How do these gifts certificates reach their recipients? In print, they will be delivered to the customer or to the receiver, and for e-gifts, you simply need to provide the email address to which they should be sent to. Each of these certificates will carry a code, which can be used when placing an order with RockAuto.

Recipients are neither allowed to exchange gift certificates for money in cash, nor return them to obtain a refund.

The expiration deadline for the gift certificates is five years from their issuing date.

RockAuto Promotions & Rebates

The RockAuto website brings into its customers’ attention their providers’ and manufacturers’ current promotions and discounts. All these rebates are displayed in a separate window which can be accessed from the main home page (upper right corner). Each manufacturer applying discounts or promotions will also provide interested customers with the entry forms / rebates forms needed to be filled in.

RockAuto coupons

RockAuto coupon 2016

Shopping for auto parts has never been easier and cheaper. RockAuto provides customers with a generous catalog, with car parts sold for unbelievable prices, in full accordance to their philosophy. Imagine what happens when you apply coupons to these almost incredible prices. Thanks to using coupons, customers actually feel that they are saving money and that they are buying more merchandise for less money paid. Collecting coupons and applying them to orders placed on RockAuto leads customers to greater discounts for their favorite car parts, and therefore customer satisfaction is increased. When clients are happy, business is good. Be on the lookout for RockAuto coupons offered by PromoPony, and your car will stay new and in perfect operating condition for less!